King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Tell Me What It Is

It Must Be Real

It must be real, this I know in my heart, I dare to believe anything I like, but unless it comes true it is simply not real. Being real is true to yourself, it is what happens on a sunny day and it is the darkness when it rains. We need sunshine as much as we nned the dark pits of despair, that is real life, it is the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs, it is staying straight and true on the narrow path and it is accomplishing something that you dearly desire to do. Life in all its inisplicable differences of complicated things maybe even sweeter if it is short and simple, but never more amazing as the full surrender to your God. It, life! must be real, sincere, elequent and beautiful and true to the beholder.

Before anything was created, God was and nothing was real, but through the years of formation and evolvement life began a never ending saga and story of love unfolding in historical wonder and amazement. People made houses and cars and a life for themself and relationship was a neccessary commodity for real life participation. What constitutes commitment, apart from love and attention, care and belief? What does it really take to live in harmony, peace and understanding forever and ever? There is truth in every instrument of creation and life is as real today as it ever was in the past. There is an understanding tahat trusting the truth is real and that faith in God provides us with security and understanding that we are safe.

Living in comfort is one thing but working hard to maintain peace and undersatnding in truth and love must come form the heart and dwell on the mind for future advancement and unfolding stories of love. Sure it is real that on a dark night, you are vunerable to danger walking down a lonely street on your own and you should be at home tucked into your bed before the sun goes down, but unless we take that step of faith, the truth is not as real as life in the true sense. I like to think that everything is real, but some things are simply not actually happening and what your sensorary perception shows you is at any given time, is all you really know as true and relevant to you at any given time.

Real life is walking the life of faith in God and anything that is not connected to that truth is false and disstorted. See clearly where you are going, know in your heart what you believe trust and think and God will reward you wiith the kingdom of heaven and the keys to eternal life. That is real life.

The Truth Hurts

Pain is a very sensible thing as if you could not feel anything you would have no sense of suffering or you would burn yourself like a lepper because they feel no pain. The truth is a form of pain because the truth hurts us and not only us but the people we are around because it hits hard at the core of who we really are and what we are really like. Truth varies from person to person and in relationship with one another truth is decipherable by what is applicable to us and our own cause. Really though the truth is a hard core set of facts that govern the universe, we can accept the rules of right living and live longer or we can pick and choose our own rules and ideas as to what suits us and go our own way up the garden path to a place of uncertainty and an undiscerable future.

Sure people say that they plot and plan their lives and the path they will tread, but the truth is that you never know exactly what is around the next corner if you are doing everything according to yourself. People want things their own way but, the truth is, that unless you are suiting other people you will never get what you want, because you have to provide a service or offer goods that someone else will want to pay money for in order for you to get that money and spend it on something else for yourself, whatever that selfish idea maybe to make you happy. The truth hurts or doesn't it? This is the question OK. If I put in 8 good hours of hard labour for my $500 at the end of the day, I know what the truth is.

I paid in sweat and effort and you make money out of my pound of flesh for, yourself! my employer and I get to take home what I earnt in cold hard cash. My sweat and effort may have made you $2000 out of my productivty with your investment in human capital and I only got $500 because your business is set up to make a profit or I don't have a job if it does not. That is the truth isn't it and it hurts because my pound of effort or flesh is making you more money and I just get enough to pay my bills. You can see who the clever one is, its the employer who sets themself up with a capital fund for their business and is making a profit on their products out or your ability to distribute them or so it seems in the real world of business and finance. I guess that sometimes we just have to take a step backwards and have a good look at ourselves and see what we are actually doing and why. Am I self seeking for my own gain and reward or am I trying to serve you to be happy and you get what you want as well as I do. The system has to work out in the wash or it buckles at the seems, in other words, no give and take, no mutual balance of things and know job satisfaction.

The truth hurts, it has to because nothing in this world is free and you can't take anything out of this life that you did not put in. That is the reality of the hard core facts, those who love the truth pay a price all right, but are rewarded with the kingdom of God and heaven because they know and have worked for what the truth is and actually really is. Whether that to you is money in the bank or treasures in heaven to eternal life you have to make that decision for yourself but I am telling what I think is the truth and whether you accept that or not is once again up to you. God bless.

Are You Dreaming?

Are you dreaming of a brighter future and better things to come or have you taken the day off to do your own things and are you floating around on cloud nine in heaven while everyone else is at work doing their hard earned slog. It is hard to decide sometimes and pick and choose what we are actually doing and why. If I work hard for more money, then I can buy what I like. But if you choose to take the day off and live in happiness and bliss then who am I to stop you or stand in the way of what you want, that is if you can be happy without being productive and complaining that you do not have enough money in the bank for an overseas holiday or new car or house. That is the reality of life sometimes, we don't feel like going to work for an employer who wants us to slave away all day for them and will pay us well, we don't want to take things easy when we are at work or we won't have our job very long. We seem to want to have to weigh these things in the balance, am I better off at the beach on the doll or am I better off saving for a house and family who I can love, suppport and have a relationship with.

But I have to be prepared to pay the price long term, there is no shortcuts, easy way out or wish list grants given by the Governement for your personal happiness. If you want something abd enough you have to be prepared to sit down and work everything out so that you pay the price. It all seems so good and easy to me as I write these lines of love and labour, with faith that my hard work will one day pay off and I will get what I really want, but in the mean time it is just a matter of working my way through things in a logical progression to see how God can use them and hopefully one day turn and reward them financially or materially for a family. Are you just dreaming about what you want or are you making some kind of hard ditch effort to see that you plans are fulfilled, did you pray about them and ask God to help you and show you how you can actually make them come into fruition. Have you got a better idea that I have not thought of, maybe you just want to work as hard as you can for as long as you can till you get what you wnat or something brakes and gives way in the mean time.

Have you even given any thought for your life ahead or devised a plan or how to succeed in your quest, may you just live in dreamland, waiting for everything to be just dropped in your lap one day, then bingo you have got everything you have ever wanted. That si not real life, not in my books anyway. Where to you go from there, if you have not made any kind of work effort, then you will never really know how everyone else gets what they want from a trained mind or adaptation to physical endurance. You have to do the work, it is as simple as that, you have to dedicate your life to service and in the kingdom of God, He will reward you with what you really need and desire through patient persistance and obedience. No simple shortcuts, no easy way out, it is all hard slog for hard gain or you will find that you don't really get to keep what you have obtained. Live in dreamland if you like and can, for everyone else there is reality.

What Makes Things Ideal

What makes things ideal is the question that I am looking at now? The state of perfection would mean that things were always ideal, unfortunately that is not the reality of everyday life. However it is wise to head in that direction and aim for a perfect world, of what might be the ultimate desired state, but inhumanities reflexct a slightly more negative picture of what is the normal reality. So what does make things ideal, working toward that final goal, putting plans and procedures in place to aim in that direction and also just trying to make life better all around for everyone by kindness of thought, word and deed. We have to relect on reality as that is the key to working towards our goal of a total state of perfection, of course it is not easy and appears to be at a distance far too far down the track in the future to even try and concieve it now. But our own effort and contribution on a daily basis makes a difference and changes things towards that ultimate picture of a clear, clean and a perfectly right ideal world, if there ever will be such a thing.

Having a beautiful environment and lovely surroundings of a tropical paradise in the form of a pool with palm trees overhead, a outdoor bed or banana lounge to lie on, sipping cool drinks of your choice, mine might be a fruit cocktail, nonalcoholic of course.This heavenly created picture of paradise maybe appealing to you as an ideal world, but it is not the ultimate reality as people are meanwhile working in their offices doing hard labour, just to get what you have got there then and now. It is not even a matter of jealousy, but time management because I am sure that you were them and they changed places with you at some stage of the game. But here we have it, a picture of paradise in the ideal world, or at least it is to me. Are we working towards that pictrure perfect or is the family home in the middle of suburbia good enough for you as it appears to be for most people in most cities. So what makes things finally ideal, love and romance with your partner forever, having four or more of your kids growing up and getting successful jobs for the process to start all over again with you as grandparents.

We have to work hard to get what we want and this process of doing what needs to be done to get to the ultimate state or perfection, the so called ideal world is a never ending ongoing process of work getting done as a labour of love. Are you starting to get the picture now, as I have tried to fill you in on the details of how I think it should be, but what is actually how we go through the process instead of attaining the end result all the time. This is liofe on earth it was created as a paradise and we have made it something different and we are all working towards getting it back into its pristine condition because it was better before we touched it all and now after all this time can we still be happy to say that this is how we wanted it and made it for oursleves to live with.

That is what makes things ideal, constant work to preserve the beauty of the natural environment, it appears negative and self defeting but really it is still our common goal and purpose. I will leave it at that.

Thanks For Nothing

Have you got everything you want in the world? thanks for nothing if you have as that will mean that I won'd or don't have anything at all for myself. A rather selfish sort of projection for a personal image but very true for greedy people who have everything and others are starving or in dior need of eseentials and basis requirements and commodities. It is a good idea that if you have got enough for yourself to give out of your abundance to help those less fortuante than yourself, simple acts of love and kindness reflect character and commintment to make the world a better place, fairer and more equal. I don't think that the benificary of your generous gift will say thanks for nothing, that would be knocking the gift horse in the mouth. No I think that your heart felt won person will be more than grateful and return the gift with a smile and even a few tears for you giving them a better life.

People don't always feel respondent to gifts but for those who are in desperate need for survival owe you there very life and gratitude for giving them hope, confidence and kindness of heart. It is all too mazing for me to think that I can make someones day with a gift as small as $20, enough to put three square meals of food on the table for a day for me or them and in some cases will feed them for a week or even a month in third world countries. Love and giving go hand in hand, don't bight the hand that feeds you but show care and respect for others all the time. So are we really saying thanks for nothing now, have we considered our giving patterns a bit more to provide for someone who needs it more. Surely I would be happy to give my extra ten kilograms to someone who is ten kilograms underweight and that isn my pleasure and hapiness in trying to do so, with gifts of around ten percent of my income.

Sure we can try an live on our abundance for the next twenty years, but what happens when drought and famine strike, do you get in a plane and go and live somewhere else far away from where you have lived all your life at home. It is simply not that simple, we have to look at our motives and why we do things so that we can fix the problems instead of running away from them, most of the time it is an attitude of heart and if we have learnt to give, then we have learnt to live and not the other way around of keeping all we have got and not sharing our resources with those whom need it more or at least a little bit anyway. That is the way we think, really to more you give away, the more you need to get because it is out of our poverty that creates a need, not out of our abundance to have, want and desire more and more. We have to know when we have enough and any excess we get, should be condsidered as a blessing that we can give to someone else. Thanks for nothing all right, God has taught me to be generous or I know that I will be in want of what I do not have.

Something I Have To Explain

I don't know what it is, but it is something that I have to explain, even though I don't know what it is to explain what it is. That is a very philosophical statement about life, trying to explain what you know and really it is the hard core reality of life and love and just being what ever you want to be. It is important to be a good person, to reflect care and concern on others, to love when the days are tiring and weary and to just keep going and battle through no matter, no matter how difficult the circumstanses are. God is concerned about your life and he has a plan to prosper you and not hurt you, to lead you along the road of life to the best possible outcome that you can have at the end of it. He offers peace and prosperity, unconditional love and and joy never ending for those who do His bidding and work towards advancing His kingdom, The Kingdom of God.

The end result is a place in the kingdom of heaven, where war and fighting cease and peace and harmony reign for ever and ever, Amen. It is not an easy job but it is something that I have to explain, how the kingdom of God works and all its benefits and advantages, living a life of health and peace and not self destruction and the torment of a torn soul through substance abuse and alcoholic addictions. It is about following the rule book set out in the guidlelines of The Bible and it is about feeedom in the spirit and living everyday to its full potential and maximum achievement. Sure we get tired and frustrated, weary and concerned when things don't go our way, but the truth is it is not meant to go our way, but God's way. How often we want to kick ourselves for not being good enough when we are good enough in God's eyes all the time and we just have to open our eyes to see what God wants to show us all the time. It is hard yakka and it does get boring and tiring, but what are the alternatives, going down hill on a bent spiral to an early death and serious loss of health and vitality. If we see the errror of our ways and change soon enough then there is hope and joy into being accepted back into God's kingdom. It is really never too late as long as you have time to make a decision to turn your life around and follow Him.

God is there waiting all the time for those sinners who have gone off on the own way for the time being until they realize that they can't do it on their own, but must achknowledge Jesus as there God and saviour, he is there waiting for us to come to Him and live happily ever after in the kingdom of God in heaven, while we gradualy make our way upon the earth to do the best for Him that we can, so that we can repay His kindness with the love and peace He offers us. Sure it is no easy feet and no mean job to give in to our selfish pride and sinful suffering, but we must do it we are going to live a bit longer on the earth. You are not as good as God, admit it and you will be so much happier by doing so, you owe yourself that favour.

God loved you so much that he sent His son to die for you 2000 years ago on the excruciating cross, to die for your sins, he stretched out His arms and gave up His spirit for you to have life, that is the best way I have ever heard of of saying I love you. How can you turn your back on that, do yourself a favour and give in to God, it wil be the best thing that you could ever possible do in your life. Then he rose from the dead and went to heaven to reign with his father for ever and ever after setting us the example and showing us the way. He said, I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me. Turn from your evil ways and don't remain dead forever.

Healthy Wisdom

Air and water, food and clothes, let us get our priorities right about what we really need. Maintaining a balanced diet, exercise and mind stimulating work or productive building of something of accomplishment and worth. These are all good things about the essential and stimulating necessities of life and by following the required prescription for well being we can live a safe and healthy, prosperous and enjoyable life. This is what healthy wisdom is all about, doing the right thing as we are told, according to the scriptures and believeing in the best possible scenario and making choices according to that prescription. If we go off the track, we need to be corrected, we need to set clear visions and plans and goals for our lives, have reasonable objectives and sight the right and clear path for the direction that we are taking for outr lives.

We need to steeer in the clear direction of what is right and true and not stray to one side or the other, but remain focused and straight in mind and faith towards that end goal of heaven and all the goodness, love and kindness that this offers. Heaven is not a dismal picture of something in another world that is never really obtainable, but a clear path to the ultimate best place that you can be in your life, a place where health and peace reign in prosperity and where evil is squashed and put out of your life. It is a place of love and harmony where your bank account comes second or a hundreth to your health and right minded thinking. There is so much more to life than having a massive sum in your bank account, give it to someone else and you will have peace and joy in the kingdom of heaven. God will provide all your needs on a day to day basis, you will only have money for what you really need and not everything else you don't.

You will never go wanting or starving for any reason or particular concern. You will have treasures in heaven and peace and prosperity on earth and you will live with God in a right relationship while you have your health and well being. Health wisdom is about what you really need to live with and how to stay alive through all the thick and thin, hard and easy paths, good and bad ways, right and wrong directions and it is about doing things God's way and not your own. We are all contstantly making these choices all the time, on a day to day basis and forever and a time according to the purposes set out before us. Healthy wisdom is about following the path of God and not the Devil, doing good and not evil, right and not wrong.

It is living according to God''s design and purposes and not our own. Sure we have liberty and freedom to do what we want, but it is so much better to be doing things the right way, God's way and not our own. You can go fishing in a lake, riding your surfboard at the beach, bush walks and summer holidays, sking in the winter and enjoying all the good restaurants if you like, but remember to give back a little of your abundance to someone else, it is no fun having all the good things on your own. Your heart will be so much more blessed if you help some one else and share what you have got. Go to church on a Sunday and be blessed by sound teaching and Biblical instruction, with another persons point of view and not only your own on how to do life. You can trust them if they are preaching from the Bible and check that they are right by reading your Bible yourself. You can talk to other people who think the same way you do and enjoy a spirit filled life of uplifting events afterwoods with a cup of tea and a snack. Life is good really, admit it to yourself and give your life to God.

Beautiful Feelings

Beautiful feelings are lovely and to be treasured but have we really gone through all the pain and suffering to get to that place where we are at peace and solitude with God. It feels lovely ofcourse to go for a drive along the each in your four wheel drive car, but have you run that beach first on foot. I can tell you what the best feeling is from personal experience, the running is so much more exhilarating than the steering and driving, better for your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory, your pulse rate is higher and stronger and your mind is full of life giving oxygen from breathing clean air instead of petrochemical carbon polution from your exhaust pipe, from a harder physical endurance and effort and exhileration.

Go for a swim in the surf and clean out your sinuses, breathing and smell the freshness of the sea breeze and salt air and not the inner city green house gases. You will be so much more impressed with the feelinng that you can keep for a long time, really you should do that regularly. Then you might get in your car and drive home after you have enjoyed the beach to your best possible expectations and watch television. No, read a book or your Bible, yes! even write a book if you feel so inclined and inspired. So much better for the mind than the garbage they dish up on the square box or flat screen entertainment systems nowdays. These things will give you a sense of good feelings and accomplishment instead of the short and uninviting feelings of momentary self gratification and the simple pleasure of having everything for yourself right now. It is all really a pyschological thing.

There is no free ride to heaven, there is no fish and chips behind the pearly gates, feeling good about yourself is a hard and well earned endeavour of lasting peace and happiness and not the short term fix of drugsa nd alcohol, really they are self defeting and self destrucive in the end and you can't feel good about that really, not in the true sense of the word of lasting peace and happiness. Quick fixes are negatives and not positives, they are debtramental and not life giving. the only way that you can have peace and happiness is to follow Jesus and tern from you evil ways to a life of everlasting happiness. You will feel good about that even if it hurts a bit it will help you as you work your way to a better way of living and life style. You can feel good about that, success is not an overnight accomplishment, but a dayly persual of endurance to matinan a right and positively motivated and purposefully lead lifestyle. I am reminded of that song that says, hurts so good, come baby so it hurts so good, sometimes life doesn't seem like it should, baby hurts so good.

Really the better choice of songs is a hymn that we all no, Amazing Grace, come to Jesus all who are tired and weary and I will give you rest and you may as well throw peace and happiness into the bargain with that as well. Remeber that we can't do it all on opur own but we need Jesus and the grace of God to take over when we have done all we can on our own back and let God shine the guideing light for a while and give us back His love and security of grace and mercy. We all tend to say if it feels good then do it. Not, if it is not good for our bodies give it back to God to deal with.

Helping Others

Helping others is not a selfish endeavour but one of love and pleasure of accomplishment in seeing some one get well, better in heart, mind and spirit or just improve things a bit to make life easier or more livable for them to cope. Remember we are not alone here on earth and God put us here for a reason, to walk the mile an share the load, when others are hurting and have been giving there all for a long time it is time for someone else to take over and give back a little of what the other people gave in the first place. We need to give the hard workers a time to rejuvinate, to refresh their souls with love and achknowledgement of all the wonderful things that they have done. GIving back what we have been given first, whether it is of other or yourself, working for God is the best possible feeling and experience that you can achieve and attain in life. Seeing someone who has been sick, get well again.

Helping someone who has gone off the track with a self destructive lifestyle to see the clear path again to get back on track and see them heading in the right direction again. Working at a nursing home and giving hope as well as phsical assistance to the residents to give them hope and love and understanding that tehy are still worth while and after all they have gone through in their hard years of work and life living to a ripe of age, that it has not been all in vane and self destructive but that they have a hope and a reservation ticket in heaven to live eternal life with Jesus forever more. Really how wrong is it to come towards the end of your life and to feel that it has all been invane. that there is no life after death and that the devil will win. Those people need reassurance of the salvation of there souls, whether they have been Christians all their lives or whether they have just work hard all there lives to bring up a family and are hopelessly left alone to die. God is not like that and people have to care, they need help because they can't do things on their own now, but they also need the support of family to just not let them go off and die as if they had no family.

A lot of families really care about their loved ones and have tried to do the best that they can possibly do for them with returning as much help as they gave them. Not just to look at the will and say I could sure use those extra few hundred thousand dollers to buy a bigger and better house. At the end of your life is when you need God the most, when you have given your everything and it seems that you have got nothing, God is sometimes the only one who really understands, the only one who really cares about the lost, the frail and the suffering, the elderly were our heritage and our history and have enormous treasures in their hearts and souls and yet so often you hear of nursing homes that seem to just want to churn people out to make room for new poeple to come in, that there is always a deficiency of beds for the frail and elderly and we can't offer them a life support system that would give them more time and life on earth.

Sure when God calls you home you have got to go, but it should be with love and understanding and prelonged as long as possible with the best care and attention at that stage and age of such a valuable a life. That is why I get so frustrated and annoyed when I hear of euthenasia attempts to make it legal, when people really needed more care and help by others to give them peace and sucurity at sucn a vunerable time. They are like babies in a maternity ward sometimes that need and must have our care and attention, help and assistence or they will die, another reason why I get so annoyed with abortion attempts instead of adoption efforts after those who had sex and got pregant must be forced to have the baby and not kill the sanctity of a such a precious and also valuable life. There is so many people out there who do offer love and conern and attention and show kindness and consideration for those less fortunate and more vunerable than themsleves.

I wish a could have a doller for everytime I have heard of rich families on the waiting list for babies to adopt but are made wait for years on end, while more and more abortions are performed while young girls go out for a good time with no thought for the chance of getting pregant and not even considering having enough family to give a new life a hope and a chance as they had one, a selfish endeavour and the boys are just the same and as bad.

Whose Got All The Answers?

Whose got all the answers? you? me? God? or the gate post? So many times we think that we have got all the answers ourselves, how wrong we could possibly be about that ! The fact is that no-one has really got all the answers, there are questions that we will still want to ask God when we get to heaven, because He has all the answers whether we like it or not. You might of thought that I did, but I can assure you that I don't. I just put forward logical arguements that might mean what could be considered truth or some kind of suggestion to a right or possible way of doing or seeing things in there true perspective. God has all the answers, I can assure you.

You only have to google God on the interent and there is automatically biilons of references. There is trillions of answers on the internet, but not all the answers are right, because not all the answers come from God. Science tries to answer everything but a lot of the time people are feeling left high and dry with that becasue they appear so superfical or insensitive. Unless people care about where the truth comes from in the beginning they will never fully appreciate its depth and anylitical correctness. We need more care and compassion in our quest for right understanding, that is the truth, God was there in the begginning and had all the answers, but he has left it to us to explore and explain, to sort out and understand what all the answers are, as some kind of quest on earth to solve all the mysteries of life, whether by science or philosophies. That is why universities were first set up in the first place, to answer the questions of life, truth and existance, to discover the beggining and the end of time and to explain with rational arguements as to how the whole thing came uinto being and happened just anyway. Whose got all the answes as if we did not allready know by now and I am just teasing you with my strange philosophies and ideas. God has all you need to know and you need to search and seek those answers out as much as I do.

For me, that is just a challenge that I have taken on to explain and explore the realms of the truth, whether in the vast expanse of the unimaginable and infinitely eternal universe or in the heart and soul and mind of mankind, that lives and breathes their own breath of life for peaceful existance. I can't say for sure what everything actually is and even if I had a life time to explain it, I would still fall far short of the goal of answering everything. But slowly with a bit by bit description of how things appear to me and how they might appear to you if you give them a fair go and try and show love and compassion in learning and try to have an understanding mind for peaceful existence then you to would have found a bit of the love of God in your search for your own personal search for the meaning of life. God knows that people are inquisitive and that we need to satisfy our own minds with all the meaning and understanding of the world.

But has a higher plane call heaven for which man should dwell. It is a place of perfection and plenty, peace and understanding, love and compassion for our fellow human beings. God holds the keys to heaven and hell, life and death, peace and prosperity and everything esle, if we come to him with humble hearts and minds he will show us the meaning of life and give us all the answers on earth and lead us upward and onward to that place that he calls home in the heavenly realms, a place where all things are meanlingless because of the beautiful glory, grace and mercy of the treasures upstairs where he resides in complete control of everything and we must look to find and see.