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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Parallel Psychology


Psychology is a subject about understanding people and so the more we reseach and develope techniques for doing that the more we get to understand how we tick, each of us, you and me as people together. This book and these pages are a collection of papers on how to actually try and do exactly that.

I have read many books on pyschology and hopefully that reflects in the writings of this work. I also hope that you can see some of the personal and individual style of writing that depicts my books as separately and different in writing techniques from other writers. I hope that you will see some of the experience that I have gathered from talking to pyschiatrists over the past nearly 35 years and that through that, there is some reflection of my thoughts and ideas of those perceptions. I also hope that you can relate yourselves to an understanding of pyschology in how you see people and how they see you.

There is an enormous scope for understanding in all characteristc perceptions and the more we relate with each other the more that we are going to learn to get on and evolve as a merging society as an advancing growth in community relations and understanding. Some of these pages have been written quite some time ago and mostly from the period of 1985 to 1995 with a small selection in this millenium. They have had little editing for the moment and until I get a chance to go through and read and redirect some earlier thought into a more recent and modern day personal understanding of mine, I hope that you can try and appreciate them in the natural and raw state.

As time goes by they will be slightly rewriiten into a more harmonious and congruent understanding on how I see the world now as opposed to how I saw it then, but for the moment lets be happy that at least there is some pages on the wonderful subject of pyschology and how you can relate and deal with people yourself. Psychology remains and is a completely individual subject, which is a perspective that has to be shared with others. Sounds a bit like an oxymoron inuendo, doest it? May God Bless you and add His understanding to this work. Darel.