King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Behavioural Arts


The financial world is rejoicing, money is being made, cyclones batter the coast line. People are enjoying life, eating out in resteraunts and seeing live shows, cinema and many facets of a lovely world to live in. Economic management is just the means of balancing the world, but heaven and hell are real forces as well and we have to deal with the good and bad, loves and hates. If it were always a perfect world everywhere, people would always be happy, but the joy would be short lived anyway in bordom and self despair as that is not reality.

We just have to manage resources the best we can with what we have got and deal with the situation and circumstances as they are dealt out to us day by day, forward planning and budgeting is always a must but sometimes usually we need some contingency management to help in crisis situations and manage in fallen conditions. We will never have Adam and Eve all over again, but as generations manifest and progress there is a different set of people to deal with the learning circle and curves of life.

Alcohol, nicatine and substance abuse, sexual imorality, deal us a whole new set of depressive conditions with anxiety disorders and manifestations of self abusive conditions, our world becomes abused as well. Still we work to aleviate the pain and problems of a success driven society and doctors, hospitals and pharmacies are just there waiting for the social destruction of our minds and bodies. Healing and replenishment is just the first signs of rejuvination in rehabilitation and the work must continue.

We have to look for a nondestructive path to journey through life, to live and not die, to rejoice and not complain. However life's problems and challenges are being dealt up to us all the time in confronting ways and means, in that we have to manage the best we can to live, survive and excel above these self inflicted mental atrosities. Finding the clear and perfect path is often not so obvious and in an unobtrucive way we are left on our own to fend for ourselves a lot of the time, because of pride and self image and wanting people to think highly of ourselves, when it is just a big job to live the right way all the time as the main thing in life. We should be listening and talking more and learning by our mistakes and not making them again.

Social Desires aims to address and highlight these needs and conditions and help to show ways to possibly alleviate some of the pain and hurts from these wrong and destructive manifestaitions. By seeing clearly the right way through the tunnel to come out the other side on top of the situation and not taken by it. This will be continued throughout the book and as you read I will seem to try and explain some of these ramifications of misguided or misdirected life styles and hopefully address the right way to live out in social conditions, where we have the mentality of positive and purposefully, personality driven life styles.

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