King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

It Is Good To Ask Why

Life, What's That?

Good question, What is life? Is it a living cell, a breathing being, an animal, tree, insect? It is good to ask why, Life, what is that. The truth is we must question the origins and beginning of things, existance and evolution and also the movement and progession of life down through the ages and across the universe. Everything must have a beginning, Life? Where did it all start, was it God's creation out of nothing to speak everything into existance, was the big bang really the start of it all. Was everything really nothing and it all sort of just happened and fitted together. Is there life on other planets, another good question that keeps us all wondering untill we see it for ourselves. Were microrganisms really the formation from the first cells which were made alive by the charged particles of atoms, where did the first atom come from? Substance, matter and material in space must have started somehwere, right?

From giant gaseous planets to a spec of dust that gets in our eye and irrratates us. Life, what is that? a movement of someone, a smile, a gesture or a wave goodbye. Does everything finish in death or are we all designed to live on in eternity forever when and if we die. They say there are two certainties for sure, death and taxes, but we all have to pay taxes, but none of us know what is on the other side until we finally die and hopefully go to be with God in heaven rather than the alternative of death and destruction in hell. If my spirit goes to the wind when I die, hopefully the family will have a lot of photos to show other people of their brother, that was gone and not be left behind. Life, what is it? Once again I must state the obvious it is a good question that we seldom have all the answers for. Is it your life's work that you are worried about, your money in the bank that you can't take with you when you die.

Life in all its greatness is like the concepetion and 9 months formation of a baby that is brought on the earth of a population of over 7 billion people, to find and make their place in the world. Not to mention the millions and billions of different categories of plants and fish. All these things we so easily take for granted, but still sometimes we just need to sit down, sit back and reflect on the meaning of life and existance. Whether life is philosophical or not, whether the earth balances, whether biological or anatomical, whether science has all the answers or religion. At the end of the day it is all about being happy or how mush money you have got in the bank, not about peace and satisfaction of a job well done, Life, well is it? I ask you Why? Is there life on earth?

One day I will know for sure. For the moment I thank God that I am alive and apart from that, what else do you really need to know.

I'll Take The Question

Have you got the answers? I take the question if you ask me and tell me what it is. Questions are a logical form of rationality to understand why, reason and come to a conclusion, pursue a purpose in life. I'll take the question if you have got one. Start right here, state your case and we will get on with the job of trying to answwer it. I might not have all the answers, but there is always a way of finding out what the answer is to each and every specific individual question. If you throw a few hypertheticals at me and see if I know the answer, I will do my best to take the question head on and try to answer it the best way that I can. I can guarantee that I will give you an answer even if it is just a rhetorical question.

Sometimes I can explain anything that comes to mind, other times people have question that they need an answer for and other people have the answers. I have taken it upon myself to take the challenge of writing a whole lot of different things from mind and memory. To answer the questions that come into my head or the ones that I think you would ask if you were iny position. Sometimes you have to change hats or caps with the other person and think of things from their persepective. Shoes come in different shapes and sizes and so it is not always easy to exchange shoes with someone, if the cap fits where and if the shoe is on the other foot maybe there is something going on over the fence.

We have to think introspectively, that is how would the other person think if we were in their shoes. How would you think if you were in my shoes, I would not wish that one upon anyone that I know. Let us take a couple of specific questions, I don't know what they are but I will think of something, they could be anything. How much is that dog in the window? What did you have for breakfast? $50 for the dog and I had bacon and eggs for breakfast, but you would not feed that to your dog. Especially when you go out to a cafe and bacon and eggs is $20.

Maybe you want to know how the universe was created, I tried to answer that one in the last page title. Life, What is it? There must be a thousand million different questions you have time for to ask, but you just can't think of them all at once. How long is a lifetime? is another good one. May be one year or a hundred years or was their life on earth a thousand years ago, No one really knows because none of us were a round at the time. I will take the question and with enough facts and speculation on the truth you will get an answer. Now all you have to do is give me the question and I will think about it as I write the next page.

Thoughts on Life

Philosophically speaking there is a lot of different thoughts on life that people dwell on and think about, some come to mind and I will try and tell what what they are through my own endeavours and pursuits on life, from mine to yours what are they, we are getting to them now. You II am sure have your own thoughts on life and I am wondering what they are or were, here we go, here are then of mine. 1 Life is a challenge, It is fair to say in my opinion that life is a challenge, when you consider everything that ever was and what your place or position is one that, it can be stressful and demanding and that makes life a challenge. Trying to do all that you can in what time you have got available to you can be tough.

That means life is challenging. 2 Life is full of surprises, No-one knows what is exactly around the next corner, life is full of surprises and we have to be ready for them and plan ahead to try and know what will come, that can be full of joy or pain. 3 Life is objective and subjective. We need something to focus our energies on, that is being subjective, to be objective we have to know what those energies are and try and control them and use then wisely. 4 Life is full of peace and goodness. God is full of love, goodness and peace if we will only look to him and seek his blessings. 5 Life can be difficult. Sometimes when things don't go your way, life can be difficult, not enough money, nothing to eat, problems with people we know and care about.

God has all teh answers and usually it is best to wait on him if you don't have all the answers yourself. 6 Life can be impossible. Sometimes you just want to hit your head against ta brick wall, there is no reason for anything and everything is doubtful which can seem impossible, to many problems that you can't handle, no where to turn when you need to. God has all the answers ask him. 7 Life is abundant, eternal and everlasting, The world is full of life, people, animals, trees, rivers and streams with fish in them like the vast oceans of the world. Flowers that bloom in Spring just waiting to burst forth into your day. Water is the source of all life, the sun that shines, nothing can live without warmth and the air we breathe. The universe is full of life just teaming out abundantly, everlastingly and eternally. 8 Life wasn't meant to be easy. Herodious said, ''life was not meant to be easy'', it was not meant tio be impossible either,

Life is hard it is fair to say, let us all just get on with it and stop complaining. 9 Life is beautiful. All things bright and beautiful, all creatures grat and small, all things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all. Life is beautiiful, consider a rose or the mountains, the forrest and the streams, wondrous and magnificigant, everything can be beautiful. 10 Life deals us back or up what we dish out or. Do unto others as you would have them do undo you. That is a saying that my monther taught me. God taught me another one You will be repaid with what you do and say. Whether good or bad that is up to us. My ten thoughts on life.

Why Do You Need To Know That ?

Do you know this and that, Why do you need to know these or those? Where and when will you do that? Would they know better than them? Questions are like an opening of a door or a window, they invite you to come in and understand a position. Like a fresh breath of air blowing in the window from the breeze, life is inviting and kind if we should choose to accept it so and embrace it at every opportunity. Why do you need to know that?

Why choose life instead of death, it is a decison we make everday of our lives and every minute. Constantly watching and being aware of what is going on around us, staying alert in case of times of trouble or despair. lIfe is a gift from God and worth more than all the money in the bank put together. Probing questions like the ones I started off this page with are good and healthy for our existence, they help us relate and understand what we need to do, what is required of us and how we can possibly deal with the reality of life when crisis comes. Being able to relate with yourself and others on different persectives is a vital source of knowledge and encouragement. A questioning mind is a reasoning moind, one that seeks a purpose and an understanding to exist.

One that seeks and tries to know everything but is so often thwarted by negativity, pessimism and painful ideas that try our patients and test our nerves. That might seem like a pretty dismal picture to be painting of reality, but it is realistic. Why can't we be happy all the time, rich and enjoying the treasures of heaven on a constant ongoing basis.The thing is that life is about pacing yourself, having enough money when you need it, when the time comes God will see you through and give you what you need. Not necessarily what you want there and then. We all desire more than we can manage, we all have eyes bigger than our stomaches, hearts wiser than out minds, we also have heads bigger than our feet.

We have to be rational and accept our limitations. We have to achknowledge that we can't do it all o our own and we need help from other people. That God is always there in time of desperation and requirement. Why do we need to know that? I guess there really is no logical arguement as to why we have to understand anything, it is just nice to think about that someone else is out there in the same position as me, questioning life, I hope that you all have got or can find the answers to. God has them all for me.

A Reasoning Mind

A reasoning mind is an active healthy mind that thinks clearly. So to often our minds float off into space, get lost in the world of make believe or confusion or are intoxicated to a point that we don't understand oursleves, obliterated into a concussion of being in a druken stupor. The object of thinking clearly is to be aware of yourself, sharp witted and active and engageing in conversation on everyday things of matter and importance. A reasoning mind understands other people, it thinks logically and concisely in all aspects of thinking and life. It seeks to help people perservere with their problems, concieve new ideas, work its way through troubled spots and times and solve complex perplexities. All in all it is about endeavouring to persevere in different ways and aspects of life. It asociates and colalates by throwing us options at us to deal with in a world of work and finance where business decisons are the crux of making or breaking the deal.

LIke the seaons that come and go, our geographical position in the world, tropics or equater, north or south poles and hemispheres, undestanding our position and direction in life is the spice of understanding and mental sanity. Then there is the complex maths problem that the logical minded brains seeks to work out and solve rationally and reasonably, to come to the right answer and conclusion of the best and right result. Sometimes it just seems all too much for us and we simply want to just give up, go to bed and get a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed with a brighter outlook to try again tomorrow. Other times we persevere and persist until we are black and blue in the face thinking how am I going to get past or around this brick wall.

The reasoning mind has all the answers if you can just find a way to delve into your knowledge source and dig up what you need from your experience in the past to put the pieces together and solve the equation or puzzle. Sometimes it is e apparently incomprehensable and it appears as though enough is going on to give the game away, someone will ask you what is wrong as it seems that you are too far defeated or beating yourself self up looking for answers, sometimes the reasoning mind comes in the form of another person to help you sort out whats wrong. When all is beaten and defeated, look to God as he always has a clear picture in his mind of what is going on, he will show you the truth when it seems unavailable, your problems are always smaller than you think and never insurmoutable to God, he hasall the answers when we come unstuck. Give God a try and he will sort everything out for you and solve your problems,

He has the most rational and reasoning mind in the universe.

The Establishment Helps

The establishment helps us with a history of proven facts and heirarchical structures that have lead the way of the organistation and into the company of believers. Along with the buildings and infrastructure that support the industry and provide the income through the workers as people of faith who make to produce the goods of the company in the society for exchange of sale with a monetarial figure. The world is full of ingenuity and enhancement and each person has the right and the ability to contribute back into what has been set up and established, whether you are capable or not is indescriminate now, what counts is that you set your heart about to work towards repaying the debt of your education, your countries infrastucture and the betterment of your world.

Paying for health through a health fund organisation and generally just being able to own your own place, all make you a better person. Through paying taxes, the government or the establishment is enabled to continue its work, through paying a taxable income you are helping to pay revenue for your country, even on goods and servics taxes which is the better way to go these days. To aid and assist the continuation of developement and advancement in your community. Providing further infrastructure and equipment for advancement and enhancement we are all benefiting by the establishment, what has been set up before us to continue the good work of governing, aiding and assisting the destitute of our society and those who need to benefit from the establishments prior well doing and good will. Contribution is a necessary skill for developement, not of our own well being but the good of our community.

This work done by one and all is the establishment of our society, it is the mutual enhancement of the utilization of infrastructure being reinvested and developed back into society and directed to those who need it in some way or kind of assistance through help and aid. Of cource you can become part of the establishment itself through investing your own time and energy into the input of activity that benefits your world, community or societal activity. The establishment is like the governing body of your country or state that looks to serve, equipe and enable those of its members or participants to work and serve in its self organisational structure. Without the establishment we all perish and so we need to recognise its importance and offer our assistance to keep it going and support its work activities in the ongoing labour of love.

The Truth Revealed

Now we know the truth and the truth has set us free. The truth revealed, is like the history of the world down through the ages, that has come about by many worthy contributers and developers as skillful workers as a highly gifted set or group of people, with an ability enabled and supplied by through ahrd work dedication and a labour of love. The truth, however easy or hard to understand and aaccept its reality is always there for us to seek, grasp and expect its ability to maintain law and order, rules and regulations and to reighn upon the earth as a governing body of right and wrong infratstruture. We all need the truth, however painful it might be and appear to be. It holds the key to the universe and allows and assists us to live normally and rigtheously in a world of turmoil, strife and confusion. It enables us to understand and unlock the secrets or the world, earth and universe, it provides love and charity to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

It always hopes for the better and tries to always have the faith to believe the unknown and trust in the future. It is the wonderment of society and the establishment fo the facts of both survival and leisurely activities. Through hard work, patience and persistance, we can gracefully unlock a world yet to be known, that are unknown or yet to be discovered. The world is a beautiful place and the goodness that the truth provides is a certainty of all the things we desire and try to attain for. The truth realed or at least a slight and shimmering glance at what it might well be.

The perfect being mirrored though our own self reflection into what is and will be a better place in the destination of our hearts, souls, minds and world. Looking through rose coloured glasses is like, or the amber coloured stone, mezmerizing, clouded, grey and indignantly unknown. It is not untill we open our eyes awide that we see clearly the truth in all its clarity and crystal clearness, like the fresh clean water of reality and what that really is, a life giving souce of knowledge.

The world where things appear as they really are and not in a shadow of a doubt that hides and distorts the truth behind closed doors and unseen scenes of what appears to be an immatierial destiny. The truth is revealed and it is worthy more than silver or gold, like wisdom, its close cousin, it is the glorification of what the world really needs and is all about.

The More I know

The more I Know, the more I think I want to know, the more I realize what I don't know, the more I want to know of what I do not know to want to know more of what that is. The world is an overwhelming and consuming wealth of information, a treasure trove of ideas just waiting to be found out. All we need to do is to dig into the internet, a set of encyclopedias or just go book hunting in opshops or new book shops of what has just been discovered and is now being released. The more you read, the more you find out and uncover what lies between the lines and sentence structure to commit to your memory or sink deep into your consciousness.

Their are universal truths being discovered all the time, there is new ways of doing things being added to the world of know how all the time. We need to ask, seek and find out what these new ideas and realities are all the time. The more I know, the more I realize what I did not know and the more I learn, the more I know that I did not know, but know now. It is a crazy roundabout cycle of interesting things and intrigue, we just get dizzy getting on the merry go round and getting off. But where would any of us be without continuing to learn, dead? or just left on the heap of misunderstanding of no intrinsic use or value. The purpose to life and to being alive is to never stop learning, the more you learn the more you are and become alive.

We just simply have to open our eyes to see more, there is something waiting around the next corner whether you know it or not, the thing is, that we must look to see. We will see what it is by just taking the time to look to find out what we did not know, it is there waiting all the time. Our energies can be watsed on ourslef, we must see clearly and open our eyes to the world beyond and what is held in the anticipation of being found out. Ther eis something new out there all the time, just waiting to be found and seen by you. Knock at the door, pay $5 to someone else for their idea or free if you are skillful enough to barter for what ever it is you want or are looking for.

Suggest the impossible, at least you will find out what you can't do or rather find out how to do what you can and where you can and what you can and why that it is all about.

Please Do Tell

Please do tell what you think or know, you can't keep a secret to yourself all the time or for a long time. Many people have hords of infornmation stored away in their brains that they just have to dig into the retreval systems and just sprout out what they know. It is no good keeping information to yourself, if you know something, talk about it and share it with others. It is not good hiding relevant facts away to yourself so that nobody else ever knows, you have a heart and mind, use it to contribute what it is you know. Share the wealth of your knowledge and information with other people, you will be richly rewarded for the contribution. Please do tell, don't be shy, bashful or scared in coming forward with what you know.

The world is just waiting to hear from you, you are important and all of us have a worthwhile contribution to offer back into our world. Share you vast array of wealth and knowledge with other people, they will pay you handsomely for the priveledge of knowing what you know. Information is the centre of all worldly work, it is the way we communicate contirbute and offer oursleves to be valued, worth while and of being a paying contributer. Some will say make sure you have got your facts right before shooting of your mouth with what you know, but even if you think you don't know you are better off saying something or asking than staying soent all the time. Nothing ever got done or accomplished without saying aqnything. It all starts with communication.

Please do tell anything you like, it does not have to be important, How is the weather? makes a difference to someone elses day. Just open your mouth and say, you will be all the wiser for trying. Sometimes we put opur foot in our mouth trying, but what the hell, at least you learnt something trying, don't you? even if it is when to be quiet. Don't let that make you take a backward step either, when people say shut up it just means that you talk too much and they are not getting their turn.

They can wait till you are finished talking to. Have a good day to all those people out there who think like that. Get on with it and over it, it will all work out for you sooner or later, but learn to encourage people who are quiet and timid, self help is self developement, give other people a fair go. Do tell it just the way it is.

Thankyou For Asking

Thankyou for asking, I never would have know what it was if you had not asked me. Now I know the truth and thanks to you, I have been informed on what it is, I would have been lost in the dark for years never knowing if you had not revealed it to me through your love and kindness. All I ever could have wanted to know, sort to ask, you have given me by your faith and understanding, you have made known to me what was relevant and irrelevant for understanding and not for understanding, you are God in the person you are Jesus Christ to me. The sweet loving person who offered a loving blessing to someone else, that all I had to do was ask, read for myself and you would tell me. You wrote a book, stood on a street corner and preached, you opened hearts, eyes and minds of the truth to me and other people, you knew what it was and you told me. You are more than a blessing in disguise, you are a blessing in the flesh, fully clothed in love and kindness.

Thankyou for asking, you also gave me a chance to talk, to share what I know and not hide it, to venture forth to say those things I thought better left unsaid. Now you know what I know, now you can tell me with quiet confidence what I told to you, like I can remember and share what you told to me in confidence or otherwise. I am not doing you an unkindless but letting other people know how truly beautiful and lovely you really are. God made you and me in His own image, what a great way to be made, in the likeness of God.

Working hard to be a better person, but it is all done for you and me, for as it is we were created in God's image, how wondeful and truly extroardinary. How in the world did I come into being, thankyou for asking I would never have know that I was concieved in my motthers womb and brought into this world full of wise and wonderful things to see learn and do. Even those of IVF are loved and treasured as much as anyone else in existence, they were pre planned and put there in the mothers womb with the love of God. God, it is good to be alive, thankyou for asking me if I wanted to be a life in your world and was welcomed in with all the love and grace of your grand design. You invited me to write, thankyou for asking me to do this. God, I love you.