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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

A Cognitive Approach

Cognitive Connection

The sun shines as bright as the mind thinks so too is the brains thoughts with cognitive connection. Associating like things in a structured pattern that link in perpetual kindnesses. Sharpening this process in perceptual repercussions enables associations in forms of logical understandings with clarity of thought into a heavenly state of peace of mind. It can be communicated or organised from perceiving understanding of collation. Like cogs in a machine driven by a motor they finally connect with the friction point which drives them where every they want to go.

The reaction and purpose needs to be of clear formation which evolved out of ongoing and proven ideas, purposing new and creative ideas which formulate change, cognitive connection is then a utilisation of the change that has form over different people and the contributions to this process. Just as the brain controls all parts and organs of the body, the cognitive connection process interacts with other people and their systems producing a new and pristine thought process through clarification and modification of existing lateral and parallel thinking this new concept connects cognitively with surrounding organisations and reorganises again to an actualisation of management in the thought hierarchy an process.

The process is the procedure but the actual cognitive connection is the concept and all arising procedures of it finally develop.

Consistent Concentration

Can we be conscious of our thinking at all times, ca we be aware what is going on around us for our own good and personal wellbeing. Can we do that at the same time. With perseverance and persistence we might be able to achieve this as an ideal. However though, there is so many things to think of and so many ideas we need to try and retain it is an almost impossible task. To have or maintain a continuous concentration we must remember to be wind awake totally focussed and at our peak of performance at all times.

That is a highly improbably task, in fact to maintain a consistent concentration we would have to happily and satisfactorily balance in our lives and thinking of well being good enough to survive but never reach a pinnacle or climax in life. Consistent concentration from my experience is about trying to maintain a diligent approach that leads you to what you desire to achieve and to get out of life. I guess if we left it all to God it would probably be perfectly ideal. But we want to try so hard ourselves to self improve we forget about his wonderful grace. We push on by and by trying to win in all things instead of following the divine will for our ;lives that would lead us to a final state of perfection. I guess sometimes the best thing to do is to forget everything and have faith, hope and love.

Conviction and Application

As citizens and therefore people of responsibility we are called to be convicted to upholding the law and encouraging others to do the same so that we can and do in fact live by the rules and maintain harmony and peace in the community. In order to do this we must apply ourselves to become dedicated to the cause of living uprightly and this mean administering the necessarily application to do so. The concept of conviction and application must be adopted by all because in order to see that not one goes stray means that all must endeavour to seek the right relationship which dwells amongst over community.

If I am convicted to serving I am committed to positive reinforcement of social principles and policies. If I investigate the necessary application to enforce the standards I am leading and providing the required and accepted quality of life. Maintaining a socially accepted community is both difficult and task demanding, but we should remember to stay focussed and goal orientated so that we might achieve these desired aims and objectives in advancing our community. The social sector is self seeking animal which must be disciplined do that they are convicted to interject the necessary application of reaching the desired and sought outcome.

Continuous Contemplation

All things considered we dele and dig into many wide varieties of fields and areas. We cover and close in on many different varieties of things. Continuous contemplation is about co-allocating collecting and complementing those things that fit into places and fill the gaps to give us meaning. Trends, life cycles if you like, flowing sentence structures and every single living thing that relates. These patterns on trends, form together to give us surplus smooth flowing connections that are continuously contemplated. We aim to make ends meet. We seek to achieve harmony and uniformity. We ask for things to fit into their place. Thinking and pondering will this really happen. Will that really evolve down the path it was meant to go.

Does the program need continual guidance or is there enough backup and follow up to see things through and finish. Does out expectations require divine intervention are we realistic in our possibilitisation. Will everything go to plan. Continuous contemplation is about have a goal fixed on the end and pushing striving and linking to see if it obtains and achieved the desired way according to our hearts will. One idea might be it's too hard another might say it's not really enough but others will work hard balance it and see that it divulges and with that we will have workable continuous contemplations.

Of Logical Concern

If something goes wrong or appears that it is going to go wrong there is need for remedial action. Logical concern that a problem has arisen and the reason why needs to be found out pointed and highlighted. When things don’t go according to plan, something must be further researched to find out why and allowing for logical concern as to why. It does not pay to worry needlessly about what could go wrong what will go wrong or how it can be fixed. As long as there is enough logical concern as to what the possible contingencies might be. Programmed planning and automotive goals are not reliably sure nor are they certain of attainment.

One would think that they would be and one would try to see them eventuate or fruitfully proceed. However perfection in an ideal reality not a visible truth. Therefore their needs to be a certain amount of logical concern in regards to what could or might be and what is exactly going to be. Logical concern is healthy if it helps and enables processing to proceed in a harmonious and aware order. So that through the art of management controls can be addressed and used to maximise efficiency and effectively allow the output to materialise. Logical concern is about awareness and fore-seeing what might happen and following the necessary procedures to see that you obtain the desired outcome. Logical concern is a positive negative in a real world.

Logical Intensity

Many ideas explore out of logical intensity, much stress and pressure is created when the logical intensity is over or under weighted. We do need a certain amount of logical intensity in our daily lives. But however must be aware that friction and trouble is caused when the boundaries and guidelines are wrongly used or misdirected. God knows our perfect pressure and God knows our breaking point but with a certain amount of logical intensity or the exactly right amount we can maintain or function on our own providing the measure whereby it is used to assess is accurate logical intensity must not become unstable but remain stabilised and can be recorded for standardization.

So that we can function and perform our jobs and carry out our day to day activities normally. Logical intensity must be addressed in this way because we have become so unaware of our environment and surroundings that we must revert back to basics designs in order to function normally. Taking each second by second in an alert or conscious manner that picks us up and puts up back in a right relationship ourselves and others.

So drawing some sort of conclusion to this understanding may become fruitless and discerning it's human value may become very tiring. But again nevertheless there is some merit in adopting new concepts like this that show us or stand point and put us in a chair whereby we can sit and think and sum up all our problems and challenges in order to retain organisation and competitiveness in our search and striving for leadership positions and whereby giving the idea of what leadership will mean when placed at the top of the management level in any company that revolves around hierarchical placement.

Concerned Within

The anatomy of self is a subject philosophised by a lot of modern day psychologists. Understanding the heart and mind or critical analytical structure of the brains subconscious and conscious. Is a personal development which is supposed to increase and modernise the intellectual intellect. Therefore is self or it's derivative selfishness wrong or right. If we make up our idea on what makes man tick and what's beats inside him to give him life then we will be concerned within the nature of God himself. Worries, anxieties and stresses or tensions are produced by crossed opinions or thoughts conflicting in interest and division.

The correct interpretation or decision from matter generated out of inner activity. Weight constraints with relationship of war conflict in interest but unwire in meaning. So as the scales swing in the balance time runs out and so does life itself. But inevitably we constrain ourselves with limitations inflicting upon ourselves pain and psychological strains. The mentality therefore is not to think of self then but focus on other. Which is still second best to the love of God which gives an unsurpassable knowledge of the nature of individual identity and requirements and expectations of what must be done and said. To be concerned within is a negative derivative of the opposite interest to what is explained and the luck of the draw in the nest life.

Just to Be Different

I was just wanting to be different, an individual you see, something that would make me different from you, so that you could be different to me and you might think you're the same as everybody else and that would be sad for two individuals to be exactly alike unless you were identical twins, but you just might want to compare yourself with others to be different and see that yourself. Just to be different I said, it might seem a bit hard, when we have one coming bond in a God that is fair. Just to be different I thought I'd write out these words not in a poem or a verse, or by what was known in words, but by what had an affect on me in a short personal description of what differentation really is. Just to be different has a way and meaning of its own for differenting and discyfering idiosyncrasis and personal traits.

If we all were the same it wouldn’t be much fun. Instead of being left alone to our own devices of individualism as just one person on our own. Just to be different is a miracle for each one, each one of us living under the sun. It doesn’t make much difference if you want to be different to me, but you being different helps me make up me. If I am the same as everybody else, I still want to be different to just be myself. If you see me that way I really am, then when other people want to be different then they can be themself to, to be the same as them is to not be yourself and unless you understand them then their like yourself, but different. So just to be different is interesting to me. Just being different is what I want to be. Do you agree?

A Difficult Memory

Remember the sayings of old and how difficult it was to know what different things happens a long time ago. Universally we can figuratively talk about any subject but it is in the recalling of memory that we have such difficulty in remembering the different recall of each story and topic. Alphabetically or Biblically the strength or weakness of memory or n the meaning of the word and it's pronunciation or written interpretation right to the letter or to the very essence of its type and print.

The voice and the spoken word is said as the mouth and tongue announces and speaks it's speech of controls the pitch and tune of its sound. If you can remember reading and writing you will always be able to read and write if you run often enough you will always remember to run or not or be able to run again and remember or know if you are running or not. The fact that you might run a different route or run in a difference place, streets or cities you will remember each memory differently. If you have a house and study a law degree or medical degree you will be able to differentiate the memory of the degree and the house but will probably not remember the real estate agent and the office or the management and the building in the city. A difficult memory can be as simple as being able or not able to associate things with different people or understand the difference of a degree or university lecture or subject and its location, situation and time.

A difficult memory may be to remember whether you are sitting or standing on a plane or whether you got the train on time and the weather for five years or more. A difficult memory may be something unrealistic like all the numbers in a phone book or bank note numbers that the mint records or even your address twenty or forty years ago . this idea of difficult memory is even have to remember in itself and their plenty more like so remember your name first instead.


Letting my memory go where it has been or remembering where I have been to know where I want to go in the future is like using the weight of your body and the things you have done tell you what you are worth and what you can or will do by what you know and want to do, to do what you actually will do. Remember is recalling to mind what is in your memory that you need to know or what it wants to do. This is a continual idea of deciding what you know from what you learnt to tell what you have to do or what you want to do and it is this what you want to do, that is the continua, recycle of ideas, of what you can do for what you want to do.

Remember what you know so you can do and doing what you want because you know what to do. We also recall and remember from memory information and knowledge which is generated by reading and helped enabled to be recalled by what we do. Like if you go running and you will remember jogging your memory because you were running. If you are walking it will help you remember what you were talking about of help you go walking by talking about what you remember. So it is this pleasurable experience of remembering that's we can associate with ourselves but what we have done if we have done good things it will be a good memory it we have done bad things then a bad memory occurs.

This suppression of what we were doing wrong helps us try and forget a bad memory and actually gives us a bad memory but if we do enjoyable things that we enjoy we have a good memory of it and wasn’t to remember it. So I actually formulate myself by remembering what is in my memory and recall it.

Remembering can be a saw point and stigma to believe but it gives us the necessary prompts to recall what we allready have in our memories. Sometimes it is just like gettinga jolt from someone else to stimulate your thinking be reminding you of what you remember or jooging your mind to stimulate conversation or dig into the depth of your mental subconsciousness for conscious remebering.  To others it is a joy to reminisse and celebration of a life well lived. When someone we know dies, it is a priveledge to be able to remember them, with and of all the fond memories of their life on earth. While still those that keep to themself can also share the valuable treasures that they have experienced over the years.

Stories told from the heart and simple pictures of beauty and grandeur, that we try to hold onto and cherish in our hearts and minds. From the heart we reflect on and from those memories in our mind and make them descriptively vocal, by telling others what we remember. The picture can be quite pretty and nice or nasty and hurtful, depending on whether the memories are good or bad, painful or kind. We want to be self selective and only choose to remember those things which we like and cherish in our souls, better a kind memory than a one of terror or fear. The thing is that remembering is both a gift and an art, the more we practice remembering the better we get at recalling those wanted or unwanted memories and the more we try to remember the better we become at being able to do so, that is remembering as a way to share your life with others.

I guess you also for some people it is only a matter of remembering how much money you have got in the bank, what your possessions are and what you need to do to stay alive and survive, for those who are not too sure of themselves. For most of us though remembering s a form of love of those happy memories we want to hold onto and take with us when we die, for some just wishing they had more money to eat through the painful circumstances of poverty and starvation. Remembering to make sure that you have a roof over your head is just a first priority for most people but for some they need the encessary educational skills to do so and that is a form of remembering abilities and learning the how and why of life. Once you have that experience you can learn to live on a higher level and then be able to remember how to do so on a day to day basis. Remember the first thing you need is God and all else will follow suit, anything else is just a blessing upon blessing.

Systematic Procedures

Systematic procedures require first hand application in discerned and leadership of processing. In a fully automotive world the requirements for filtration of necessities is needed to adjust by demand and portability the adaptability of streamline systems is a function of superiority in seriousness of approach, in order to improve or maintain logical flow of information the increase in efficiency is taken as understood in a personal fashion. By concentrating on the effectiveness of all accounts in the process. The initiative is forgivable with the foreseeable desire. What by independently attaining different similarities and allowing them to mesh and get to meet in the organisation is refined into a kinder indiscriminately finish.

This allowed of momentarily asset flow which is obtained by cash liquidity in monetorial infiltrates the sociological hierarchy and manifests monterial relinquishment at funds. Whilst futuristic visions are mainly philosophical the ascertainment's of organisations of historical business truths are specially emphasised to produce greater turnover systematically differentiate systems for the replenishment of procedures and redesigned of assimillies and assigned. As a fully autocratic industry it is simple a policy and perplexion which must be overcome in the interrelationship of government and investment.

A Brain Storm

Clouds are forming across the horizon, thinking linking and joining together to form a condensation of water vapour. Molecules in droplets of water about to drop and quench the thirst of the land. Trees and plants will get a drink people will have enough eater for their daily requirements, drinking washing and showering. But for the focus becomes more of a certainty for the workers in the organisations. Planning and making their day generating an income an making money. Now the mind can understand the requirements of things are organise accordingly to create beneficial and necessary ,means of achievement and discipline. Like as it goes on, it is fair to say is a challenge of what has been and what is to come.

Making a difference through thoughts and ideas, leads to longevity, and progress. Turning the world around to gather potential and worth helps life on earth to continue to understand the importance of being. The effort required is no troublesome but provocative in that through change and re-adjustment, development is created and beneficial results obtained. However the need the perspiration always leads to inspiration and the creativity is harnessed to provide food and thought for more continuity.

Looking back on the concentration of what is constituted in the brain, the passion and thrust is redirected into new energies through a reorganising system for what words out. The storm may never happen but the brains ideological diversities will readjust to conquer and alleviate any real functions.


Subject to consensus of opinion he who hesitates is lost. Hesitation is a costly business. And those that hesitate come off second best in these days of forward advancement. It is viewed or looked upon as a negative to hesitate. Whilst is an important word when considering your own life, it is a reflection that you don’t have enough self control or confidence and knowledge to make and affirmative decision. Confident decision making and powerful personality is a reflection on how well you consider hesitation.

The pointy and the object here is not to never hesitate but to know within yourself that you have the ability to do what you want and what you have to do. Hesitation is not a word to skim over but is worth a conscious analysis to and why hesitation is not going to be beneficial for you. Hesitation can be a positive in instrumental matter by when you need your full energy output you must not fail to reorganise the situation and the time but must act assertively and with determinations to with the mile or round.

Things Being Annoying

It seems that if we aim for something positive it is thwarted and distorted. Their needs to be more stringent controls on disciplines relating to and maintaining the truth. When something appears obviously right and looks predetermined to work out it should be followed extremely closely and adhered to when something is on a collision course. There is no need to play a game of one against the other when things are on the right track and are headed along the right direction on in the right course. When something is unaltered it maintains its contestant direction and velocity to head up and up and up at the right place so when things are working well the rule is that you don’t stuff around with it.

To actualise or realise the eventual truth nature must be left to take its course and so that eventual and inevitable truth is obtained. In other words let things stay the same when they are right and don’t put a foot wrong out of turn.

Waiting and Wasting

Waiting for things is a good thing but wasting time is not. You can wait for something and while you are waiting do something else, to fill in the time. The point here is productivity. And the answer is how much money you make out of it. Waiting and wasting both contradict and complement each other. Though it is in the organisation and utilization that they are maximised. Investment in time is a good thing and always waiting is not and wasting money is a bad thing and waiting in time and making money is a good thing though hard to achieve.

Waste can be wanted on in circumstances of recycling and waiting can be a waste of time in situations of emergency and immediate problem needs. It is important to recognise the difference and to understand the right and wrong ideas in the different predicaments and necessities. Waiting and wasting are counterproductive together, though when separated and recognised in their rights there can me similar and o r the needs the same. Though it is best to understand the difference to take full advantage of their importance and correct investment.

Deception Creativity

In most cases the facts are we need. Sometimes however things are not always as they seem. Once we know the truth and establish our identity we need to retain some concepts in order to work and survive. This can be under-handed or it can be above board. Like with any knowledge there is an element of deception. Whilst we are genuine in our creativity we are deceived by what we still do not understand. We can't know everything at once nor can we afford to be without what we already know. It is a long term slow evolvement of truth coming out. For instance I may have some knowledge in my subconscious of something that is wrong.

Naturally I try and hide it, but on the other hand I try and disclose it so I am free of the burden, that does not mean that it goes away but is suppresses waiting for it to be atoned or redeemed. It is still my memory and it belongs to me, but I give it to God in order for him to sort it out and give it back to me a new. I call it deceptive creativity because I am creating something good out of evil and trying to do it myself. When actually I know that it is God doing bit he is using me to turn it around for him so that he can return all the glory.

Of course he created the heavens and the earth in the beginning and I cam fixing a problem I have created. In others it is the devil behind it all I am caught in the struggle of finding out what it is. I can't put things right on my own, yet I can't allow it to get the better of me either. I am caught in a bind so to speak. On the one hand I have create so much on the other hand it belongs to the creator not me like passing time and experiences time as it happens I can only speculate my real position in terms of God's time. I am responsibly which really is encouraging me and keeping me safe. The deception is in the sin and creativity is in the knowledge that I have.

It could possibly work both was the knowledge could be sin and the creativity the truth. But I am looking at myself and I am a poor judge of myself. On the other hand I see things perfectly clear in others and I am help accountable for that while others judge me. Correctly and the truth is revealed. Why does it have to be deceptive. Creation can't always be straight fora4erd. Naturally any money will be noticed and any creativity will be rewarded, letting the deception counter balance itself.

Primarial Sanity

In the immediate course of events where people engage in daily activities of news worthy events, the media is entitled to have a field day. Demands and restraints placed on people's lives to perform and adjust to abnormal conditions and events such as might be detrimental to their health and wellbeing. In the hierarchy of medicine figures are produced to differentiate and discriminate against diseases and sickness f both mind and body. The soul being a spiritual entity suffers differently when consumed by an overdose of experience or knowledge it suffers anxiety and it's intellectual capacity is reduced to a malfunction. Primorial sanity is about rising above and beyond that level of vulnerability and deception which is created by an illusion of logical thoughts and reconstructed and rearranged to get on top of and over the crisis point of the given critical situation.

Medicine prescribed may ease and dull the process but the malfunction cannot easily return to the original thought. In overcoming this one must understand and override normal conditions to adjust to and oversee one's own conditions so as to enable healing and repair of mind I'll and temperate state. This facility once developed reproduces continual conditions for repair and enables a double bind to be controlled and assimilated for its own recognition in the world of primordial conditions and same mind.