King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Common Sense Ideas



Meaningfullness in all it's greatness and glory has really started with a small beginning. Like the parodox of the universe and the atom and the paradigm shift from Creation to Evolution the Human Being is imperfectly fallible but through beleif in God their is perfection, as in a state of mind to a point where the human mind becomes totally perfect and infalllible. There is no truth to the lie of the illusion that things just happened, nor is there any reason to believe that everything that is simple is sinful. Therefore the truth really is, that everything came into place for a reason and that there really is a logical answer for everything.

Thence the reality is that everything must have a reasonable meaning and explanation for it's right to be what it is.The type of thing that I am talking about is or is not the kind of thing you would expect, for the rational thinker must decide in their mind whether there is reason to believe the truth or judge the difference and then and therefore understand what is ideal. When things go wrong, people suffer and when everything is right something breaks. So just take a breath and remember that what was broke has to be fixed or thrown out. Now meaningfullness is the representation of things just being and it incurs a meaning when things change. If people want to be smart all the time, they only have to take a step backward and look at life as it was and then see the way it will be. So as we take the next step further into the future we remember from drawing into our memory the past events which establishes the way, of what is still to come.

This principle of time management must mean money and the obvious conception is the objection and obligation to everything being with a kind of meaningfullness. For in the reality of the time being, money is only transient and the real object is a reward for the fruits of our labour and reassurance that materialism is safe enough for consumption. Parsifal's Social Desires which will be the representation of Heaven and Hell in the world of intelligent design and is to be considered a reflection on the basic necessities of life and a presupposition and proposition for the essential criteria of using literature in demanding resouces, to question with economic reasoning and responsiblility the scial desires of life. While I do have time to be rationally economical, the extravegence and indulgence of literature mounts up as the ecological illusion and it has to be rationed as fundamental to the prosperity and successfullness of the adventure and endeavour to be environmentally freindly in the world.

So please remember to enjoy this book, Parsifal's Social Desires and indulge in its extrapolation and depth of meaningfullness, then avoid the pitfalls of negative associated melancholy of things that lead to death instead of eternal life, for this indeed is meaningfullness.