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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

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Life Is Beautiful

Life is beautiful it is fair to say in all its wonder and grandeur for everyone concerned. We have to achknowledge the fact deciept and lies cheat us of this wonder, but the truth and coming into the light makes life beautiful and that is what it is all about. A new born baby coming into the world or a mountain top experience all add to the freshness and newness that make life beautiful. A flower in the spring and the falling Autumn leaves in the burnt and warm colours, to see a fawn at dawn and to imagine the life that lies before us that God holds in the balance of beauty and creation. None of us know what is around then next corner or to we question why life is so beautiful all the time, we simply achknowledge the fact and accept it for what it is without giving thanks and gratitude to the creator for all His goodness and kindness in imagination.

If we take a step backward for a moment and have a look at all that God has done, we will see the perfect hand of the creator who lives and gives and breathes gifts into our hearts and minds was us to bestow and behold. Snow in the Winter and the hot Summer sun beaming down in trickling rays of light on the water to give us a gentle reflection of the perfect creator who knows all and understands everything. God is good and there is more to beauty than just seeing it with your eye. There is the heart of gold that gives, gives and gives some more, just to be rewarded with a smile of love and happiness. There is the artist who paints a picture that none can understand, but everyone gazes in amazement at his work. You can't pinpoint all the beauty and wonder in one verse or all creation in one page, you simply have to look and have faith that it is there sometimes without seeing, that only God understands and knows what it is.

Beleiving first that there is a God opens up a whole new world of anticipation and exaction for the truth, that is foremost in out hearts and leads to new adventures and stories to be told and heard here and around the world. I can just go on and on about everyhthing that god does for me and as soon as I am stumped and cornered, God opens up a new door for me to walk in and step up to a whole new level of challenge, amazement and creation, a place that is a wonder to behold and a beauty to see once you see and get the picture of what God is leading you into to understand and see what is around that hidden corner or closed door or road in some undisclosed place somewhere that you have never seen or heard or before.

Life is beautiful it is fair to say in all its problems, toils and strife, we still have to look to see where God is to find out what he has install for us. It lies in hidden places and it is just waiting there for you to unlock the door of discovery and find out what and where it is. Firstly it is found in God, secondly you have to look to see, to find the beauty of all of what life is, that is found in God.

Understanding Birth

Life is truly amazing, in all its shapes, sizes, fashions and forms. Understanding birth, which is the job of the female is first consumated by conception which is a fertilized egg by the male. Giving birth like trying to understand God is a total wonder and amazement, that a little life could come into the world and start breathing aparntly all on its own. It was formed and fashioned being made in the mothers womb and at just the right time it came intot he world of the living to start a life for itself. Babies need a lot of care and attention, they are a full time job to look after and to bring up. They require special needs with food, such as milk products, nappy changing and a whole of of other things to make the new world a happy and safe place to be, exist and grow up in. That is the job of the parents. The same applies in the wild, in the natural kingdom of the ecosystem where each species replenishes its type my natural means in that each species breeds with its own kind and you very rarely get a mutation from incompatable genes.

The world is a wonderful place and we can celebrate life everyday in many ways and different forms, shapes and sizes. We have to come to the point where we accept life for what it is, a truly wonderful gift from God that lets us all enjoy and benefit from it. Life requires respect by its very nature, of demanding natural cylces and weather patterns that can change our world and its environment extremely. Like understanding human birth we can also look at how our world was created, gaseous substances coming together in extreme heat and pressure to form a solidified mass as a planet, of which we call earth and that has slowly cooled down over millions of years.

Giving birth to a planet of a human population over 7 biillion people of what we have now, is not something you can't do in a day or even nine months. It is a slow and gradual process of formation and evolvement and shaping, with the centrifical force of the earth turning in a magnetic circle as it rotates, spins and turns in orbit, its rough edges slowly become as smooth as they can be with only mountains an valleys extending and pertruding from and being sunk from below the surface of the seas. How the first cell of life came into being, your guess is as good as mine, but now we have such a wide range of different types of species in and of all types of life to populate our earth, as can be considered, imagined or catalogued.

The birth of all kinds of life is truly amazing and we just have to stand back in awe of the divine creator and say, yes God, job well done. I will give you the credit for that one.

Flowers and Animals

Life is beautiful it is still fair to say, flowers bloom in the spring and animals give birth to their young, new life is always a blessing and a plus. To put your nose to a freshly sprung blooming rose and smell the cent, enriches you enormously with its fragrence. To walk out on a mountain path or spreading field and the beauty of wild flowers coming into season and to just gaze across the fields of those native flowers, that just engrose you with their awe and in spire you with their majesty. The Bible says that surely these lilies of the field were covering the ground in more splendour than King Soloman in all his royal clothes.

Life is truly a magnifigant thing and to just take a step back and admire the natural beauty of creation through flowers is learning to truly understand the gift of God in all its goodness and wonderment. If the eye and heart can see to believe and conceive all the goodness of God we will know that he has a plan to prosper us and not hurt us and see clearly that God is good in all shapes fashion and ways as seen by all these different types of flowers, blooming shrubs and colourful natives. Just so as importantly are the animals, another amazing work of God that we can see in the millions of different types of species of animals all made for man to enjoy.

They reproduce and multiply through the amazing work of instinct and just as natural it is for them to replenish themselves so to do we need to distinguish them from ourselves as human beings. We have higher intellects and the ability to talk through verbal and written commnunication. Animals can still show us the basic requirements and necessities of life that we can put ourselves above form and not see the need for basic essentials like food and water that animals must have to survive. God created man a little above the animals and a little lower than the angels.

Each animal has its own distinct individual features and they only breed with their own types, another amazing and facinating work of nature. So you can see the creativity of God in the world, through the replenishment and reproduction of animals. The zebra is different to the giraffe and the lion is different to the tiger and who could underestimate the elephant, kangeroo or horse. So to do the farm animals that give us our food vary in sort, style and taste, cattle, sheep, paultry, fish and pork. God is good in all His suplies of meat and while animals can also come in the form of domestic pets, dogs and cats, parrots and budgies, gold fish and rabbits or even monkeys, there are many ways that we can feel safe and secure and happy with our furry friends that give us unmerrited friendship. God is indeed good and kind to us through animals.

Mountains Rise and Rivers Run

As the mountains rise from the seas and the rivers run from the mountains back into the seas, so to does the love of God shine and show through this tremendous majesty and splendour. Water trickles down from mountain peaks that has fallen from the sky in the form od rain that has evaporated from the seas and condensed above those hills high up in the sky to precipitate back on the earth and run down through the worn valleys and eroded crevices into the streams, rivers and lakes, before finding their way back into the ocean once again. Their is beauty, awe and grandeur in these towering giants, that are separated by deeply sunken valleys, with the meandering streams that flow through and down the cource of understanding into the rivers back into the seas, between these mountains that have worn their way through over millions of years.

Mountains rise to meet the sky and rivers run there cource to get back and home to where they belong, in the vast and wide seas and oceans of the world. The oceans depth of peace and happiness is still trying to be understood today in all its unknown quanities and magnitude. Like the islands that rise from the sea and sit in the middle of the ocean, we can only think back to the past where they erupted in a volcanic uprising to pertrude theiir heads above the level of the sea or ocean. With the beauty of wild flowers once again that come out to bloom on mountain pastures, that are watered by the streams and rains that give us life abundantly and grow in bloom by the sides of these wandering waters.

God is good in all His enormities and multiplication, in eternal restoration and replenishment. That as the seas return to where they came as in Ecclessiasstes so to does life travel in 360 degrees to return to where it came from in our world. Air recirculates and comes animals and humans inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis of trees using carbon dioxide and reproducing for us oxygen fur us to breathe again. Just as the wind blows where it pleases as it breezes through the trees for us to breathe again also.

As the days are long or the years are many, so too does life abound eternally in replenishment forever, just as surely as we breathe the air around us and drink of the life giving waters from these streams that flow down from mountain paths. Our man made dams for us are there to pump water through pipes into our family homes, all to go down the drain again to replenish once again, one more time for and through our consumption. Mountains rise and rivers run, as they always have and always will and it is just up to us as good environmental stewards to see that this continues in the future and with God's help it will.

Why Do People Live

Why do people live and not die. Apart from the logical reason of instinct to stay alive out of self care, desire and necessity, there are a lot of reasons why people want to live and not die and there is also medical reasons why people are assisted to stay alive and not die. Also a recent indcident with assisted suicide where someone gave up the ghost on life voluntarily and allowed other people to assist them to die and take their own life. That is totally beyond me for reason when the sanctity of life is so precious. I am not going to harp ont hat but look at all the goodness and blessings of life and reasons to stay alive.

God is good and shows us abundant kindness in all the worldly apsects of nature and magnificent things of creation. There any many more reasons to live and not die. Money the obvious one, is that people seem to want to die for it pyschologically, but it is a depressive once you have got it and does not lead to happiness but stress, anxiety, worry, depression and nervous conditions. I should not really say that but if you have a lot of money and you are healthly then you might be happy, but how can you sit back with multimillions of dollers and see people starving on the streets and in in third world countries living in malnutrition and humanly degrading conditions. Of cource there is the natural atraction between the sexes which creates love and a will to live becuase you have someone to share all you possessions, thoughts and ideas with.

There is going to the beach for a swim or run, walking in the park and seeing the ducks on the pond. Taking a hike in a National Park or wilderness on set walking tracks to experince nature in a pristine environmental condition. To see the great whale or any other type of whale for that matter, dolfins and tropical fish in the natural envirnoment There are many reasons to live and not die. For those who have matured enough tro start their own family, build a house or save and buy one to bring up children intot he world, that is a family love affair with purpose, reason and meaning to live. For children and adults the joy of experiiencing things for the first time, seeing a flock of birds or a rain forest, having a pet dog or cat or parrot.

Even when you are tired of life, a fresh experience in the wild, like catching a salmon in a mountain stream or just going estorey fishing for a while to see what you can get. A moutain hike or a ride on a bike through suburban bike tracks, there are literarily so many things to do that there is no reason for any of us to get bored. Bordom creates depression as well, lost and confined to you own ideas and ways of thinking instead of sharing them with others. You have to learn to stay active and interested in life, that is why people have a reason to live, they are busy and not bored, facinated and not perplexed, creative and not dull. Life goes on and on with reasons to live, just try and think of as many as you can for yourself next time you get bored or depressed with negativity and lazimindedness and idleness. Life has so much more to offer than death, choose life.

An Ocean Full

The whole wolrd is full of life, there is an ocean full of fish out there as part of the food chain to be caught to eat, they are there of their own free will and rarely worry or bother anyone, but the seemingly endless supply of sea luife below the surface of the water which usually goes unoticed is there for us to enjoy. Snorkle on a reef and have a look at the tropical fish, see the squid, lobsters, crabs, oysters and anenemes just living life to their full enjoyment and not hurting anyone, they are all good for food. Be careful of the sharks, stingers, blue ring octapus and other deadly sea life but they have a place in nature to.

Sea snakes, stingrays, and all the other types of different fish, carefull swimming together in their own individual different types of schools or off on their own somewhere. There is a multitide of ocean life, with fish brimming to the limit and still some other facing extinction, there is literarilly a multitiude of fish out there in the big wide expanse of blue that we call ocean. An ocean full of fish and what have we to do with it, they were all put there by nature and the plentitude of them is so abounding and multiudeanel, that there is enough for everybody and they can replenish as quickly as we can catch and eat them. The world is a wonderful place once again. Life abounding in the plenty, seafood laid on and enough for all if we just take the time for them.

Of couce the fishing boats go out every morning and they will charge you a pretty penny fot here catch as they go to the markets and into the restaurants and takeaways for you to purchase, $10 will get you fish and chips in most places. Or sit down in a high class restaurant and pay top doller for the best and freshest fish dinner cooked to perfection. below the surface of the water, life goes on in abundance, sea weed, jelly blubbers, kelp and all other diffferent types of underwater plancton, krill and prawns hiding to be caught. The list goes on and on and their are many thousands of books on fish as I have seen in the Hobart Fisheries library. It is a whole new world under water and own there and in some places goes to depths of miles deep.

The highest mountain is under water from the bottom up near Hawaii somewhere just coming out near the surface. Not to mention sunken ships supporting sea life to hide and swim around in. An ocean full of fish waitng to be discovered, but we will probably never fully understand that in all our life time. Life is wonderfull once again, plentiful and abounding and below us in the ocean, is an ocean full of fish.

How A Bird Flies

How does a bird fly, it is a good question? apart from its aerodynamic wings and light weightness, with effortless motion and the appearance of easy gliding, it flaps its wings and becomes airborn, as if it all was as simple as that. Apart from being designed like that to fly, a bird with all its airs and graces, is an astonishing sight to see in what apears to be its effortless flight of a journey from A to B to just where it wants to go. Imagine for a moment that you could fly, that you could just look into the air and take off and fly to wherever you wanted to go and land safely in another place, it is as easy as that, but is it. A bird will just take off and decide where to land from a pivotal point of view somewhere in the sky or just hover above accessing the ground call level as to a suitable place to land and find a drink of water or just to perch in some tree way off in the yonder waiting for another place to land as to come into human visibility.

A bird waits for the right wind currents and soars above us in the sky but just gliding back and forth to catch the thermals as they drift in and out of different currents. Like a sea gull flying along side a boat and catching the slipstream and hitching a ride on the wind currents as the ferry or boat goes through the water. I saw one the other day do exactly that, sailing from side to side of the ferry that I was on and having a look at the people from there, three foot above them, across and back and across and back again. It is amazing how they can keep up with the ferry without flapping their wings but just riding on the wind currents as the ferry ploughs through the water. How does a bird fly, have we answered the question yet, Like a plane has jet engines with concave curve under its wing. With a bird, it has feathers that are designed to fly naturally and steer them through the air, as they flap their wings and catch currents in the air or are just self propelled by their own imaginations.

Sometimes climbing very sharply and suddenly to a place high above to get out of a sudden threat of danger or to just sit and watch from there, where they will go next and to where they will be safe. A bird is beautiful to watch in its effortless motion of climbing and soaring, ducking and weaving and just flying along in straight directions, sometimes very long distances. There are some Canadian small birds that fly south for the winter across thousands of miles to Australia and then back again and in flocks of hundreds, yet they are only very small in size. It is an amazing feet of nature that such small birds can fly such long distances with all the strength in their wings and rarely stopping for food or rest as they follow the Pacific Coast along all the way. How do birds fly as if they were self taught by instinct, so that it just comes naturally to them, as if they had always known and were bred for such purposes. Once a bird hatches from the egg its first job is to learn to fly after growing feathers and eating regurgitated food from their mothers. Sometimes by just jumping out of the nest and flying for the very first time they learn that they were born to fly.

They know how to do it from the day they are nearly fully grown. Off and onto the ground where they must learn to fly to survive any would be predators, till they are sure and able in anywhere they want to go. Birds fly over the rainbow, why then oh why can't I.

Why Build Houses

Why do humans build houses, apart form the obvious answer that they need shelter out of the cold, a roof to stop them from getting wet and a place of safety and protection form the weather and any other would be predator. Building houses is also a good form of income for the builder, that he can supply a need and meet a demand for more hosues for more people as the young population grows and expands indispositionally. A bulder can make a tidy little profit for himself and pay his workers for the assistance on the job. The tilers, the plumbers, electricians, carpenters and plasterers. Maybe they could even get a landscape gardener to do the landscaping of the front and back yards.

But people build houses to live in, a place of safety and security, protection from the elements and to bring up a family in and teach them all the things they learnt growing up themselves. It is as if it is a national certainty, a treasury waiting to be done and untold years of experience and knowledge being put into practice of how to build houses and survive the environmental dictation of the weather and everything else that life throws at you. A place to put the car, store things and create a living environment called home, where the conditions of entry are decided by the owners and where the law is laid down by them as to how to live, like real human people in a place they call home. For them to share with whoever they have in their family or invite in from their neighbourhoods and extended family from distant visits. Visitors and freinds, it makes no difference as long as the residents feel safe in inviting you into their home.

Of cource children are born into the family home and it is the parents job to make them feel safe and secure as they assure them they are loved and welcome in the house to learn about life on the road to growing up. It is all that simple but it really is very complex and houses are an expensive item on the to do list. Most people have to work for many years to pay off a morgage and then they leave it to their siblings as soon as they own it. Or sell their house and move up market or to a place of different atmosphere and set of living conditions, from seaside to mountain residence for example or the other way around. Anywhere safe is a good place to build a house, from farms to coastal towns, cities to deserts, as long as there is a supply of food and utlities or essential services within range, hospitals, schools and shops. Then there can also be a church, a house of God for people to meet and learn about the word of God, The Bible.

God is good and he helps and enables people to use their different gifts in order to attain a place to live, a unit, a hosue or a villa, it does not matter, but is best served by the practical ability of the appropriate need and necessity of the requirement for a sevice of the job to be done by suitability of obtaining or owning such a possession. Why build a house, to live in of cource, but the compatability of the serviceabiltiy of the need must be met as it arises to fulfil the prime job of housing the poeple who need it most, upon which to occupy and live in for the prescribed time and journey of living.

There are also many cosmopolitan owners, who simply must out do the other with the biggest, best looking house and most important position, this is all apart of reaching your climax as you step through lifes social and economic ladder. Whether it is pride or possession, fashion or reason, hosues are build for specific needs and purposes in mind when concieved on the architects board.

29 Thankyou God

Thankyou God

Thankyou God you are good all the time. I know your ways and they are perfect and I can trust in you because your plans for me are to prosper me and not hurt me, everything you design is for the good of your people. I achknowledge your all mighty power as surpreme and soveriegn over my life because you are good. I love you and I want to do what you want me to do, what you ask me to do is in accordance with your devine wisdom and plan for my life and I thankyou for your mercy and grace. I thankyou for your care and kindness for the beauty that you offer all of us in your creation, for the mountains and streams and the trees and the birds, for ocean settings and islands in the sunsets, for snow capped peaks and for all the native creatures and natural surroundings, where rivers meet the seas and for places to go fishing. I thankyou for all these things and more, I thankyou for family and friends, for relationships with neighbours and my community, for all you Godly people at churches that I attend and especially for you and all the boundiful love that you bestow upon me and others.

Your mercy is unending and your grace ever abounding. Your goodness and Godliness is unceasing and your kindness is everlasting and eternal, you kindness if better than life and your eternal life is better than anything else here on this earth, you hold the keys to heaven and you invite us into your kingdom to share and reign with you there forever. I thankyou for that and for all your wonderful and amazing goodness to us here on earth, that you reached down into the firey pits of hell and pulled us out of it, to live and reign with you on high and to rise above all our personal calamities. I thankyou and I trust you because of your great love and kindness, that you love us unconditionally and are there waiting for us to turn from our evil ways and follow you by repenting from our sin and achknowledging you as our Lord and saviour. I thankyou for everything that you are, for the many ways that you heal and bless for the love you offer unconditionally to all.

Your ways are good and kind and everything you do deserves our praise and adoration. You are God above all Gods and you are the surpreme creator above all others, I humbly accept you as my father and pray for your constant goodness to all others. I thankyou for that and that I can trust you with my whole life and that I can come into a living and loving relationship with yourself. That you are worthy of all our praise and I thankyou once again for everything that you do for me and for others who you care about and love you. Father I thankyou in every way I can and I thankyou for just being you, whatever you want for my life, I love you.

Test The Truth

Test the trth to see that it is true, ask God to show you all the ways of right living and how He can best lead you into a loving relationship with Himself and show you all His goodness and truth and mercy, as you travel the road of life in His caring and loving arms. Teach us to pray in a ccordance with His divine will and to prosper us in everyway that He can as long as we are trying to please Him and His soverign purposes. Show us the way of life eternal and lead us into all understanding, teach us to understand the truth and to recognise it wherever it is and in whatever shape and form it appears in and comes about. All the universities seek the one thing and that is to know the truth in any given subject or shape and form. We have to achknowledge that it is as the work of God and not any human devised plan to succeed for mankind to prosper on a personal level, but it is for all people to understand and benefit by.

That the truth is held in all and awe by you God and that is is just waiting for us to study and learn what it is any its many different shapes forms and kinds. God holds the keys to everything and what we don't know God is waiting to show us when we seek out that truth and that understanding. God will open the door for us to see and walk in, God will show us the way along the long and narrow road of life. God holds all the treasures of the universe in His hands and will give them to anyone who will asks and seeks Him to find out what they are. Test the truth that to see that it is real and accurate, ask God to show you whether something is true or not. The truth is a rational idea and idealogical, it is not deceptive and unrealistic, nor is it rude or arrogent, it is beautiful in all its ways, shapes and forms. It is for human understanding to know and love and to show respect to, just like God Himself.

We must have the heart and mind to seek the truth and know what it is, we must test it once we have found it to make sure that it is true and real and worth knowing and understanding. The truth is for everyone and must be shared to be proven worthwhile, once we have unlocked the door to its understanding. Test it in all its ways shapes and forms to prove that the truth is true and worthy to ba achknowledged and recognised as worth following and that it is being given in an accepting way. The truth is good and it reigns surpreme with God on high, in all your ways achknowledge truth as Gods way for your life it is niever missleading or devisive, it is a plan to prosper you and everyone else, the truth is righteousness and it must be tested to prve that it is good or it is not truth. Truth is good and truth is God. The truth will set you free, "Jesus" is the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except by Him.