King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Thank God For That

Well we all may well say, thank God for that, because nobody will care if God doesn't. God always cares whether we are aware of it or not. You can thankGod for this and thank God for that and infact you can or should thank God for everything that you can think of because he was here before us and made a way for us to go that a nieieve person would tend to ignore and shrug their shoulders at, but God gave so much and he still gives so much today that we can be thankful for. Sure we have to work for everything we get and that gives us a sense of self worth, but giving back a bit to what and where we come from is as important as staying in the present and living for every second.

You can thank God for that to, that you have been given the gift of life, that you have a life to live and a place to live in and that you have food on the table and a job to earn money, it is not by our own merit that we inherit the kingdom of God, but by His grace of unmerired favour. I could keep on going in more wordy drawn out sentences of how great God is and how much He loves us, but most people tend to kind of take that for granted. God is always there when we need Him, He is always there waiting to answer our prayers when we ask Him for something, anmd he is even there when we are ignorant and pig headed, just expecting everything to be dropped in our lap while He goes on blessing us.

The simple rule is that you get out of this world what you put into it, no more and no less, the facts are even, time catches up with us all at some stage and God is there just waiting for us to admit our fallibility and look to Him when we can't go on any more. Yes that will happen to all of us, you simply can't keep going all the time like a bull at a gate and not run into trouble and problems when you realize that you have hit the brick wall and that makes you feel down, out and desperate, That is when we must admit our liability for our own shortcomings and turn to God and say thanks for that, I could not have dome it without you, God you are the greatest. No one can just keep going on and on all the time without a mental breakdown of some kind, our bodies are simply not designed to be machines but must rest and recoperate when we have worked far too hard for far too long.

Admit we need God, that is what God is crying out to all of us for, when we have gone our own way for far to long, loook to God and say, thanks for that, you were there all the time and just at the time that I needed you you looked down from heaven and took me back to be with yourself, when I was in a pit, you dragged me out, when I was going to hell you turned me around and rescued me from myself, God thanks for that I could not have done it without you, you are the greatest.