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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Time Is Money

The First Priority

The first priority in sorting out the cobwebs of the duldrums of life is to to incite a bit of excitement into your life. As social desires suggests and implies we must seek a bit of entertainment to be exhilerated and interested in what we are doing and therefore put or return the zest to your life. To many reading a good book is often enough, dinners, dances, theatre, plays and operas are just a few of the eventful night objectives of the would be or budding scholarly seeking enteratinments. Picnics and walks along the beach, a row boat for two or just taking a drive up or down the coast wherever takes you fancy for that seafood meal at a little wayout fishing village of some kind or description in your travels.

The first priority then is one of creating interest in life, financial matters and family affairs. Investing in the future through job orientation or property investments is also highly advisable in creating interest in your life. In other words, first we must have a reason to live. A purpose and a cause to aim for or succeed in. Money in itself has no real intrinisic value, but self worth comes from seeking to help others where by the fruits of our labour are eternally rewarded. The worth of your life is not always in the success of your bank account statement and that measure can be simply transient and limited or highly unpredictable. Sure a certain amount of money gives us confidence in comfortability, but there is no certain return and your next meal is only as good as you current job, which is also uncertain depending on how hard you work and how good at keeping your job by your personal efficiency is to your employer.

Therefore we have our first priority nearly clearly defined, but further clarification is almost certainly objective in that our personal happiness is now being met by sizeable material posessions and a nice place to live and reside in. These personal satisfactions just help to seek to alleviate the pain of uncertainty as to where your base and foundation is permanently grounded for a place to sleep, rest and relax after your tiring days at work. So there you have it, the first priorities form living all wrapped upin aneat litte bundle for you to chew over and druel a bit. So all you have to remember now is that your first personal happiness is made in satisfying your hunger and appetite for living, not by setting unreal expectations or unlimited idealistic goals for personal possessions.

A Management Principle

A Management principle is honesty is the best policy, also treat others how you would treat them, to be loyal to them. Show courtesy to other people as you would then expect them to reciprocate back to. In fact doing the right things in business is not just good sense, but the only way to stay alive is a management principle is honesty is the best policy, also treat others as you would have them treat you and make friends and be lond on top of your situation and predicerment. As well showing discression in all business dealings is the best and only way to survive the ups and downs of life. Live by your own standards of your own expectations and don't try and live up to those of others, sure see what is right that other people are doing, learn by that and take note for your own beneifit.

Remember first you must be yourself and that by pacing yourself in life all the time, is the only best way to live and understand the real picture of your position in life. Then as we change and adapt to our new position through learning and making mistakes which we can only improve on if we take note and learn from those necessary errors, then we can take control of the bigger picture of advancemment and progessing in our life's different picture of reality. Try and see things as the actually are and don't exaggerate figures or cheat on your tax return. Remember our first priority is an honest representation of the truth of how things actually are and why we aim and seek to please, more than to make a profit.

All good things come in time to those who are patient and not demanding, who are prepared to wait and work hard for what they want and are not rash and unreasonable in their expectations. All good things come from God and even with clever accounting methods and principles we are still at a loss and wonder how everything seems to come about and happen. Therefore we should take things by faith and trust in what we can see as right and achknowledge that a superior power is in control of all we don't seem to want to know or be able to understand. Try and be reasonable and shrewd in all your business dealings, don't let people take you for a ride, but address each situation and position on its own merrits and relationship to your personal position in life.

Take for yourself what applies and is relevant to your own life and use any principles in moralistic ethics that are relevant to your given situation and position as well if you would like to enjoy.

Everything Has A Cost

It is well known that on earth nothing is free and that everything has a price. We simply have to pay for each individual possion we seek to aquire and attain of if we are caught steeling we will be fined or go to jail. In the endeavour to do this, pay for those things we desire or require, we must earn enough money through the dilligent pursual of each of our own work efforts. The requirement of self satisfaction to own enough goods and things, to feed our kids and ourselves by being able to put enough food on the table for alleviate starvation and hunger pains for empty stomachs, for sustanace and endurance to basicallly just have enough to live on and be happy and content.

If everything was just dropped in our laps and we did not have to earn or attian the necessities we must have for survival, it would be a free world for all and that would lead to injustice inequality. Not that we are not all free if we do the right thing, in fact if we all slave away for our own self gain, we are really defeting the purpose of working towards a common good. But still we must all consider indivdually our daily needs and requirements, expenses and costs. There is really enough for al, but still everything has a cost each individual item is hand crafted or massed produced at a capacity of world extravegence. Therefore being able to contribute and pay for ourselves is a highly sort after desire and nicety that is a priveledge to earn and pay.

This can be a limited or limitless amount, If we had to pay for everything as a whole conscenous each and individually it would be a mass crime, with greed as the surmountable crime of sufferring independance. If we budget correctly and and are content with our pay, then we can slowly and surely acquire enough for each day to day need and specifity and as the weeks and months progress still be able to manage and meet those requirements. Being influential and powerful is not necessarily the way to get what you want, being humble and kind is often a much more desireable and pleasant way to live. Satisfying our own pleasures is not reall the best way to deal with life, but iof you can work out what others need then you learn to suit you own purposes in a much more desired way and efficiency.

Sure let us not forget that everything has a price, but also let us remember that we have to contribute to make things work, serve to earn, don't be a slave to stupidity, but each endeavour love others as much as you love yourself and above all put God first for the requirements of all your needs. God Bless.

Please Pay The Price

Please pay the price, was the question asked before the man was put to death for murder. Just like Christ hung on the cross to pay the price for all that others may go free and have the right to life that he was so tragically going to be denied, because he stood up to the leaders and authorities of His time. Only to rub salt into their wounds and rise from the dead to totally humiliate them. You see you simply can't put a good man down and God will have the victory no matter what we do, right or wrong, there must be fairness and justice for all. Please pay the price I was asked, but I don't have enough I said and he said go in peace, the price was paid for us all.

So now as I consider my pay cheque and going into the next store for that food item or luxury thing that I need or simply must have, I must way the cost with what I have and can afford, be reasonable with my own expectations of myself and for myself. If Christ gave it all, then surely I can pay the price to satisfy one of my luxury needs or wants of daily necessary requirements. A gift is free and you must not be expected to pay for it, even though you may feel compelled to return the favour in some other way. To earn your own way and be able to pay for what you need is one of those daily delights of indulgence that give us self worth and a feeling of accompmplishment. Sure there is a price and a cost and usually associated with that is a whole lot of pain and pride that goes hand in hand with self requirements.

The good news is that if you have got the money then you can pay for what ever you want, the bad news is if you have not got the money and cannot pay then you must get it from some other means and way within the legal means of the system and legalities or you end up in jail. In jail you will pay whether you like it or not with your own freedom in sufferring chaos, torment and hell, confined to your own personal cell.

Thankyou Anyway

Thankyou anyway, thanks, but no thanks said the man to the postman at the letter box who was expecting another endless supply of bills. It seems that no matter how much we want things and how much we have that there is never enough to keep us happy and content and just one more thing is all we really desire and want. But that sort after need or necessity requirement seems to alude us half the time as to what it is that we really want or must have. You can give me whatever you like and I will thankyou for it forever, but whether I need it or require it is two completely different things. Thankyou anyway he said I will deal with whatever is is once I know what it is and I am able to acess how much use for it I have and whether I will hold onto it or give it to someone else.

So it is with our gifts and talents if we use them then they become worthwhile. The trouble is we don't know that we have got until we try and start to use them or find out what they are. God gave us a whole lot of individual gifts and requiements. He asked us to maintain and uphold the law and He also expected us to do what we could with whatever we had been given. We were free to do what ever we wanted but not to step outside of the means of the law. Like when Adam and eve were in the garden and Eve was tempted by the devil and she ate the fruit of the tree of good and evil to have her eyes were opened so that she might understand the wisdom and knowledge of God.

God had a set plan down through the ages to reveal each and every secret to mankind one at a time, but she wanted to see and have everything straight away and that was now. You see there is a reason why we must wait for things and why we must not just take whatever we want whenever we want it, because the God who had and still has a plan for our lives, to give us everything we want and need, though we must learn to pace ousrselves and act reasonably and responisibly within the means and rules or ways of the law. Our freedom is at stake and to gamble and bet on more money is surely short lived and regretable. I have learned that one the hard way, but God has been Good to be and extended his mercy and grace.

Thankyou anyway, you can have whatever you want, I will learn to wait and be patient and the God that has everything install for me in His kingdom of heaven is worth all the wait and time and patience and work slowly and persistantly to see that, that is accopmplished. More Later.

Maybe A Bit More

If only just a little bit more, was Olivers twists request in thast very movie and book. Please Sir I want some more of that terrible gruel to just fill the hungry stomache of that growing boy, left without parents as an orphan, no one cared about him or for him, his only hope was just a little bit more food to help be happy live a bit linger and stay alive. Isn't it such a terrible thought to not know where our next meal is coming from, whether we will ever eat again, have enough food to be contented fort he day or even be able to earn an income that will give us enough money to put food on the table and feed the family. As we go to work each day we wonder whether we be able to keep our jobs to feed our kids, pay the bills keep a roof over our heads.

These little necessities we all too often take for granted as something that will always be, that we could not be so stupid as to lose our job or that we might upset the boss enough to sack us through incompetance or insubordination. How long can we take the pain, how long can we keep going and keep it up, how much work do I actually have to do to satisfy the boss. When your work is like getting blood out of a stone just to perfrom the next task, then you need to see a doctor and go onto some kind of Government support. Our pride won't let us do that but what can we do when things hurt so much through giving all you have got and not having anything left, when the petrol tank is empty and you have not got the money for another full tank and spent all that you have on wild living or other unsightly indulgences that just leave you high and dry. All we can do is get on our knees and repent to God in a humble prayer of confession and aks for forgiveness.

Maybe just a little bit more, money, love, care, food, freindship, family. All these things we take for granted when we go out on a limb and think that we can do everything for ourself and that relationship with people or in a church organistaion where peopl are just begging to help someone in need. We have to humble ouselves and not allow our pride to take over, but must give in and submit to a higher authority God, Parents, Someone who will love and care for you and your real needs a church minister or paster, charity or Government organisation that will help. There are many around and we only have to seek, ask and accept help by achknowledging that this world is too big for anyone of us and we can't do it all on our own. Just a little bit more, Is it realy really that too so very hard?

I ask you. Please accept just a little bit more, when it is all give and not take or visa versa, scream for help and swallow your pride, you will be glad you did to come into the safe arms of God.