King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

I Want To Know Why

Its Good To Ask

Its good to ask and be polite, instead of being rude and nasty and just pigging into everything without thought for anyone else. We should always consider the consequences of how things affect other people, what our actions to to incurr blame and how we affect other people by what we do and say. By asking we are showing care and consideration for other peoples needs, we are showing them that we are not self expectant and that there is a purpose and a reason in our taking. May I have a cup of tea please? Is one question you might use, putting it in a polite and friendly manner. Jesus said ask that you may receive, not take, take, take anything you can get your hands on. Show consideration and care for other peoples needs and requirements and don't demand things simply to make your own self happy but in all ways achknowledge God and he will supply your every need. Jesus also said, Have you not asked that your needs maybe met and fullfiilled.

Ask in good faith and use the name of Jesus as often as you like but ask according to Gods will. He is just waiting there in heaven to give you everything you need. He may not give you everything you want because he knows what is best for you and he has a plan to prosper you and not harm you. We also need to look at our motives for getting, not for selfish gain but for the good of others and for the community. The world is desperately crying out for Jesus and we need to be silent sometimes and listen to who needs help before we ask expectantly for everything for oursleves. Ask in good faith that you may recieve but ask in Jesus name in order for you to recieve what you really need and not what you selfishly want. There is so many problems in the world, people dieing from malnutrition, disease, suffering poverty and lack of resources, there is a great need for education and there is a great need for food in third world places.

We are called to be good stewards of the word and help those in need before ourselves, that by serving, we are helping ourselves in the process as well. It is good to ask,How can I help somebody else? Not!!!Why is that there like that? When we know it needs fixing ourselves and we should be fixing it oursleves. It is good to ask, but we also need things in their right and true perspective, so that we can see things in the light of truth and not the deception of evil and selfish desires. If God knows you need a new car, you will get one, but it maybe a Holden and not a Lamborgini first. God knows that you need a place to live and it may be a shelter for the night on the way to your own place in the suburbs and not around Sydney harbour first. There are poeple crying out for daily food before they have any of there other needs met, think how lucky you are in all that you have before you selfishly and greedily ask for your self. It is good to ask that you may have, but wait on God in His good time for him to reward you with what you need.

Taking Time To Think

Taking time to think is both healthy and good for you. The more you think the more you stimulate your brain. Sometimes you have to take a brake though and sit back in the peace that you have earnt from all your hard thinking, to rest regroup and experience some of the joy and peace from the fruits of your labour. Thinking creates awareness on what is going on around, it teaches you to show consideration for other peoples needs and cares. It tells you when you are being threatened or in danger and it reminds you of all the good times that you have had and what you need to do about the future. We can become complacent and lazy by not thinking enough, showing concern where needed to help others and providing the goods and services that we all need everyday though the normal process of our work and labour.

You need your mind to think and you have to develeope your mind and train it to think, both logically and self supportively for everyday work processes and operations. Thinking is a learned art and a developed skill that teaches us to act on behavioral instinct through the wealth of knowledge that we have created for our selves by thinking and also by what we have learned to know how we can. All this can be a rush to just make more money, but we need also to take a step back and think and ponder on all that we have done to put everything in perspective and start the day, new and fresh again each time. Taking time to think is both a pleasure and a priveledge and we should all take more time out for oursleves to do just that.

Think of all the good times that you have had and all the joyful experiences that go along with living. There are many benefits from using your brain, not only to think more intelligently but to know how to relax and invest in some of the aspiritual things of life, like deep breathing and a walk in the park, fresh air cleans out the system and the cobwebs from our bust daily thoughts where the point of the exercise is not to be the wealthiest but the healthiest, with which comes being the happiest.

God gave us a mind to think, to reason things out and enjoy our time in life on earth and we should seek Him to learn how to do just that. Understanding specific needs and the desired and required relationships that we all need. God is good and God is great, His love for us and kindness relate, I had that line in a poetry book somewhere, Greatness in The Coming of Parsifal, I think. It is good to go back on old work and reminisse the love of God as He to meditates on your discarded thoughts and reuses them for your future needs. Anyway I think I have though enough on that one for now, I will be back with another one later. You have to learn how and take time to think, there is no initiation process, just a developemental one.

Why Always More

Why always more? What if you were to accept less for a change? the thing is with life that you need more all the time, like our desire and hunger for money, we seem to want money more, more and more. Wanting is one thing with money, but money has to be worked for to be deserved and earned properly. Why work, for more, more, more, more of what you want and what you desire to buy for yourself to make yourself happy with more, more and more material possessions. You need more food all the time, but it is helpful to know when you have had enough and let someone else have something to eat to. Gluttony leads to greed, greed crime and crime a jail sentence.

Why always more you know, but we also have to know when we have had enough or have enough of what we require. Like giving at church we give out of our abundance, we pay for others to have some to, for those who are not in a position to help themselves. As ministers must be good stewards of church finances after their salaries are paid and taken out of the tithes. Consider the sanctity of life before you consider your own personal needs and you will always have enough. Why always more, because it is a basic necessity of life, but because it is a basic necessity of life, we must treasure the everlasting goodness of God and fullful all His requirements in order to fullfil our own earthly needs. More, more, more, why always more?I will tell you why, because people are never happy enough with what they have got, they are never content to sit back and say what I have got is enough. Isn't that a flaw in all of our character, sufficient is never good enough. Just like you need to take your next breath, you need more and more air all the time until you take your final breath and go to paradise to live with God in death.

Where heaven and hell are always there and life everlasting is just eternally more. Which way you are going is up to you, you have to do your choosing now, just like you take your next step or your next breath, you don't know what is waiting around the corner, but God does.Your next meal, your next trip away, your next conversation with a friend or neighbour, it is all in Gods divine will. If everything goes according to plan there will be more next door or just around the corner for you waiting to take that leap of faith and find out what it is. The next second, minute on your watch, day, month, year, decade, century, all requires more of what we do not have yet. Time is just as a precious commodity as money, if not more important and God knows your need either way you go. Consider the birds of the air or the lilies of the field, your father feeds them and clothes you. Surely Soloman in all his splendour what not clothed as beautifully as these. If you are more precious than a sparrow who your father in heaven feeds, then surely you will be given all you need, you of little faith, stop doubting and start to believe.

Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. We should revel in our fathers love instead of desiring more, more, more all the time. Surely your father knows all these things before you do, He has walked the path before you and he is waiting at the door of heaven to welcome you home. His home, with treasures in heaven.

Knowledge Is My Right

Knowledge is my right or is it? Isn't knowledge something I have to earn, can I just know everything without trying? I don't think so, may be you can, but it is short and fading, a deep knowledge of God is what you need. It is someting you have to search for and learn of for a long period of time. There is no simple get rich quick scheme, there is no knowledge in the cheep thrills of casual sex, but it is found in the love of God, after and for a long time. It is in a marriage designed and built in heaven for the duration of our time on earth, it is everlasting and it is made in heaven if it is in Gods will and according to His divne plan and will for our lives. Knowledge can be evil when it is lustful, corrupted and abused upon.

When power is the only desire and to make more money than anything else. Knowledge is meant to be used as a tool to stay alive, not build an empire of corrupt activity. Knowledge is right if it is used in the right way and according to Gods created design and plan for the prosperity and the benefit of our lives. God is good and in this we must depend and trust, because it is His character to see the best for our lives.To answer all our requests in His good time and proportion. Benefits are enormous in following Gods design and plan for our lives. It is only when we stray from the desired and correct path, that we become flawed and ineffective in unpracticable situations and predicaments.

In a postition where we guide ourselves and end up in trouble, disruption and in the torment of that woefully undesireable place called hell. There is a better life than that, that God can give us in heaven and so let us use this knowledge to find that palce of peace and rest. Knowledge with all the requirements of providing information is still only a tool to be used to help other people. It is no good storing up the treasures stores of heaven to yourself, it must be shared to be worthwhile and it must be of benefit to someone else to be understood. Knowledge is worth knowing and having but you must use it in the right ways and according to Gods heavenly design. What you know is a gift, that knowledge that you have must be invested in time for eternity warranted projects.

It is for the utilization of resources for longetivity not for the qwuick and easuy life in the fats lane that lands you in jail. gte the most oput of what you know by investing it in the treasures of God's heaven, way up there where it is hard to get, but well worth the investment of your time. This gift of knowledge and learning is for all and yes it is good if used in the right manner, fashion and method. Use your knowledge wisely, it is your money in the future and time to come, where what you know is as important as who you know and where you have to use your money, time and resources, which is called knowledge and that is where you are now.

Glorious Freedom

Glorious freedom, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. Like amazing graze when we do wrong and are fogiven, is freedom such a glorious richness and treasure. Something that we all seem to take for granted but it is so beautiful that we can just live to be free and experience life in all its abundance and glory.Why go about doing the wrong thing and jeopardising your freedom, surely you would rather be doing the right thing than being locked up for doing the worng thing. Free to do what you want within the law that is offcourse, free to go about your business and make a living for yourself. I guess that it is also wonderful to do everything without price or cost, but it is also beautiful to pay for everything that you own with your own hard earned cash. Live life as free as a bird they say, free to do this and free to do that.

As well, nothing worthwhile is cheap and anything worth doing is worth doing well. Your health and your freedom, are two of the most beautiful gifts in the world that God honours you with for doing the right thing by Him. Like old fagan in Charles Dickens Oliver, Food Glorious Food, Freedom Glorious Freedom, In the bank large amounts, you have got to pick a pocket or two. Don't come back empty handed now as he says to his merry band of boys as he sends them out each day to earn their food and keep. Then there is all the worries of your worldly possessions and earthly stored up treasures that you can't take with you, can you? and your vunerable bank accounts to thieves. The birds of the air do not reap or so but your heavenly father feeds them all, not a sparrow falls to the ground without God knowing it. Honest jobs may not pay the best but you have time on your hands when you need it, to do what you want to do when you want to do it if you schedule your hours properly.

I can't imagine being locked up in jail for grand theft or larceny, 40-50 years of the best days of your life gone and wasted. Work hard for your living and work smart, don't be caught in underhanded tactics or fowl play. Freedom is a perfect gift to be treasured above all things. Of course everything has a price but to do it with freedom is doubly nice, a line from another poem of mine called Freedom. The cost of freedom is hard work and the price of money immeasureable, so cherish your freedom and you most loved possession, you can't explore and travel around the world locked up in jail. God bless you in your endeavours to be free, not as free as a bird because they can be locked up cages to for their own safety and protection, but people who are free to love and serve the Lord. God will give you as much as you need, not as much as you want. From God's riches in heaven, free to all believers. Work hard for what you get though. Go if peace to love and serve the Lord. In the name of Christ, Amen.

Wisdom Helps

The fool says why wisdom, but it is good to question wisdom. Even a fool is wise if he asks for wisdom, he can stop being a fool and become wise. Wisdom helps us to understand oursleves and how other people see us in the true perspective. Wisdom enables us to learn how to look after oursleves and stay alive a bit longer, before we have to seek and search for wisdom again. Wisdom helps us to put things in there true perspective as well, to see and percieve things clearly and how they were meant to be, so that we can determine how things should be in the light of reality and the way they actually are in ture reality. By understanding how things work, why they are there, who put them there and what are they meant for, we can determine the best possible scenario in any given situation or predicement. These questions provide wisdom, because they show us know how and understanding.

Wisdom helps us to shed light on dull situations as well, to understand things in their true perspective is heaven and visible light. We can become so bogged down and weighed down in things that we can't understand, but wisdom shows us its truth and light, to see things clearly again and to put things in their true perspective again. Wisdom is there to show us what truth is and what is true in the light of human perspective and the compass of human understanding. All wisdom is God breathed and comes from God and it is wise to ask Him to show us and clearly explain what His wisdom is and how we can attain it. By asking God instead of seeking human understanding instead we seek to aim and please God in all things that we do and not rely on our own fallible understanding and earthly knowledge. Wisdom is initiated by God and God holds the keys to all wisdom and understanding and we should achknowledge God in all our ways and understandings.

By asking God for heavenly wisdom we are gaining riches there and not on earth, where rust and moth do not eventuate and decay is lost in the glorious treasures of the heavenly realm of eternal life. It is a bit like using titanium instead of iron when building, it is stronger and it lasts longer even though it is more expensive. Planes are built out of titanium because it is also lighter and stronger than steel. That is earthly wisdom but still comes from God's treasures. Like platinum can be more expensive than gold because of its many and varied uses. God is like a precious metal, strong, durable and reliable. He is the narrow way and the path that few will find, instead of the broad way, like base metal prices, where the road to hell is clearly visible but not to the end of the road where there is no answer. Wisdom is good and comes from God. I used metals because they are as hard to understand as God if we don't ask for His wisdom.

That's Why I Asked

That is why I asked for wisdom Soloman said. That I may lead and govern your people with a right understanding. God was giving him to job to lead the Israelite people and what Soloman needed, was not money (Wealth), time (Long Life) or many wives (Poligamy), but because he asked for wisdom when God asked him what he wanted to have when he became king was wisdom, God gave him everything else thrown into the bargain. It is like that with our own selfish endeavours that we seek to pursue for personal happiness, things to play with (new toys, cars, boats etc), love at our beck and call of a partner. We must learn to become wise in our work, to act responsibly, to show kindness and mercy, to love God and walk humbly with our saviour Jesus. We need to teach our children the same so that they grow up with an understanding of right and wrong for themselves. It is all to easy to just say let God take care of everything and for us not to do our part as good people, parents or neighbiours we must learn to show compassion and understanding to everyone and teach our children the same thing for them to grow and live long.

That is why I asked God for wisdom, and why I prayed to be a writer and to write many books, so that I could share love and understanding with people and shed a bit of light on to the difficult subjects of life that often put us in a tangle and frustrate our learning with selfish idealogies of greedy human behaviour. We have to be nice in even saying that, as you can offend someone by saying they don't know what they are talking about or just being down right rude in order to get your own point across. We have to act like humans in our manners of being kind and understanding in showing people where there is a problem and where things might go wrong if they jump in head fiirst and don't listen to wise sayings on life.

Things with a proven track record of techniques that work and methods and idealoligies that have stood the test of time have shown us out right that they work. You don't just change things for the sake of trying, as with any experiment if you don't know what you are doing or have got your facts wrong, you fall flat on your face, pie in the eye and you die. We should learn to spread our wings and fly but within the laws of aerodynamics and piloting, not by creating situations where there will be a forced emergency landing. Rules were made for living and not dieing, adhering to and not rejecting truths and so if the proven techniques work then leave them alone and let God take care of the rest. He made the heavens and the earth and everything in it, which is a good enough reason for me to leave it in His capable hands.

Peace Be With You

Peace be with you and peace I leave you with, was some of Jesus's last words. Not by my own understanding but with everything that the father had taught me to say, at least that is how it is implied to me. All of His work on earth was dedicated back to His father so that when he left the earth and went to heaven to be with His father, he would leave His spirit as a comforter and give you His peace from what he had said and taught. It therefore should be our goal to work for peace, to stop all the fighting in the world, to live with each other in the kindness of loving relationships and admoration for each others needs and requirements, not selfish unrewarding and unsatisfying requests of greedy behaviour and endeavours.

Instead one that seeks to glorify God and to the better understanding of our neighbours, whoever they might be. As Jesus demonstrated that with the parable of The Good Samartian. Peace be with you but at what cost, do we have to give our lives for others, don't we have to lay down our lives like Jesus did for the betterment of others. That means working hard to be good stewards of this world, that God has given us and then to be ready to walk into the next when it arrives and Jesus saying, well done good and faithful servant. Share in my banquet and the glory of the apostles in Jesus's kingdom with His father. Do not knock back the opportunity to do good and help someone else, instead seek opportunities and go out of your way looking for a chance to show other people your kindness. Benefits are enormous and mutual I am sure and peace comes from working for others and not yourself. Peace be with you and the price was paid on the cross of shame and torment when ione who knew no sin took the sin for all. That is love at its best and that is the kind of undying love that never goes without returning to the giver.

That is where the peace comes from in the self sacrificing of ones self for the glory and humility of others. My peace I leave you and as he said to His disciples when he sent them out to teach. If they don't let you into their houses, then shake to dust off your feet when you leave and your peace will return to you. Peace is given freely if we will only accept it and recoginise it when we do see it. Look for those treasures of heaven that are lasting, eternal gifts that can't be bought here on earth. The loving kindness of someone who cares enough to bring up a family instead of going out and working for themselves, they are treasures in heaven for all that they are worth. For the father that lays down his whole income just so the kids can live, learn and have everything they need to do that.

God knows, God sees and God rewards those gifts and treasures in eternity, it is just a crying shame that we can't pay them while we are here still on earth. Like the thief dying on the cross with Jesus, today you will be with me in paradise, because he believed. There is still a chance for us if we accept and believe now. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord, In Jesus name, Amen.

When Things Go Wrong

When things go wrong and life seems to put you in despair, don't panic but turn to God in prayer. That is the basic idea of what I am trying to put across to you in this page. Life is never as bad as it seems and we need to look outward and upward instead of inwood sometimes. Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is within and that may not always mean you biological organs but the truth of the motives behind your heart, what you think in your head and what you eat and circulate through your body. When things go wrong externally it may not always be an internal problem, it may be someone elses fault that effects you directly, or it may be your own shortcomings that jeapardise your personal happiness and safety.

Nevertheless we all need to try and prevent those misdemeaners that jeapardise our saftey and security in life and put us on edge with our happiness, usually caused by doing the wrong thing ourself in the form of some kind of sin. It may be that you are trying too hard to be too good, or that no matter how hard you try, you still can't do the right thing. Never give up completely, try God, he is someone who is always there when you need Him when there appears to be no-one else around. It would have to be pretty bad for God to give up on you and there is no problem that really can't be fixed. Jesus said, you are precious to me and I will never leave you. he does not leave us but we leave Him and He is always there to welcome us back when we go astray.

Sometimes though we all have to be careful that we don't push our luck too far. It is good to be right all the time, but not at the expense of someone elses happiness or personal safety, we all need to remember that. Money does not come easy to us and if we try to hard, things can go wrong and we can get hurt in the process. It is best to avoid or aleviate a dangerous or difficult situation and leave that job up to the professionals. Thise hwho are paid a lot of money, take more risks, gamble higher and aren't as secure in their job or work life.

We should alsways take constant steps to ensure our safety and that things don't go wrong while they are under our control. If accidents happen, well then there is an emergency team to deal with those type of things that are problems out of our control, I prefer to leave things like that up to God. When the time comes, He or they know how to deal with it, better than me.

Grace and Mercy

Grace and mercy are two Godly traits that help us out of difficult situations, grace when we do the wrong thing to help us get back on track and mercy when we have done the wrong thing to help us see the light of day and clear the path to the end of the tunnel. Grace and mercy are like love and compassion, grace overbounds with joy and mercy is the keys to the kingdom of God. Godknows that we can't do it all on our own, he cares and suffers when we are hurting and feels it Himself when we are lost and on the road to destruction. He is just up there in heaven waiting not only to call us home, but to lead us out of danger to a place of safety and protection.

When we have been bad and done the wrong thing and got into trouble, God is our healer and our protector or provider to help us get back on our feet. Showing us His grace and His mercy and leading us to be with Him where we are out of harms way. His kindness and goodness are never ending and His grace and his mercy are ever abounding in the peace and joy of a fulfilling spirit. Don't take god for granted, but let His love flow into your life and shine through you to also be a blessing to other people. Don't let the sun go down on something that you have done wrong without asking Gods forgiveness. He is just waiting to help and give you His grace and show you His mercy. There are many situations that we simply get stuck in and don't know how to deal with. When they arise or occur we should seeks Gods advice first and allow Him to minister and work in our lives to help us gat back to that right standing and relationship with Him, He does this through His grace and mercy. No good getting yourself all in a knot and tied up in bad behaviour or misconduct, try doing the right thing first go and then you wot need His grage and mercy.

But we all find ourslef in difficult situations sometimes and then it is just inevitable that we need to find a way out and that is always best done through God. He is just there waiting to help you through a minister at church, a social worker or a loving and kind person on the street who sees that you have got into some kind of difficulty. They are God's grace and mercy in action, as if we never know where they some from or when they will appear, but they are there at just the right time when we do through Gods eyes that see everywhere. Try God, you will never be dissapointed, especially after you get to know Him, Jesus is your loving saviour and He cares for you and offers His love and grace and mercy, while when we were yet sinners, He died on the cross. You can't get more grace and mercy in action than love like that.