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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Healthy Wisdom

Air and water, food and clothes, let us get our priorities right about what we really need. Maintaining a balanced diet, exercise and mind stimulating work or productive building of something of accomplishment and worth. These are all good things about the essential and stimulating necessities of life and by following the required prescription for well being we can live a safe and healthy, prosperous and enjoyable life. This is what healthy wisdom is all about, doing the right thing as we are told, according to the scriptures and believeing in the best possible scenario and making choices according to that prescription. If we go off the track, we need to be corrected, we need to set clear visions and plans and goals for our lives, have reasonable objectives and sight the right and clear path for the direction that we are taking for outr lives.

We need to steeer in the clear direction of what is right and true and not stray to one side or the other, but remain focused and straight in mind and faith towards that end goal of heaven and all the goodness, love and kindness that this offers. Heaven is not a dismal picture of something in another world that is never really obtainable, but a clear path to the ultimate best place that you can be in your life, a place where health and peace reign in prosperity and where evil is squashed and put out of your life. It is a place of love and harmony where your bank account comes second or a hundreth to your health and right minded thinking. There is so much more to life than having a massive sum in your bank account, give it to someone else and you will have peace and joy in the kingdom of heaven. God will provide all your needs on a day to day basis, you will only have money for what you really need and not everything else you don't.

You will never go wanting or starving for any reason or particular concern. You will have treasures in heaven and peace and prosperity on earth and you will live with God in a right relationship while you have your health and well being. Health wisdom is about what you really need to live with and how to stay alive through all the thick and thin, hard and easy paths, good and bad ways, right and wrong directions and it is about doing things God's way and not your own. We are all contstantly making these choices all the time, on a day to day basis and forever and a time according to the purposes set out before us. Healthy wisdom is about following the path of God and not the Devil, doing good and not evil, right and not wrong.

It is living according to God''s design and purposes and not our own. Sure we have liberty and freedom to do what we want, but it is so much better to be doing things the right way, God's way and not our own. You can go fishing in a lake, riding your surfboard at the beach, bush walks and summer holidays, sking in the winter and enjoying all the good restaurants if you like, but remember to give back a little of your abundance to someone else, it is no fun having all the good things on your own. Your heart will be so much more blessed if you help some one else and share what you have got. Go to church on a Sunday and be blessed by sound teaching and Biblical instruction, with another persons point of view and not only your own on how to do life. You can trust them if they are preaching from the Bible and check that they are right by reading your Bible yourself. You can talk to other people who think the same way you do and enjoy a spirit filled life of uplifting events afterwoods with a cup of tea and a snack. Life is good really, admit it to yourself and give your life to God.