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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

I Have To Know How

Knowing How Things Work

We often wonder how things work, why people make more money than we do and being well trained, qualified in skills and having tools of the trade, gives enormous scope and aptitude to doing business in the community. Knowing how things work is what gives you the job, suplies your daily needs through work and pay and also gives you an understanding on the more important things of life in that what is I eman by that, common sense. Knowing how things work is a translucent form of common sense and it can also be a detailed blow by blow description of basic things in that by taking one step at a time you are also setting building blocks of foundation for success. Knowing how things work, through qualifications, trade skills or detailed learning of literature and procedure, gives insight into the know how and a more thorough undersatanding of your living conditions and working environment.

Knowhow, equips you with the right understanding to explain technology, modernize procedures and work responsibly in everyday situations and real life work places. Knowing how things work, also enables you a brighter future, because you have a trained mind which recognises and understands what you needed to do to equip yourself with things, in order to carry out daily tasks and work orders. Like the digestion system of the body in processing food and absorbing nutrients into the blood stream or the hydration of water for flowing into the bodies cooling system to keep us alive and not over heating. Knowing how things work, serves a purpose in understanding the rationality of life and the way things should be in order for them to work properly. We need to think intelligently, to understand wisdom and know what makes things tick, this means obtaining a form of intercooperation which reacts like stem cells like the bodies DNA.

This higher form of life or being is what sets humans above the animals and gives us self awareness, like an inbuilt dignity to survive. Animals fight for their life to live, but humans do it with empathy and compassion or at least they should. When we understand ourselves, we know how the human mind thinks and ticks, like playing a piano concerto in a concert hall, we obtain pride and confidence from knowing what we are doing. This magnified repetioire of knowledge on how to do things grants us understanding and how to reproduce out network of supplies as if it were reordering the human mind for longetivity. If we think well act on our premonitions from what we think is right, then we can produce a crop in many of hundreds of times more than what we were dealt with, the secret is in knowing how, and the way we achieve the results or objectives for completion is just as important as to why we try and do anything in the first place.

The know how of life, is the what, the way and the who, it makes the meaning of why things work in the first place, listen to wise words on life and you will know how things work to.

Intelligence Helps

Someone once said to me, if you had a brain you would be dangerous. My mother said, that someone told her that she only had half a brain and it gave her an inferiority complex for a long time. The fact is not whether you have a brain, we all have brains, it is how much you use your brain that is the most important key. Even if you have only got a half a brain in someone elses eyes they may have the only a half a brain themself and if you combine the two you would have a whole brain to work things out, maybe there is some sense in that I don't know for sure, but communication should help. Einstein used 99% of his brain and they say that most people only use about ten percent of theirs. Intelligence helps and the brain has enormous amounts of treasures troves there in stored up capacity if we only find a way and the key to tap into it. Jesus was the key to life and we would be well informed to listen to His wise words on life. I don't know how much of His brain he used but maybe seeing that He was perfect it must have been 100%, Einstein will have to pay homage for 1%. In His 33 years of short lifespan, Jesus conquered the world, not necessarily physically on the whole earth but in His mind and through his brain he had overcome the world.

Two thousand years later He is still trying to conquer the earth through teachings and parables, an enormous legacy to leave behind. Yes, intelligence helps and Jesus was a wise teacher, but we live in a modern technological world where everything is done at the push of a button in zero seconds flat. I guess it takes a little longer to build a new car and the 2020 edition will far outcede the Model T Ford. The technology and the intelligence that goes into bulding a new car or nearly anything these days with assistance from the latest and most up to date computers has and holds an enormous amount of intelligence from within the companies system and structure. These companies operate on and by people that use their brains to develope these luxurious things of modern day comfort and value. Not only does it help to have some intellingence in life but using your intelligence is the very essense and life blood of economic advancement and educational achievement. The fact is, that for intelligence purposes we simply have to use our brains, to satisfy the needs of others for a small consideration to live on.

To build ships, planes, trains and rockets to take us to the next planet or to last the distance on this one. Technology advances all the time and tapping into our brain power is what makes and drives us not only to success, but to longetivity and advancement globally. We need to refine our minds to think more about work than money and we will be happier, healthier and more wise in making money rather than storing away huge supllies of our own self indulgences in personel self gratification and self glory. We need to think for everybody else if we are going to be rich on earth and in order to do that you have to teach them all to think for themselves. It is a catch 22 cleche that goes around in a never ending nonstop circle and spiral that elads to self dependance and we no where that gets us, right back where we started from, but at least we have tried and that is what using your brain is all about, infiltrating and initiating intelligence and using it for a positive force in nature and beyond the visible scope of the forseeable future which is held within the finite mind.

Think beyond the square, think outside the circle and look deep into the heart and soul of things where the intelligence of the mind waits to be tapped into and sort out, try it for yourself, it really is not that hard if you are prepared to give it a go. Yes intelligence is a condition of the working brain, but the mind is the source of al things and we have to connect our brains to integrate into the mind to find out what and where the realm of intelligence of the future really is and what it is all about

Smart Thinking

You have got your smart phone, right? Your smart TV and perhaps even your own smart car, everything these days is being designed to be smart something or other. That means that we have all got to be one step smarter again to keep up with all the changing pace of technology and what it means to be intellectually savey in a smart world. I am afraid that for me myself I fail to keep up with everything else in the world that is going on around me and being smarter than I am in a broader sense of the word. I have enough trouble for one person just being smart enough trying to stay alive. It is not as if I was accident prone or the like but I have got an inept ability of finding myself in hot water. I have a hot shower every morning but that is not what I mean. Using your brain to stay alive is the smartest thing that you can do with it. I just don't have the brain power, strong enough will or finances to meet the criteria of a person living in a smart world. But I have come this far with writing and as I continue to venture forward and keep going with this type fo work, I am remeinded that one must be smart in one way or another. You can't go on working hard and picnhing yourslef to see if you are still alive all the time without realizing something about yourself and other people.

I say to myself, Why are all these people smarter and wealthier than me? That means asking questions, right another step in the right direction. But still I have to achknowledge that I fall far short of all the trimmings and indulgences of the real world, while I am stuck behind my computer slaving away. All these people are working harder and smarter than me, they must be right, they have more money, better properties and newer cars. Is that starting to sound a bit smart to you, am I headed in the right direction by achknowledging my own shortcomings and missunderstandings. But really I am just one person on my own with my own personal quest to do better, not better than everyone else, just better than me, myself and I. I don't know what the next smart thing will be, they have allready got frdidges and houses, planes and ships what else, where do we stop with being smart or are we meant to be smart enough to go on foerever.

There is no finite limits to being smart, is there, again I have to ask the question as there is so many more smarter people than myself. Realy what is being smart enough all about as if I did not know in the first place and still have no really right idea. I am afraid that I will have to stick with my idea of staying alive rather than try and beat everyone else with their smart gadgets, that work sounds too hard and it would probably kill me in the process of trying. I have enough trouble with punctuation and grammer and that is the second thing that might kill me. Where do we all stop, I will aim for wisdom in staying alive and leave all the intellectual gratifications of smart intelligence to someone else. Thakyou God that you still love me whether I am smart or not.

Clever Thinking

Clever thinking, once again I have no real clue and understanding, I should ask Trever and he will tell me what he knows. If I was as clever as trever there would be good weather and whether leather was as light as a feather. I just sit back and wait for answers from God, in full expectation that He will tell me what it is, I really don't know what it is right now exactlly. Leverage when you are trying to bugde a fallen tree to move it off the road and you ring up on your mobile for a tree lopper who might have a toe truck he can use. Is that being clever, what is being clever realy all about?A tyre lever to change your bicycles flat tube, at elast you think to carry one when you go out riding.It is about using your head right instead of your heart.

Love and feelings come from the heart, but new ideas, rationality and making money come from the head. The better or sooner you can use your brain to develope things to help people, the sooner they will pay you enough money to be happy with for your own personal expectations of more things, bigger bank accounts or just your own personal ego trip with saying you have enough money. Is that right?

I look around to many different ways of being clever or trying to use my brain for thinking clever things, it is not easy and often becomes frustrating trying to outsmart and outdevelope people in ideaological thinking to beat others in order to be clever, look clever or for people to think you are clever. Not exactly right to me, what I think is in being clever, is using wisdom and discretion in your daily thinking and task performace for job undertaking. Clever thinking is right minded thinking in that by following the laws of the land and what reasons that work for others, you will live a long time, stay out of jail and have more money by not paying infringement fines. Good sense to me and to you to I suspect, but still we feel this deeper need to be clever, to drive the latest flashy car, living the biggest houses on the water and have personel designer self images to show off to every body else and flatter ourselves with for moments of gratification and glory. Not clever huh? I don't know what is, every one else thinks something along those lines, I just can't wage war into that battle and compete with everybody else on the same scale.

Visions of grandeour don't do much for me, to be floundering in and out of my head in indulgent living. If I ate at the local Chinese Restaurant every day I would look like a two hundred pound dumpling and even if I had the money to do it I would not do it. I don't know how many restaurants are out there begging for my patronage and I am simply not rich or smart enough to supply all there needs and I don't need a 50 inch wasteline either. Being healthier is being wealthier in your mind, body and soul and that is being clever to me. I still need to lose a few pounds but I am constantly thinking about how to do that, rather than how many more pounds I can put on. More exercise, healthier lifestyle and healthier food is being clever, not overindulging on anything that you can get your hands on. Being clever, lets face it, is best left for other people to deal with and experience I think.

It Was Wisdom All The Time

Well once again after trying to be smart enough in everything, more clever than the next person all the time and have a higher intelligence than anybody else, I am left to coming back to the fact that it was wisdom all the time. Asking these type of probing questions leads you in one direction how can I be wiser in my world, when my world outsmarts me, my brain is limited in thinking and outshadowed by everybody else and being smarter is just not what it is all cut out to be, there sure is still plenty of people smarter than me. So is it time to give up and give the game away, no I don't think so. I may be self defeted but God is not, God is there all the time when I try to do my best for me and fall flat on my face trying.The grace of God is wisdom in unfathomable riches and treasures, when I can't dio it all, there is someone who can who has done it all for me and died in my place, that I may have life and experience the love of God.

When we have worked as hard as we can tried to be as smart as we can, more intelligent than anybody else and clever enough to do eberything on our own, give up, get a life and let God deal with your situation, you can't maintain the pace forever, you will have a burnout and a blackout trying, there is always someone smarter than yourself and God in all His infinite wisdom knows who, God Himself is that person who beats us everytime, He has done it all, He created the heavens and earth in six days and on the seventh day God rested. Admit it you can't do it alone, you can't handle the situation by yourself and you can't have all the money in the world no matter how much you would like it or try for it, it belongs to God. Give up, get over it and get on with living and let God do the work that God has to do, you have to do your own work for your small slice of the action, God has to deal with everything else and everyone else, give in and give it all over to God, that is true wisdom I can assure you. So as I try to understand my learning I have to admit that it was wisdom all the time and all wisdom belongs to God.

My being smarter, acting more intelligently and just being clever enough to do everything on my own was just plain stupid. My silly inclination of building a better life for myself was futile and self indulgent. When you have got it all or think that you have got it all, is when you realize how spiritually poor and bankrupt you really are. You can't have your happiness and all your earthly treasures to, you can't buy your way into heaven with all your money in the bank and you can't have a safe and healthy family with all the luxuries under the sun. Admit it, it was God and His wisdom all the time, when you hit records levels of success and fall flat on your face and die, hell will welcome you gladly. Don't wait till it is too late, give in now and give God control of your life, No sense in going to hell when you can give your life to God now and have a heavenly reward with Godin eternity when you die and live forever. Work for God and not yourself, live a life of service and mission work for God and you will be rewarded with eternel treasures from and in heaven. It was wisdom all the time, give up and let God, you will be so glad you did, God's wisdom is magnificent, your wisdom is futile.

Where Does It Come From?

Where does it come from and what is it? It is wisdom of course and it comes from God, but how do we recognise it and how are we sure that it is God's wisdom and not the Devils. If it is right and true it comes from God, if it is of foul and underhanded tactics you can be pretty sure that it is from the Devil. Recoginising wisdom is the key to success and longetivity, if you have a drought you need rain, if you have floods you need to calm the storm, if the temperature gets too hot you need to stay inside and drink cool water to hydrate and if you go out in the sun in the summer you need a good screen. If you have bushfires you pray to God for rain and stable temperate conditions, as well as getting people out of affected areas so that you have no casualties and loss of human life while firefighters put outt eh flames if it is safe to do so. Houses are replaceable, people are not and therefore it is also wise to have a good insurance cover policy for your posessions.

If we say that people are replaceable, in that in general people will die and be born, we are taking a self orientated callous opinion of a general cross section of individuals, the truth is that everyone is valuable in God's eyes and worth saving. The Bible says that there should be none to be lost and that all should come to a saving knowledge in The Lord Jesus Christ, but people arogently turn a blind eye to The Gospel message and go there own selfish and self centered way so that they will be lost in hell forever, a fait worse than death, they not only lose their own lives but are sent to hell in punishment eternally. God wants us all to have life and to have it abundantly, living in His kingdom forever, sharing in the treasures of eternal life, with joy and peace.

All we have to do is achknowledge Him (Jesus/God) as our Lord and Saviour, saying that we can't do it alone but we need the love of Jesus who died on the cross 2000 years ago to save us all from our sins and worship God in His church, where fellow believers are found and care and have concern and compassion for each other. With wisdom, if it is a consensus of opinion, then we have common sense and common sense is usually God's wisdom, unless it goes against what the Bible says, We should orientate ourselves to fall into line with what God says, what people know is true and if it is in congruence with The Bibles teaching. Common sense is a form of wisdom, but the secrets of the kingdom of God and the treausres of the kingdom of heaven belong to God and God will release His wonderful unsurpassable knowledge at just the time you need it, that is true wisdom.

Saving us from oursleves and leading us home to a safe and welcome place in the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven. If it seems right and feels right to you, then it probably is right and you should go with your instinct, but still check it out with God, that it is scripturally based and falls into line with God's teaching, then you will know for sure that it is true and right and that the road leads to life and not condemnation and punishment. Where does it come from, it comes from the Bible and God is in charge of that, in sixty six books of eternal wisdom and treasure, we all would do well to follow it and be advised to believe and trust in God's word. The spirit of Christ will intercede for you and help you understand God's His divine inspiration and love. Live, Love, Learn and understand God's word in The Bible, it is the way to eternal life and you would do well and be well advised to follow it. Jesus loves you and wants the best for your life.

Put It Right Back

I was climbing a mountain at Port Stephens, Hawkes Nest a couple of weeks ago after Christmas 2019,something I have done before. The last section of the climb was quite steep and I was out of breath. The minister had preached at the Christmas Service that the cross of Christ was the tree of life. About 50 metres from the ytop of the mi=ountain climb there was a tree, maybe 50-60 years old, I had stopped every 20 feet to recatch my breath and this tree was there leaning straight up by the side of the track. I took a minute or five and leant back against this tree and I felt the life of the tree come into my body and it gave me strength enough to finish the climb. At the top of the mountain was a sign Captain J.E. Fitzpatrick (Jack) which reminded me of a Billy Joel song Captain Jack will take you high tonight, take you to another island.

There was two other islands going off into the near distance and I could also see across to Fngal Bay with another island and a sand bank going out to the island, with a bit smaller mountain but wider and had a light house on the other side of it. My next challenge. Somethings you can do in life that are almost instanaeous, other things take a bit longer, some take a lifetime to accomplish. This mountain like the one on the other side of Port Stephens at Shoal Bay which I could look across and see was a bit like looking at Hamilton Island in The Whitsundays. I have done that mountain a couple of times and it was just about as difficult as the north head one. But this one took the cake, I will never get over it again, I will climb it again, but not right straight away. Some times when you fall off your horse the best thing to do is to get straight back on it and don't let it beat you. I also did the three kilometre walk back along the beach at Hawkes Nest which at the foot of the mountain and in the water along the bach right next to it was a bad sewerage spill, which it appears no one new how to clean up, a real fowl smell.

So against the odds and also my shoes fell apart on the way up the mountain and I thought I would not make it back, I cracked this mountain and I can add that one to my set of accomplisments in life. Just as I left leaning against the tree, I thought I was taking my last breath and I gave it all I had and took the biggestv breath that I have ever taken in my life and puffed right over that hill.The trip back to catch the bus home was apparantly easy compared to the hike up. So when you try to put things right back like two thousand years since Christ Died on the cross and my five minutes leaning against the tree that I had remebmbered from the Christmas sermon, that tree was my tree of life. Life is indeed a long journey and my walk took about five hours but was about 15 years between doing this climb twice

I don't remember how hard it was last time but I think it was something similar. Just because things look dim, never give up hope in God, he will rescue you right at the right time you need it, when you are desparate for breath, that is when God is at His strongest and he fills you will the life giving knowledge of all that you have ever done. Prodestants don't put Christ abck on the cross again, the Catholics do. Prodestants believe that Christ reigns from heaven at the right hand side of God. That tree which is life today is a representation of the cross of Christ's sacrfical offering of His life for us and just at that time he puts it right back into you and showers blessings upon you when you most need it. Don't fret and want for things you don't really need, what you need is the love of god and the life of Christ, Follow His way and he will put you right back where you belong. God Bless.

Reading And Writing

Reading and writing are skills thatw e develope and learn, but still you have to know how. To be a successful writer the main ingredients is God. When I first started out wanting to be a writer, I prayed to God that he would help me and show me. In fact God asked me what I wanted to do with my life when I was very young. I said to be successful and as I was just starting out in school, that meant reading and writing. I deviated a bit and went my own way thinking that I could make it by myself selling things in shops and I fact I did make it to the top at a very young age. Then when I cracked it was God telling me again that he wanted me to go back to my first love of writing. God had won, I could not do it my own way in shops for the rest of my life. Which of cource meant relearning and that was a lot of reading again so that I knew what I was talking about and thinking about in my mind to put down in logical words in writing. Criteria and content are important, but to me the main ingredience for writing is continuity, simply you have to make sense out of your words and put them in such a way that it makes interesting reading.

Sure you are working for your self, but you have to understand how the reader will read and some perspective on what the reader requires for there own well being and understanding of the information. So also to you need good subject matter which can be as diverse as the universe itself and so concentrated that you get a headache trying to gather and fathom its meaning. Nevertheless what we write makes for good reading or people won't even bother to read you at all. You need to be careful with your words and organise them and structure your thoughts, so that it is enjoyable and makes consistent sense out of what you are writing, to the writer and as well as the reader, which are both equally important. I could go on and on about the ttireless efforts I made to to try and make it in the writing world, but suffice to say that I have now written 30 books published in my name and I get about 300 on average, pages of my work read each week. It is a long hard road to the top in any professional field and I still have a long way to go till I can say that I have made it. Which would only encourage you to sit back on your hands and say enough, but a successful writer will write until he or she dies. It is simply having some way to be productive with your time, the money is only an incentive and any extra that you earn must be viewed as a bonus.

I can make more money out of being a taxi driver, but writing gives you a more feeling of accomplishment and purpose when you can look back on your work and see what you have achieved and in some cases, how you have helped people to get out from their stuck in the ruts and try and do something positive for themself, even to becoming a writer themselves. Still it is important to grasp life in all its fullness and to get out into the great outdoors and explore the world. My own native surroundings and also the greater places beyond the closed writers doors. All this makes for good writing material and the further we explore and try to explain the world, the better grasp we have for ourselves in our own understanding of life and really what it is all about. It is good to question things and ask for answers, all this helps explain why we are here in the first place and why we go on doing the things which about we go on doing. There is reason and logic for nearly everything and taking on board what we do not understand to learn and try to explain it in the written form helps us unlock the door to the treasures of the great unknown and enter into the vast unknown world of the unexpalined universe. Have a go at it yourselves and try to be passionate about it in your reading and writing. More later and see you on the next page.

Physical Skills

I have just covered in a slight amount of depth, how and what reading and writing is all about, if you want to become something in this and that type of field which I would call, name or title as a spiritual field, which I think is a mental type of work as well, where the work goes on into the world of existence for anybody else to read. Physical skills are more to do with your arms and legs in that you might use a shovel on the roadside, be a carpenter and build houses or do renovations, electricians, plumbers and the like, are what we know as tradesmen. But the simple fact of life as a tradesman is that you are hands on on the job and whether you install blinds or curtains or lay carpet, you are getting something productive done at the end of the day which are all physical skills. These which require a paycheck, cash in the hand or a bank transfer when the invoice is sent. Writers rely on faith that you will pick there book up off the shelf in a book store, that you will google there website on the internet which could be in any form of information website. My point is though that you need to know what you are doing and how to go about your job, to perform to the standard and requirements of the reader, employer or contracter who is gainfully employing you to do a job.

Physical skills are different to mental skills where by you use your head more than your hands and feet, in writing you are sitting down rather than moving around physically trying do something and accomplishing something on your feet. Of cource a writer uses their hands to type but stays seated at their computer composing their story and subject matter. A deaf person could still write, a dumb person could still type and a blind person could dictate through talking into a microphone which the computer picks up and reads, like a dictaphone and a disabled person can still do some limited [physical work to their suitable needs and abilities. Physical skills, once you have acquired the knowledge, it will stay with you for a lifetime, knowing the tools of the trade is your key to success and longetivity in the field, game or whatever. Though you just have to adapt your time to different places and archetectural designs in working to accomplish the desired result of a finished house or extension, replacement of a pipe and wiring, gyprocking or painting walls and ceilings etc. Anyone with any nouse can have a go at any of these things, but to get a perfect finsihed result, a professional tradesman is required, of cource you only get what you pay for though. That may be you line of work and you may be a do it yourself person who can turn their hand to nearly any work job.

Though your experience over the years determines how good the finished job is. As well as, some of us who are very clever can combine physical and mental skills and put a creative work of art into the history books or a related field of excellence and outstanding achievement. I am a writer and they have their own tools for the trade, knowledge of what to write from what they have read and learn't from word of mouth. I had a go a the physical type of work in retail, but you like me must choose your chosen career and profession. Do the best you can at it and maintain it for as long as you can, have nice holidays for your work effort to rest and play. Relax and rejuvinate your soul through reading instead of building, walk, run, catch a bus, train or ferry, cruise ship or go for a drive instead of writing. Just as the mental is draining, the physical is draining and tiring and we all need a good nights sleep and enough rest to keep going.

We get paid money for our work, nothing is free and effort costs us in sweat and tears. Put up with it, persevere and persist for as long as you can, when the physical is too hard stop and take a break or breather, like I am doing now, you may even get use to it after a while and be accustomed to the pain, we still need to know how to learn and live with that to. Good work is rewarding and you only get out of life what you put into it. Lunch time, we need good food to, are you a chef?

Always Learning

I was taught at a very young age by a wise neighbour of mine, that you are never too old to learn. Infact when you stop learning, you die. The thing is that we are always and constantly learning new things all the time, in our work, reading , on the job planning and management, as well as just playing in the park with the kids. Learning is the essence and key to life, the more you know, through what you have learnt, the more equipped you are to handle different situations and problems as they arise in life. Dealing with any given predictament, is a matter of having the knowledge in what to do, heal the sick, how to fix a situation or replace a broken or damaged thing. We all need our own special brand of expertease in dealing with problems.

Of cource to we have professional graduates who just study at university all there life never being productive in the work arena, though most of them could tell professors what to do and should be one themself. Always learning is being taught and teaching as well, you can learn a lot from on the job training as well as just doing your daily job with a different set of circumstances each day to experience and gain knowledge of what to do under any given different circumstance. Children learn faster than adults and that is why they go to school at a young age to equip them for life after adolesence. Adults have allready experienced a lot and know a lot of things, that is why they learn slower and learning a new thing can be few and far between.

But still it is down to individual experience of mind, training and learned conditioning to learn. Once you have acquired a taste for learning you simply can't get enough of it and your desired learning rate is higher and therefore you learn more. As I said it is about training the mind to be conditioned to learning. This is because learning can become a way of life, in teaching and instructing in preaching and developement. In leading and guiding and through reading and writing. This is all conditional and subject to learning, mental capacity is only subject to being willing to learn and desiring to find out things that you do not know. Education is a wonderful thing and the more you learn the more you have a desire to learn, even if it is only reading the newspaper or watch the news on TV and editorial documentaries. Reading and searching the internet for material and subject matter. Talking to friends about how they spent the day and what the weather will be like for the next seven days or what you did last month or last year, even decades ago, all this draws on the memory for thought stimulation and categorises itself as learning.

You can even learn something new by going for a walk in the park and meeting diiferent people for the first time, every one has their own exciting story to tell if you will just take the time to find and meet people and listen to others about their way of life. Know the rose grows as we do in our daily walk of life, it needs pruning to make it grow healthier and reproduce, just like we lose a bit when we put things in the bin or go to the toilet, only we regain our knowledge in fresh food and new things being made for offer. We learn new things as we find the fresh fragrence of Spring or going to the beach in the Summer again to smell the salt air and have a swim, or the chilling coolness of Winter snow and the falling leaves of Autumn as the years and decades pass. As seasons and times change, so does our memory and experience of learning and forgetting, being quitely reminded of the things we knew is a welcome discovery on the road of life and all other existing experiences that we have known and recollect in relearning the things of the past from our mistakes and experiences, sometimes hurtful and painful.

Or just enjoying the reflections of what you knew and loved to reflect on now and again in times to come, these are some reasons why we learn, because life is good, life was sweet and God is faithful. Have a real good day each and everyone of you out there and remember to be kind and try and learn something new, each and every different new day.