Thanks For Nothing

Have you got everything you want in the world? thanks for nothing if you have as that will mean that I won'd or don't have anything at all for myself. A rather selfish sort of projection for a personal image but very true for greedy people who have everything and others are starving or in dior need of eseentials and basis requirements and commodities. It is a good idea that if you have got enough for yourself to give out of your abundance to help those less fortuante than yourself, simple acts of love and kindness reflect character and commintment to make the world a better place, fairer and more equal. I don't think that the benificary of your generous gift will say thanks for nothing, that would be knocking the gift horse in the mouth. No I think that your heart felt won person will be more than grateful and return the gift with a smile and even a few tears for you giving them a better life.

People don't always feel respondent to gifts but for those who are in desperate need for survival owe you there very life and gratitude for giving them hope, confidence and kindness of heart. It is all too mazing for me to think that I can make someones day with a gift as small as $20, enough to put three square meals of food on the table for a day for me or them and in some cases will feed them for a week or even a month in third world countries. Love and giving go hand in hand, don't bight the hand that feeds you but show care and respect for others all the time. So are we really saying thanks for nothing now, have we considered our giving patterns a bit more to provide for someone who needs it more. Surely I would be happy to give my extra ten kilograms to someone who is ten kilograms underweight and that isn my pleasure and hapiness in trying to do so, with gifts of around ten percent of my income.

Sure we can try an live on our abundance for the next twenty years, but what happens when drought and famine strike, do you get in a plane and go and live somewhere else far away from where you have lived all your life at home. It is simply not that simple, we have to look at our motives and why we do things so that we can fix the problems instead of running away from them, most of the time it is an attitude of heart and if we have learnt to give, then we have learnt to live and not the other way around of keeping all we have got and not sharing our resources with those whom need it more or at least a little bit anyway. That is the way we think, really to more you give away, the more you need to get because it is out of our poverty that creates a need, not out of our abundance to have, want and desire more and more. We have to know when we have enough and any excess we get, should be condsidered as a blessing that we can give to someone else. Thanks for nothing all right, God has taught me to be generous or I know that I will be in want of what I do not have.