King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Thank You For Showing

Now I See It

Now it see it, the picture has become clear and concise as I looked deeply into your eyes gazing there at the sun, it was clear to me that you wanted to come into the light and see clearly what God had done for you in your life. It is not always a pretty picture you know, the sun can blind your eyes and the darkness of night can block out all the beautiful pictures of God's leading in your life to show you what he wants you to do and what you can expect out of following Him. The love that stares deeply into the heart and soul of the mind, to tell you that He has a plan to prosper you and give you life abundantly, if you will only choose to put your faith and trust in Him and follow His ways of right behaviour. It is indeed a long and windey road that we have to take and follow, one that has many temptations and deceptions, that can easily lead you astray and up the garden path instead of staying and following the road to life. We have to choose wisely all the way and in each and every situation, making each and every decision as we have to and as it comes along on the road.

To the place we are going in which we hope, that it will be a place of peace and understanding, which is God's picture of heaven. Sure it is not an easy road, this long and winding road is one that we have to make many hard choices, but boy is it worthwhile, landing that new well paying job, starting off a career for the first time when leaving school. It is the road to success and [pleasure and it is that way of truth and conception in understanding what it is exactly that we are looking for. This road of life is a long journey through the pitfalls and exhilerating highlights, it is all the ups and downs and all the times that we fall flat on our face when trying. But never the less it is worthwhile and it worth pursueing, it is the slow and long clim to the top to that pinacle postition where you can say that you made it in life. Where you can see that all your work that you put in was rewarding and meets compliance with objective.

This place of perfetion at the end of the road is the ultimate reward for a life well lived, it is the paradise of heaven and yes you can have it, just give your life to Jesus and eternity will be ever so sweet for ever and ever. Just take a step back at the end of it and look at everything that you have done and he will say well done good and and faithful servant, enter into your place of rest, where all is peace and glory and hell is cast out and into the wind and the depths of nothingness. You can't be buried in heaven you know, it is just a place of continual life and happiness and a place where you can have relationship with God the Father at the biggest banquet that you could ever imagine in your life. Come to me those who are heavy laden and I will give you rest, enter into my kingdom of light and life and you will find rest for your souls in a place that is always there in peace. Now I see it, God painted a pretty picture for me and I took hold and grasped it, you to can do likewise also, just believe.

Why Weren't You Looking ?

Why weren't you looking, as if to say you could not see what you were looking for and it was right in front of you all the time. It was a strange thing I know, you thought you knew what it was and it is still something that you had to look for to find but you could not. If it was staring you in the face any more, it would have hit you on the head, but you decided to duck and weave and try and avoid whatever it was you were trying to find. It was The Gospel Message and Jesus calling your name to come home to him and to enter into the kingdom of God and hear the faithful word of the Lord preached to you so that you could understand what it means. I had to tell you what it was, because you were too ignorant, pigheaded and stubborn to listen. Just like I was when I walked away from God and had to have a serious car accident before I realized the error of my ways.

We all get like that at times and we all fall away from the Gospel at sometime in our life because we are not good enough to go along the road on our own. The Bible says that all fall short of the glory of God, none is righteous, no not one. We have sinned and gone our own ways and are in desperate need of a saviour to save us, not only from ourselves but from the fires and pits of hell. That is why you need the Lord Jesus because you could not save yourselves and He died on the cross for you two thousand years ago to give you peace and security for your lives and lead into heaven when you are all good and done. You can have peace now, but you must repent from your sins, you must ask for forgiiveness, 1 John 1:9 and accept the Lord Jesus as your personal saviour now. Ask Him into your heart to purify you from all unrighteousness, to save your souls from the pits of hell and to lead you home on high into heaven

God is a good God and wants the best for your lives, give Him a chance and choose life and not death. Why weren't you looking, Jesus was looking at and for you calling you home to be with Him in heaven for ever and ever, but you chose to go your own way and follow the way of that trickster the Devil and fall into the sinful path of Satan. The good news is that you have a second chance and Jesus died for your sins for that very reason, that you might know the salvation of God and live in peace and righteousness forever more in your home in heaven. Look to Jesus. He is is kind and gentle and will not harm you, He only wants what is best for you, a life of purity and holiness.

A life of greatness and goodness. A God of love, mercy, kindness and grace. Come to Jesus, that is what it is all about, then Jesus will come to you. Why weren't you looking choose life and not death, look to Jesus.

I Can't See Where

I can't see where He is, but I know you are out there somewhere. You are not hiding from me on purpose and you probably have a very good reason for doing so, but I just don't know what it is. I could have guessed where and taken a pot luck chance on being right but you had a clearer vision and way for me to go. If I had only looked to you first and seen clearly that way and in that direction and taken the right way off the first time.Yes I went astray and went my own way, doing what ever I liked in following the ways of the Devil, which I thought was right, more money, a good time and women without hope. I was hopelessly decieved and lost on a path of destruction, thinking that I could handle all my problems on my own and that I did not need God. I knew everything and so why would I need Him as if I did not know He had the keys to heaven and hell and life over death.

There was no excuse, but still I decided to go my own way and take all the chances that I could trying to win my own way in life instead of following the way of the great God who had been there before me and done everything esle that I could not do, to show me the way and lead me in the right direction to the path of life and eternity into eternal life of peace and love and kindness for ever and ever. No I was too stupid to want to do that, so I tried to realize everyting I could and do it all on my own without the help of anyone else. How wrong I was and I did not even know it. I thought I was invincable and indestructable, but God showed me clearly that he had an answer for that. My good job went, my car was written off, I had no friends and no girlfriends anymore. Life was meaningless and without direction, I had made it to the top all right, but ended up in the pits of hell scraping the bottom of the barrel and licking my saws like Job. If I had only read my Bible and started to see that, that Jesus was the way the truth and the life, I would have surely realized that God was the greatest and I was only a worm, which I started to do. The good news is that it is never too late, there is hope at the end of the tunnel if you will only wake up to yourself and turn your life around and follow the ways of the perfect saviour.

There was hope, there was a God, holding and shining the eternal light and He was still there waiting for me to change and see the error of my ways and follow Him. Which I did in the end and wow what a change. I saw the trees growing green instead of falling leaves, I saw the vast expance of the oceans and the stars stretched out throughout the universe. I saw the blue skies, instead of the grey and black ones in the clouds of deception. I saw the sun shining down on me instead of me looking up to it and Jesus smiling at me instead of frowning down upon me. He showed me the way to truth and life everlasting in His eternal realms of heaven. There was hope again, there was someone and somewhere to put my faith and there was love coming back to me when I showed love to others. People started to be kind to me, instead of hating me. God laughed instead of crying at someone who had gone astray and come back to Him. Did you not know, that there is more shouting and rejoicing in heaven when one sinner repents than all the righteous living, loving and celebrating.

Hear the call on your life and accept Jesus and come home to God, you will be so glad you did. Now I can see where, God is in heaven and I am on earth.

There It Is

There it is, I see it now, I think I know exactly what it is. Yes once again I was blinded by the light, hopelessly lost in a world of my own, trying to satisfy my own cause. It is not a good thing to try and live by yourself in your own worl, trying to satisfy every need of your own off your own back, by your own merit. We were made for relationship and created for social activity. We have a heavenly father who cares for all of our needs if we will only humble oursleves and ask for what ever it is that we want. I tried to go it alone as I have previously explained and fell flat on my face, as if that was not a good enough wake up call, still I tried to do everything on my own, as we all should know, that is not humanly possible.

Seeing the error of my ways was hard, but admitting them was even harder, I knew I was good enough, or at least I thought so, so God in all His wisdom made me wait another thirty or more years on a path of self intoxication showing me that I had to be careful consider other people, admit my liabitities, I had to stop following my own ways of selfish endeavour and come to Him and follow Him till He was satisfied that I was going well and still on the right track following Him. He said you are not the only driver on the road, His way was better than mine, because He cared about everyone else and I only thought of myself. It is not an easy thing to realize that someone esle matters more than you do yourself. If only I could realize that a cord or strand of two or more is not easily broken and that, where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am amongst them.

God is good and God is God, I am only human and even though that is a very good thing as a human I can't do without God. I have to achknowledge the superior force in the universe and bow down to the God who loves and has the best plan for my life, to prosper me and not to hurt me. Wakey, wakey stupid Darel, Get it through your thick head, you can not do life on your own, there is a higher power and superior being called God who loves me. That is great and the good news of the Gospel, a sufferring saviour who died on the cross two thousand years ago and still has time for me a little lost sheep who is hell bent on going his own way and not God's. Listen stupid, I say to myself, you have still got to get it through your think head, you can't do life on your own. There is someone out there who loves me very much. I am looking, searching, waiting and hoping, it may be a wife ten years down the track when God is good and ready and has done with me all the things he needs to do to get me into a right relationship with Himself. For now though I just have to do what I am told and follow HIm.

Then in a marriage relationship it will be a shared love of following God together with my wife in church every week, at home and in bed. There it is the picture is starting to become clearer, God has put a few things into perspective, but still there is a lot more. There it is you have it my desires and selfish requirements, but I now remember that God has not finished with me yet. While there is a hope for heaven and salvation will always be there while there a hope for God. You just can't simply leave God out of the picture. He has got the big picture covered and also the little picture of poor selfish ignorant me, He is gradually moulding and making me come into his way of thinking. It is like being hit over the head with a piece of four by two before you realize the truth about yourself. You just have to listen, learn and experience all His goodness and the joy of eternal life will be yours, there you have it that is the best that it gets for now anyway.

Right In Front Of Me

Well now I see it, it is right in front of me if only I will open my eyes and look to see exactly what it is. I don't really know anyway, I keep on trying to guess, as if I had thought about everything enough and I really expect myself to know what it is, but I am continually decieved by my own mind and while it is as plane as the nose on your face and you can't even see past that, you still think like I do that it must be hiding somewhere else, it does not jump out at me and grab me by the ear and tell me exactly what it is. It maybe the computer screen in front of me or you for that matter, in fact I think it is, but really there is a lot more to life than just that. I have to learn to think like God if that is ever humanly possible to look into the heart of others and know what they are really in need of, what they expect as if I had some kind of need for a crystal ball, that I may have well dropped on the ground for all that was good for and I should have asked God instead to show me and explain everything. He wanted me to know and give Him the time of day or night for that matter, to explain everything instead of wanting to just know everything right now, for some kind of delight in importance of saying now I know everything. That is simply not the case, the more you know, the more you realize what you do not know.

God knows everything and it is better that way as He can give me time to learn things patiently, instead of satisfying my greedy and corrupt nature of self indulgence and self importance all the time. The road to life is not a short one and life is not some kind of instant self gratification of abusive get everything now you like type of thing. There you go, I think it is right in front of me, but wrong again, I really have not got the slightest clue as to what it is, so I just keep asking the question, God What do you want of me? I know it is for me to do your bidding and stop satisfying my own selfish nature and just give up, surrender and follow you. If it was only that easy, or at least that is what I think it is like, as if it is as between a rock and and a hard place, right in front of me, wrong again and I still have no idea what it is and where it is.

Stumped again and so I just keep on asking God the question, Where is it? as if it was as easy as all that and it was right in front of me, so as if I would not have to ask. But the delight and the beauty of creation is not knowing exactly what it is, but waiting for God to reveal Himself in things that are unseen through the ages past and the dawning of the ages to come. Time is the gift that means more than anything in the world, but we are constantly being decieved by all the temptations of money and the trimmings of everything nice and we leave the work to someone else and the good life becomes tiring and sickening. We leave the things of God out of the pictrure and look for anything that we can self indulge on, a pretty picture, no I don't think so.

Tonight your soul will be demanded from you and where will you be then, up the creek without a paddle and on the road to somewhere you have never heard of and not even given a thought to where it is, it is the road to hell and self destruction. Take a minute to think about the twenty four hours that it takes for the earth to turn a full circle, think of the three hundred and sixty degrees that makes up all the places of all the earth, equater that separates the north and south hemisphere and take some time out for the the tropics and the poles.

The tropics are tropical all the time except for cyclones and storms, the poles change from both freezing to thoring each year for both poles. There it is it is right in front of you and you think you know everything, wrong again. Consider the vast expanse of the known universe and then think again about the unknown universe, it just keeps going on and on and on forever and no one will ever know its full extent or even come close, I can't even imagine that but I know it is true. You are not going to hit some kind of brick wall at the end and edge of the universe like the earth was falt and you go off the water fall at its edge. No, it does not simply just stop there, it just keeps on going forever and ever, it is just not humanly possible to know that. There you have it, it is right in front of your face, wrong it is God and you will never completely understand Him either. I would now like to say no harm in that, wrong again, live in God's grace and you might have a chance.

Where Else Could It Be?

Where else could it be if it is not right there in front of you and me. It is a good hypothetical question to speculate on and the answer lies deep within your heart as to what it is that you really want and and what it is that you truly and really do need. The next question is, How do you go about getting what you want or need? And I guess that there are really many answers in the way you can go about doing just that. First we need tyo soul seaqrch though, to look deep within our heart and search for reasons for things. Read a lot of books to get ideas on where you would like to travel to, to see those places that you have only dreamed about and then to seek and search those places to find out there history, cultural design and developement and try and understand the people and how they eat and live. Then there is all the achitectural implications and diversity of design in building structure, geographical reasons for why things were designed and built like that in the first place. See now we are starting to get some ideas on where else it could be and most of us know that you only have to go ot your travel agent for most of the information you need on where you want to go and book and pay your holiday.

Of cource it is not all that simple for most people who have deep pyschological needs for family requirements and genelogical history records that may point you to that place where your ancestors came from. Then you can start to trace all you families diverse and creative past to see where you come from and where you have to go to return to your native historical places around the world and in the heart and mind. In doing this you are not only discovering immediate family, but you are going deeper intot he heart of God and tribal indigeous necessities that formulate your DNA and give you information on your deep dark past. This is all relevant to you for living your life today, that when you know where you come from, you start to know where you are headed. You understand the reflection of yourself in what has been and what is yet to come.

So where esle could it be, apart from deep inside your heart, where the life blood of human love and nature begin and transpire in relationship and reproduction. God is good and not only does He have a perfect design for your life here on earth, but also in heaven above. Where the original design of His purposes was to prosper you and advance you into His kingdom, which is found in family relationships and the love of bringing up children. Teaching and showing them that they are worth while and have a life of worth ahead of them and that God will plan and prosper them as well, through propper parental guidance. So where do we go from here? and I will show you that in the next page and question. Where else could it be? I guess you have your own answers to that to and I will let you now show me where it is. I hope that, that answers that.

Nice Things Appear Right

Nice things appear right but they may not laways be as they really should seem. I guess also that it is a case of inuendo and superlatives in that we don't always see things as they really are and appear to be, but when things are right, in order and look propper, that is a nice way for things to be. Then again, nice things appear right because they really are right, as in when you do the job properly, it looks right, suits the occasion and fits in well with the surroundings and the cosmetic design of the building, place or persons looks. What ever things might be, there is a reason and a need to do things right, things that are made right and done properly, are asthetic, commercially viable and in demand. When it looks good, people buy it, when it is of neat and tidy appearance, people see it and like it, just because it enhances there belief in knowing that the things that were done, were done right and according with a divine design, purpose and plan.

Things that appear right have a purpose and reason for lasting, they love being looked upon, even if it is only to the designers personal satisfaction and they are nice to see and possibly to touch. LIke the acoustics of a concert hall has its own esthetic sounds and vibrations that enhance the performance, so to does the design of the building, the composition of the music and the way that the orchestra plays the piece of music or how the pianist plays a concerto. These things are visibly enhanced by what is going on around, but it is this asthetic appearance that people like, something done well, has been done beautifully. So now we see the picture a bit more clearly, people like things that are nice and are right, done right, look right and are right. For the sake of verbal arguement and written discussion in this dialogue of esthetic enhancement in outward appearances, that really do rely on the inward heart and soul of the requirement and situation.

What is nice on the outside is not always nice within, but when you have got it right inside and out, it is not only nice in apearances but good to know, trust, love and admire. This is becasue if it is right and true in all directions and appropriations, things in proportion and in place at the right time and order, then it is esthetically nice, lovely and beautiful. Something to reassure us of and to be proud of, something to admire and admonish, something to commend and recomend. Something worth while and worth producing in greater quantities. Well I think that you have got it now and I hope that you liked it, if it is right, you will like it right? or at least that is how it appears to me.

Is That Money?

Is that money? as if that is some kind of stupid or trick question you ask, when every one knows that it really is, or at least that is what they think it is and what it really is meant to be. The thing is that every thing has an equivelent worth, money is only a form of equity for paying for things and we really need to keep that in mind when considering the finer things of life. The other side of the coin is, that somethings just can't be bought at any price. A wild flower growing in a field, the stars that shine fro heaven and the water that we drink, that wells from the life springs of heaven and just drops down and comes into our dams at just the right time we need it to.

Even the air that we breathe is more free than anything else on earth and even though it can be an effort to breathe sometimes under high altitude, hard work and labour, that helps us to be more productive and live longer, because it is good for us to build up and strengthen our bodies so that we can sustain longetivity. Is that money, is life not worth more than all the treausres of the earth, what good is a dead dog or lion, if a human being dies, do they go to hell? surely there is more hope in heaven from all the angels welcoming a Christian into eternal life than any thing esle on earth. They have faith and hope in Jesus, they trust I God and love Him deeply with all their hearts. They remember that God is good and they remembered Him when ever they needed something and He gave out of His abundant supplies of everything. Is that money? maybe not, are you starting to question your own selfish desires and ambitions or are you being reassured of God's goodness and greatness to trust in and to love Him. The truth is that we try and put a price on everything, but true love is selfless and no price can match the fact that Christ died on the cross in pefect love, while we were yet sinners. It is hard to fathom how deep and wide and high is the love of God beyond all else on earth, as if we could by His love for free and without cost.

The truth is that you can but you still must give your life to Him in return for His love. There is no way that you can go wrong with that. Loving and giving your life to Him is a selfless dedication and love and gratitude by yourself in reassured commitment and dedication to Him. You will receive grace and mercy, love and kindness, peace and joy and endless praise and gifts of favour, if you will only dedicate your whole life to Him (God) and never turn back or away. Not only that but you will receive treasures in the kingdom of heaven which is part of the kingdom of God. All His other followers will welcome you in to, but each is remembered as special and individual in God's eyes, when you are in relationship with Him, with God you will have a lot more real and true friends on earth to.

Because that is what happenes when we believe, we have a lot more things going in our favour. Is that money, I think no, you might think it is, but give God the time of day and you will see a lot more than money can ever buy, you will see christ coming through the clouds in the kingdom of God, with truth and love to reign eternally on earth in the kingdom of God from heaven and that is like paradise.

Time Is So Important

Time is so important, yet so often do we underestimate its value in our quest for more money all the time. We all have to learn to slow down and see what God has install for us, what lies hidden in the kingdom of God and what the treasures of heaven are. Just as the earth turns a full revolution in 24 hours and we race around like mad things as if we were a chicken with its head cut off to do the best we can to get everything we can as soon as we can. Even as there are 360 degrees in those 24 hours, and 365 days in the year, we try and do everything at once and it just insn't humanly possible, we have to learn to slow down and take our time and do things properly and not haphazzard, just any old how.

Rome wasn't built in a day and rushing around will not get things done quicker, because you will make mistakes. Time is so important because by pacing oursleves we are taking time for God and looking to Him in all we need, require and ask for and He will give us money to use and spend wisely but he also expects us to take time for Him and rest on the sabbath and not race everyone for everything all the time. Time is mean't to be respected, just like money, but we all really need to put God first in our lives and time, before money and God will take care of the rest of the things that we need in His good time, with His abundant supplies of everything in the kingdom of heaven. I have written many pages of poetry and rhyme to try and make meaning out of the kingdom of God and create time from written verse in rhyming couplets. It is nice to read lines of verse that give ou an idea of time, in that if it rhymes we don't have to worry about time. It also creates meaning and a heavenly perspective for peaceful existance. It leads to productivity and salvation if we dedicate our work to God and invite Him in and include Him in our written dialogue of work.

Even though we can't earn our salvation but that comes from the unmerited favour of God we can contribute to the kingdom of God and help win souls through that creative work that Christ can use for His heavenly purposes. If you have peace of mind you have have more time for Godly things and more time for yourself to if you commit your work to God. We need to make sense out of things and having more time to do the things I want has more appeal to me then trying to win the lottery or win on a horse race for a quick selfish gain that ends up in a loss. when God is in control, everything alse falls into palce, just like the hands of a clock or watch turn slowly on the hour every hour, so to are the days of ou lives.

They made a TV show out of that because it is still so very true. People need to get the idea and work smarter and not harder, living to glorify God and not for selfish endeavour,the money will come in time, you can be sure of that, but take time out for God and Sunday services at church and God will give you His good time back in all the ways you need it for everything, not just expanding your bulge or buying a faster car and bigger house all the time. Give God you money to and he will give you back tenfold in finances and all the time on the world to do what you like with it, as long as you continue to glorify Him, He will reward you. Take time to make time, have time to know time and be enough time to be grand in time.

I Must Have Needed That

I must of needed that and you can take your hat off to that to and worship God with me. Bow down on your knees and ask for forgiveness for all those things that you have done wrong like me, I must have needed that and that is why God sent his son to die for you and me. I must have needed that, what was it again, time, money, wisdom, love, peace and joy. Was that the gift of leadership to lead this people in the way that God would have me do. Like when God asked Soloman what do you want me to give you, he said give me wisdom so that I will know how to lead and govern these people, so that they will know what to do with their lives and not waste their lives away idlely. To make them more productive, to build the temple of God and the palace to live in. So God gave Soloman what he needed and everything else that he did not ask for because He saw the heart and soul of a servant minded king who would commit himself totally to God and serving Him for His purposes. Of cource we know that Soloman did not quite live up to all those expecations because foreign women corrupted him and lead him astray.

Never the less Soloman did build the temple and castle after His father David had been told that he would not do so. Even though David wrote more Psalms and poetry than anyone else and Soloman wrote many Proverbs and words of wisdom in verse, they still were not perfect and needed the fullfilment of the coming saviour many generations later from their geneology in the form of Jesus who was both God and man and the perfect saviour king.

I must have needed that and so must have you, that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. It seems that I try and reiterate that all the time, but it is of such key importance that we seek and serve our saviour and that we don't become hemmed in but the trappings and trimmings of this world and all the niceties and luxuries that we can afford to make this life on earth more comfortable and enjoyable. It seems that we still try and get away with anything we can, take everything we want for ourselves at ervery opportunity and neglect the greater things of life and the calling of God to love and serve the Lord. I must have needed that and that is why Christ pointed me in that direction, to love and serve the Lord God with all my heart soul and mind.

I must of needed that and God called me for that very purpose, to love and serve Him and to glorify Him forever and ever and a day in His kingdom of love and peace and joy and kindness with mercy grace, and goodness and servanthood. The Holy Spirit is our guide and helper see the truth, the light and the praiseworthiness of God and to bow down in humble adoration and take it on board for our selves to serve and love the Lord. I think I need that, I must have needed that, thankyou God and I will continue to do so, Amen..