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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

A New Direction

One Step Closer

Life is full of decisions and we continually make them all the time. First we have to decide our priorities and then the direction will will take in life to focus our aims, goals, energies and ambitions. We have to choose to have a faith that is real, alive and vibrant and embrace eternity as a real solution to the problem of life and death. Choosing to take decisions and then masking the right ones is one of those hard core parts and aspects of life that simply cannot be accounted for in the normal way as the precious gift of life that we all impart and undertake is so much greater than the decision to die. Never the less death is real and we have to do our best to avoid it at all costs.

Being smart and staying out of trouble is only the first step in the direction of living longer lives and aiming for the God given gift of longetivity. If God gives the gift, then we must follow God and if money is the central key to our lives and we follow money, then unfortuately death is the main result. It is hard to put a priority on life and like the light that has come into the world, so the end is ever so soon and present. What we all should be looking for is to be taking one step closer to God each day and following in that direction where he has the best for us and has walked the path first, where the right ways of tried and proven results, lead and guide our lives to manifest themselves in the realm of eternity and heaven here on earth. One step closer, should be one step further in the right direction of what God has planned for ourr lives.

The problem is that the central focus on self is all too important and we lose the picture of the vision of the greater purpose outside ourselves. One where there is a world without war and where peace and happiness is the all important idea of goal attainment. We can't afford to rest while one man lies on the street dieing and we can't give up hope of one more soul being one to heaven, while others in their disbelief are unrepentantly going to hell. The key is a simple one and that is putting others first before yourself. The one step closer is the achievement of the goal of the new direction taking place and leading into the right way of a positive future which is brighter and happier for all. Give up your hell bent ways of self importance and refocus on the new direction of being one step closer to God in the new direction of eternal life.

Positive Improvement

Looking for the new direction of a positive improvement is the way of turning from your old self and repenting to find anew the gift of life and than the old self destructive path that you were on leading to death. Give up on what has failed in the past and look for the tried and true results of positive behaviour that lead to life and not death. There is no point in self futility and fighting with yourself to overcome recongnised disorder, but once you do you must turn your life around and go in the opposite direction, one that will lead you out of strife and the pital of your previous own evil desires and place you in a positive place of importance, one where your life is being recognised as worth while and not self defeting.

You can't win all by yourself and you need the support of people who are willing to help, first you must recognise your own self ambitions of destructiveness and realign to focus on the next step of your life and that is living for others, by offering help from yourself and asking for help from others when you need it. The world is indeed a big place and none of us are alone, we all must recognise that central point of dependance on each other and not revert to our own introvertive selfness of greed, corruption and self importance. There are many self destructive forces that drag us into the ditch of a life in hell. Anxiety, stress and depression, which are all a manifestation of living a bad lifestyle. Alochol abuse, drug dependancy, casual sexual relationships that waste time and money creating unhappisness instead of the beautiful picture of a loving and lasting marriage.

Having a family is one of the greatest gifts on earth and God designed us for that very purpose to show the love to children so that they grow up in the right way. If we can only achieve this then we have attained the central goal to relationship with God and that is the ultimate purpose of what life is all about anyway. The best we can ever hope to achieve is a relationship with God and others in a church or moral environment, that is really what finding positive improvement in life is all about. Then we must aim and seek to maintain this right and moral perspective of right living to hand the key down to others in future generation further down the track that we ourselves have allready walked. be good and multiply, but do it in the right ways and within the guidleines of acceptable social behavior. Trust the truth and live out what is right in your life once you have established it, love God and others and accept the things that you cannot chnage, just as readilly as you embrace the change that is posiitive for the environment in which the area of our hearts and minds ajust and adapt to live. With God's blessing I invite you and encourage you to try and change to the new direction of positive improvement.

Negative Reaction

The furture direction of the new way of living has some negatives. people are stuck in their old way of doing things an do not wnat to change. As well, social pleasures overide the health issues of longetivity. WE all tend to think of our own happiness first and this can be in a form of distorted thinking. The more I get the happier I will be instead of caring about the well being of others, we pigheadedly think of oursleves and and our own personal deserires for pleasure and what self gains we can atrratc an then have more money to buy more things with, Sure we all need more money for the daily necessities of food and bills, suporting a family kids enjoyment and entertainment, but for ourselves we have to learn to be reserved and shrugal in the affordability of cost of living expenses.

Restraint and caution are often better than indulgence and splashing out on spending sprees, by exercising restraint in spending we are learning to conserve resources for a longer time some where not to far or in the distant future of our spending requirements. Saving is the necessary precaution of budgeting and spending and saving, while often completely opposed, counterbalance one another in what we can have and what we cannot but must reserve for another time. Thinking of ourselves is right where saving is concerned, but the outlandish spending of indulgent lunches all the time for the expansion of our waste lines simply does not add up or make sense when you must consdier health benefits by working and exercise.

We simply must learn to show restraint and exercixe caution in living not only with food but also with fuel as necessary energies are produced but lacidaisical attitudes to exercising care and consideration towards others is nonoccurring and can lead to pointless accidents and incapacitations. We must be frugal and show retraint without depriving ourself of all enjoyment, as some indulgenses are required to be happy but with the caring attitude towards others and the benefical reciprocal reply to benefit others. I don't want to be a wet blanket in all directiosn but just show and shine a little light on the advantages of restraint for saving and having enough for when you really need it than simply wasting all money all at ionce on what seems to be the pointless exercise of self indulgence.The negative reation to health is against self indulgence but restraint shows the exercise of care.

Test Of Endurance

The test of endurance is often associated with patience in going the distance, when the tough get tired the tired get going and the ones who rested are often more fit to going further. The test of endurance is a matter of resta nd recouperation as much as it is stamina and endurance, reserving energies and attaining goal acomplishment by or for longetivity is what it means to go the distance rather than sometimes how much we have travelelled and enjoyed ourself.Though with careful management and planning, goal setting can be obtained through pacing ourself and caring about resources for others in the long and enduring road and journey of life.

Really there are not shortcuts anyway and to travel as long and far as we need to do so to wisely learn to enjoy life instead. The further we can go in attaining the richness of the gift of eternal life is not only in death and heaven but on earth happiness. Let us not cut ourselves off short and while there is life there is hope in all aspects of a better and brighter future for each and all. To go the distanace gives us a sense of accomplishment and also the happiness of longetivity. Life was not never meant to always be a sprint race and the fastest is not nessecarily the quickest or the fittest, while health concerns are relevant in all types of racing the furture direction for the human race of community and social lives in not one in the thrill of the moment, but in the test of endurance for longetivity. The quick are often the dead and those who pace themself, often travel the road longer than the one who must have everthing at once.

Going the distance in my idea of things leaves the short distant race to those who simply can't wait for anything and must have it all not and who simply pay with their lives for the indulgence. Sure is good to get what you want, but at a slow and careful pace. The rich certainly do not have what the really want all the time and they are usually the unhappiest with all their self indulgences. So going along the road at life at a steady and careful pace is much more satisfying and fulfiling than the take what you can at any given piint of time and place. We all must remember to show retraint in the getting of things and while fresh salmon and scotch fillet are often better tasteing than canned tuna and vegemite sandwiches, there is often a better track waiting down the road to take to get all the benifits of life than simply taking the best of everything every time you can at every opportunity.

The test of endurance is a matter of work and pleasure, wanting and needing, recieving and taking and it is also a mater of restraint and caution. We need to recoginise the difference through discernment and choose our ways carefully and with caution. Restraint and caution may be really tangently opposed to indulgence self enjoymentbut longetivity is proven through self denial of things on earth for the treasures of heaven which are much more satisfying and give us more happiness here on earth.

In other words The Road Of Life instead of driving The Rolls Royce down it is more enticing to me.

Good Day and God Bless

Forever Determining

People are forever determining there future direction and making choices in the way they lead their lives. These conscientious decisons are what makes up are personalities and creates our character as well as the purposes and reasons for the actions that we take in our life's direction. We can go all out and aim for the top of a career path or take our time reading and relaxing for better pacing and peace of mind. Of course the quick and hard road of wanting more money all the time is often the creation of health issues, while establishing a firm bank account or foothold on the market for a prosperous retirement. Unfortunately we can't have our cake and eat it to, we can't have large bank accounts and sit on our hands in peaceful retirement.

We are forever determining our paths by the choices that we make. It would be nice to think that you could accumulate enough money for all those rainy days down the track, but we soon run out of funds again sitting on our hands relaxing and we then have to seek another way for gainful employment or making money. If we constantly make choices and decisions to determine our path for ourselves are we leaving God out of the picture by taking our own personal future direction into our own hands. Of cource this is a management tactic, but we often lose sight of the bigger picture and purpose that God has in our lives and what He requires for us to do for an eternal destination. This to is another consideration that we must all take into account when we are forever determining our lives, just where does God fit in or if at all. Others say, that you should have all things in moderation and bring God into your picture with the rest of your own ideas, this is having many irons in the fire, but you have to know when they are hot enough to take them out and use them.

We can include God in our own directions if we listen to Him and His giuidlines and give back a little for that effort. So we are forever determining our owm lives and God is to because we don't always get what we want as other people are also competeing for that right of getiing their own way. When the path crosses for example we have to make choices that will suit other people as well as ourselves to compromise our own situation. This competitive edging of fighting for our own ideals loses the focus on working for others and earning that money. So we are forever determining our own paths at the expense of others to put it roundly. The harder we work for ourselves the more we are in a compromising situation with others.

However life is good and that is what makes it interesting for us as, in that if we always got our own way life, would be rather boring and that forever detirmining that situation is really a forever compromising determination of others. We must be content with what we have got when we have enough and that is the key to balance and harmony. Try and let God do the determining and forever plan to fit in with the goals of the bigger picture of His directions for the unltimate success of fitting in with living with kingdom purposes for your lives.

Making Right Decisions

Making right decisions is part of the fine tuning for the ideal end destination for our lives. Of course the path is just as important on the journey as the end result of success, however you define it. Success orientation can be our central focus instead or an eternal plan for heaven and that elusive retirement package of peace and happiness in a vibrant and happy environment. This goal of an idealistic lifestyle is often elusive and hard to get, but if we can travel the path that leads to this elusive gift of eternal happiness we find the common cause and purpose of a sustained environment to be maintained and survived by all. Making right decisions should lead to utopia and often it does, but also often it does not. Capitalizing on the right path as we take the journey of life is how we learn to manage our unique ideal situation of living life.

The to making wrong decisions leads us down the path of trouble and corruption and we should avoid these wrong directions at all times and at all costs.The beauty of this living right is the production of happiness and that the fruit of our efforts are highly rewarded by making right choices. God path is the right one if you can find it but it is narrow and hard, it can be also lonely if you go it by your self and there are many people who are commonly seeking the right, true and narrow path of life which you can find and see and walk the path together. This community of bonding or family interaction is a societal high if you can manage to attain this path. Right deciseions will lead you there but you must make right decisions all the time, read, write and look to God for guidence. Laws are made for a reason and to follow then is pure and righteous wisdom, which lead to life and eternity that God calls us to endure and live. God is the right way first and money both helps and comes by living under Gods direction of making right and guided decisions for our lives.

Go to Him in prayer and ask for assistance as He is only to happy to help for those and all who ask. Stay in tune with yourself while you seek God and remember to focus on Him as you try and eventuate to make those right decisions of the right way to take in life. Making right decisions not only leads in the right direction along the path of life but also makes us happy in the course of the process. This is the ideal and critical path to take if we can only find it and make the right decisions to be happy. Making money and being rich may be right to some people but the journey is always more important than the final destination and making right choices with purpose will give you enough money to be content with and rich in heavenly treasures, which are more than all the material possessions on earth.