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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Community Skills



This is primarily a book of health interelating in the community. If you have a healthy community, you have a stable environment and the welfare of all is looked after by itself, who are the contributing community of people who make the work possible, realistic and right for societal benefits and gains. Diet and exercise are the first two areas to addresss and then you have education, health maintainence and the road rules of life. As I state, community is also a lot about interaction with others, communication and the developement as a set of people infastructure with friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Family is another major part of community and being involved as a family or team member contributes to the beauty of a highly developed and organised soctiety.

Community is society, but it also differentiates, depending on the level of technical advancement and the actual contributions that each team member of the community portrays or intitiates in the developement. The end result is a far more affluent society because you have team members of the community all contibuting in their own skillful ways with different abilities and gifts to use in the creation of the manifestation that brings the end and ultimate desired result of a working community. Societal associations lead to higher capacities of intelligence and offer a culture at levels of desired or enabled community limits and levels.

So that the opera, concert hall or the theatre are going to beat the public bar and the much sort after club environment. Their are many aspects of community that need to be addressed, the library, hospital, schools or learning race cources and the house and home environment of an enterainment system or just the lounge, dining or family room for converstaion and communication. The internet network offers many online facilities in which social media evloves and produce communication which in turn revolves and evolves into a community awareness and the advancement of welfare. Work in the trade industry of building or shops and restaurants also play an enormous part to the communities economic well being and it is this much sort after turnover of production that fully enables and equipes community to become society. Doctors and the chemist are also there to stabilise and help treat the community environment of sickness.

Government also play a major role in community and in fact they are designed to meet the needs and support all aspects of communal living. They are not there to serve themselves in power as departments, but Governments must first address the needs of community through local, state and federal levels. Then finally you have the journalistic reports and work like this that edifies and contributes back to the community which harmonises and supports society for the finer arts of life. Take a visit to the museum or an art gallery or see a live show and you will start to appreciate the multifaceted and skilled society that we live in as a community. You could also do a bit more talking over the fence or on a group bush walk, but life was meant to be enjoyed and so take full advantage of the commiunity that you live and associate with.

Darel Robert McAllister.