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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Life Philosophically

The Wisdom Of Life Philosophies:- Introduction

"Life was not meant to be easy." was a famous quote by a few people, and very true it is. Life is hard, but in all its precious unmerited faith and it is truly a blessing and gift of God to be understood in unfathomable wealth. It is the scene waiting around the corner to be beautifully consumed, it is the vast unknown of knowledge to be comprehended and intellectually grasped.

It is the surplus plentitude of abuntant living in many forms of indulgences to be rich, it is also the sacrifice in denials of being poor to be happy and it is the exploration of truth and the vast undiscovered cavities of the yet to be discovered universe. Life is truly an amazing thing and we should never underestimate or undervalue its gift. The joy of seeing a flower open or a deers fawn born, dolpins swimming in the ocean beside the great blue whales.

Science has yet to answer what has been done by man in all his accomplishments since conception and probably never totally will. The futility of trying to beat God, still overwhelms and consumes many. Really the work is always being done and will always be getting done and we have to include ourselves in the active participation of doing what we can to make this a better world to live in. Life on earth as we know it, is truly a wonderful thing and the search for meaning, for the answers to the questions that constantly arise, challenge and equip us to enable coming advancement, to lead into the economic productivity of the social heart in the soul, called life.

Life itself, from the formation of the earth to the planets in orbit, to the many micro organisms of marine biology on sedimentary rock platforms. To feel the eruption of oozing lava from volcanic eruptions in the vains and what is like metaphoric earth quakes in the heart, that lead to the soul of the human body. Or simply just to sit back and recline in a library to read and try and understand what life really is all about. Life is the ultimate question and while death is an answer, it is not the only answer and the path we have trod is just as important and the path we will tred.

So now as we search this critical path of the road of life in this new book, called Life Philosophically. I am tempting you to follow me once more in the adventure of uncovering and discovering this new and hidden concept of a love, as an all consuming passion and faith, that provides the virtue of morality and hope.

That which in turn leads to the unknown of what really and truly are what life actually is, as a vision of seeking and searching to find and unearth the wisdom and meaning of life's true form and reality. Buckle up for the ride and stay tuned as work evolves in words of Life Philosophically, I think you will be so glad you did.

\Darel Robert McAllister.