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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Helping Others

Helping others is not a selfish endeavour but one of love and pleasure of accomplishment in seeing some one get well, better in heart, mind and spirit or just improve things a bit to make life easier or more livable for them to cope. Remember we are not alone here on earth and God put us here for a reason, to walk the mile an share the load, when others are hurting and have been giving there all for a long time it is time for someone else to take over and give back a little of what the other people gave in the first place. We need to give the hard workers a time to rejuvinate, to refresh their souls with love and achknowledgement of all the wonderful things that they have done. GIving back what we have been given first, whether it is of other or yourself, working for God is the best possible feeling and experience that you can achieve and attain in life. Seeing someone who has been sick, get well again.

Helping someone who has gone off the track with a self destructive lifestyle to see the clear path again to get back on track and see them heading in the right direction again. Working at a nursing home and giving hope as well as phsical assistance to the residents to give them hope and love and understanding that tehy are still worth while and after all they have gone through in their hard years of work and life living to a ripe of age, that it has not been all in vane and self destructive but that they have a hope and a reservation ticket in heaven to live eternal life with Jesus forever more. Really how wrong is it to come towards the end of your life and to feel that it has all been invane. that there is no life after death and that the devil will win. Those people need reassurance of the salvation of there souls, whether they have been Christians all their lives or whether they have just work hard all there lives to bring up a family and are hopelessly left alone to die. God is not like that and people have to care, they need help because they can't do things on their own now, but they also need the support of family to just not let them go off and die as if they had no family.

A lot of families really care about their loved ones and have tried to do the best that they can possibly do for them with returning as much help as they gave them. Not just to look at the will and say I could sure use those extra few hundred thousand dollers to buy a bigger and better house. At the end of your life is when you need God the most, when you have given your everything and it seems that you have got nothing, God is sometimes the only one who really understands, the only one who really cares about the lost, the frail and the suffering, the elderly were our heritage and our history and have enormous treasures in their hearts and souls and yet so often you hear of nursing homes that seem to just want to churn people out to make room for new poeple to come in, that there is always a deficiency of beds for the frail and elderly and we can't offer them a life support system that would give them more time and life on earth.

Sure when God calls you home you have got to go, but it should be with love and understanding and prelonged as long as possible with the best care and attention at that stage and age of such a valuable a life. That is why I get so frustrated and annoyed when I hear of euthenasia attempts to make it legal, when people really needed more care and help by others to give them peace and sucurity at sucn a vunerable time. They are like babies in a maternity ward sometimes that need and must have our care and attention, help and assistence or they will die, another reason why I get so annoyed with abortion attempts instead of adoption efforts after those who had sex and got pregant must be forced to have the baby and not kill the sanctity of a such a precious and also valuable life. There is so many people out there who do offer love and conern and attention and show kindness and consideration for those less fortunate and more vunerable than themsleves.

I wish a could have a doller for everytime I have heard of rich families on the waiting list for babies to adopt but are made wait for years on end, while more and more abortions are performed while young girls go out for a good time with no thought for the chance of getting pregant and not even considering having enough family to give a new life a hope and a chance as they had one, a selfish endeavour and the boys are just the same and as bad.