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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

The Matter Of Thought

Teaching Thinking

The brain is a highly organised technical organ that needs constant food stimulation and active thought. Thinking is an art in that we learn, to associate one thing with another by its likeness or kind. Such theory therefore supports the idea that if I use my brain consciously and effectively it will facilitate greater understanding and awareness. So it appears therefore to become a matter of word association and integration which links to build and formulate the mind into a logic thinking process that continues to redevelop and restructure till there is enough matter to sell off as an idea or retain for peace and tranquillity in form of retention of understanding the relationship between words one must consider the idea of interrelationship.

By connecting like words together logical flowing meaning, organisation and continuity can be streamed to enable the consciousness of thought which evolves and develops to quality of life. This logic pattern association and formulation lead to develop the highly structured and integrated intricate organisation. Teaching thinking is not a thing that can be learnt in a hurry but developed and matured in time. So it is rather in learning that we are actually taught which would mean that teaching thinking is just a matter of sharing knowledge but and learning is the real key to the ideal.

Modular Thinking

Trying to put everything into perspective is an awesome task while reality deflects so much diversity and reflects so much attraction. In the scheme of things we try and associate different things in a cohesive and structured thinking. The thought of being one of interest and understanding in application of everyday life and real worth. Modular thinking is just one more step down the path of creative industry. It depicts and acknowledges the need for a round world to see things squarely in the eye and comprehend the need and difference for future advancement.

Putting things in perspective generate and creates an organisational ideology that allows the transformation of ideas into potential possibilities. If we walk the path of a track designed to lead to futuristic creation, then the imagination can be used to generate income and information for wealth and successful engineering of buildings. The need to advance is a prime condition of life and factories the production of equipment and technology in our innovative world. To describe modular thinking as rotational is untrue but rather it is an in-directed road to a direct result. Meaning a winding of ideas into the end result of asset increases up to date in appliances.

Modular thinking moves things to and from places to maximise space management and generation of new and radical thought to be again turned and reorganise into a stronger structure of thinking and positive reflexion of objectivity.

Capacity Thinking

With the inflow of constant thought construction and the analysation capabilities of thinking that enables the minds storage and retrieval systems. Come the inadequacy to hold and retain information data and knowledge. Development of dichotic memory and cognitive processes helps aid in storage. However capacity for thinking is still limited by the capacity thinking abilities like the oceans are to the earth or a tree is to the ground so too are the possibilities to hold, contain and absorb thought.

The object of capacity thinking is to have enough retention to theorize all possible matter. Understanding need or need not be an inevitable concern. The fact that the quantity should be designed to balance with quality is enough qualification for the existence. Ascertaining the necessary restructuring of normal thinking is essential for capacity thinking. The point is however not to know everything. Though that may appear apparent. It is adequate enough to be constantly filled with new resources that interest, satisfy and provide entertain the idea of all consuming knowledge is appealing yet undesirable in that the greatest thinking is in the limit of the capacity of itself.

Creative Thinking Food for thought

What greater thinking can there be than that of creative thought. Allowing the imagination to run wild and the mind left to conceive and grapple with the idea. Men from all over the world have set about to think of new ideas only to be confounded by the effort. Yet creative thought comes about surprisingly and spontaneously when you least expect it. Trying to unlock the secrets of the universe may seem to be a subtle set of event. But it is this effort that is transfigured in the higher realms where God considers the timing and events in order to release that secret for realisation.

As food rejuvenates and stimulates the body and the brain, it allows products thought for consideration and perusal. Creative thinking may appear to be only in the artistic world of development and outside the sphere of normality but it is this striving and endeavouring that implants generational change and engineering. Supernatural and spiritual realms can also be thought of in creative thinking whereby the thoughts is one of eternal and ethereal concept. The focus then being on harnessing it and focusing on the original direction of the creativity. Food enables thinking and as the protein and carbohydrates circulate in the blood so too does the idea of that metamorphoses change and interact with the organs and muscles and therefore we have a new idea.

For no two meals are the same they will vary slightly in weight. And ingredients but the by-products is new creative thinking.

Conscious Thinking

Awareness is an important reality of living , the fact we are and can be aware of our thoughts is good enough reason to know that w have a soul and a working subconscious. The reality though is a matter of are we dwelling in the past the subconscious or are we conscious of the future and living in the present alone. Sub conscious and conscious have to be distinguished though the knowledge of the present reality is best left in tranquil and peaceful acknowledgement.

To know the difference is a matter of subconscious understanding that our conscious we are aware of knowledge of the subconscious is best left to be utilised when necessary and faulted only when the future reality is consciousness. To assess utilisation value and ability the conscious of present must be allowed to be assessed in relation to the state of time. The matter of conscious evolvement is only necessary when logical and thoroughly understood. Conscious thinking is an art. Subconscious is a memory best left alone to time.


Simplicity is about the modification to make hard things easy. Simplicity also has its own nature and characteristics that imply its basic understanding anyway. The focal point is not in the slight evolutionary change but in the fact that it's design and purpose allows the average person to interrelate and therefore understand more difficult things. But understanding thing straight forwardly they are easy and simple to grasp. Therefore viewing things with simplicity allows the transformation of difficult things to be readily comprehended and ascertained.

Making or accepting things as simple is purely decision based. Complexities arise out of business generation and the nature of simplistic traits is to reorganise it into something easy to understand and follow. That does not mean that the complexities have no or lose their value. Just that looking at them in a different way, sheds new light and understanding henceforth producing new meaning and interpretation. It is the complex systems in society that make life interesting while the simplistic values tent to offer a more tranquil and peaceful existence.

One without the other will break down the total system while complex systems build on existence, simplistic process will remodify difficulties and troubles to reformulate organisation design to function holistically and continually.

It them can become a matter of over simplifying everything bringing everything back is an evolutionary being complexion will arise anyway. The point them becomes matter of reorganisation to maintain the functioning systems. Going of further it could become a matter of degradation. If allowed but negative the potions for oversimplification. Simplicity itself is an intricate complication that moves freely and readily adapts and changes to environmental circumstances. It can't be made complex even though its makeup may suggest that.

Instead is creates an easy learning path that easily exchanges difficulties to success. Of course, it can work to the detriment of its user if consumed by or one becomes obsessed. In fact its characteristics lease most people to some kind of possession. It's ability to create is actually self defeating to its process while it's disregard for default leads to awareness and productive generation. Still further you can be controlled by it, but one who has control of it has a firm group on the situation indeed. It appears to have no flexible angle to it at all but it's flexibility is almost incomprehensible. Simplicity is a field of its own and out survives complexity 90% of the time.

Simple to Complex

I wanted to say that life seems to get to be more complicated than it was designed to be. Thought however keeping things simple often leads to boredom, lack of excitement and a feeling of inadequacy. So what we really need is that ever sort after and sometimes seemingly unreachable happy medium from simple to complex is like trying to go through our education system. As we grow up in school work gets to more complicated and finally we get to higher education institutions. That seem to be almost impossible. I say know don't despair for you are not the only person on the sinking ship. We're all going to go down unless we do something about it.

The secret is that after so many years of gaining knowledge. You must find the right job in which to work. It may mean going to twenty interviews to get it, but this will be better than jumping into deep water head first. My idea was to establish my career path goal early in life so that I knew what I wanted and get my heart and made my plans after that. I got my first job on the first interview I went to but through stupidity had to go through several.

Companies in my field to get to a stage of feeling confident in the company that I work for security as it seems is something to hold onto and to be continually seeking for, but this is not the case, more people become successful by making a leap of faith, this may not be your ideal, but it better to have something to aim for that is positive than to live with a perpetual negative philosophy negativity is best left for the dead. Simple things are often the greatest pleasure in life, but the complex seem to bring in the mist money.

They say that things in life that are most sort after are the hardest to obtain. That to have are the most worthwhile to have. Do we need to draw conclusions about money and pleasure or inst it better to parallel them. What I mean is that money can give you pleasure but should not be worshipped.
Remember the next time you win a million dollars in the lottery that god's creation is worth more than any financial amount could hope to obtain or purchase and that funerals seem comparatively cheap in comparison.


Complex Consideration

At times we all try for notoriety. Striving to achieve succeed and win. This allows manifestations amongst the community and stimulates thought and complex consideration. Complex consideration is a matter of deep concern for other people problems and needs. It is pattern creating and object getting that seeks to achieve many perplexities that would otherwise not normally arise. It can be like chewing over a piece of overcooked steak or a selection of fruit that you have to o many pieces to choose from. In the uphill battle to win we have to remember that we are judged and thought about by others.

If it was as simple as a running race it would be easy. But the long haul of a life time commitment and dedication is not a 100 metre sprint but a marathon seeking to win one soul after the other. To influence other people and to challenge them their way of thinking that it might be better suited to yours.

Winning point after point not dropping a game and not losing a set. If I was to consider your idea it would create complications with my own idea. If we to allow each other to have each other's ideas it would create even further complex consideration. This interacting seeking to always further develop creates these situations and circumstances producing more and more complexity and making more people consider what life is about and why I must even try at all to do something to help mankind.

Thought Patterns

By understanding the common denominator in thought processes we can establish and link patterns to and from the sociological concepts that constantly interject their information with critical analytic and therefore constructive thought patterns with their trends and cycles. Thought patterns are behaviourally based and originate from mental stimulation and provocation of ideas, with the central idea highly structured theories are basically a positive contribution to society.

In essence what we hope to achieve is a kind of organisational manifestation of thought. In that the thinking process is enough provocation in itself the successfully gave other lives of thought. Facilitating the creation of thoughts and the recognition is the fulfillment of that process. It's a bit like and ideologically social system that reproduces itself is a thought, producing systems it to changes and evolved in a constant process of regeneration. The creation of a reality is an intermediately by-product that entertains a precious second of time before it re-enters the process of thought cycle eventually evolving to enable the recognition of set cycles and thought patterns.

The process itself is a constantly evaluated social system that is still constantly evaluated and constructively criticised. It is this critical thinking that actually reassesses and produces the new thought patterns. By ascertaining an awareness of the social system in which the thought patterns evolve, we can actually facilitate what a reality cycle will be like and with even further analysation even predicts the thought patterns. In ascertaining and understanding of this the thought patterns can be positively and constructively used by being put back into the social system. Which in turn enhances and produces quality of life and reasonable culture and style which in turn helps further evolve the social structure and it's circle.

This fulfilment of evolution is actually an integration of the past that revolutionises and infiltrates into existing thought systems and their social patterns. So that now again actually we have a systemic integrated highly structured social system with a well working and recognisable social pattern that through the thought process has now enabled the constant ability to understand and recognise the important and relative thought patterns.

Something of Substantial Substance

The importance of something substantial to both eat and wear is a substance of food and material. This sustains and protects while nourishing and keeping warm in both classifications of each identity. The difference being that the composition of the two are natural and to be nurtured in a combined and conclusive way. While they are two thing both are part of the pone person and must be treated parts of the whole person for the lifetime of the use and wear and jurisdiction.

These two things are something of substantial substance because they collectively and individually mean and make up most of the need of most of the people. Other things less important but still wanted are dwellings on transport providers which in turn all substantiate the bulk of the cost of living and the daily requirements and necessities to do things in a practical and specialised way.

This is not to be confused with a body of water or a land mass as even they intertwine and interceded they are spate parts of the mainstream of things which make up the substantiality of the earth and its provision for survival and maintain of life upon itself. This land mass and body of water is beneath our souls and part of it once it is filled and refined and reproduced and manufactured then it can be eaten and worn in the daily activities of everyday life.

The Status of The Past Present

Naturally the logical idea of time continual evolvement around the past present and future stages of life. The status of the present is that point in time when the past goes into the future. The here and now if you like. Understanding and fathoming the actual second we live in and knowing what has gone and what will be coming gives us a status or reality that is in effect the present. My present might be different to yours and in actual fact it is because we are in two different physical locations. though your present could be the same as mine if we were standing talking about the weather or something.

But what we have to accept is that the present does have an actual status it has a real physical objectivity about it. Something that means that you and I can co-exist at the same time. I the spiritual world there is no present status. The actual status is another time. The past and the future are the present and the status of the present is not of the same time. However when going from life to death that second was the last status of the present. Then past and future are only eternity in time.


There is a substantial amount of effort and requirements evolved in expanding and enabling advancements of Techniques in industry., the simple idea of its logic is to facilitate skills and abilities that allow improvements of requirements for ongoing advancements, techniques revolve around substantial development of skills and abilities, that manifest and reproduce people in relationship to their effectiveness and contribution ability, the understanding alone of personal criteria in enough to evolve into considerable expansion and equipment of intuitive trusts meaning evolvement is revolutionised by the further facilitation of skills.

Ability in general is a skill fashioned out of the techniques that we require and understand to operate effectively in our job. Whether enablement is facilitated by equipment or personal ability means that considerable effort to contribution must be harvested and reinvented to maintain and further allow technological advancement. The ability to manifest quality out of techniques effectively illustrates the personal endeavour to improve, whether or not there is financial contribution is irrelevant but it must be noted that the end result is to produce more.