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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Clinical Psychology

A Child With An Ego Problem

Amongst the midst of turmoil and strife and growing up in the life of a child is the mind of insecurity and overconfidence. These two opposites may very well differ and segregate from time to time and child to child. But the obsession and compulsion for a child to grow up with a positive mental outlook on life drives him or her to an ego or egocentric personality disorder. This desire to succeed and be the best is a self defeating and destructive force which conditions the child and their mind to function in a egotistical and overwhelming fashion that would see them concentrating on evil desires instead of the direction of their own best interests. This blind spot or so called illusion of foresight turns their thinking capacity to be a tractor to their own self.

The very nature and purpose of doing well is to live to enjoy the fruits of your labour and this can be disharmonising when abuse or overachievement is attained and fulfilled which then in turn teaches the child to be self dependent while he is still very much supported by his or her parents. This perversion degree of falsehood which conjures up thoughts that detract from need and create a want to desires. This ability to contain once feelings or emotions is a more adult and mature characteristic but the highly advanced or far ahead of themself high achiever is more than likely to develop a personality that Is egotistical and thrives on his or her ego to fulfil the desire to be successful and a high achiever.

This self motivation in the first place is a nearly always accepted as common but in the development stages a child needs to learn slowly and retain and remember the necessary facts of life so that when an adult has useful information to use and does not squander or waste the intellect.

Intelligence and Delinquency

It seems the higher you scale the intellectual ladder the more venerable you are to the delinquency of others. In other words the ability to succeeds overshadowed by an attack of degradation and pride reduction in the eyes of people who are envious and jealous. It's almost as if there is an invisible counterbalances that automatically comes into play the moment you reach the pinnacle of your career. It's not a matter your level of competency by a negative reversal of your efforts to keep you accountable and realist. Intelligence is a rerate quality given to those who display keenness to learn and ambition to exceed.

Delinquency on the other hand is the rejection of societal norms in order to display some kind of unique individualism that comes into he form of misbehaviour. The question is sis there any answer to the problem? Balancing and creating harmony between different mental states is not easy and the direction to take is not recognised obviously. While interaction is inevitable communication becomes distorted and beyond understanding.

Except in the form of counseling where there is a purpose orientated guidance to provide a mean that maybe more equating. The only reason that there is not more mutual understating and reason is that there is a psychological barrier that perverts further acceptance and comprehension intelligence and delinquency at either end of the scales and being able to set them to meet in unlikely and unprovintial.

Operation Diagnosis

The problem with most problems is that they are not recognised or pinpointed early enough. The need to highlight a problem and diagnosis is of the utmost importance. An in any area where there is possible room for error, identification and isolation is of the utmost importance in recognising and solving the problem. Operation diagnosis is about this very progress whereby all tangible and intangible areas of likely contingency creation are fully apprehended and consciously made aware of the streamline and smooth out running procedures for maximum continuity of the production flow process.

Early identification and recognition enables this walk on water type of operation., whereby the diagnosis is created and the miracle is simply applying the corrective action to facilitate the necessary simulation to organise continuation of line system,. The main this is the concentrate on any likely or possible contingencies so that any creation of trouble is immediately segregated and dealt with by separating the known causes and operating instantaneously to effectively illuminate the problem and solve all trouble by recognition and identification of the cause. This is a simple idea but must be executed perfectly.

Doctors and Medicine

I believe that medicine and medication is a fallacy. If God had intended people to live with faith in tablets then he would have made Christ a doctor. But no Christ was not a doctor but cured people of the sin that have come into them because of the devil, As God he performed miracles by the spoken word through faith and love in God. Pills and tablets are for idiots who have no faith in God and can't imagine that faith in the living God Jesus Christ is all they need. Why should people in the form of doctors have the law behind them forcing God loving Christians to take medicines they don’t really need and are usually more detrimental to their health than the original illness. Surely smart communication and clever thinking can surpass the deed for drugs of any kind and God can be the respected as the mighty creator rather than some form of incapacitating drug.

To have faith in god surpasses all that can be fathomed on Earth and send you into the heavenly realms. Your pills are like mustard seed in size and nature in that they are organic and are taken on faith. I believe that the mind was designed as old in parables in the bible to be like soul of Christ living in the God head. If you can understand this brilliant thing why then is their need for medication which to me is artificial and unsubstantiated by biblical myth. Just as the people showed no respect for God in the day of Moses when they broke the tablets of the Ten Commandments. They had and still have no respect for the living God. Surely the sin in their hearts that breaks God's divinely inspired direction is not atoned by the cross but still live in the hearts of people in the form of doctors.

They claim to help people but their anterior motive is to put money in the back after seeing now 8 psychiatrists and a few doctors for a problem I had with not being happy in my work and poems in my heart for wanting to earn an income. I realise now that all I needed was a change of attitude from worldly ideas to that of a Christ centred heart. Through learning and understanding this I feel that I can now write and tell others of the hope that can be found in God and the truth of the bible and other books written by people with a holy heart and Christ centred mind. So then it is to know the perfect will of God that leads to physical health and the brilliant mind of Christ which leads to mental health. I am committed to this cause so why then are their doctors and people willing to subject and fool other people in the form of deceit fullness.

Head Disease and Heart Disease

Being born dead is not a matter of whether you are a vegetable or not, but whether you know you are dead or alive. If you know you are alive your heart will or should lead you wherever you want to go and do what is ever required of your in order to stay alive. As long as you do the right thing and not do the wrong thigh you will stay out of trouble and no as long as you eat the right kinds of food and drink the right kinds of drinks you will remain healthy and right. It is also a matter of requirement to do enough exercise and look after your health and appearance which means regular showers and washing of clothes and being able to keep a job long enough to support yourself financially.

Medicine and vitamins are a supplement or necessities to straightening out the damage that has been done but should be left as a last minute resort and no planned for but allowed or provided for in the case of intoxification attempts and lack of consciousness of one's health or survival, with well being. Head disease such as mental illness are not uncommon with things such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar and anxiety or stress attacks but should be followed up with the correct treatment and administration or seek the logical or pastoral ministerial help to find alternative solutions to the problems and get your spiritual side of life right in order to fix the physical. Heart problems are a little more severe and may require surgical assistance if medication fails but in any case both head and heart diseases or both quite treatable and should be pursued in that direction.

Understanding Pain

The problem with pain is that it is usually a destructive force. Sometimes it's good because it acts as a warning system when we are doing something. Wrong. Pain can be a tool you use to get what you want and it can be useful as leverage in helping you solve a problem. Pain also plays on our emotional state, frustrating us and probing at our feelings. Being hurt when we are trying to do something good or suffering pain for the things that we do wrong. Physically the body can stand a fair amount of pain which is enabled ad incorporated by the strength and power of the mind. A little Pain helps us to see things clearly but blinds us when it is too intense.

Pain and feelings are sensual and sensitive reactors that equip us with the ability to know when something is good or bad for us. They register in the brain that we are in need of something that must be supplied or found to alleviate the pain. Pain is a way knowing sanity and it is a way of going around the bend, insanity. Pain is so often taken for granted that we tend to forget the pressures. We ourselves aim for happiness but we realise and have to realise that everything has a price and it is paid in the form of pain at a cost we have to decide if we can afford.

Drugs and Medicine

Most people in their lifetime will experience or have something to do with drugs and medicine. Drugs can be illegal when they are hard core. Medicine on the other hand is a means or aiding people to get well. Drugs can come in all shapes and forms. Alcohol, nicotine and marijuana or heroin are all dangerous and addictive drugs. Other drugs in the form of pills are prescribed by a doctor and dispensed by a pharmacy. These are legal and legitimate to use if authorised and the directions are clearly followed.

There is also alternative medicines. This is a non controlled way of curing ills. Most are untried, unproved and untested. Some however do have an amazing means to cure and the remedies which are usually natural or organic continue to shock us with their seeming to be magic kind of cure. People at consensus opinion would generally stick to traditional methods, though sometimes or herbalist or naturopath will be able to do the same job. Dangerous drugs must be controlled and avoided at all times. And we must choose to have faith in the traditional medical beliefs. Though with continual changes and new diseases we must constantly update and follow trends which could inevitably see that we have better health.

Psychoanalysis and Psychology

Studying the human thought patterns and reading into the process of the mind is not an easy task. To analyse thought structure and it's route is not to be taken lightly. Critical thinking and analysis requires careful thinking and analysis and study of it is a process that requires careful linkage. To analyse another mind or to study the thought of another person is ascertained and acquired by careful understanding and interpretation. To facilitate the necessary results of another's reason for thinking must be identified and associate with your own, to establish a true reality and a right frame of mind. In the transition and reading of the idea. The thought process and it's analytical association is solved, search and separated to seize the answer. In this transfer or linkage thought process the matter is more clearly understood with greater association and time devoted to the point and the analytical or critical analysis of thinning is what makes the study turn into interpretation.

When we read enough and read properly the new idea is formed and established and when we understand that idea a reality we re-enter the process and go over the whole system, again. To establish further links and new ideas that still and still again turn into a new another reality. The manifestation of the critical analysis is better when clarified and exists only a an intermittent thought process. But with continual and concentrated time devoted to it, it remanifests itself to reinitiate new thought processes. As we know psychoanalysis is the analytic thinking and assessment of the human example thought process. To derive and understand any positive results from the negative problems requires and attentive ear and an understanding heart.

However the thought does not start there but in the soul of the very being. And the answer is in undiscovering the hidden or unknown thought that is not obvious to the immediate eye but it hidden in the psyche and stems from the ego (that is any thought that is worthwhile) and reaches out t through the mouth to the receptive ear. I can also be read or understood by qualified minds. It is not a fleeting will but a highly structured idea or reality that is transmitted. In a world of socialisation and interaction without the constant renewal of the mind through scholastic learning one becomes a social deviate being the social animal instead of understanding how the biology of animal worlds. This psychological misrepresentation of reality is a false interpretation of the truth. The reality is that through socialisation there is a generation of awareness to develop an instinct psychology which is more closely related to survival which leads to deterioration instead of beneficial gain of mind, body and soul. This is usually be related to drugs and alcohol or smoking and sexual perversion and deviation.

Under these situations and circumstances one is in need of psychological counselling or psychiatric counselling. Psychotic psychology skilfully when in fact you are a psychological deviant. The fact that psychologists spend years training in their field means that they are able to tell the difference between psychotic psychology and their own behavioural psychology which is actually what they learn from their studies. If psychotic psychologists is recognised he is differentiated by his lack of behavioural knowledge., he may have heard the word psychology and acted instinctively yet without substance in his perusal of the science. He actually becomes a waste product of the system unless corrected, rehabilitated and restored or renewed by gaining an understanding of proper behavioural psychology. Which is an involvement of the social process of psychological conditioning.

Psychotic psychology also is an manifestation of a break down in the social system,, where by the individual is a victim of the sociological process that is actually evolved out of psychological conditioning in the first place. Again the fact is that due to evolvement of a psychological condition on e way or another it psychologically analysis and determines what kind of psychological condition it is and to the extend or degree of it's conditioning. A psychotic psychologist can think he is a behavioural psychologist when in practice he is a misrepresentation of the field and becomes a patient of a psychiatrist. In comparison it was actually a fraudulent conception of a psychological reality.

A behaviouralist would constructively evaluate and analyse the individual whereby a psychotic would proactive a criticising misconception which produces negative results instead of the positive results used by a behavioralist way of thinking. And transferred into another mind. The magic is in the giving and the receiving and the concept of a psychological I'd or ego is their right from the start. It needs to be developed nutur4ed and moulded to mature and it needs to be loved to be understood. Just as the level of consciousness can go deeper than the brain. The thought or idea producing a reality is linked by the heart and soul. Judging plays another important part in the psych structure as without analysis or understanding it has not value.

So we need to see where it is coming from and assess or judge it's worth or value. This can documented or subscribed to as necessary. And must be fairly evaluate to give any real meaning. Theory and practise are to separate ideas but harmonise together to produce a combines analysis. Assessing or judging this is more effective when again is understood properly and is justifies or fulfilled when the notion, concept or thought is extracted or obtained. However this must not be capitalised on as any social interaction works better when humbled. And any gain or benefit is purely a scientific discovery in the work of humanistic science. Human thought or humanism is a widely investigated field however the final understanding belongs to God and the onus is on each and every one of us to see that fulfilled. Meaning and knowledge is only beneficial when it is directed to another source and the established new thought processes are more respected and fashionable when the conclusion is drawn this way.

Understanding the mind or the thought process derived from it is not a physical thing but a manifestation of Godly ideas and new and rediscovered or undiscovered thought concepts. Life as in and facility or discipline is the final resort or concept this is only made worthwhile when it is on a high enough plane. The creation or generation of concepts is usually enough to satisfy any materialisation of the study and the victory is in the nature of eternal things. Therefore our capacity to understand link and associate must be transferred to this plane so as to maintain and utilise it's worth in thinking. Finally facilitation of some kind of goal or conclusion is necessary. While there is not real right answer that the pleasure in the association and the value is in the linking of the thinking with the hope that it will be turn around and redirection to another source.

This provides net worth or real value in time production or process and that provides interesting and new generations. Now when we limit ourselves to an end and we know that there is no end we fail however we know that the end and don’t restrict out thinking we go back and uncover or rediscover new things that we did not think of before. This is what I call positive exchange and is reinforced when harmony is actualised and is highlighted when diagnosed or recognised as precise. This is why and what I like to write about because it gives me scope to fathom all possibilities and reach the desired conclusions when directed to the eternal place thoughts and thinking is not only a pleasure but is a treasure to be seized. So thinking, analyse and redirect your though so that that the memory which is a soul survives and doesn’t perish.

Managing Psychiatry

Due to the origins and words of life and the management of diseases in medicine and their medical histories, backgrounds and conditions there have and must be the setting up of a control and guidance socialisation to lead and diagnose the problem through logical and try judgement to discern and decide the best way to handle and to monitor the diagnosis with the utmost care and accuracy. This condition a form of psychiatry and it's psychiatrically definition is deduction of professionalism that values assesses and understands the need to f the patient. With the patience cooperation and acceptance this needs to be understood and taught to learn to love his own self worth and value his identity ad something of high regards for his self respect and expiations of what he can be instead of what he is. Managing psychiatry is a situation of welfare accounting and is therefore restricted and governed un budgets and allocations of funds and tax payers money.

Capital and collateral should not be wasted on maintaining or managing these funds, but instead challenged wisely through productive resources to infiltrate the heart of the matter and economise on the expenditure of treatment and economise on the expenditure of treatment and chemical pharmaceutical abuse. Whilst medicine may be essential to those who require it, it is not to be desired or cared for in itself, but rather the care of the patient or persons individual requirements and expectations of the system and allocation of tis dispersion go to equalled dispersed as required or demanded by its legislated law. The fact that the need for criminality to infiltrate the lengthy and historical traditions that offer and mean the highest standards of care still must be maintained collectively whilst individual cases may be accepted and treated on their own merit and individual requirements within the guidelines of individual cases.

This conceptual understanding of responsibility is purposely derived and driven to determine the suitability and allow ability of the psychiatrically condition and it's endeavour to be controlled and stabilised in the regeneration of re employment and reselection of work place relationship and it's necessary criteria to re-enter the job market procedure and obtain suitable income generation requirements for normal and natural duties that provide a life system ad style for everyday living associated and included all the benefits that one person would naturally expect and endeavour to obtain and receive out of the effort and requirements of being contributed and beneficial to him or herself and other members of society within the community and the responsibility of the government legislation and requirements for happy existence and financial security in the realms of conditions of the mid and the medical infrastructures and standards that are constantly needed to be adhesive and provided for into he work of medicine and it's capacity to serve the public meaningfully and purposefully for the desired results and expectations.


In a modern world morality becomes included in secular society. Ethical values no longer exist and what's left of mans values are only technological idiosyncrasies. Today however we still need to uphold and support the traditional values of ethics and morality. Many of us have fallen by the way, fallen short of all they could of been in life. Good news fri3nds there is still hope. Doctrination supports the fact that it is never too late to turn back to the moral and ethical values of our parents. During the days of our four fathers there was plenty of backbone and plenty of moral characteristics and ethical values. Fortunately some of that can be still found today. People striving and seeking to achieve morality in marriage and ethics in community affairs.

God knows we fall short but he also provided a saviour to redeem us. Not that we should out of our way to use the facilities but we should in instead endeavour to constantly seek and follow his ways. Values and ethics still remain important and morality is nearly self explained in that he who keeps the marriage bed pure wins the prize in the end. God intended judgement to be on those who died. Not follow his law and that is sacrosanct. Indeed morality and this holds a lot of water in terms that holiness and Godliness can be maintained.