King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Now and Forever

Tomorrow Never Comes

Well after all tomorrow never comes, we are always living in the present. Even when tomorrow comes it has become the new present and we must take that on board and draw from the past to live in the present as if tomorrow will never actually eventuate or transpire at all. If we live right and plan through the day then we are putting oursleves in the picture and perspective of how to live for each and every day as an individual requirement. The day before today was yesterday and we can't live in the past either, we must put oursleves in the picture and persepective of how to live in the present. We have to learn to live for the moment and ennjoy every second as it comes and while it lasts in that the fact is that each second is too important to lose even when we are always and continually losing the second, each second all the time. Some say when tomorrow comes I will do this and that and something always comes up that they never get around to doing what they actually wanted to do.

It has also been said, fail to plan and then you fail to succeed. Today I am saying is that today is all you really have at any one time, unless you can time warp into the future or live tomorrow, today you are imagining the whole thing. Take each moment as it arises and live each second and it was your last. this is the ultimate high and pinacle of life. It is no good to have all the time in the world and throw it all away with a silly accident that can cost you your life if you are not careful, we are constantly making decisions and taking actions that affect our lives by the consequences of what we are doing all the time for each and every second of the day. Living in the past is another falicy of having memories that are meant to last, sure you will get recollections of things that you have done throughout the day but let them go and they will return at another time, it is not for us to decide that and when we should be cashing in on our treasures in heaven.

From another time and place to the realness of the hear and now is the palce to be, the present and that is all there really ever is. Just as I have moved on in this 30 minute dictation of thoughts and words in ideas, so has the world passed me by in many otherb palces that I was not conscious of though I still feel that I am doing something worth while with my time here and now in the very real present. Well it is to be anyway as I type and write down these thoughts in the present right here and now. We have to be aware, astute and alert all the time I guess except when we are sleeping but you need a safe palce to do that and God is always there in an emergency. You have to be as cunning as a fox, as shrewd as a serpent as strong as a lion, as fast as a cheetah, as wise as an owl or as smart as a hyenea who laughs all the way to the bank. Well that is how you have got to live your life for the second.

Take time and think it over maybe you will be alive in five hundred years but for me it is live for today and let tomorrow take care of itself.

Well Until Then

Well until then, from the here and now into eternity, is that all I really need or I am asking for? We take to heart the things of this world and plan and think that is it, that is all I really need. Eternity is somewhere else that is always somewhere that is too far away or too hard to get to and in fact it really is. That does not mean that we should not be continually aiming for eternity. Just like dangling a carrot in front of a horse will want to make him strive forward and work harder but it is always out of reach and still he tries to get it as he can only imagine how good it is going to taste when he gets it. Unless we cut the the string holding the carrot one foot in front of him that is tied onto a pole attached to his harness, well until then it is just see what he will do and what will happen. How is he going to get that carrot? Like the diamond ring she has been waiting for from her lover for ten years and it just seems that he will never pop the question, will you marry me, yes or no?

 Well until then we will just have to wait and see what transpires, what happens and what eventuates. Maybe it never will maybe we wait in suspense and eternity for ever wondering what it is, what will happen and transpire. We have to learn to focus on the moment, the here and now, the ever present present. So until then it is just that and when the time comes that our reality is here we only too soon lose it and have to start looking for it all over again.

 Well until then what was ever was, was and what will ever be, will be and what might of happened we will just never know anyway and therefore it is just silly to dwell on the idea as if what we want we will simply never get or what you have is all you really need ar what you might of had might not of been worth it anyway

Life is a precious gift, and it is the precious gift, our life time is the eternity that we are living our lives to enjoy all the time. Hang onto it as it is never worth giving up the game or the ghost simply for a whimsical lust or desire.

Life is more import ant then anything and well until then that is the day you die, don't wish that you had thrown it all away and started again, make the most of what you have got now and all the time. If something is worth doing once then it is probably worth while doing again, do that in eternity and while you are here on earth do something different every day of your life, learn a new experience, go to a different place, meet people you have never met before, eat food that is always tasting a bit different. Really you will never get the chance to do it all again, not here on earth anyway.

But until then God bless, Best Wishes and I hope and pray that you really get out of life what you want, but remember that comes from what you put into life. Have a good day and until then God be with you always.

When I Ask I Receive

When I ask I receive, well that is the theory anyway. I have to ask and believe in what I have asked that it will become real and true and eventuate but it still takes time. Maybe you just have to have money there and then and pay for it there and go home happy with what you want on the day. To be life is about asking God in prayer for what I want. At least all the important stuff anyway and that takes time. It is not all dropped in my lap as soon as I ask. Some of the immediate requirements like food on the table simply just and must be provided for, but it is not even like that to a lot of people in the world anyway. There are so many starving mouths to feed every day, that my wish list with God just does not matter that much or seem that very important now.

When I consider the magnitude of all the work He has to do everyday in feeding the starving people of the world, my problems are insignificant and the new house or car waiting just ten years down the road will just have to do that wait till God is good and ready. The world is getting desperate with so many people just needing or requiring one meal a day for sustenance and while I can try and help in the way of some monetarial aid there are thousands opf people out there doing the work of trying to go about the massive of job of just that, feeding the displaced and those with malnutrition. I think we are getting better and starting to care more, but still a lot more people could get the idea and try and help. We with our large houses and massive expense accounts for our selfish personal needs don't care enough about the people who are struggling just for the next meal. Natural disasters don't help but we have to act when they do.

We have to dig deep and reach out and offer any assistance that we can. When I ask I receive, yes I do, I get all the vital necessities of life that I need, I have faith in that and I see it happen So why can't I gave back to all the good God has given me, I do, I try but still I could do more. We all could really we all could count our blessings each and every day and see all the good God has done for us and give back just that little bit or little bit more that would put a smile on someone elses face and give them the greatest gift to give a life worth living, education as well as food. Even though I don't doubt my own requirements and needs will be met by God, I know and can be sure that God is good for them and I have to think the same way and help other people. Third world countries are slowly starting to move ahead with a lot of hard work has been done by a lot of hard working people. But that does not mean that we can stop there, there is still a lot more to be done.

Lets all try and get on board and get the vision of, a life worth living is a life lived for others.

Really Believe

What to I ask myself for and of what to I really believe in my head and in my heart. I know God is real and I really believe that, but in my head I doubt sometimes and in my heart I deny Him all that He really has for me and other people. I can't just simply sit down and write what I like without knowing what I really believe. I try and make sure of myself and that what I am doing is really the right thing to do or say or write, but what do I really believe when all else is taken into consideration and I have to put my finger on the pulse of what it is once and for all and say seek or find out what it is. I guess it is health, if you have got your health then you can do anything else that you want to do. So many times we take our health for granted, going out in the cold or getting too much sun, we really have got to be sensible with our lives and get the clear and proper perspective that we must maintain our health above all other things that is how we achieve longevity after all.

Really believe that and really believe that God is good and He will help put you in the picture of how you can live the rest of your lives for Him and for all eternity. He is in eternity and we are just trying to get through this life to get to where He is living in eternity. Still the picture seems hard to attain. Even if I have got my health I am not really always happy. I want more and all I really need is God. So what do I really believe, I keep asking myself the question, what is it. If God is all there is to life and him drawing me into His wonderful kingdom of heaven what else to I really require. Many people will say that money is all you need and that with that you can buy anything you really want, is that what you want me to believe? No I think that the richer we are the more unhappy we are, full of greed, pride, selfish desire and other polluting diseases associated with that, like corruption and embezzlement. So what do I really believe?

If God is really that good how can I knock Him back. I am starting to think that way more and more now and the more I do the more He shows me what He wants of my life and puts me in the picture and I get back on track. Sometimes life is just a hurtle we need to get over it and seeking God first is the best way to do that. So I am starting and trying to really believe that. God solves the problem of your thirst for everything. Your cravings and desires for yourself and puts you in the picture of how you can help everybody else.You will be truly blessed when you learn to do that I can guarantee it. Sometimes we just have to let go and let God, all those things that hide us from God in our own shallowness and let God lead us home, not just now but for always and for ever, all the way down the long road of life to every place and destination He has got for us. There is no end to His ideas or His love. I think that is what I really believe or at least should and will try to now and in the future, forever if I can.

Don't doubt just do it. Really believe that God holds the key to everything, eternal life, love, glory, riches and everything.