King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Why Wisdom

Its A Good Question

Life is really a good question and in fact the ultimate question of what it is all about. Questions deserve good answers and life has a fully loaded triggger system of nearly unending, openended and closed questions and answers to what is a simple topic of life itself. Philosophy is the asking of questions to life and its meaning that we might uncover truths and facts about what is real and right in the common board circuit of life.

I could go on for hours and indeed this book will be full of answers to the questions of life. Narrow misses and escapes, close calls and getting comfortable and uncomfortable. In fact we are making life choices all the time in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding to establish and maintain a higher intellectual capacity for living. We make decisions and are subject to challenges, reasons for living, stuggles and climaxes of making mistakes and learning. We all need to have a hope, to put our faith in a higher calling or being. To love like we have never known what to do before and establish the credentaials of God as king for the right minded center and depicture of the glorious story of living life. It is fair to say that the seasons lo life and as real as the anxieties and stresses of everyday activities, creating the highs and the lows of living where by loving we aim to overcome and learn that the higher calling in life is to be obedient to the truth and live the higher dream of right minded thinking.

We have to accept our realities and we have to adapt and change to the circumstances to provide the real truth and fruition of meaning to ourselves, by establishing the right and correct living patterns of success. Doing this is a step in the door to the heavenly goal and path for survival where paradise is the outcome and desired goal of accomplishment. Money as real as it seems to us for everyday things and expenses of even daily food, can be shallow and empty without the hidden truth of love and being. For to accept our reality is a common self attained goal of satisfaction and personal self esteem. For now I have dealt with the reality of philosophy of life in its very own meaning, let us take up the passion of the heart and look further into what this question is of,

What is life all about? It is indeed a good question and we will continue to look further and deeper intio this question with more meaningful answers with a certain depth of character for truth and what wisdon it holds to be revealed.



Its Ok To Ask

Its Ok to ask or as so the story goes, he who askes for nothing, gets nothing. If we have a problem and don't know the answer, people are willing to help and all we have to do is ask that simple little question admitting that we don't know the answer and get and seek help. I don'ty know what it is is the question, when balck is white and white is black and all you draw from the middle inbetween is grey and I don't know, it is Ok to ask What is it, really I mean. life is full of questions and there are many meanings and answered inplied by sometimes trick questions that really only deserve simple answers. I hurt or I am in pain, why we ask, what did I do wrong, why am I suffering, what is it all about really anyway,

I don't know, but I am willing to ask and it is Ok to ask. Don't be ashamed or feel guilty by not knowing, unless we ask we usually don't know or are unwilling to find out, unless we ask. What is it all about life really I mean. We have to challenge our thinking to discover and unearth the hidden meanings of the truth and ask why, how who, what and where is this thing called the truth in life that I really want to know all about. Asking seeks discovery and questions seek answers to the truth.

Really it is never wrong to say, I don't know. What is life all about anyway, will someone please tell me, it is OK to ask. I can assure you that even the gtreatest professors and scientists never knew the answers to the questions of life, until they asked. That is how we learn and discover the unending truths of the universe. So just as Einstein discovered E=MC2 or Issac Newton discovered gravity or the law of physics that, Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. These are reasons to questions that people were not afraid to ask, by being daring, trying to excell, they succeeded and found. But don't be timid with questions becasue it is Ok to ask and he who hesitates is lost, but he who seeks finds and he who asks recieves, according to Jesus and His unfathomable truths have been passed down the centuries for many proven prosperities, many times.

Don't be afraid, it is Ok to ask, Ok good, Universities are designed to be asked and to be asking of questions.

Let Me Tell You Why

I am now saying, let me tell you why. Its good to ask questions and it is Ok to ask, but now, let me tell you why that is so. Why is it so? as professor Sum De Miller often asked, he asked to discover why something is, was or will be. Why was it there in the first place and what will become of the thing if we do or do not do something about it. The whole of history depended on people asking "Why". Why is a very good way to start to ask a question.

Why are we here for example? Everything in history had a reason for being here, just the same as everyone did. People did just not come into being without question or reason. People have not just happened for no reason, but to know the reason, at least your parents thought about you first before you were even born, you were thought about. You are here for a reason therefore and just like God created the universe and spoke everything into existence, the predestination of all of our souls are predetermined in the whole, great, big picture of the scheme of things, infact the universe would not be here without enough thought first and then people asking why.

God knows what you will be doing next week. Why, because someone asked why and how it all comes into being depends on you and me and God overseeing the whole situation and operation. In fact the perfect plan for our whole lives is in the very being and heart and nature of the soul of God, who wants the best for out lives and will carry it through if we will only achknowledege Him as Lord and saviour of our lives. The divine purpose of seeking God is to have a relationship with Him, to look to Him in time of need, in time of hardsghip, intime of misunderstanding. The whole big purpose and design of our lives is in His hands if we will only acknowledge and trust Him.

Believe, let go and try to trust Him and His grace will be sufficient for our lives and the best possible out come and reasons for living will become clear and the purpose exposed to the truth of right living. Have a go to and ask why to, you will be blessed by the answer of it all.

Intelligence Helps

Some one once told me, that if I had half a brain I would be dangerous, I could not agree with them more. You need your whole brain to be intelligent and you must exercise it and use it for it to work properly. A bit of metal sitting on the ground outside will soon go rusty unless you pick it up and find a use for it, even if that means going to the recyclers with it. It can be melted down and made into something new and worthwhile. Intelligence is not just a gift of mental aptitude but a way that you have used your gift of a brain in your head to work out things and to make useful tools or things that can build, produce and manufacture. Like cleaning up after yourself, doing the dishes, writing a book and getting published, you have done something of worth, in some ways you have created an existence that was past what you had before you started.

Achieving is a result of you using your brain, for disicplined exercise, achievement or just putting a few things together in place where they can be found. Making things easier to see, visually assisted or applied, even if it is only pointing out the error of the ways or providing a better way to do things or see the obvious that was inobtrusive before or blatently impossible to understand. The mind thinks, the brain acts to co-ordinate and the arms and legs do to get the body to where you want it to be, however and whenever you have to move, read or write. Intelligence helps and so it is also true that unless we show that we have an ability to think clearly in a clever and undertstanding way, we fail to demonstarte out aptitude of our intelligence.

Thinking to yourself just how intelligent you are is stupid, you have to demonstrate it by your example and ability to answer questions, diagnosis of arguements and generally show that you know what you are talking about. Writing, however easy or hard it is, is only seen as intelligent if you can produce a logical arguement and demonstrate that you have some knowledge on the subject. Intelligence must be seen by others, it is no good keeping it all to yourself. If you have a brain use it and if you only have half a brain because you only use it half of the time, then I feel very sorry for you and I hope that you can see the error of your ways.

Smarter People

It is fair to say that you are not the smartest all the time. There is always someone smarter than yourself, people work hard for that priority of being smarter than someone else and really you can't work that hard all the time, something has to give or brake. We can take a break for a little while and the world passes us by and so many other people do so many other things, we simply can't keep up with them all the time. We have to give up and submit to a smarter person who is probably working harder becuase they want to help. Wanting to help others makes us smart, it is only because when we are so stupid that we think that we can do everything on our own, that we have to realize that we cannot and other people can do the things we can't.

We need time to rest. God can be found in other people and they know that God can be smarter than themsleves, God works harder and longer than all the others put together and none of us can keep up with that. Other people it is fair to say can be and are smarter, because they have a better knowledge of God or they just work harder. Being smarter and working harder go hand in hand when you are trying to make money, sometimes it is better to rest and take your time and let other people have a turn of working harder to be smarter or richer. You will make enough money if you have enough time and that is being smarter, when you are able to do the work. Nothing comes to the mind of the weary and we have to have faith and put our trust in other people and God to help us get through the day or night for that matter. We all have to sleep and we all lock or doors of a night as that is smart.

Other people who you don't trust can be on the prowl of a night time and so it is best if you can get all your jobs done to steer clear of debts during the day while you care awake and not go without sleep becuase you can't pay back what you owe. You can see clearly in the daytime and it is hard to see at night, their is sense in that I am sure. Being a writer it is a lot less physically demanding job but my heart won't work or drive a 1000 kms if I don't do enough walking and if I don't do enough to rest properly, I won't sleep.

Early to bed and early to rise has been my philosophy for a long while now and when I get up early in the morning I can get a lot done in the peace and quiet and when I go to bed early I am making sure that I get enough rest. Let other people be smarter if you like or work as hard as you can to be smart enough yourself and to be smart enough yourself you must rest enough like other people.

Let's Me Live Life Longer

Wisdom lets me live life longer because I know how to handle different situations because of my experiece or learning in the praticular subject. That aprticular subject maybe health because I know that the healthier I am the more my body and mind is able to support me in the different struggles of deterioration and decay, teeth etc. By brucshing my teeth I can help preserve them to help them last longer. By keeping clean I am vunerable to less diseases. My walking I am circulating more blood and keeping the fat off and my weight down. Fat can cause coronry heart attacks and and also block your liver, kidneys and digestional processes. My eating well and exercising regularly I am able to stay healthy and live longer.

That is why we learn these things which are a process of the wisdom that is available to us. Just like by working I am exercising mental energy for my mind to function properly as in that by being productive and I contributing back to the society and that helped me get what I have in the terms of educational schooling and sport enabling activities. Society has a lot to contribute from within itself, but it takes a lot of support and establishment to have got to where we are from where we were so many years ago.

People working hard to contribute back into the world that created them. This gives us meaning and interest in life and with interest and purpose we have more reason to live and more desire to live longer. Wisdom let's me live longer because people that were here and been here before I was born have extablished set ways and means of doing things and they know what works and what will work because of proven methods that have been done before in the past. It we take up and follow those historic and proven methods then we will live right and live longer, because thos epeople have all ready lived long enough to know how to live and live longer.

Sure the body is vunerable to aging and deterioration but with wise new ways of treating age, we can even beat that sureity by eating well, being careful and avoiding dangerous situations and doing what is right along the way in the process of longetivity.

Thankyou, I Know Why

Now that you have explained everything to me I will thankyou as I now know why. You had the wisdom in the first place, you taught me the right way and you pointed me in the right direction to know how to live and how to live longer. Whether that was my parents, teachers at school or God. There was a way, a means and a know how to instruct. I thankyou Lord, that through all these people you showed me the way the truth and the life. Nothing could have been done without The Lords help and instruction. By asking why, I have learnt wisdom and remembered how to best live my life. I have tried to learn on my own bat and failed miserably. I have gone a stray and had to relearn everything I was taught right in the first place.

I have taken the hard way instead of choosing the easy was which is the right way. The hard way is just that the hard way to learn and the hard way to heal, even by that I have learnt but it takes a lot of repeating iand hitting yourself on the head to try and understand why. Those who have walked before me have the surity of proven steps of know how. they have leart the hard waya nd can tell you the easy way if you want to know. The hard way hurts and you are sure that you have learnt because you have had that embedded into you thinking, body and brain as a simple single system mindedness. The hard can be the right way but most of us take the easy way to find out what the hard ways, out of instinct or naievity.

If the easy way was always hard then we would ever understand the hard way being easy, life would be short and sweet and the beauty would be always with or against us, making life difficult but enjoyable, a total contradiction of terms but completely understandable. The beauty of life is not fleeting, but everlasting if you take and look at it the right way. The hard way may be easy sometimes but the easy way is always hard all the time. Consequentially we look at life philosophically and once again, I thankyou as you know why. You taught me in the first place and you showed me the way. There is a right and a wrong way to live and the more you see the right the more you are able to write on it. It is as simple as that, black and white, a clear distinction, try it and see the right way for yourself by writing.

Choose Wisdom

Choose wisdom above all else said the teacher in Ecclessiastes. It is more precious than silver and gold, it is above all else in beauty, spelndour and valour. It is the road to life and few find it. It is better than riches untold and leads to the path of eternal life. Therefore choose wisdom as it is above all else in what you could desire on earth. Why make a choice in the first palce, it requires thought and the process of thinking through, then you have to make a decision as to which way to go in the end. If you choose wisdom ,it is the road to life and that is all you will ever need as you journey across this planet. Some have found it in the safety of home, others in teir work and love life. Still others in the family of man and God in church. WE have to live our lives wisely, basically that is the bottom line, if you can amange to get through the day and each and every other day, then you have found the treasures of heaven.

These treasures of life are found in wisdom alone, not mans wisdom, but wisdom that comes from God. man will tell you how to make a million dollers in a hurry. God will tell you how to live your life long term so that you prosper in the end and go to heaven in eternal life, even while you are still remaining on earth. There is so much more to be said for choosing wosdom that I don't have space and time to do it all now in one short page. Read your Bible daily and get as many books on the subject of wisdom as you can. Wisdom can be found in many differrent types of truth, love and behaviour. Bacially it all boils down to not selling your soul to The Devil but committing and devoting your life to God. God has the keys to life everlasting, eternal and abundant,

The Devil wants to send you to hell to rot and die in eternal punishment, don't be decieved, the road to life is narrow and few find it. Keep your eyes open and focus on Jesus has has the keys to eternal life and death. he has overcome the world and sits at the right hand of God in ehaven. he will lead you there, to be with him, home on high and feet upon the rock of solid ground. How profound is paradise, but what a lot of sufferring to come through the pits of hell to rest on high with God in heaven. Let us all try.

Seek Wisdom

Seek wisdom and she shall show you kindness, seek grace and she shall show you peace. Seek God and he will give you faith to enter into His kingdom above. How philosophical is wisdom, why to cows eat green grass and give white milk. Knowledge and the glory of wisdom belong to God, achknowledge God in all your ways and he will give you direction in all His ways. Why dwell in hell when you can contribute back to the world that gave you life, why go after the things of the Devil that lead to death instead of seeking God and all His wisdom, which to lead you unto eternal life. Sometimes we all have to take a step back and look at where we have been, what we have been doing and what God wants to show us in the future to come. What lies ahead may not be easy to see or clearly visible to us, but God knows the way and he will guide us through tot he end.

All we have to do is to stay on the road and path that he lays down for us. The right way and not the wrong way, the long way and not the short way, the good way and not the bad way, the smart way and not the silly way. If the long way looks hard and difficult to you then should should consider taking it in life. For money the quick and the easy way are short lived. Time is on your side and is a gift from God, accept it, respect it and use it wisely. A new car will get you there quicker now, but the radar camera will catch you and fine you.

Travelling around the world every year is fun but when the plane crashes you had better not be on it. Look to see all the goodness of God, see what kindness is to be found in yourself and other people. Seel wisdom and you will live. Don't be a glutton, a greedy miser or a stinge, a fat cat or a jealous and envious person. Aim to be trim, tort and terific. I am a little over weight but I ran for many years and was as thin as a stick. I am still working on that one and with God's help I will do it. Seeking wisdom says, look up and not down. The sky is full of the heavens treasures but look down and read a lot. Look in to see yourself and see God and all the beauty outside yourself will appear.

These ideas of wisdom are not contradictory but self eye opening, creative and not conflictive. What appears right today may be worng tomorrow, but you have to get to tomorrow before you know what it is. Seek wiisdom, God knows what it is.

Learning Reveals

This is about teaching and learning, teaching tells us what we need to know, learning reveals what we don't know and what we need to know about life. Life is more than just making money and no matter what they tell you at school on how to make your way in the world and everything you need to know and understand about being a success, you still need to have time ion your hands to do all the things that are really important to yourself and others. Showing consideration for others is just as important or more important than consentrating on yourself all the time to make money which leads to physical and mental breakdowns

They don't teach you that at school, they let you learn that yourself the hard way when you leave school, you know all about carbon dating and how old the earth is, but what a painful way to keep your heart beating. If you can remember all those different types of minerals you must have rocks in your head. Learning reveals all these things but later on in time you are hurting badly and you just have to let it all out and cry. You can only retain so much for a certain period of time before you have to let go and let it all out again.

Then it is a matter of learning a new, you learn a whole lot of different things, ball park figures, how many cars on the road, what is the quickest way to get drunk, how many girls you can have before you need to get a new life.Things you ought to not know, but curiosity gets the better of you and you make a mistake and find out the hard way that it was better to listen in Sunday School instead. Really I can't tell you all these things you have to learn for yourself as cruel as it may sound. If you had the wisdom of the years, you would know all that allready. But still we each go about our day trying to find out what life means, how to do it better next time, why did I not do it the right way in the first place.

Really there is no answwer to these questions unless you are bright enough to listen to your parents and other elders. Life is about learning things the hard way, then we will be sure of the right and wrong way to do things. Learning reveals all these things, but is it ever too late, is it ever enough to say I know, is it really going to be right at the end of the day or does it take a lifetime. Wisdom holds a lot of answers to the questions on life and really we have to be bright enough first to ask the questions to reveal the learning truths to the answers to life.