King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Psychological Literary Thinking

Psychological Approach

A psychological approach gives a withdrawal to the knowledge of the balance of accounts between the unaware person and the conscious people who have money in the bank and want to count on it all day. But don’t bother counting it but just know the figure and the withdrawal capacity. A psychological approach is one of the conception of the human mind and the unaware knowledge of what other people have and what you want yourself and your own ability to pay an take possession of it for your own self the psychological approach is a different process of the discrimination of religion and politics to a management of economics in human understanding.

In psychology like it's upper brother psychiatry it is the meaning of getting your mind around the brain in a logical systematic rhythm that flows a poetic thought process of computational components like a pill inflicts pleasure while a coin enjoys pain. Now to be note taking we need to figure the electronic payment so that the money and time wisely trust each other for expenditure of treasure and the satisfaction of work. How why when who and what we wait for is an interesting concept of heaven. But the hellish idea of life and the frustrating importance of the self mislead and fail to guide to caring thinking of paradise which seeks to provide the balance of national pride and indignant ambition.

Hating and the likeliness of loving in sexual concentrations of lust and pride is a rude awakening to the sun and the sleepless patterns of interaction. Thus the possibility of a regeneration or reproduction of the psychotically approach is a process of impossibility. so the intercourse and the dialogue of opposite partners relationships is flattering and frugal but only in the eyes of a thinking believer.

Imagination: Greater Than The Mind

Imagine time and space in a world yet unknown metaphysics an idea of what life is all about in a place that conceals no precept or understanding of what goes on outside of reality. Thinking or at least creative thought the possibility of understanding what goes on outside the universe. What is real we have to accept but what is unknown is what we have to try and conceive. If we think life easy or take for granted all the natural elements we have come to understand we risk failure for the future.

If what is hard to perceive and we extrapolate it in an inquisitive unsearched environment we come to the point of exploration in a new world of uncertainty. The mind is a finite yet ever changing state of being trying to conceive what is infinite in imagination is the ideals outside out own that lead to a local point in t time and space called reality. If the mind can grasp and understand these events then it is in control if not the ideas or thoughts go on into another world beyond that of human understanding and consideration of the of the events.

If the search is allowed to continue then there may be a focal point but not unless the creativeness is allowed to fully transpire. But the concept of the mind understand what is unknown is the insightfulness of man and the mechanism of dreaming that which is created and thought in the world of the imagination which is created by God, whereas the mind is concerned by men.

Ideological Association

To generate thinking of world power through interaction of different thought is the basic division of Ideological Association. To understand and digress into patterns of linking and organisational behaviour requires logic and organised behaviour requires logic and structure in connecting thinking. The differentiation between knowing and inspiring a new idea is the grey meaning behind the objective of the association. To realise and apply that idea one must understand and reinstitute a different direction which reflects the desired on required outcome so as to form the required result. Is we concentrate on only one objective we are limited in our capacity to advance, on the other hand if we throw open the possibilities of many objectives ideas flow freely and come together to unite in a desired and rational formula for general purpose and use.

The fact that everyone lives their only little world of space time and being means that we all have our own ideological ideas and thought patterns that signify our personal desires and identity to streamline and harmonise societal interaction this needs to come together so that the many ideologies of individuals are detected and connected through organisational structure and development to maximise and produce engineering of requirements and future desires in the coming world goals of unity, peace and Global unification.

Generation Of Work Activity

Creativity is an idea that generates and stimulates people to do and understand what the world is all about and how they can achieve success though and ideal as simple as an everyday job and work activity. Structuring the mind with thought and organisational is a fundamental development and requirement of management and though the systems, levels and hierarchy on is enabled to equip and train staff to operate and produce a quotient of labour force in an hourly rate of pay. It is not a game of pressure but one of enjoyment when a career of field of work is chosen and attained. The ongoing and previous reflection from then on leads to further promotion and interest in the jobs and work path is plain and guided to enable clear vision and steps in order to achieve and advance.

These multifaceted and widely distributed positions of both diverse and concentrates infrastructure continually revolve and readjust to suit the economic climate and conditions of all levels of supervision, staff and management. It is fair to say that the instituted mind and brain will progress further once the discipline of routine is acquired. If cone can maintain steady work load and continual stability within the organisation the generation of combines work and deeds manifests into leadership ability. And is compounded and withheld within to further communicate the attained knowledge and skills that have been created by the years of conscientious activity and productive service.

Worthwhile Notation

In a priority centred yet disorganised business congestion there are some points which stand out and need to be addressed and some which don't. There is so much to read and topics are so broad and wide that there is simply not enough time to cover them all. Let alone specialise on any one subject to totally understand it. There are exceptions to the rule but generally we need to be able to cover all applicable and relevant ideas to ourselves in order to beneficially gain by the investment of our time. It appears that many times I write about subjects and topics that just come into my head.

Whilst I have read extensively my concentration on one particular matter is diverted due to boredom and lack of interest., some people specialise on one particular subject and enjoy it and it works well for them. I however see many different needs that require attention and I feel as though I must address them accordingly . worthwhile rotation then becomes a matter of relevancy to a majority of people's needs. Prioritising reading and writing requirements is both beneficial and wise. As positive results are more likely to evolve and eventuate. There we must consider our notating to be worthwhile and aim to cover to most relevant points.

From Word To Phrase To Sentence

Let me start as I have no choice to start but by the word for in the beginning was the word. Secondary however jumps a step to the English language which seems to be taken for granted in this day and age. However English did evolve as much as did Chinese German or Russian. So let's look at the English language from an evolving point of view. I guess because Christ was a Jew he spoke Jewish and he was thought Jewish by his ancestry and the people of the temple or church he attended so too do we speak English because through the years of Greek and Latin and other languages have evolved into English. It is interesting to think about what language Moses Adam and Solomon spoke at the beginning.

Again I suggest that if Christ spoke Jewish then his father must have spoken or believed Jewish too(laws or hereditary) Therefore Jewish has evolved to English and I'll leave it at that because the language I know and understand. So let us look at this phrase analytically word to phrase and phrase to sentence. We start the sentence with a word and Bullies the words up into phrases to complete the sentence. I know that the subject English taught in institutions goes into the art of language, that is the English language being broken up into greater detail such as verbs adverbs nouns pronouns and adjectives.

But this is drawn back to the basics and origins of the words themselves. This is to o complicated and in depth for what I am prepared to go into I like to cover the meaning more than the origin and believe that heavenly truth revolves around simplistic origins and simple but sound ideas. Therefore as a word leads to a phrase and a phrase to a sentence so does time lead to life and life lead to money. And it is this that I finish my doctrine on worldly philosophy.

To Distinguish Language Through Interpretation and Transaction

The tower of Babel place us all at a rather awkward and inappropriate position, in it left the multitude unable to communicate with each other. To seek the kingdom of today in an ever uniting process of evolvement one has to learn the art of translation. To reach the goal of harmony of vision one must adapt to various languages and culture. The key to it is to be able to communicate unequivocally with your neighbour and understand the meaning one is trying to convey.

Therefore temporarily we set up interpreting or translates to try and mediate between our different nations. These communities that try and live together need a common denominator usually in the form of the universal language of English. To distinguish between one language to the other requires in depth doctrine to ensure accuracy and relevancy to the given objective. The transition from multi concentration of versatility in speaking to poses a problem to the person with a lengthy history or backgrounds of origin .

Literature and Law

Maybe we take thing too casually. Maybe we take things to seriously. Literature and law need careful and contemplated consideration. We need time to reflect and address all the different liabilities and eligibilities that drive themself out of the written word., in literature we take care to design every word in every line so that it is enticing and desired to be read. In law we have to design every word in every live so that it is enticing and desired to be read. In law we have to design every word in every line to legally make sureness of the wrong doing or the immorality it seeks to preserve or entertain in providing the right direction for its counterparts and the message it endeavours to mean.

The law of literature is based on the concept of originally where literacy is logical and where continuity and communication must be clear and concise in all aspects of their deliverance. By this we are forming and combining oral literal rules that make and decide reading attraction. The main part of the general idea there is that rigidity is abnormal but the meaning is enhances by more and more complexities and that any formal presentation must include and direct the fascination of literary work that incorporates some kind of writing law.

The Power of Letter

There are two letters of importance one is the one that enables you to do things and read words or allow people a liberty. The second letter is the power of the alphabet to be written into the form of words logically expressed through type of word to form phrases sentences, paragraphs and pages which are eventually bound and put in book form which is called binding. If someone lets someone's else to everything they want and get anything they needs there is a dispute over the originality of the thought or lead. This then means that the leadership had been read by a reader and not lead by the leader who wrote. The third letter is better left alone because it is rude and sinful because it means you assume all the rights are yours just as I assume the rights of this page are mine, when really the intention of this page is to let everyone else know the truth that they can trust the originality of the own work effort ability and endeavour to own reach and attain property. This can become an obsession to work continually to improve yourself without resting and giving someone else a chance to earn and learn to.

By this you teach yourself and are teaching other people to understand and reason what they are listening to or writing so that when they read again they are able to comprehend the new order of things and adjust to the difference of reality without necessarily changing real estate or sell things unless they work in a shop or library where people work or office where the power point is to manage their computers and invoices for delivery of their products and payment of the goods whereby their income determines whether they want customers or they are customers themselves looking for special that are selling or saleable or just stuck thinking about the cells in the ink they are trying to read or write or print, or if it is electronic lettering which is the forth form of written wording then the current or electricity in the display is readable and transferrable to the printed page of the paper through the printer.

Letters are syllables or digits that can be numerically arranged or remembered in alphabetical form that are looked up or published in dictionary form that you remember by continually reading or spelling while you are writing. This meaning changes if you do other things or remember or forget the smell of the ink or feel of the paper then the quality is adjusted to change or improve in order to locate or rearrange things to form the new truth or reality about what is acceptable or applicable to the new and present situation or what has adjusted to form then news link that is new for the change in reality which is updated and yet remembered for comparison of what was old and what is now useable while what was wasted was thrown out and replaced by the replenishment of work and resources and monetarily or financial gain or change which increased assets or income or decreases balance or statement. Then simply flush the toilet and check the time taken and what effort is cost you for the price of money.