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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

That Is The Way To Go

Been There Done That

Been there done that, you might have heard in the classics. Life is a bit like that though and things turn around and come back at you and sometimes bight you for what you have done. It is the same old thing, caught in a corner and a bind, I have got myself into a rutt and I am doing the same things all the time, over and over again. So how do we get out of this bind and do different things that are new and exciting. It is like saying things are old hat, been there done that before, The Prophet in Ecclessiastes might say nothing new under the sun, the teacher seems to want to repeat himself al the time, as in what goes around comes around and what has been will be again. So true it is with history, they say it never repeats itself.

I have a friend who signs off on his e-mails, history always repeats itself, it has to because no one listens. They keep teaching the same old history lessons all the time until something else worthwhile of noteriety comes along that is worth mentioning at the end of the year in the recollection memories of that and each year. I have written a fair bit of stuff and it could seem to get to the point that I am repeating myself a bit, covering old turf, not looking around for enough new and different ideas. It gets us all I am afraid been there done that, same old thing again and again, nothing new under the sun, what goes around comes around, Christmas and Easter every year for those who take time out to care about that and what a lovely time it is, but still there are those who say history, who needs it, people keep making the same mistakes they have always made and why don't we learn from out mistakes to change history for the future.

There is always wars and always will be wars going on, but that does mean we have to sit back on our hands and say that is OK and not try to do anything about it to create world peace and a harmonious existance fo all in the future. making mistakes is OK, but if we don't learn from them and keep on going making the same mistakes time and time again, it is just a pointless exercise of futility that no-one ever gains wisdom from or learns by. Been there done that, it would be good if we could apply that philosophy to wars and say we don't need those silly old wars going on any more, surely we are smarter than that by now and we can have a peaceful existance without all that fighting going on. Greed and corruption are the source of all that. Been there done that once again and I have repeated myself on greed and corruption many times, but still as history assures us, no one listens to that either.

Only if we had a world of love and sharing could we possibly live in harmony with each other all the time. We had the hippy era when they tried to do all that back in the 1970's, we could say been there done that for this to, but still we need to get it right and do it without marauana and coccaine. God is the answer, he has been there and done that to. He sent His son who died on the cross for you 2000 years ago that you may no the forgiveness of your sin and live in peace with one another through a right relationship with Him, those who have listened to and believed in Him are on the right track, the rest are still wandering aimlessly in the wilderness. It seems that if we have been there and done that, then we should know what we are doing and not make the same mistakes twice and go off on a tangent looking for our own personal glory and self indulgences. The need and requirement is to work together for the common good of all and not be socially independant and self desireing. God has a perfect plan and He has been there and done that before to, He created the world and everything in it in six days and then He rested for all of us to have a turn. So what is new for the future and how do we stop keep doing the same old thing that we have got wrong for so long.

Turn to God and repent, ask Jesus to forgive you, you will start to see the change immediately and the long path to the winding road of life will rise to meet you at the doorstep. Find God, find peace and happiness, follow the Devil in the same old destructive path all the time and you will end up in hell. I have crossed bridges that I have burned and been in hospital to get well, it is a mental thing and issue with me, been there done that, now is the time to make a decision, same old thing again or choose life, the choice is yours. There is a brighter future ahead doing something different to the same old wrong thing that you have always done before.

Why! What's Next?

Why! are things like that all the time or should we expect something different by now? What's next then if we are going to change and be different? What is over that hill that we keep on searching for? Is it time we are looking for or know? What will it be like in heaven when we get there? All these questions come to mind as if to say why is it always the same all the time, nothing new under the sun, what goes around comes around, you have heard it all said before like that and here I go it seems that I will be just repeating myself once again, no not if I can help it. There is a new and exciting world out there to discover for those who have not travelled around the world in their youth now is the time to do so while you are still young, if you are old and grey and looking for retirement you may consider reviewing some of the old things you did in the past to take you back in your mind and satisfy the curiosity of your retirement.

Now though, for most of us now it is an ever onward and ever upward climb to make something of our lives, no turning back, trying not to take a backward step though sometimes we all have to do that, through sickness and stupidity. What's next, its new and refreshing I can assure you, it is discovering a taste you have never tasted before, it is breathing mountain air on a mountain you have never climbed before, it maybe meeting the sweetheart of your dreams and marrying of cource, if you remember her from your school days, just out there waiting to prove that you can make a success out of your life and support her or at least share the success together. There is family waiting down the track somehwere, which needs careful planning for when you are ready to do that. For others maybe you are about to become grandparents and see the generations turn over and age appropriately.

Then there is the hope of spiritual fullfillment in Christ, coming into maturiity with Him and seeing the fruits of your labour pay off financially or at least in the kingdom of God on earth being fulfilled and there is always the kingdom of God in heaven to, I might well add and remention in case any of you had forgotten. There is the idea of eternal life where no-one has to perish and die and everyone lives in peace with God in heaven and on earth together. Dreams and hopes of a spirtual perspective, one of love and trust and equality, where fairness rules and justice prevails. We all should have a hope in that and be heading in that direction for our mutual future benefits and edification. God is a good God of reassuring hope and renewing expectations, He is always encouraging us to do better for oursleves, He understands when we fail and cannot win on our own batt. He cares for our hearts, souls, minds and gives us intelligent reassuring expectations from His greater intellingence. We have to open our eyes to see, we have to look and listen, we have to stay calm and focused on what is possible and best for us that lies ahead of us now.

We have to share our dreams and hopes with others and we have to believe that God is more capable than we ever imagined anyone could possibly be. Try trusting God and learn to look up and not down, look around you and see the unseen, look in and not out, there is beautiful expectations allready created within you if you just get the picture from God's perspective. Why, What's next, you just have to open your door and walk outside and see all the beauty of God's creation waiting there for you to enjoy, for me it is still the challenge of another page. Join me and stay tuned I hope.

I Could Not See You

I could not see you, nor could you see me, what you were doing or what you were reading and what was happening around the world. I had to have faith and trust that you were doing the right thing just like you had to apply those principles to me to. In a world of self indulgence and spiritual blindness because of greed and personal desires, we all become intoxicated with what is going on in the world and forget what is around us and in our own daily lives and existence. I could not see you or the big picture of God in heaven. I am not picking on anyone in particular, but I just see a world of indulgence and spiritual denial to the poor and a complete lack of thanks for all the good that is being done and just a take, take, take world. There is a lot of good being done in the world and that is what I mean by what I am writing about, I could not see you but I trusted and I hoped that there was people out there working for good and to build a better world. Still people want to complain about the little things that do not matter when our world seems to be falling down around us.

Bush fires in Australia as what have been described as catastrophic conditions and even apocaliptic as some kind of phrophecy from the Bible, where Ezekiel, Isaiah and Jerimaih warn us about the coming gloom and doom. It is not some kind of personal vendebtor, but a mass turning away from the faith from the one in who and whom loves us. All have sinned and gone there own way The Bible says but thanks be to The Lord Jesus who rescues us from this state of sin. This is nothning new really, it happened in Bible times with Noah, Babel and The Israelites under Moses. Has no-one listened, have we all become so corrupt that God's mercy is few and far between, just because we have given up on God, does not mean that God has given up on us.

These are early warning signs, that if we don't turn from our evil ways and repent and come back to God, then we are in for more of the same I am afraid. God is a good God and wants the best for our lives, but we all think that we know best and try to get as much as we can for ourselves, something happens, things snap and break. God sends the rain in the end to finish the most severe drought we have ever had, but we must listen and harken to Him or he will plunge us into darkness again. If we don't listen and don't see, forget the one who gave it all, then we are in for more of the same I am afraid. I could not see you, it was no one imparticular person, but we all failed to do the right thing. I am not pointing the finger at anyone, we can all recognise our own shame and guilt if we own up and admit to the truth. I can't see you, but God can, he experiences all the wrong and right for Himself, He is judge and He alone. I did not start any fires and nor would I, just remember the frozen winter up North and snow on the roof tops and log fires burning in the houses to stop them freezing to death.

These are severe climatic conditions, they are not permanent iif we act now and change our behaviour patterns. In a few years time we could get the coldest Winter we have ever had down South to. Climatic conditions are not permanent, they change like the weather. God is in control of that to if you like me just have enough faith to believe in that to. Just remember that I could not see you nor predict the changes from God's level, I read and write, God sees and does the rest, we should listen to God and follow Him and He will help us recognise what is right for all our lives. This is not the end of the world as Revelations describes it, but an enormous wake up call to come back to God, are you willing or do we all want to self destruct

You Did It Your Way

You did it your way, I did it mine, remember that when we start talking about who did what, why things happnened and what for did we do this. Trying to explain happenings and give an account of procedure is an examinable subject, legislation is all recorded and accounted for just like my daily news and book writing, it is a form of journalling to say this is what I have done. I don't know about all of you and everything that you all have done, but you must have done it your way and you are accountable for your own lives, decisions we make, choices you and I make, it is all understandable to God, even when it makes no sense to all of us. We go on our merry way thinking nothing is wrong and then when the brakes go on and things snap, we blame God, wrong again. God is not to blame, we are You did it your way and I did it mine, we all go on our merry little ways doing whatever we want to please and satisfy ourselves, I do, don't you? We are all called to account for our own lives one day before God, everything we have ever done is written down in the history books of our lives and given to God to account for.

You say you worked hard for everything that you have got, I am not disputing that, I tried to. You are entitled to everything you have got and I try to be like that to, take pride in my possessions. But we are all called to be accountable to God. God has His possessions in heaven to, He is charge of all the churches and all the earth, they are all owned by Him. The fact is one day I am going to face God in heaven at the door where Peter stands at The Pearly Gates and I will ask God if I am good enough to come in and live there with Him in heaven. I know that I am not and that I will never be good enough to pay the price myself, all my good deeds are but thilthy rags, but I am saved by grace and I have a wonderful saviour who paid the price for me, dieing on a Roman cross 2000 years ago, who comes to the door and says to Peter, I know this one, enter into your rest. He says I know you by name, I have called you to live and be with me.

All the hairs on your head are numbered, I have cast your sins as far as the East is from the West. I have called you a child of God, you are precious to me. You are worth more than many sparrows, consider the lilies of the field are they not clothed more splendidly than King Soloman in all his glory. Do you know that you are going to heaven? Did you do it your way or God's way? Are you sure of your salvation? Do you believe that The Lord Jesus died for your sins? Or did you do it your way and have to be knocked back when you get to that big pearlly door and sent back the other way to hell, with the Devil and all His demons in Hades. Do you know the Lord Jesus? He does not want any to be lost. Are you doing things your own way or trying hard to follow Him. Jesus has a meaning and a purpose for your lives and He wants you to be saved into God's kingdom.

You did it your way all right, but was that God's way to, did you follow God through Jesus who has the keys to heaven and hell. If you are still going your own way, turn your life around and follow Him, come into a saving knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ, it will be the best decision that you can ever make in your life. God will say, Did you do it your way? or did you do it mine, someone who has humbled as a servant like the lord Jesus Christ to a point of death. If you know Jesus it will be all worth it, not only will you have treasures in heaven, but you will inherit eternal life to be with God forever in heaven, do it now while there is still time, don't delay, make a decision for The Lord Jesus now, it will be the best choice that you can ever make for yourself. You will start to do things the right way, Gods way and you will find peace and happiness in your life. It is in dieing that we receive eternal life it is in giving that we receive Gods word that was sown. God is love, know where you are headed and follow Jesus. Once you have found Him, you will notice a big difference in your life and be so glad you did

How Would I know ?

How would I know what is happening and what I should do. I would know by my experiences, I know I worked in retail for twenty years or a similar field. I know I have seen pyschiatrists for 35 years and been in hospital a few times. I know I have travelled around Australia and the world a few times. I know this because I have done it. I also know that I have read 1330 books because I remember reading them and wrote them down after I read them. I also remember reading The Bible 280 times because I put a little mark in the Bible everytime I read it once more. We know, learn and live from our memories and experiences, just like I am writing this now from what I have learnt, know and remember from my experiences. How would you know, you would know the same way, from what you have done, from what you have learnt and what you have been taiught by reading writing and remembering what has been said from what other people have told you, that is how I know to, all that is called experience.

Experience is a wonderful thing, it gets us in and out of trouble, it leads and guides the way from memories of what we know and past experiences of doing things and going to different places. It gives us a broad skope of horizons to pick and choose from for the future and it also keeps us safe from harm after we have learnt that if I tough a hot element on the stove I will get burnt, sure we were told that by our parents, but us dummies still have to learn that lesson the hard way for ourselves, don't we. If we listened to the wisdom of the ages we would have been a lot smarter and better off for following those wise instructions.

We know we went to school but still after a few years in the public bar, we forget everything and have to relearn everything again that we had forgot from our frivolities in drinking so that we have some knowledge and skills on literature and history and all that other good stuff that we learnt at school and forgot, back to the books again and we learn that geography was a very good idea rather than burying our heads in alcohol. Like throwing sand to the wind it comes back and gets in our eyes and we lose focus on the simple facts of reality and what sense there is in the wisdom of life, death and money become appealing till you are caught in such a bind that it is nearly an emergency that you are simply struggling to grasp another breath of air, life giving oxygen which we seem to want to take for granted. We forget simple things like photosynthesis which is plants breathing in carbondioxide that we breathe out and expiring oxygen for us to breathe in.

These are the simple sources of life that we all need and while others are still stuck in the pub getting blind drunk to all these essentials on life abnd what a waste of money it is to, lose your sense and your money to, where is the value in that but ending up in hospital the next day if you so lucky to be saved in time by that. I can remember every place that I have ever been, but it does not come back to my memory quick enough in time to put it all down in one sentence. Those things are treasured memories which you can talk about over the ages left and still to come. Write your life story and you will be remembered for that if you can find or get enough people to read you, I might one day in the years to come. How would you know? we all have different experiences on life, you are alive aren't you, you know that, which is a pretty good place to start for the rest of your life.

Trying to survive and stay sane, is just the daily grind of work efforts to conform to society and maintain being safe, after my last page, I hope that I have not lost the plot again but that I am assured of my salvation, working myself into a rutt or blocked frame of mind, lets hope we have all got over that by now. I know I can't do life alone, I need you out there, my readers to assure me of that. How would I know? these are a few ideas I thought about that I think you should know to.

Wisdom Seeks Attention

A lot of people are attention seekers, but for all the wrong reasons, their self centred approach to gaining affluence and wealth is both greedy and indulgent. Have a look at me and see what I can do, so that you can pay me more money sort of selfish idea thing. Naturally we all need to work for our money, but the distruibution of wealth is just as important as who is the richest. Businesses and big compamnies have a huge wage and salary payour each fortnight and their imparticular brand needs to be advertised and exposed in order for the company to profit and margin without going broke or under, we all ened to pull our weight for the work to get done, it is not all mine or all your responsibility, it is an indivdual effort by each but we must have the common goal of serving the higher purpose of the betterment of society and the common good of all.

This should be our work goals and aim and is really the best and only way that you can achieve a lasting profit cycle and company profit for the shareholders in the first place. Expolitation and overemphasis of a product are debtramental to a companies well being, as competition is just as important as good practises in equalizing market share, depending on the quality and price of the product. It is about applying your attention to wisdom and using market strategies that reflect a humanitarian approach rather than a selfish endeavour of greed to be in the first place as the highest achiever. The way that you achieve results is just as important as how much you make and by doing things the right way, you are complementing each other in both perspectives collaberably. Ethics and principles of honour are absolutely important for the longetivity of the businesses or company operations.

The moral result of loyalty to the company goes hand in hand with the pride of the employees, who want to work for a brand that they know, love and trust and management that care. This can be looked at on an individual level with the basis of seeking wisdom for life before money and possessions, paying attention to the details of the needs of others, as being the best method that you can use to achieve results for yourself and the improvement of health of others. In wisdom sake, if you have the capacity to work well and achieve results then you should be teaching that to others as a first priority. Education is the key to success, remember that and health is the necessary objective in maintaining longetivity and success in the work force.

Pay attention to wisdom my friends, like the Psalmist suggests and the Proverbs imply, and you will not only reap treasures on earth, but will also prosper and advance the kingdom of God which is the better alternative and direction to take. Governments can't live and survive without the recirculations of funds, through cycles of advancing and history making, that is a basic and conditional fundamental of economics. To go three steps forward you nearly always have to take a backward step or two, to make sure that things are done well, safely and securely from the knowledge of wisdom and experience. You just can't keep going foraward like a bull at a gate, which creates breakdowns, malfunctions and deteriation of peoples well being.

Stop, listen and learn are three good principles that we should all take on board when considering advancement. When making decisions of project management you must be sure that you are making the right choices and heading in the right direction or the repair costs of bad decision making can be and are inumerable. Seek wisdom first in all areas of life and pay attention to its detail. We are the stewards of the earth and that means, wise government and good management in all directions to take, our future is at stake and the safety and longetivity depend on our good management and safety records for advancement. I hope that you can see the wisdom of life in the philosophies of seeking attention.

That your concerns and thoughts are well met by some of these ideas to influence any decision of advancement in life that you might take, you might consider others in that choice of direction as well.

The Best Is Left Undone

They say the best is left to come, but I say the best is left undone and will all happen in another new book somewhere down the track in my writing career. I do have a few more helpful tips on descerning wisdom however, that I will include in this book as I now wind up with the final few pages. The thing is that no matter how much you write or concentrate on a set of particular ideas in context there is so much variation and diversion that leads away in a completely opposite direction to the way that was originally intended to be taken. I am not apologising for that, nor am I ashamed of it, I revel in the idea of differentation and diversification to extremes. On the fires however, we should not be pointing the finger at God for those, it is the work of the Devil I can asure you, some of his firey flames from hell have come upon us on the earth here in Australia and he can be almsot totally blamed for those.

God is a good God and wants the best for our lives and it is only when we go our own ways, or the ways of the Devil if you like, that He allows the Devil to take control of us for a while, because we preferred the Devils way to God's. It is only till we repent and come back to following Him, (God) that He gives us reprieve and forgiveness. You can blame it on climate change or anything else you like, Elnino and the like. But we have to own up for the responsibilities of our own lives and actions. Alcohol burns and if we spend too much time in the pub we burn to, by forgetting our sunscreen because we are happy for other reasons and absent minded under intoxication. There is alcohol in sunscreen, remember that to, but you can't drink it. It is there as a coooling agent so that you don't get skin cancer. The logic of the blame game is very easy, we look for any reason but ourselves to point the finger at, we have to own up to the fact that we wanted a good time and not a long time for oursleves and accept the consequences when they happen of the perishing of our own lives and our valuables.

Think of the poor insurance companies after the cost of these fires, The Devil laughs at them to, they had plenty of money before this. The thing is it is not just the fires where we need to look at, there are many ways of wisdom that we need to search out and consider in everyday life. There is nearly always a good and bad alternative in every decision that we make. There is nearly always a right and wrong answer to every question we ask, therefore there is always people going to heaven or hell depending on which way they choose to take. The choice is easy but it is too hard for most people, we have to give up all those earthly pleasures for the treasures of the kingdom of heaven and the longetivity of life and then eternal life. If we make right decisions then we advance the kingdom of God on earth appropriately and wisely and we all share in the mutual benefilts of our wise choices, but we have to work together, those who are going astray need Jesus. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners "Jesus Words". Jesus wants us all to achknowledge Him as our Lord and saviour and live in peace and plenty and not in want and desperation all the time. Healthy choices are right choices, enough exercise is a wise choice, working and contributing back to society is a wise choice.

We have to make wise choices like these for mental health and community well being. Let us now go on and finish the book in the last few pages, where you can expect more of the same again, differently. That is an oxymoron but I will use it for the time being and now. You will see what I mean by the best is left undone, as there is always more work to do in other areas.

What's Still To Come ?

What is still to come, is it all over now, is that the ball game or do we just start to play ball. Well it is near the end of this book, but no it is not all over yet, there is plenty still left to come. It is about where we are now and where we are heading from here. We have made our choices up till now and we have had to live with them. But what about the future? Are we going to make wise choices now? Are we looking to advance the kingdom of God on earth or are we more interested in our own selfish indulgences? We can make the world a better place if we act now, if we work together for the goal of the common good, if we turn from the ways of the Devil and look to God. The Devil is a defeated foe, and if you are on his side at the moment, then it is a pretty good time to change sides and follow God who we know will win in the end. It is recorded in history as a divine plan in Revelations, that says that the Devil will have the reigns for a period of time, like Job was tested by the Devil but God shone through in the end. God only allows The Devil so much scope and then he says enough. It is time to put the foot down in my opinion or it will be too late I am afraid.

As I have said before the world is a beautiful place and is only perverted by corruption and decieptful foul underhanded tactics and distractions. We can't afford to go under, no none of us and we all must recognise the signs of the times and act to choose wisely now. The future has so much to offer and there is so much potential if we can all only learn to do it right. Screem and cry out to God, Don't give up on us baby, we can still shine/come through, as the song goes and see if God's grace allows. There is a wonderful world of excitement out there if we only learn to do it right, learn from our mistakes and make a better future for all of us in the way we look at and act upon life. There is the promise of showers of blessings, there is the hope of a world without turmoil strife and pain. There is a position of peace instead of war and there is a place of plenty instead of want.

We all must work towards it, we all must give it ago and try our best. So that the hope is not futile and there is a blessing and not a curse. I wrote in my first poetry book in the final word. That God would have the victory with me doing what I should, I hope I have tried my best, I have been encouraged by you the reader, to work harder. I have been inspired by the many treasured collection of writers who have written and inspired me by their thoughts, ideas and positive potenial for hope. There is a lot of good work being done out there and we are slowly and gradually acting correctly, by making the right choices and advancing positively.

We have to maintain the focus and keep heading in the right direction and maintain the balance of equilibrium in all our ways, means and objectives. The future is waiting for us as we take sure and steady steps into it and towards the goal of a perfect world, We are not lost and hopeless, there are some who have gone astray, but not all, the mainstream is foucsed and objective in nearly all of most of the common endeavours. Don't let it slip into decay, stay on top of the situation, be in control of your work load, maintain positive ideas for the best possible outcome. God holds and shines the guiding light and we who look will see it clearly, the rest are in the darkness I am afraid to say. Teach, lead and instruct the wayward wisely, show compassion and undersatnding in all your dealings and pursuals. Show love and kindness to those who are hurting and befriend those who would try and mislead or hurt you. It is hard to gather and understand the right way, the road to life was never going to be easy. But if we try and make the effort, then things appear clearer and the right or best direction to take becomes available and we can move into that new position of stability and attain the actual; advancement of socialization in the more modern world.

History can take care of itself and fo those who treasure those memories, they can revel in that love as well, from wisdom in decisions from experience of learning and those applications of understanding. What is still to come? We will look at that further in the final two pages

I'm Glad We Did It

Well you have buckled up and stayed tune for the ride and I thought you would be so glad that you did. Are you glad that you did? Have you been entertained by the gift of ideas that you have recieved? Did you enjoy the ride or did you just experience something different and out fo the ordinary. maybe you think that it is all the sam,e as anything else you have read, especially from my work. I hope not, I hope that you have been joyfully exposed to a new and refreshing look at life and what it is all about. We did not recreate the universe all over again, but I would like to think that we gave it a good try. There is nothing new under the sun as I gainfully repeat as a teacher of wisdom, it is all there allready and we are just searching and trying to tap into the unknown and unexpected truth of what there is for reason and knowledge in the expansion of the kingdom of God on earth. There has been no harm in trying and as they say in the clasics, nothing ventured nothing gained. To some it may be a fresh look at what is old hat, to others a delight to see something created out of nothing for a facinating and interesting view and look at life a bit differently.

Either way we have just about got to the end of it all, but stay tuned it will start all over again in a different way with different ideas and my boredom will be greatly relieved again in a fresh you look at another new book. That is still to be seen, the wisdom that has been generated out of this book, I hope that we can all put into practical application, that the fruition of the end result is positive and not negative. That there has been many pleasant ideas and pleasures in the reading as I know that there have been in the writing. That you to may take up the challenge to write your own book of slowly gained wisdom to share with others and those of the like who will read you as they do me, I hope you are all out there somehwere doing just that.

The best way to end and to finish off is with good wishes and love for all. I trust that your experience has been a pleasant one. I am allready starting to get ideas for my next and last page before I sign off with the final summary. I am allready starting to get ideas for my next book with which as much reading will help to get into and investigatre that as well. It could be aid that it has all been done before, I would like to think that every page was something new, fresh and clean, kind and not hurtful, peace loving and not hateful or spiteful.

That it has been as much a joy to read as it was to write and that you have expanded your horizons as well as mine in some inciteful understandings into wisdom, life and knowledge. Philosophy lends itself to all of us in different ways and there will never be no two philosophic books are alike. As even with Aristottle, Plato and Socretes they all had a brand of there own. I have encorporated a more theological appraoch in some aspects of a book on philosophy, which I pride myself on the priviledge of giving that joy and credit to God, God is the wisdom holder and there is no better philosopher than Him. When you create the universe you sit back and watch and give everyone else a turn, only to step back in when things go too far astray. We all offer our prayers and petitions up to God when we see things going wrong who faithfully steps in and intercedes in only the way that He knows how, with love and wisdom.

We all get a bit of a surprise when we see how he works everything out, how there was a simple logical answer for everything and we just could not see how it would all come about, but It did, I have seen it time and time again how God works in strange and mysterious ways for the good of all. Even the bush fires have got rid of a lot of dead wood and cleared up the forest for regeneration, Sometimes it happens in massive amounts, at other times we are left wondering why God does not do anything. he was too busy, no we did not get of our seats and do something for ourselves. Or he was too busy fighting the Devil to, I am sure it takes up a major part of his time like it does for us. God will have the last laugh in the end, we will just watch and be awestruck and the amazing ways that God handles things when we think that all hope is gone. Believe me, God is a lot bigger than that, he is just playing with us and pussy footing around. The real job belongs to us. If we did it all right in the first place there would not be any need for God to do anything, which is how it is meant to be I might add. I aplogise for saying that one, when I think of all the good that God does all the time across the whole earth and how many loving people work to serve him and delight in the favour.

The idea is just too wonderful to understand. There are hundreds of millions of people going to church each Sunday around the world. There is billions of people who believe in God through many different faiths and religions. We just have to trust the one true God, who is really God and let God take care of that for Himself. Who are we to question God, like Job we just stand back in awe and fright, geting frustrated at how little we know and understand compared to Him. God is God and let God be God, it is that simple. I am glad we did it, you to I hope, one more page to go,.

Now It Is All Over

Well, thankyou very much everyone and everybody, now it is all over except for the rest of this page to say thankyou. Sinanara, Adue and God Bless is the best way to finish off I think, when really it is not goodbye but see you later in the next book. There has been many reasons and applications for discussion, many thoughts of why, how and what for. I did not discuss rock platforms or stars out in space too much, somethings remain best unsaid and left there for God to deal with in another book. Life is from beginning to end a matter of creation and evlovement, evolution is only a revolution of everyday happenings and events. History never repeats itself by itself, only if we are stupid enough to let it happen.

The beauty of life is that there is always something new, that is the essence and vibrance of living. Life does repeat itself in cycles unlike history which seems to be one big lecture or lesson on the way we did things, right or wrong. There are many treasured memories in that, but life is about the future for everyone, there is really no going backwards once you are born, we must keep putting one foot in front of the other, if we are to maintain anything and get anywhere at all. You can't take the same breath again as the wind comes and goes where it likes and feels it wants to go, blowing off into the distance somewhere.

LIfe goes in circles all right as we try and get our breath back, the world spins around differently everyday, giving us different cloud formations, different degrees in temperature in different parts of the world. Life is different and that is the basic ingredient for wisdom, the work goes on and we have to understand changes and the way things are, to best suit our needs and everyone else around us. Now it is all over, but really it just begins again and starts back up all over the place, babies are being born, no two babies exactly the same, people die and we wonder if they really do go back and repeat everything they have ever done in heaven or in hell. A wonderful concept of philosophy, one day I might find out if it really happens I guess.

For now though, just let us press on to the next goal, it is over and all we need now is for the fat lady to sing. Of cource I beg and plead with you to join me in the next book which I shall disclose in the summary as to what it will be, just because one book ends does not mean that there is no more to write. It just keeps on going I am afraid, whether I like it or write it or not, someone else will do it instead of me. I just struggle to keep up to date with everyhting happening around me and try to stay informed on what is going on in the world, so that I have relevant material to write for you to read.

Otherwise it is just God doing the job, working through me for you. I like to think of it that way and I hope that you can see it a bit like that as well for yourselves and your own personal endeavours to experience life for those who care and dare to enjoy God as well. That is a hundred pages of life philosophically, I hope that you have enjoyed the ride as that is how I intended it to be, you coming along with me, week by week in daily pursuals of discovering interesting things. Perhaps I will write another philosophical book some day, but for now, that is the ball game and the end of the show, life must go on however. Stay tuned for the next book, God is Good and that is the best way to end I think. See you next time, forever in my dreams and have perfect peace. Darel.