King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Principles Of Gratitude

Thank God For That

Well we all may well say, thank God for that, because nobody will care if God doesn't. God always cares whether we are aware of it or not. You can thankGod for this and thank God for that and infact you can or should thank God for everything that you can think of because he was here before us and made a way for us to go that a nieieve person would tend to ignore and shrug their shoulders at, but God gave so much and he still gives so much today that we can be thankful for. Sure we have to work for everything we get and that gives us a sense of self worth, but giving back a bit to what and where we come from is as important as staying in the present and living for every second.

You can thank God for that to, that you have been given the gift of life, that you have a life to live and a place to live in and that you have food on the table and a job to earn money, it is not by our own merit that we inherit the kingdom of God, but by His grace of unmerired favour. I could keep on going in more wordy drawn out sentences of how great God is and how much He loves us, but most people tend to kind of take that for granted. God is always there when we need Him, He is always there waiting to answer our prayers when we ask Him for something, anmd he is even there when we are ignorant and pig headed, just expecting everything to be dropped in our lap while He goes on blessing us.

The simple rule is that you get out of this world what you put into it, no more and no less, the facts are even, time catches up with us all at some stage and God is there just waiting for us to admit our fallibility and look to Him when we can't go on any more. Yes that will happen to all of us, you simply can't keep going all the time like a bull at a gate and not run into trouble and problems when you realize that you have hit the brick wall and that makes you feel down, out and desperate, That is when we must admit our liability for our own shortcomings and turn to God and say thanks for that, I could not have dome it without you, God you are the greatest. No one can just keep going on and on all the time without a mental breakdown of some kind, our bodies are simply not designed to be machines but must rest and recoperate when we have worked far too hard for far too long.

Admit we need God, that is what God is crying out to all of us for, when we have gone our own way for far to long, loook to God and say, thanks for that, you were there all the time and just at the time that I needed you you looked down from heaven and took me back to be with yourself, when I was in a pit, you dragged me out, when I was going to hell you turned me around and rescued me from myself, God thanks for that I could not have done it without you, you are the greatest.

That's Always Left Up To God

That is always left up to God or at least I think it is. The ultimate question is usually, where did I go wrong? Like I did in writing this the first time, I deleted the whole thing. It does not take much to make a simple and stupid mistake, but the point of the thing is that we learn by our mistakes and don't do them again. It is always like that in learning and the best way to experience anything is to try and do it for yourself and if that means making a mistake, so be it, that is the way we learn by the error of our ways. It is not that God makes the mistake, but He allows us theat experience as long as we don't get into too much trouble to learn by what we are doing in first hand experience. So if everything is left up to God we don't learn anything for opurselves.

Whats left up to God, I eman whats that that is left up to God, that is all the things that we can't do for ourselves. Everything in the too hard box or folder, that we simply put on a side burner or shelve until we can get our mind around it again and have a go and attempt all those things that were simply too hard, that's what I mean by having a go, we can't always put off for tomorrow what we can do today. Now is the time for action and now is the time to try or attempt do do all those things that we failed at or could not come to grips with those things in the terms of our reality. That is left up to God when we say we can't, we we admit our liabilities and own up to the fact that we can't do everything alone and that what was left up to God through prayer or otherwise, then we are falling short of all the glory that he has waiting for us at the moment. Sure there is some things that we can't do for ourselves right at the moment but then we say, that is left upt o God.

God will take control and show us how to proceed at exactly the right time. It is usually a time thing rather than an ability requirement of monetarial restriction. God can do the impossible straight away and miracles take just a minute longer. You see it is a possibility problem and that we are only restricted by our own beliefs.That is left up to God, sure but we can try our best to see God gets all the facts and equipment he needs to work with for the best possible chance of things happening and falling into place ASAP. The key is that you don't leave things up to God if you can do them for yopurself, if there is no light at the end of the tunnel then look to God because he will be on the train that goes straight through and out the other side if we only have the faith and patience to see and ask him for whatever it is that we can't do for ourselves.

It Is Nice To Say Thankyou

It is nice to say thankyou, it is nice to get something for free but without a show or sign of gratiude and welcome receptivity, we simply become ungrateful and greedy thinking that we can take everyone for granted with our own selfish expectations for ourselves where we think that we are too good for anybody else. Saying thankyou is the key to thoughtful behaviour and while it is never demanded by the giver, a thankyou is a welcome expectation and way of affirming the positive gifts that we are given out of love from somebody else. We could all sit down and make a list of all the good things that we have been given in life, food, time, a roof over our heads, clothes and even life itself is a gift that we all seem too often to take for granted, but while our parents made us, God is the giver of all life, trees, mountains, rivers, sea creatures, animals and plants. In fact God created everything and we are all just gouing along for the ride at His expenditure and free gift of love with His selfless gratiude of us as subjects in unconditional merit and favour for us to all enjoy His goodness and glory. You see we can't earn anything for ourselves but everything is at Gods disposal to distribute as he likes.

You have heard it said that the Lord gives and the Lord taketh away. In fact everything belongs to The Good Lord for him to dish out and give at His demand or desposal. Love is the highest price you will ever have to pay and that is completely free to all who believe in His unmrerited favour and the only way you can win with God is by loving Him, you can put yopur money in the bin for somebody else to take and have when at the end of the day the earth has turned right around and you are still alive, that is all you really ever needed. God is in control, don't worry about that. The Devil is just a subject to God's terms and conditions like everybody else and we have to say no to him, don't give the Devil a foothold and knock Him back everytime he opens the door, you simply must say no to him and don't allow him in the door.

When you hand everything over to God you give Him total control over your lives and that is a very rewarding experience indeed in which we have to show our gratitude and say thankyou very much for the offer, I accept it with everything I have got. It is nice to say thankyou and it is really just a very polite way of accepting what is best for our lives when we say thankyou to God for all he has done for us we are opening up the door to heaven with all the treasures there that God has to offer. Don't be selfish and say thankyou to God for everything and also say thankyou to anyone else who gives you anything else at all, it is simply the right thing and a very nice thing to do.

Ask In The Right Way

When I say ask the right way I really mean verbally and not literarially, but it is polite to do both in both ways when you do or try. Asking the right way is simple, satisfying and self fullfilling when you get an answer of gratitudinal acceptance or comply. In fact it is the only way that you can really get what you want anytime, anyplace or anywhere. People can become rude and indignant when you simply assume you can have something without asking and to just take, grab and expect to recieve without asking the right way is kind of just expecting a major rejection. Sure go into a shop and pay cash for anything you like, don't feel threatened by the fact or intimidated that there was a lot of work gone on to get things right for you to buy and purchase.

That may be a facious or ambigous way of putting it but infatc far to often we all simple expect that we can have anything we like at any time if we just put the cash on the table. Life is about manners and dignity as well as being abrupt and rude in self expectations. We should always ask the right way before we simply just take, grab and walk away with our monetarial expectations of what we are entitled to purchase. So next time you want tio buy a new car, give God some time and credit for finding you the right one. Sure your choice is important but think of all the work that went on in making the car or the preloved owner gave to his prize posession.

Ask in the right way and don't be afraid to go through God for your cause. In fact it is never to rude and expectant to ask God for anything and as long as it has hHis merited favour you can equally expect to get it. Sure if we buy take away we pay cash first but a simple prayer for the hands that prepared it is not too much to ask, I mean really. say please and thankyou in all your transactions whether it is just for a ride on the bus or a lift down the street to do your shopping. Gratitude and favour for acceptance are equally important in having attatining or owning something that you would like to have and keep as a cherished possession or thning to keep untill your dying day and to look after it with the equal respect of buying it.

Remember nothing ever cost none nothing and everything has a price and so the least we can do is pay the difference for whatever it is that takes uour fancy through manners, gratitude and courtesy. Ask the right way, Say please can I have that and then when it is yours say thankyou very much for the gift, I gratefully accept your offer to buy.

How To Get What You Want

So how do you get what you want? That is a fine question to ask when most of us most of the time think that very same thing. Of cource you have to ook at motives and applications as well in getting what you want and why. A lot of the time the motivation is greed so that in order for you to have everything you want you have to lie, cheat and steel for it. But that is not the case in lfe as we shall see. All good things come to those who wait and go about aquiring things at the right time, style fashion and manner. Manners are one way of showing appreciation for what we want or desire and asking with a please on the question, is usually the best way rather than snatch and grab.

Of cource if things looka nd get a little difficult you could always try prayer as God just sits there in heaven waiting for His people to ask Him for what they want so that He can bless them immeasureably. Though it may not always come right when you expect it or be exactly what you requested but you can be sure that you will be more than happy and satisfied with Gods gifts as He has a bigger and more imaginable heart then us.The thing is that we must learn to be patient in life and not to expect all things to come to us at once.The rule is usually the longer you wait and the more you deny yourself for something, the happier you will be when you get whatever it is you want. If everyhting was simply dropped into our laps all the time we would be miserable wicked wretches that are spoilt rotton to the core, with no consideration for the requirements of other peoples wishes and needs.

Greed by wanting things for ourself all the time breeds corruption, self centreness and rottenenss to the core. We should learn to respect other peoples needs first in order for us to get what we want for ourselves later. Jesus said, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you. So it is not so much as a money factor but a time factor and the longer we wait as I have said the happier we will be in God's good time and not ours. Sure if you have the money you can just go out and buy it now, but the best things come in Gods time and using His resources.

Please Be Yourself

Notice that I have said please be yourself and not please yourself all the time. Know who we are as individual people and what we really need in life and require, rather than getting what we want all the time in any fashion or order is and are two completely different things. ":Please be yourself" is like knowing your God given gifts and using them for His glory. When we start to search for the real us, the person who knows what they are like and what they really want, is the real us. It is not until then that we learn to understand who we really are in the big picture and scheme of things by understanding our individual idiosyncrisis.

Getting Gods perespective for our lives is far more important than satisfying short term individual whims and fancies that just drift in and out the door or window in any fashion, shape or form. Being your self or which is the same as understanding yourself is the way to build eternal treasures in the kingdom of God, because we seek Gods guidance and perspective first, because He has what is best for our hearts and not our head in mind. He can see further down the road than we can, as we have to watch the car ahead. When we get home and do some reading, then we can get God's perspective on how to live our lives for the long term. Please understand how to be yourself or would you like to try to please see how people are capable of being themself, is a bit like a self reflecting mirror, rather that when we see the type of people that we would like to be we can emmulate them to help us fashion our own lives to be more like them.

The real hard core way to be yourself is to study God's word and emmulate Him, you can't go wrong with that. The character of God is far more satisfying and appealing than anyone else on earth. The world we live in has a lot to offer and we are all guilty of falling into that trap but we must consdier other people first and look to them and treat them as we would want to be treated by them to ourselves. We must be partakers of being ourselves, but it is not till we learn to contribute back that we can expect to take anything out of the world from that in which we live in. I hope that you might have been able to learn a little of that lesson of being yourself by emmulating the good in others and unltimately Gods character.