King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Summary of What Happened With This Book

Summary of What Happened With This Book

What a complex set of thoughts, if they can be summed up pretty easily and simply, I don't know and am not sure. I know that with a lot of patient persitance and persevereance things get done, Rome wasn't bult in a day and that has been proven true once again, life or work is a slow ongoing process of just trying to get things done, whether it is reading or writing, building or repairing, expanding or contracting, we all just try our best to do what we can on a daily basis, in an individual capacity, we should be putting our families first, others second and anything else third. God is in charge of all that anyway and we need him to oversee and watch all of that taking place.

For now I am happy enough to say, job well done, thankyou God for inspiring me and helping me get through all these pages and work. You are the master philosopher and creator, I just come along for the ride to try and play my part in the game. Life is a game philosophy is a speculation of everything and each part of the game that we play. The real art lies in wisdom which is what Parsifal is all about, seeking out that path that leads to life, through trying to gain wisdom. Philosophy is a type of wisdom, but not the only type, the road of life is a game, but it is real and we must be very careful in following it. There are pitfalls and repercussions for wrong doing and taking too many side tracks that lead us back up the garden path to start all over again. Life, like history is a learning experience and everything that I have writen in this book is a summary of that.

We take on board what we learn in life to use it in some other practical application, somewhere else down the road of life. I hope that I have found some things useful in this book and that there has been plenty of diiferent things to write about for you to read, I am pretty sure of that fact. It has been a joy to write and I hope that it has been a joy to read. I have hit home on some pretty hard truths a few times in this book, but the purpose of that is for us to learn and stay alive. Basically it has been a lesson on wisdom which is what it should have been and I hope that you have seen it like that to. Wisdom is about right thinking and right living, it is about longetivity and safety first. Money is not the be all and end all to everything on earth, where I would consider life is.

Time plays a much more important part in nature and in history and life is the positive outcome of that, I hope and pray. Life is eternal, whether we like it or exept it or not, the earth keeps turning with all its beauty, trees and flowers grow in season, cities are built and maintained while the dead wood is gotton rid of along the way. Animals act out of their naitive instinct to survive and as people we must stay one step ahead of them all the time to keep up the superiority and dominace of the earthly kingdom. We as people have been called to a higher purpose though and that is serving God for the meaning and understanding for what we are to do in life, if you follow that path you are on the right track and the road of life. God offers us a heavenly kingdom above the animals though, one of holiness, purity and love, that through cleanliness and tidyness of organised behaviour, we have a right to be called children of God and inherit eternal life, one of abundance and plenty, one of love and charity, one of goodness and mercy.

So I sign off now with this summary by extending to you the grace of God and the unsurpassable peace of understanding of all of God's love. The kingdom or heaven is yours, reach out and accept it, don't take it for granted, it is a gift of God. Signed, The write/right way of doing things.

That is Life Philosophically.

God Bless.