King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Parsifals Ethics and Issues

Oral Literature Skills will become Ethics and Issues when I get around to getting it changed and pay money!!!? This will hapen in the near future, but for now I am just thinking about the subject and what needs to be done and written for Ethics and Issues. While I research and develope ideas of logical arguement and points of view for discussion, please have a think about the subject yourselves as I read relevant material and try to depict the idea from Parsifal's medieval, medical source of logical pursuit and identify, to what is relevant to us today with points of interest like substance abuse, homosexuality, adultry which leads to family breakdown, nicotine abuse, alcohol abuse and casual sex on the negatives, to the happiness of family relationships and bringing up children on the positive. In fact there are too many issues to relate and choose from.

I have a list of chapter and page titles for you to now see which will give you some ideas and food for thought on what this book will be about and some of the things you might expect to read. I hope that you can in the mean time, while this is being written, adopt some of the Biblical and moral principles of right living from a common sense point of view, until I am able to discuss my point of view, more thoroughly and try to equip you with a set of guidelines for right living, for everyday purposes and relationship standpoints, for community involvement, that represent a justice system of fairness, reverence and relevance in our own societal world. I will not take on the extablished paths of truth and righteousness against Government establised laws, unless they deviate from the correct way of thinking, but keep trying to establish and stabilize what are the right paths to tread in ethics issues and how to maintain and keep the right way of thinking for the path of life to walk, so you can take in your own perspective and reflect on my own personal endeavours to live right.

This creates happiness and longetivity and that will be my goal and focus for right living, for the basing on of ethical issues and pursuits. Don't feel offended or intimidated by the political correctness of the references to rightness, but try and understand and once again, bare with me as we walk this hard and difficult subject of maintaining values through ethics and issues and as this painstakingly sober, love of labour or so it seems, which is really designed to help us live long and happy by a right state of mind. More Later. Darel.


That is really a bold and stick your neck out statement, but I really am believing it is true. Morality should really be our foundational core and where we should all be heading. This is the type of leadership we need these days and morality is the key to a successful social system. Behaviour is a choice of attitude in the moral pursuit and cource of life. We should all aim to do and say what is right and appropriate in day to day decisions and our general ambitions and goals. Plan for the future, but make it morality based. Darel.