King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Forward Progress

The Right Direction

The right direction is likely to be the new direction if we take in to account making right decisons and forever determining. The right direction is a path for peace and happiness first which sets the palce for everything else to fall into line. If we have a contentment of mind and we have found our niche in life to earn an income, we can then safely and happpily pursue that path of righteousness and travel down the road of the the long and enduring path of eternal life.This is the happy place to be in, chosing the right direction to take and making right and honest decisions for goal setting and then plan achievement. The purpose also then becomes a common one of mainstream thinking for the common goal of working together and united in the cause of the common good of and for peace for all.

The right dierection to take may well be the only one if you are committed to this direction, but many however fall off the path and travel the wrong road to death instead of peace and hapiness by right living. Correcting this worng patha nd road at an early stage is critical to the survival of the individual. It is no longer the survival of the fittest, but the ensuring that, we are all out to help those who have made the poor decisions of travelling the wrong road. If we are doing the right thing by helping others we prosper and gain in the happiness department by sharing the love of right thinking around to learn to love and cherish others for the pursual of peace and happiness in their lives and then also henceforth and so on in our own lives for the continual right thinking and the right path of decision making and direction taking. Love, peace, joy, kindness and goodness are all fruits that we need to pursure for the eternal happiness of all.

We should no longer walk a self destructive path once we have seen the light and therefore continue in this new and right direction of peace and happiness for all. The consequences of wrong or bad decision making are or can be horrendous, but with early retrival of the wrong doers thinking, for a correct and right path that can once again be made and started in order to further and future continue in the right direction forever. This is the right and required path and desired result of the work we are doing to help and assist others see the light of the right path of the correct direction in life for making choices. The right path could be the write path which is picked up and recognised by experience and endurement that they to who have learnt right decision making can then inturn lead and guide and instruct others in the path of right decsion making for the right and critical path of success.

Onward And Upward

Onward and upward is the once corrected path of right thing and direction taking to continue in that direction forever. Onward and upward, higher and higher in our thinking, the sky is the limit and some are even prepared to go above and beyond that. To shrink back into wrong thinking is not only a backward step but adverse to the onward and upward style of right thinking. In the ever present reality of the world in which we live in it is important and imperative to always trya nd strice for the onward and upward way or style of thinking, never seetling for second best or accepting the choice below what is best for our lives and right way of thinking.

Heaven holds the key to onward and upward thinking and it is this desire and goal should we choose to accept is our heavenly calling of doing and saying the right things. In fact we can even go further than that, to what is paradise which means destroying all the hellish thoughts and ways of thinking to lead and head us into this world of paradise thinking and thoughts. Where peace is eternal and everlasting, where heaven is real everyday as much as hellis cast out and our world is a paradise heaven everyday. Earth traps and niceties are choices we are making all the time and this is the reality of living. We must learn to become content with what we have uintil we are ready to take the next step into what is considered as Gods right calling.

The treasures of heaven and the material psosessions of earth or not diametrically opposed altogether, but go hand in hand with right thinking and right decision making in what is the logical steps of the path of if we pursue the path of pacing ourselves and continueing in the right direction of a bit at a time, day by day working for a bit more and then when you have too much or enough, giving some away to others who need it and find it hard to find the right path of the road to correct thinking. Greed is never going to win and we need to be aware of giving to others at nearly all times. For the reality is that all we own belongs to someone else sometime down the track anyway, one way or another, at the right time and the right place we will pay others for what we want and what we have with what we have got. Seeing the need to give to others is also a priority for right thinking and the new right decision making for the purpose of kingdom harmony.

Peace and plenty for all to be shared around and cherished by all who accept to make the right choices.Think clear and concise by being in the place to make right decisons of the onward and upward.

Keep Going Along

Keep going along the road and journey of life, as the quick and easy are soon to stray from it and the path is difficult and narrow to follow. The task then is to stay on tracka nd follow the right way. Look for the signs and choose wisely as many mistakes come from snappy and sudden decisions that can knock you off your horse and leave you destitute and wound up off cource.Take time for the direction in which you take and follow the line and go the distance in order to claim the victory. Keep going along the straight and narrow as the road to hell is wide and as we know, few find the path to life. Once again heaven is the final destination found buy finding the treasure of eternal life.

We must choose and path wsiely while here on earth though, listen to thiose who know what is right and learn to seek people like that who give you good advise and wise councilling and guidance. Sure we have to sit down and regroup to make sure that we have not strayed too far and that we are making sure and certain that we are staying on track of the path in the direction that we should be taking. Once we have regrouped and eecided that we are on the right path it is a matter of just to be keep going along and enjoying the fruits or our wise decision and the joy of the destination we are travelling to or have trevelled to. For when the road gets cold and darka nd windy we ahve to be sure that we are not easily mislead or waylayed in the wrong direction.

To go the distance we simply have to stay on tracka nd keep going along the path to reach the goal and get there in the distance, The distance is what we are travelling and aiming for all the time and the short cuts that make life easier and really just the hard way of falling short of the goal of going the distance. So we have the case scenario of distance and direction for our aims and goals and plans, by recognising the right and wrong ways and paths to take.

Go the distance and keep going along the path of life to reach your ultimate home in heaven where life is eternal and rust and moth don't let us see decay. Trust God and look at time as a spectrum of ligt where the health and happpiness of the person is found in the right place and direction of correct choices and good decisions. Keep going along the road of life and don't stop for anything or anyone except to meet a freind and get some rest. Look for God in all the right places and expect to find him wherever He is.

Maintain Stability

Maintain stability in your life by being wise and persitent in seeking the kingdom of God. Maintaining stability is about staying on track once you have found the correct path. it is about keeing and staying wll and beinga nd remaining healthy once you have optimized the health in your life. When problems and trioubles are minimized to a day by stay selection of critical decision making with minimal choices in situations as you have made a solid bed for you to lie in and you have found the treasures of heaven in which you seek. With these treasures of heaven use those talents wisely and productively in order to reinvest them in the kingdom of heaven.

Maintaining stability is anout having control and power in your life to live wisely and help others with your well earned and accquired knowledge. It is about staying on the right path as we have said before but will strongly reiterate it again. Maintaining stability is about having your own little mountain in which to build your house upon there, where the floods or turmoil and strife in life are kept abey and out of reach. It is about consolidating on what collection you have and using your gifts by putting them back into place where they can be useful to other by what you do, say and read or write. Stay out of reach of danger and bad influences wherever possible. Use your time wisely and effectively to reinvest in life building ideas, where you can instill positive thoughts into other peoples lives. maintain stability by helping others as nothing is more productive than reinvestinga nd utilizing your skills and time to help others find th e right track to get along the road of life where they to can have and maintain stability.

This can be financial security where you can offer advice on what to do with your money or just a state of well being where you as the doctor or pyscologist can help others to get well. Maintaining stability is also so very important as it is always still too easy to go off track again and find the wrong road instead of the road to life. Recognise the sign individually and double check with others to make sure that you are staying on track of the right path for maintaining stability. matain stability at all costs whether right or worng as a sound mind and right way are of thinking is always worthwhile and trustworthy and praiseworthy.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is about getting our persepctive right on life. It is about dreaming for better things and realizing them through prayer and committment. It is also about imagining what is best for our lives and the lives or others and it is about productive achievement through the visionary exercise of well thoughtout ideas. Creative thinking is for all who wisha nd desire to be successful and it is about working towards the manufacturing of productive resources. Creative thing can be challenging and stimulating and the effort is always worth the drift in thinking. Being creative is having and using the fruit of life to explain and expound on meaning through thinking and it is about obtaining achievement in the attaining of your goals.

But first we must learn and dare to dream as new ideas are the product and result of creative thinking. Creative thinking is coming up with better ideas than what has been before, it is learning how to use your brain and understand your mind through thinking. Creative thinking is about knowledge of understanding what is best in life and finding out how or knowing to obtain that result. It is more than being as simple as one and one is two.Two and two are definitely four but we can't limit ourselves to mathematical equations we must invest in the unknown by dreaming with the use of creative thinking. If we want newer and better cars, machinery, planes, trains, ships and houses with state of the art appliances, we must use creative thinking to streamline our ideas and channel our thoughts into new and innovative conceptions and things. Cutting pictures out to fill a scrap book or sewing tapestries or painting a picture and drawing sketches or for photographic exhibitions, are all good examples of creative thinking.

Don't be satisfied with the accepted all the time, stability is good but we must be creative to advance in life. Being proactive is monetarially sane, as when we are utilizing our time wisely we are being creative through being productive. If God can be ceate the earth in seven days, then we must use our weeks to be creative too, to recontribute back into society and reinvest in the world that we are given, this is the real and true nature of being creative and using our minds with the brains we were given to reinvest in our world to take it from the way it is to the way that it should be.

Actual Results

Attaining actual results is what counts and are all that really matters in the overall picture and scheme of things. When we are doing productive tasks and accoplishing things for a better world then we are attaining actual results. This is done by showing a concerted effort and taking a solid and right direction in our work to get through the day, to achieve actual results by the end of it. Actual results are the fruuit or all our efforts and the example of what can be done with a right mind and positive objectives being set. Like the pride that comes from finishing writing a book and the achievement of the accomplisment of fullfilling the goal to write the book, so is the completion the actual result of that accomplisment.

Finishing a prized work or contributing back to society that has blessed you over the years and finding the redefinition of the change in reality through working accomplishments is the actual result of hard work and can be measured in the gift of reaching the of achievenment that task through dedicated committment and perserverance. It has indeed something to be proud of, in that the fruition of the fullfillment of the job was accomplished and fullfilled.The desired time of achieving the actual results of accomplishment is irrelevant, however the sooner the task is fullfilled the sooner you can get on with the next job. The task or job can not be put at jeopardy by time restraints or the need to rush to finish which can mean sloppy workmanship or a second rate job being finished.

Once again we must persist and perservere in all tasks and objectives in order to meet the desired result of fullfilled accopmplisments to aquire the desired actual results of finishing the work. Money is only the means that justifies the end and is not the product of the work, though it can be used to measure quality and final actual results as an incentive, it is only a qualitaive value given for the work. Once we finalize the work or job we have an end to the aim, goal and plan and that is what is really the actual results of the effort. So now we have the aquired actual results of this effort.