King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Where Could It Be

He Who Looks Finds

He who looks finds and he who seeks definitely recieves, whoever knocks at the door will have it opened unto them, these words of Jesus I have found facinatingly true. The fact is that unless we are prepared to give things a try and go searching for what we want, we often find that we are looking forever in the wrong direction and never get exactly what we want unless we have Jesus as the key. Life in all its glory is a hard sought treasure and those who take the gift for granted can be found stranded on some deserted island with no way to get off. Just because you have the I whole island to yourself does not mean that you are happy, as people need relationship more than anything else and this is best found in God.

Solitude is not the answer to living, God is and relationship is the key to nearly everything. Without interaction with others through God, we may as well be on the island with the whole thing to oursleves. He who looks finds and in case you were that one stuck on some uninhabited island, God is looking for you and will find you there if you let Him. Man is not meant to be an island and people are designed for relationship and interaction. Everything you have ever wanted can be found in others with God's help and even though we think we have everything we need to ourselves, we are in the desert or on that island of our own. God is the key to all your hopes, needs, wants and desires and if you look for him he can be found to satisfy the very nature of your hunger and your spiritual desolation while you contently suck up the sun on some deserted island with a drink. Really what more could you want than a relationship with the one true God and allmighty creator.

What hope is there really if you look and never find. There is a heaven some where over the rainbow and there is a prize called eternal life. We just have to know what we are looking for and go after it and search everywhere until we find it, it can be found in Jesus at the foot of the cross, where, if you come to a repentance of your sin, you will find forgiveness, healing and restoration in His love. Do you know what you are looking for yet, have you been into a thousand book shops and not seen what you want? It is found in the Bible where at mans greatest point of need Christ died for the ungodly. You can find peace and joy in Gods love and kindness and blessings and goodness in having faith in Jesus. Give it a go, you will be so glad you did.

Search and Seek

Why are we here? Why do we often feel so alone when we are surrounded? Why do people look invane for things of this world and on earth instead of all the treasures of heaven which are found in God? How can you be happy with a million different things and yet be so alone and isolated in your own ideas and opinions and not reflect on God through others. Take some time out for your self to meditate and self anylize your ambitions. Are you seeking to gratify your selfish desires or are you working towards the good of others. The best self help is to help others. These questions we seem to ask ourself all the time ,but unless we admit that there is a God and come to Him for the answers we may as well go on looking in a thousand different places with a blindfold on.

You can't see God unless you look and you will never find what you are looking for with any eternal satisfaction unless you ask Jesus into your life. He holds the key to sin and death which he conquered on the cross and riose again victorious with all the power in heaven at His command. He has gone to be with His father and He is coming back again to take us to a place where we can be with Him, to live and reign forever at His side with Him. He has the keys to get you out of hell and death, He can show you the way the truth and the life which come through knowing Him and The father. Come to Jesus and recieve His mercy, allow God to show you His grace, ask for peace and understanding and you will receive the love of God. The Devil is a defeted foe, don't let him tell you otherwise, in all your ways achknowledge Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour. He will keep you in His love and care and shine down the glories of the treasures of heaven upon you and into your life.

Don't give up on us darling we can still come through were the words of an old song and Jesus is stil there waiting to lead you home to heaven where you can live in a right relationship with Him. God is a good God and despite what evil people tell you and try and lead you away from the truth and love of God, ignore them or tell them about Jesus. You could not do a better thing than share the love of Christ with them and try and win their souls into the kingdom of God. You could not do a better thing for them than to lead them to salvation, even if they are too ignorant to accept at least you have tried and saved your own soul by doing so. Working for God and His kingdom is a very rewarding and is a very fullfilling endeavour and you will be so glad that you tried. God bless you as you seek and search to find God in helping others and leading them to a saving love in Christ.

I Use To Know Where

I use to know where but now I am not sure anymore. It is a good question, that when we get use to something and our position changes or things move, we have a different set of circumstances to deal with, sometimes a different place to live and possibly a new whole and complete ball game to deal with when family arrives, someone dies or we just move on in life to a different social circle and status positon. I use to know where god was in my life and my position in the kingdom of God when I was younger and as I moved through my learning stages of exploring the world and I learnt all right, but al the wrong ways from the right ways that I use to know before and then I had to relearn all the right ways again. It is still an ongoing and learning curve where the position changes only when you aquire something that you want or when you are lead astray again even a bit to a more negative position in life or you take a backward step through some mistake you have made and end up on the recovery trail once again.

Like all the things you learn at school, geography and places, famous people and history, scientific equations and formulas, the road to recovery is ten times harder than the road to destruction. What you knew before is always worth more than what you learn by spending on things that waste time and resources. They say the wrong road is the one that leads to hell and it is wide and the narrow road, the right road leads to life and few will find it. We have to be careful with our choices, make wise decisions and stick to the proven principles that work. Changing things for a different meaning or making it easier by taking short cuts are all on the wrong road to hell. If there is a right road, then we must take it and not allow negative thinking people rule and dominate our lives. Positive minded people have the best at heart for everyone, not just the get everything you can by any means, treading on whoever gets in the way in the process and at the end of the day they are not happy with their selfish gain and their conceited and proud nature makes them miserable. They just want more all the time at the expense of others. Good hearted people, show kindness and compassion, offer mercy and grace, love at all times unconditionally and work towards a better life for others than themselves. The greed of money is the greatest negative and the love of God is the greatest positive.

Choose health over wealth, enjoy life and happiness with the poor rather than selfish gain with the rich, the alternative to living a better life is always better towards heaven, than too many things that you don't know what to do with them all. Being rich in the kingdom and worth something in God's eyes, rather than your own or somebody elses is the better way and choice. I use to know where I was going, are you still saying that now? Are you still saying, I am not sure anymore? These are indeed the key questions for this world. Do we really know where we are going and have been? Only God has the answer to where you are in life now, Choose God and let him fill you with all the good things that you need rather than all the bad things that you want for yourself. Walk the road and life of faith, love God and hope for eternity, you can't go wrong with God you know, God knows where you have been when you forget your way, turn and follow Him, you will be so glad that you did and learn to follow the road, that you know where you are going. Taking chances all the time can get you into strife.

It Changes Places

Things sometimes turn up whenever they please, a stray dog, a bird on the veranda, a cat that comes over the fence. People come and go as they please, residents changes houses and living quarters for different reasons. Neighbours come and go as if you don't really know where from or where to. Just like the tide or the earths position to the sun turning night into day and day back into night, there are set times for everything and so to as the shadows of life move and change, our set of living conditions can rearrange themself just in the process and cource of the day or week. Change is something that we have to adapt to all the time. If I could change places with you it would never be right or true, because we look at things in a different perspective through our learning conditions and natural examples of experience and and given situations of the path we have trod.

My set of footsteps are always diferent to yours, we take different routes and roads on different days and we buy different things for lunch at diffferent occasions and times. If I could find someione that was heading in the same direction as me all the time, we could walk the road together and it would be less lonely and more assuring, but often as the case if this is hard to do or find. We all want to go our own ways and unless two can agree on the same thing, then it is a very lost and misled way that we take indeed all the time. God offers us a way that He has walked before us and the road to life, which He offers is never lonely, sometimes finding it is hard and that is why we need Jesus who has given us an example to follow. Do you know what it is that changes? It is our postion in life right at the moment and that is through God's eyes only, it changes all right and we have to make those choices and decsions ourselves, but if we choose to follow God, He helps us make those choices in the right direction and not in a hell bent path and cource of destruction.

Fix your eyes upon Him, don't stray to the right or to the left, keep focused and remain God honouring. There is a set cource for you to take, there is a perfect plan and a right way to live, one that will prosper you and not destroy you. Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace. That is the kind of change that you need and that is the place where you should be. The place where you are at in life changes all the time, but it should be in God's eyes and not yours.

Look Up, Not Down

Look up at the sky and not down at the ground, you will be pleasantly surpised by the change that the difference makes on your life, Sure you have to watch where you are going and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground so as you know where you are going, but the heavenly picture of a broad horizon with endless possibilities and skies that go on forever into heaven are much better than trying to dig yourself a hole in the ground or make a life for yourself in the mud rather than in a place where you can be happy. Keep your house clean and tidy of cource, watch after your children when they are playing with toys that can be misguiding.

Look at the stove when you are cooking and don't leave the dishes undone over night. All these little teptaions to just take life easy and leave things for another day, stop our readiness to stay sharpa nd bright and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and His brilliant mind where God lives in heaven and reigns from above. Look up, not down, give yourslef a chance in life for the best possible conditions, they come form God and not the bank manager. banks may have all the money and they offer you a lovely service but they are really just in the nusiness of making a profit, Have you ever checked the finacial returning proifits of a bank, they are making a lot more money than you. Invest in God for a change and give Him a go for a while, just maybe you money is better off with Him than with the stockmarket to. Invest in the treasures of heaven in things that will last into eternity and not perish here on earth. Work towrds a goal of a better life for everyone and not just your next step up to a better house in a better suburb. Go into the mission field and preach the Gospel.

Try and reach as many people as you can for the Lord, it so much more rewarding than selfish endeavours to succeed in material wealth, winning souls for the kingdom of God is so much ebtter than the lastest Ferrari. Invest your time in poeple and help those who need you more than the things you need yourself. Self satisfaction and gratification is so short lived, that while you think that you are making yourself happy instantaneously you are really on a slow and disturbing path to hell. Rather invest in time resources, ones that lead to heaven and not the other place down there. Look up and look to God. See things clearly and in the right and true perspective, rather than what you can get out of life for yourself. The more you look to God, the more you will see the light in other peoples eyes as well. There are hopes and dreams in many hearts just waiting to be fulfilled, kids with problems from broken homes and people on the street who have no idea where their next meal is coming from. A few dollers here and there in somebody elses pocket will reward you far more than ten hamburgers a week to fill your own stomache.

You will never go hungry if you look to God, you will never starve to death while you are giving to other people. The more you invest in time honoured rewards, the more you secure a place for yourself in heaven. Try asking someone begging on the streets where they have spent the last ten years of there life, show them your example of a better way to live, one that honours God and shows them the love of Jesus. Give generously and even untill it hurts. Better a little love spread around than all the food you want just sitting there waiting in your pantry. I have found a lot of money that has been dropped on the ground, thousands of dollers, because I look down but that does not make me happy when I think of all the silly people that have dropped it. I can put it in the poor box at church, but people need to look up to God and not at the sky while they pass money around.

God is the keeper of all good things and the more we look to Him, the greater our financial stewardship is in His kingdom will be here on earth and then onto and into eternity. God lives in heaven while we are here on earth, we have to live our lives as though we are going to heaven though and not going to stay around here and be on earth forever, however long that takes and however much it costs, we have to choose to pay the price now and give Jesus our lives for an eternal future with Him.

Its All Around Me

Its all around me and the possibilites are aparently endless, but I have to stay foused on the right path and look to Jesus first. There are so many temptations here in life on earth and their are worlds out there just waiting for us to discover, but the journey is a slow and an ongoing one and one that does not give you time and chance to get everything you want now and save nothing for later on. If you walk into a department store and see all the nice things there sitting on the shelf or on the rack, does not mean that you have to load up you car and take it all home.

Its all around me as you may well see, it appears that you are surrounded by all the good things in life in material posessions, but they do not nessecarially make you happy or fulfilled in life. I have books surrounding me here at home and the more I get the more I find myself being choked by the joys of having something to read. I write more now than I did when I worked in shops, I read my Bible more than all the books that I have here at home and delight more in taking a walk in the country somehwere rather than in the city here where I have lived nearly all my life. You can become too cluttered here in a big city where everything you want is right at your finger tips and you only have to get on your computer and google Ebay to find anything your heart desires and wants to have and it is delivered right to your door. It is all too easy really, there are so many things in life and it is all around me to see and have and want to enjoy.

Try considering the tres and mountains for a change, see the birds fly through the sky, go fishing for that fresh caught feed rather than buying fish and chips at the shops. There is so much more to do in life than just take everything for granted and expect it all droped into your lap.Try going bushwalking or going another block before you get on the bus. Climb a mountain instead of driving your car over the top of them. Run along the beach as I did for many years, your heart will beat better and your car is more likely to start first time and you won't run out of petrol as often. Walk around the block and visit different churches and Cathedrals instead of lunch at the club or a drink in a pub.

Sure it is all around me, but you have got to know where to turn and look in order to see where the things that you need really are. Look to God first he will show you the narrow road to life , rather than the road to endless things on earth that send you to hell instead of heaven. You can't see exactly what you need right now unless you look to God first. Give yourslef a chance in life, see God where He is and where He is at and what you want for your life then, He will give you everything he thinks you need, rather than trying to do everything on your own merit and self determination of order to get all you can right now as quickly as posible for your self right now.

Its What's Inside That Counts

Its what's inside that counts, what sort of person you are and how you treat other people. People know what type of person you are by your disposition towards them and what it is that motivates you, your passion for living or your desire to make money. Poeple see the heart of other people and know what type of person they are, by the way they conduct their business and how they treat others. Jesus said, The Kingdom of God is Within, He was not only talking about a persons heart, mind, soul and being but the glory of a God centred and Christ filled person who has love to show and shine out through their intentions, abilities and acts of love and kindness.

I guess you could also through in bodily organs which physically make up a person and their basic necessity and need to function, but he mainly meant their spiritual characteristics and their motives of heart. Its what is inside a person that counts, not outward appearances and the need to have more money, but the type of person you are and that is how others see you towards themself. Don't judge by mere appearances Jesus said, God does not look at the outside by sees the heart and soul of man, not all the nice clothes and makeup that cover up hidden sin. Greed, material desire of more possessions, corruption of heart and untrustworthiness. God wants us to trust Him before all else, He wants us to achknowledge Him as our Lord and saviour and put Him first in out lives

This is what makes a person clean, it is their knowledge of God, not what they have bought and kept to themselves. Sure you have to wash and have a shower daily but it is harder to clean on the inside to get rid of all the corruption and filth from a dirty type of lifestyle, which takes years of purification or you end up in in jail or dead or even worse, go to hell forever. Being a nice person is more important than all the money in the world, it is no good saying I wish someone was dead and just wanting to take everything they own, God sees the heart and will reward and punish accordingly to what they have done, their is a final judgement and it is on the motives of the heart, how you have acted and been towards others and God.

So it is what is inside a person that counts in the end, even more on day to day decisons of self sacrifice and daily denials of personal needs and requirements. God will reward you in heaven if you have done what is right towards others on earth. Not by how much money you have in the bank, but by how much love you have in your heart. Lord, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.

Think Outside The Atmosphere

You have heard it said, think outside the circle, but I am now telling you to think outside the atmosphere. We have to expand our minds from shrinking and think beyond what is normally humanly possible into realms of physical understanding to go beyond the limits of mental comprehension.Thinking outside the atmosphere goes beyond your favorite restaurant and to the edges of space, time and existance. Just like you can't put square pegs in round holes, you can think intrevertedly forever or you end up a shrivled up piece of dung on the compost heap. Thinking bigger is not always the perfect solution, but thinking smarter and more wisely leads to greater and broader horizons and levels of human conception and understanding.

We can't go on forever knowing never as I once put in a poem. We have to make sure of our thinking and aim for distant planets and stars instead of the house around the corner. Of cource friends and neighbours are important, but capitalizing self gain on friends and family is obnoxious. We have to learn to do things for ourselves where by are financial returns are only a good as the effort that we put into our work. No short cuts, cheap thrills with expensive indulgences, no starving the poor, but self denial and commitment for a positive return of your timelife investment. After all, I mean really, you only live once, so why through everything away on a short term high for a selfish moment, instead of investing in a long term future for us all, you will reap far more out of that for yourself. Soon we will have technology beyond what we have ever dreamed of and for a lot of us it is allready here now, but it is renewing itself all the time.

Thinking outside the square, box, circle is limited and finite, we have to learn to think outside teh atmosphere somewhere further don the track, path and road, a hundred years away or more. Governements do 20-50 year projections for infrastructure now and we have to think along those lines ourself, try and imagine or put yourslef in the picture of what the world will look like in ten, twenty, fifty or even a hundred years away. The time is now to start thinking, you can plan for your retirement now all right, but your eternity may only be a hundred years away. So next time your consider your tax money going to a new road, think that maybe it would be better spent on rocket technology or robotics or someting else out of this world. Have yourselves a real good day now, for tomorrow is a lifetime away and the atmosphere is nearly always here.

The Beauty Within

The beauty within is a more intrinsically different beauty than the outside appearance. The arth and everything in it is a beautiful place, it is only spoilt because we humans are greedy, self indulgent and have high demand expectations on other people to enable things to go to our own advantage. The natural beauty of this planet is rather different to the blood and guts of people who always splurge and indulge. We have a natural beauty of body organs within us that work aaand we drink ourself into stupidity and smoke cigarettes till we have cancer, and end up with cerosis of the liver and kidney failure from alcoholic poisoning. All the good that God created is ruined and only worth throwing down the drain.

Thanks be to a loving God who sent His son to save us from all that wrong doing if we will only turn from our overindulgent lifelstyles and follow Him. He died for you, you know, that you might share in the everlasting life of salvation and eternity. He came to save the poor, not to help the rich get richer, remember that incase you had forgotton. The natural creation of this world is still evolving and we as people have to be responsible and help protect and preserve our native rights of a pristine wilderness and tropical rainforest, these are the beauties within, not the concrete jungles of our modern world. Sure we need a place to live, but not at the expense of pulling up all the sacred sights of our ancestors who laid the earths foundations and gave us what we have today. Our world is full of natural wonders and beauties, consider the coral reefs and all the tropical and colourful fish that they support.

This is the beauty that we need to focus on, not the world of politics and corruption that lead us all into immorral lifestyles and greediness. One person only needs so much to stay alive and live on this planet, we have to be modest in our thoughts of grandeur for self indulgences and confine oursleves to a limited amount of personel luxuries for each individual person. We as a people can be led away easily into thinking that we can have it all. It is not the case as greed and corruption is always short lived in the real scheme of things towards other people around them. Look at the beauty around you differently, be loving, kind, generous, peaceful, heavenly, happy, good and all these things will put you right with God, through Jesus teachings of what it means to follow Him.

Put old ways behind you and take up your cross and follow Him, you will be so glad you did and you will experience the beauty of creation on the inside instead of an outward appearance. Next time you want a drink of alcohol, try clean, clear water instead, it helps the way for you to think perfectly you know, not to kill off all those brain cells that you need to live with alcohol.

Appearances Can Be Square

Appearances can be square, be straight or be square was the old cleche for right moral behaviour, living a right and just life for God and not a self exploitive life of everyone else. Bring back the good old days I think, not this modern world of watered down laws and an anything goes perspective on the easy way to do everything and get what you can for your self. The 1950's annd 60's were a different world and it was not until we got to the pop culture of the 70's and 80's till everything started to collapse. The 90's were your start to have everything for yourself ideas and now in the 2000's and 2010's we have a world of chaos and a free for all that is just wasted life going down the drain.

Bring back the hymn books in church, the power point projecters seem to want to fail us anyway, with choruses that defete the purpose of worshiping God. Bands that play too loud to hear yourself think and the grand old organs being wasted away in some hidden corner. I am not even going to go into the pub bands where you simply can't even hear yourself think. They are just right offs far down the forbidden track of neverland. We have to have a culture that works, that preserves the civil rights and ethical behaviour of a moralistic lifestyle. Appearances can be square allright bit think of the possible alternatives, they are not going in circles, they are heading off the planet, not to other planets but to the graveyard.

Leave that all behind and remember the good old days when all things were bright and beautiful, when there was peace on earth and corruption was only a dirty word. Where heaven and paradise meet, in a world of beauty and in a creation that lasts eternally. There was the garden of Eden where Adam and Eve were in paradise with heaven. What happened? sin entered the world and the fall of mankind commenced.

Now in a state of illrepair and a need of restoration to bring things back into a relationship with God again to live in glorious holy relatiobnship with God and be a people of pure hearts and minds, not created devils of greed and corruption. The Devil will have His divisive reign if we let Him, don't through effort after foolishness, turn and look to God, He will lead you in the right direction and give you guidence to get back on your feet and head in the way to live with Him in glory and paradise. I mean really, why go to hell when you can go to heaven, the question is simple and sweet and too often the ways of this world lead us astray and up the garden path to destruction. Be square all right, wear a suit and tie and go to church instead of a T-Shirt and jeans, I can asure you. The beach has its place but not in the place of God's church.