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literature by darel robert mcallister

Science Of The Mind



Firstly Science is a physical thing in the real world that plays such an important role in the developement or discovering facts and truths about tangible things that we can directly relate to as relevant for people on the earth. heaven is a spiritual world and while we need earthly things to provide the comfort of home and look to with pride in a sense of achievement and accompishment for personal happiness. However some things in this world are debtramental to our health and well being and we should try and alleviate them or reuduce them to a minimum to be spiritually happy and experience a sense or peace and joy and purpose in happiness instead of happiness being a wild adventure to turn to the silly side of life. There are reasons that the world came into being and the earth holds enough questions and answers to all these physical attributes of scientific intelligence. This is an on going job just to determine what is real and what is unreal, what is believeable and imaginable or can be concieved, percieved or constructed. There is a trillion trillion stars out there and if we tried to annalyse their origin all at once it would be impossible, but to siimply take a look at one star or one perspective on life and try to think logically and critically about its origen and existance is a treasure just waiting to be discovered and explored to be enjoyed by all who work out the possible answers.

This book, which is a behavioural science, will be about the intellectual side of spirituality, with a more pschologically directed approach to heal diseases of the mind and cure mental illnesses through reading and creating meditational thoughts to encourage and bring about peace of mind. The book will contain thoughts and ideas for rational and logical thinking, for being able to try and understand ourselves more than others. To look critically at our own behaviour before we try and think about what someone else might be doing right or wrong. To structure goals and long term plans on how we can personally develope and achieve by our own understanding of ourselves and to have a reason or purpose in exploring truth in a spirtual fashion and direction for mental well being and wholeness. Reading is a great way to work out our own selves and reflect on things that we think of each other. Judgement is wrong and we all should leave that to God and give him that credit when due for answering our problems through our prayer life.

It is good to just take time out and be at peace with God, in all the world and all the blessings there is nothing like being at peace with God, this comes from spending quiet and quality time with God in reading or through listening to music or praying through meditational thoughts. This will replenish and rejuvinate the spirit so that the mind functions well and properly and once again a calmness of spirit come upon us. This is not only relaxing, but soul invigorating to just rest in the truth of the knowledge that you are loved by God and he cares for your life.

Take some time out for yourself to sit down and have a read and then afterwood, try to have a constructive thought reflection on how you can relate to what you have read and perhaps put in place some things that you read to help you live your life on a calmer and in a more organised thought processing way to keep sane, well and happy.

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