King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Perfectly Proven

Sit To The Right Hand Side

God has raised us up to sit at His right hand side in His kingdom. Just like we drive down the road here sitting on the right hand side of the car, the car is on the left hand side of the road, except if you live in another country where they do it the other way around. I will stick to the way I know for the purpose of this exercise. You see if we all drove on either side of the road any time we felt like it and any where we wanted to go there would be a huge amount of accidents. Cars on one side and drivers on the other, closest to the middle line/s so that youc an see where you are going and keep the car staight. It is just the same with our lives , unless we are going along the road of life and keeping to our own side we end up in trouble.

God said sit at my right hand to those He has called into His kingdom because that is our proper place to be when we are in a right relationship with God. Doing right, keeping right and making sure that we are right in all apsects of our lives. The righeoussness of God is a wonderful thing and when we are right with God with share in His glory, grace and mercy all at the time time or whenever we need it.These attributes of God come from having a right relationship with Him. We it go alone and try to do everything by ourself without placing our trust and faith and hope in Him and we do ourselves a terrible disservice. The beauty of it is the more we trust Him the more he helps and guides and loves us in our service.

Being right all the time for your own purpsoes is selfish and self centered, but being right for Gods purposes and reasons gives us meaning and life. Just as the sone did not come to glorify Himself he can to give the Father honour and respect which means dignity and adoration. Jesus the son came to give life and to justify many to His Father and Himself that they might share in the glorious hope of eternal life and know the salvation of their sins forgiven and have their souls restored to glory and a right relationship with The Father. This right relationship or sitting to the right hand side of God in His kingdom is to be counted as a treasured possession and a heavenly reward for trusting, believing and obeying Gods word by taking Him for what He is in all His glory as The All Mighty Creater and loving Father Of us all.

He cares for His children and would never hurt them, he lays down His life for His sheep that they might know greener pasture, He nutures, loves and cares for each of His own and always comes to their rescue in times of strife and trials. The trouble is we can't see everywhere at all times but God can and does. We should rejoice in His joy and favour with our lives, which means living the right way and celebrating life to the full under His guidance. I have called you by name, you are precious to me and I will never leave you, all the hairs on your head are numbered and you are worth more than many sparrows. Are not two sparrows sold for a penny but your heavenly father feeds them. God is Good and His love endures forever, God Bless, Amen.

It's On Both Sides

Like you drive your car on both sides of the road and depending on which country you are in or which way and direction you are heading, you have to look to see where you are going in oder to get to your destination and you should rest every two to three hours of driving. These are safety mechanisms for longetivity and also respect for other peoples lives as well as your own. You want to live longer don't you? That is why rules were created! Though the grass may appear greener on the other side and the top of the world may have more people than the bottom, day becomes night and so on and so forth. We must remember that you must have two sides to the equation and the coin, a right and wrong side and also a left and right side. Notice that there are two right sides and one wrong and one left, to write is Ok because we can be read, but the theft is wrong because it is like the left.

The heart needs to keep beating but the head must know what direction it is heading in to be going the right way or we end up somewhere we should not be or we don't belong. Still and all we still need two sides of things to balance. Stealing does not make things right and neither does laziness, but we must learn the art of writing to be right. That is a form of productive work which gives you credit in your account my amounting to ore than your worth by saving and being rewarded financially for your effort. The art of achievemnet is a good thing and gives you well balanced mind from accomplishment. If we understand what both sides of the meaning is then we can look to the right direction and travel it in comfort and peace and out of requirement.

The left is also the effort side of things as in the physical being able to use our strength to work and apply positive conditons to your cirumstances. Work is a means to earning the money and so we must not look at it as a drag or a hate, but as a need to achieve and a desire to succeed by attainment. Balancing "life" is an important aspect to nearly every facet of life itself, food, diet, exercise and enjoyment and all types of interesting things that give us the desire to live, don't look at work like a have to but try and see the positive enjoyment in everything you do. After all a well balanced life is a happy life and seeing both sides of the situation helps us keep things in perspective. Doing or reading and writing are on the right and left and we need to see clearly both positions and sides or aspects to balance efficiently. Have a good day and God Bless.

Night And Day

As the earth turns around in space and orbits the sun, we have a shadow created by the opposite side of the erath being in the shade this is called night and it is dar. On the other side we have the sun shining in the day and this is a matter of a 360 degreee revolution every 24 hours. Through the cource of the day and night we have hourly intervals of 60 minute time periods, depending on where you are on the planet and what time of the hour it is of the night or day. This creates meaning and interest as we also have seasons and North and South hemispheres every three months and again depending on where you are and what time of the year you are in.

This is also relevant because as the night is dark and the day is bright, so to do we have clouds that drift on and in and past above our heads to create shade once again and also rain and hale or snow depending on your altitude and regional geography being closer to the poles which are at the top and bottonm of the earth and are defined by the equater around the middle of the planet and also the tropics of cancer (north) and Capricorn (south) middle distance between the poles and equater. So we have day to do our work and night to sleep and also a grey period of dusk and dawn when the sun sets and rises. So through the day we eat work and play and enjoy and entrertain ourselves and in the night we rest, recoperate and revitalise our bodies from the days work.

This all may well seem just like common sense to you but it is not until you put it all down in writing and look at it in a logical perspective, that you can relate to the creation of the world in a world wind time period and see the picture of what we all do on an indvidual basis in our own time and circumstances of day and night. For it easy to lose perspective if you live in America and move to Australia and have a 16 hour time difference from where you lived before and that works both ways. It is easy because of the mass and scale of the earth to forget where we have been in our travels and unless we read to keep things on mind then we start to lose those valuable memories of where we have been by journalling or trying to remember to recall from memory. So day and night can play tricks on our mind if we will let them especially if you are travelling quickly by plane and you do so a lot by being in a lot of different destinations all the time.

Most of us are happy to sit at home and work, rest and play, just doing what you need to do to stay alive. So there you have it, a pretty clear picture of what the day and night mean on a large scale and it is not untill we put things in our own personal persepctive and go outside in the night and look up to see the stars to see the awesomeness of God the creator. Or when we take a walk along the beach in the day and the sun shines bright and relfects off the sand and the water to to give us some idea of Gods heavenly paradise. All is left to do and say is to have some time to eat from the crops and herds the farmers tend and for this we need seasonal rain. God is in control of that to even when there is droughts and floods. Please enjoy.

Sun And Sin

The brilliant light of the sun is a sin to look at because it can blind you with a direct glare and stare. Nevertheless we need the sun to shine on us ninety percent of the time and while clouds and rain break that monotony we have there treasures and blessings as well. The sun shines light into all the dark places and even though we use a light at night there is still a place where the sun can shine all the time. That means that we can be sure that our sins will find us out because no matter where you hide and rest God will find you again in the day light when the sun has shone enough for us to forget our worng doins and for someone else to realize then as it is all part of Gods divine creation plan that nothing will go unnoticed and that we all must be saved from our sins to live out a happy and normal life of peace, prosperity and longetivity.

You just can't have poeple going around and doing whatever they like by breaking any or all of the rules that have been established for our own well being and safety. We want to rule our own lives and a lot of people will try to do whatever it takes to get things there own way which is not for the betterment of us all as a combined society. Still we have to obey each and every individual rule that is applicable at each and every one time. It is not safe to try and rule the world on your owna nd it must be a collective and reflected governement of rules for us all to abide by and obey. I would like to say without the shortcoming and self orientated pitfalls of greed, coruption and selfish personal opinions. So the sun shines on the Godly and the ungodly and it rains the same for both as well on each other.

We simply can't hide from the truth and to try is a shame and to blame is a sin as well but we must live in freedom and honesty to reflect the true nature of us all as iindivual human beings. Conscensious of opinion should remain undivided and be tried to stay unified and congruent with a wide scale perespective for safety and security reasons. So now you may well see it how sin and sun paly a very important role in our lives simplistically and optimumly for the purpose of living life and staying alive. We can't do it all alone by ourselves and we need God and each other, we need to stay together on congruet wavelengths of thought. Like minds think alike and while we all ultimately go in our own direction we have to keep the focus of an undivided community and national pride of sanctity.

So no matter where the sun shines the evil in the shade will come to light and all that is best left unsaid will oneday become public information. Secrets are only as good as time is long.Trust and obey and the Lord will regards you if you aim and try to be good. All the best and enjoy it if you can kep the faith.

Male And Female

In the order of creation male and female were created for the mutual benefit and satisfaction of each other and to for the main purpose,to procreate and reproduce the species. Human beings are indeed unique creatures and the fact that there is individual differences between both male and female is a complementation of unification between the two and so that they both can perform their individual tasks to manage families and raise children in community and society. It is indeed a gift from above that they might share the intimate experience of heaven in their relationship. Of course it is not all smooth sailing and when the times get tough there is always intermediatry councilling to help them reestablish back their way in life. Of cource once again that may not always work out but with Gods help it will.

There is a need for both male and female to remain single or separated from time to time, which can be looked upon as a quite selfish form of lifestyle. Though that is not Gods ideal world as the two with their different gifts should normally work together toward complementing and satisfying the other person in times of need and the ongoing requirement for safety and security in day to day living. The fact that children need more than anything else a mother and father in the form of parents that can look after their children to teach them the rules of life and independent living as they reach maturity and go on to perform the tasks of what a parental role of their own requires. Being a bit stick and helping siblings abide by the rules is not wrong but the rightful way to encourage and lead for longtivity.

Rules also play a part in quality of life in relation to hygene apsects and cleanliness. The beauty of relationship is that it is only conditional between the two parties and marriage should not normally be made a communal affair except in weddings and family celebrations. Church is another good example on how to live as a community and as the family and God are both sacred there is a natural balance and harmony between the two. The basic principles of courtesy and manners and still a requirement in relationships and that the man should pay for the woman and do all the little niceties to make her feel important. Work between the two is a matter of using each of their specific gifts to lead together to make the family work and perform the function of demonstrating life skills and abilities for teaching and learning from each of the male and female combined remembering that children have an important distiction as boys and girls as well in that they are both male and female and should learn their own roles for adulthood from youthhood.

So there we have it, male and female are different and it is extremely inportant to recognise their individual differences for the working of the relationship in the overall scheme of things for society. That will do for this but you could go on for hours just on the importance of these roles and signifigance in differences.

Still Always Right

Still being always right is now a natural order, but there is a need for common courtesy in differences of relationship to become and remain mutually compatable. Not only to we have our male and female differences but also individual characteristics in performing tasks of orientated work ethics that systematically harmonise and satisfy relationships from community and also family and church situations in those positions. Writing down some of the ways of peforming life style tasks helps us understand and anylise the criteria for living life the right way and also how we demonstrate our position of expertise to others. By maintaining a right position in life as much as possible we can be happy, except when health or safety is at stake and the welfare of our fellow human beings, which must be kept at the heart and mainstay of our living requirements always as well. Rightness is a state of well being and not a matter of celebrating superiority. In fact the more we domonstarate control tactics the more we stray from the true, right and correct.

Life is about freedom after all and the cost and price of things only plays a part in our societal postion as to how much we tend to greed and aim selfishly at different prospects in life that corrupt. Time being the coherant factor in living as far as to say it goes that as long as you have time you have life. Money is basically immaterial and transient and really just a means to pay the bills and to enjoy a few niceties and extras in life. Some measure their success by how much money they have got in the bank or how big their houses are but really it is a matter of how well you get on with people as most people can't be bought for a price and are happy with making a daily living out of their work and their jobs to live and survive. Our first priority should be food and water with a roof over our head and the extremes that they can be taken to is sometimes to the greedy indulgence and to the disunification of other peoples living needs and requirements.

We should always hope to share and celebrate life for what it is and all it is worth and that is the unique and surpreme gift and sanctity, of the preciousness of living which we can all take for granted sometimes when we become too self centred. We need to see clearly our paths and directions for helping others and making life more livable in order for us to enjoy some of the travels and luxuries that are apart of our culture but can lead and destroy us to destruction. Pacing ourselves and living to the daily requirements and necessities of survial are all to important to ignore and we must dig deep to help preserve these values and conserve our priveledges and finitie resources as human beings. While life moves forward economically and evolves in modernization, we must try and keep up in order not to be left behind, but at the same time hold onto our traditions and conservations of humanity and what and ecological environement of nature holds for us as longetivity of the species.

To be still be always right at the end of it all is and can be too idealistic to be real and too idosomatic to be personal, but nevertheless the holding of our standards and priorities too important to miss and throw to the sublime.