King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

No Turning Back

Don't Look Behind

Don't look behind, but keep looking ahead. The past is gone and the future is on the way and the present is definitely now here. The trouble is that we all get caught in the past trap, living in memories of days gone by and and dwelling on what has been, what we did wrong and what we should have done right. The present is now really here and let us live in the present with the future our goal at all times. Surely we can all leave the past behind, but we love to remember those better times of days gone by where we were happy and working progressively to get ahead, but far too often we were caught up in what we were doing or just enjoying the moment of all we had and wanted to keep and hang onto to cherish.

They say, don't look back but keep your eyes fixed on the goal ahead and all that the future holds and has waiting for you. Planning is the esseence of good mangement and setting goals and objectives only helps in attaining desired goals for future enjoyment. The thing is that when we look back we are dwelling on the past and wishing that we had never left what we had behind, the good times seem to come and go so quickly and the more we try to saviour the moent the more we fall into the past trap of fogeting what we are doing now and what we want to do in the future. The past trap of turning back, digging uip those cherished memories that we all like to keep is just all too much trouble of days gone by. It is not like a history lesson when we remember the facts of story telling of great chanacters of the past that have gone down in history to live in heaven forever that we can look to and admire their great accomplisments.

They have set the way for us here in the future generations and we can use their enginuity and leadership to help us learn and understand our own position today, but really we must leave the past behind and move intot he future of modern day living and all that they created is still left for us to finish and accomplish in another coming generation. Remeber that we can acclomplish so much more if we will only look forward. I still think to finanalize this page of the song. Memories From The Corner Of My Mind, Misty Water Coloured Memories Of The Way We Were. Let us wait for the song to come on the radio in the future because our past is gone and the present is here yet once again to take hold of and look into the future and greatfully grasp all the desired things that lay there waiting for us to behold.

What Have You Got To Lose

We have all heard the saying What Have You Got To Lose, Have a Go You Mug, You Will Never Accomplish Anything If You Don't try. Come On Assuie Come On. All these catchy cleches just put us in the mood to do something. So what have you got to lose, if there is nothing ventured there is nothing gained. This is a bit like a motivation lesson for getting up and getting going. The trouble is once again that we all become complacent, timid and shy if we don't do anything. The thing is that we have got to initiate something, change oursevles into a better person, if we do nothing we will get absolutely nowhere. Though if we try and do something the whole thing becomes so much more rewarding.

Go for a walk in the park, build something, make something, earn money, all of these things help us to come out of our shells, they encourage us to become a better person. So what have you got to lose, if you have still not tried to do anything new yet, then have a go. You will be so much more happier doing something than doing nothing at all. If all the explorers had sat on there hands and had not tried to find, lead, discover and search for a better place to live, they would have died in their tracks doing so for nothing and got nowhere but stayed at home all their life without seeiing the big picture of a whole new world, we have them to thank for what we have got.

They all said what have we got to lose and started out to find a new land or kingdom. Never think that you are good for nothing and can't do anythink. Everyone has a gift of doing something and by saying to yourself What have you got to lose, you are challenging yourself to perform to a new and yet undiscovered level of amazement. You have just simply got to try to dfo something, to make worthwhile for living. Life is far too short to sit back on your hands all the time and let other people do everything for you. We all have something to contribute and we each and everyone one of us need to find out what that niche is and have a go. They say if you can't be good be careful, but being too timid is tragic and we all simply must try to do something. Have a go, What Have You Got To Lose?

One Step At A Time

Take one step at a time, are the old wise words of life. Like, look before you leap, just means that we can't do everything at once, but must slow down and make sure of ourselves as we go along our merry way on the road of life. Taking one step at a time is like, think before you act. These sayings just help us to live longer by staying out of trouble. When we take one step at a time, we have just slowed ourselves down to a walking pace instead of rushing into everything straight away and making a bungle of what we are trying to do. Running like a bull at a gate never got us anywhere, as usually we have to go back later and fix our mistakes, rather than taking one step at a time and making sure that we have done the job properly.

As well one step at a time means just learning to pace ourselves in life to go the distance in that when we do we learn to be particular and thorough in what we are doing and what we are trying to accomplish. Walking pace, by taking one step at a time we are just making sure that we do the job properly, by slowing down and making sure that we are taking care all the way and all the time to go the distance and while making life better for ourselves in the process. Take in time to smell the roses, breathe easily instead of trying to do everything at once. Make sure that you are able to work at a level that you can cope with while you get on with the job of getting things done.

One step at a time is about taking more time to be organised and methodical, working through a step by step procedure in a logical and formalized programmed way. Scheduling procedure is also a way to do things in a more right and correct manner, step by step this job is getting done through patience, perseverance and persistance. Really there is no need to rush doing anything, but with associated care and compliance, finally and eventually get through the work in order to get things done, step by step and just one step at a time.

Gradual Improvement

Creating a gradual improvement is often a difficult and arduos task, however nevertheless it is a mandetory requiring for modern advancement and day to day living. There is absolutely no point in taking a backward step and accepting reality is only the more reason to move on with a new idea or concept. We can't become complacent and sit back on our hands and say that the job is done, I will let it rest at that. But the need to ever press on and rise to the occasion or forward movement and the ever arising need to move onward and upward. These are all the basic fundamentals or making a gradual improvement, creating new goals and objectives, plans and fullfilling dreams and aiming to meet God given expectations and the higher calling that we as people are called to be.

Human beings just can't sit back and let the world pass them by, but must ever press on and aim for the higher calling and objective that God has given us and indeed set before us to achieve. A gradual improvement can just be being more tidy and clean, more organised and thorough in doing the jobs and work waround the house. It can also be attaining higher education and fullfilling the calling of a higher level of occupation through improving skills and abilities in order to progress in the work world and company heirarchy. Gradual improvement can be a weight issue for losing excess kilos when you are obesse. Or puttung on some bulk mass and muscle at the gym for those who patiently and persistantly work out to attain a better physique and body shape.

Self improvement can aslo be the gradual advancement in your financial position, living environment, type and class of house and area. Infact there are so many ways that we all each and individually can improve our lives for the betterment of all others around us. Gradual improvement is about advancing our world and our general living standards in each and every aspect of all us. It is about aiming for the top and slowly moving in that direction to attain the upmost position in society and what that means through contribution and work efforts to improve living environments. More to as we all pitch in together we are globally attasining the fullfillment of our God given gifts and dreams to the highest calling we possibly can as man and people, family commitments and manging for longetivity is only just another intricit part and major requirement for us all. Gradual improvement is working towrards the common goal of what is best for all mankind.

It is not accepting second best but always aiming upward and onward, higher forever.

This Will Do Me For Now

Well after accepting a gradual improvement we can surely and simply say that will do me for now. When we have got what we want, we must learn to be content with our reality until we can gradually improve again. What I have has to be accepted as good enough for me now, but it also has to be challenged agian and again on a constant level and basis for living. There is no good going out steeling just to have a bit more. But waiting for the right work to come along, for the ideal job instead of just accepting anything or for that step in life when things start to go your way or are being dropped into your lap htrough constant patience and persistance with pursuring what is right in life and not accepting the wrong things, but always working towards the best posssible future as long as ever it takes.

Sure not all things will be just dropeed into your lapa ndusually anything you want is worth working for and towards. But by accepting limitations and say that this will do me for now, we allow ourselves to regroup, reorganise and readjust to new environments and realities as the seasons change and life problems are given to us to deal with and handle those challenges. This will do me for now is saying that I have accomplised enough, that I have done enough for me and my stage of acceptance of what I have. It is the contentment that you are heading in the right direction and that you have accepted that I can't do anythong more for the moment.

It is being realistic about material possessions and how much I can have and keep to myself without giving things away. It is about looking after and maintaining what I have and seeking to improve my position in life without continually always adding things to my possession. It is about learning to help others and be a positive contributer to society once you have grasp what is right in life and what to do, you can share that knowledge around and help oter people to get on tracka nd start to attain there goals as well. This will do me for now can also be like me writing now, just sitting back for a minute and regrouping my thought processes and thinking about what comes into my mind for a peaceful conclusion to this message.

Well then all I can say now is do it, take some time out for yourself and learn by your dealings, what is best and right for you in any given situation and circumstance. Learn to be a human being, learn to live well and learn to take some time out for yourself just to say that will do me for now.

God Is Always Right

God is always right and for most of us, it is just a matter of coming to terms with that very idea and accepting that we can't all do it on our own. That we must learn too trust and accept that there is a higher power and calling on our lives and that is the higher power of God. God is always right and the sooner we learn to accept that the quicker we will advance in this world. The more certain we will be of fullfilling our own accomplisments in this world and the more better off we will be with accepting those other things around us that we cannot change, but must learn to accept in our own eyes as well as other peoples eyes and ultimately the eyes of God.

If God left us to our own devices all the time, how miserable a people we all would be going our own self centered ways and living our own greedy and self dependant lives. God is always right and understanding that is the first step to stop going in the wrong direction. It is the correct step to take next when learn to hear that still quite voice inside us of God reassuring us that we are doing the right thing and staying on track for our higher calling in life. The sooner we learn to seek God and His righteousmness the sooner we start to live real and worthwhile lives, once again to our higher calling as human beings and individuals.

If God was wrong and we were right, then we would be left to our own devises of stupidity and independance, doing what we like by ourselves all the time for our own personal self gain and reflection. However the reflection would be self defeteing and deflating as we could never live up to our own expectations of ourselves untill we can accept that Gods expections of us are perfectly designed and enhanced for our ultimate position in life, that is of a person reflecting on God rather than ourselves. Realizing this very reality is our highest calling in life, in that if God is right all the time and we foloow all we can do is improve our right situalion and relationship with God all the time if we learn to only trust God and all His provision of righteousness.

We accept the grace, we do the work yes, but we allow God to lead and orchestrate the eternal environment and enhance our lives by a higher quality of living, in simple ways like breathing cleaner air, drinking fresher water and consuming higher grades and qualities of foods as well as clean living environments and clothes. These simple steps are what it takes to live more moral and higher lives. Purification of ethics and cleansing our soles to reach the highest calling in life and that is the righteousness of God, which we all one day if we follow, we will do in heaven. God Bless and aim upward.