King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Human Aspects

Allowed to Be Myself

Through all the struggle toil and confusion we found ourselves in the mist of disorientation and disorder, trying to understand who we are and maintain and attain a personal identity there is a deed for deep reflexion and self analysis of the complexities of our souls and minds. The world offers many things and these distract from the basic essentials of life such as food shelter and a loving relationship. Being allowed to be by myself is a daily self discipline and denial that builds and institute character and increases the ability to understand and know who I am. Distinguishing the difference between me and someone else is a constant battle and continual reflective perspective of where I din in amongst the rest of my friends and associates and other people of the world.

The conflict arises when we try to take on too much intoxicate our minds with the distractions and niceties available to be entertained. I am important and I have self-worth and by accepting this and appreciating the full extent of my gifts and privileges is a fundamental essential of well being and being a confident lifestyle. Figuring in the contest of society and the position I am in relationship to who and what everyone else is and how I can positively contribute to the enhancement and advancement of the world even in my esteem and personal victory over the otherwise inferiorities offered and rejected as we all objectively aim to fulfil our full destinies.

I Know What I Am

I know what I am and I know what I was mean to be. I know where I'm going and I know how to get there. I know what I supposed to do and I know why to do it. I know myself very well and that is me. Things like these, ideas understanding and knowledge all contribute to us knowing what we are. As we go along the road of life accumulating experience and possessions it is important to stick to the truth and know the facts.

A couple of things I said make up a lot of what I am. When I was about 15 is I said when you go to the toilet there is a number 1 and number two idea. Pretty obviously 1 is urinating and 2 is doing business. The other thing I said was that God will win in the end. Silly, stupid and dumb aren't they. But if these two things that I believe will make me successful and love on. I have said and done a lot of other things but something like the kiss formula is the best to know what you are, Keep It Simple Stupid.


Is it wonderful thinking of ideas and conceiving them how we do., we can all think of the same idea and yet we all conceive it differently. The conception of the idea means different things to each and every one of us and we all see and perceive what we conceive differently. I guess it's a matter of perception how closely we actually look at something and how carefully we look at the idea when we are trying to conceive it. Sometimes a miracle happens and we all get it right or really we think we do but really we still all see it differently. When a conception is conceived it is an idea of what we thought it would be like turned not what we actually think it is. So still the conception has to be conceived and it is perceived through perception. Now if we all think we got the right idea, what is the real idea? The conception of the actual reality is right but since we all experience it different the actual reality is the really right idea.

Understanding The Mind

Many times we seek to know our mind actually works. We understand very little about it though we believe and think that is there to serve us in some sort of fashion. Concept orientation or idea generation is a facet of the mind it's untrue ability to comprehend and fathom deep and dark thoughts and put them into some form of logical content. The amazing fact about the mind is that it has capabilities that appear and conform in a remarkable way. It has no personal identification by processes an outstanding amount of thoughts systems that entertain. And revolutionise standard thinking patterns.

The mind, brilliant in itself is a bubble like overview of the brain which seeks and goes on to find higher standards of survival and living conditions. Simple ideological formations are developed and created it to inform and reproduce new and environmentally friendly realities characteristics of the mind but revolve and surround themselves in a heavenly sense of ownership and a consciousness of what belongs to me or what I own is mine., and it is this that answers the unquestionable doubt that mind is supreme.

The Perspective of The Mind

The fundamental principle of a logical perspective on the mind is associating leadership and problems accurately. By understand intelligence and having the abilities and facilities to evaluate and assess the currency of criteria or the relevant of information. Perspective is a reflection of thought it is to be considered as mindful stimulant with the capacity of capabilities to think. That when one does think one reflects ones thought in a mindful manner. The intricacies of a structured mind demonstrates a more logical thought pattern and therefore a better perspective on the outward view of the inner reflection of the minds perspective. Reflective thinking demonstrates the capacity of the mind and parallel can be drawn to illustrate the capacity of the to draw a logical conclusion.

Theoretically the mind has no tangible value of its own. It is just a mechanism that produces thought processes in an organised and structured manner. It's self counterproductive original is it's masterful utility. But the concept of its evolvement and its ability to create and recreate greater sources of interest generation means that the usable resource of its value is only a state of physical well being and translucent transient and tranquil peace.

The Intelligent Mind

Amidst the facts of the memory in the brains retrieval system is the sub conscious that triggers thoughts from ideas in our past which may be pleasant or ugly depending on how we utilised out time in the past. The intelligent mind is always seeking to acquire new knowledge to store, sue and invest in the future with. From these ideas we have what is known as or called information power or the generation of resource activity". The mind complex as it is, develops over long time periods to eventually reach a status of intelligible awareness.

Through reading, creation and documentation of ideas it manifests itself into an individual characterising in a personified form. In other words by what we do and say, what we eat and drink and what we are prepared to not prepared to accept. The utilisation effectiveness is evaluated by the capacity to retrain. The more bits and pieces we add to it, the more accessible and useful are its resources. Like the self organisation of thought, the intelligent mind is a working capital producing entity that revolves and thrives on business, requiring contacts turnover and redistribution, recycling and changes to finally evolve into an intellectual state. The mind or the intelligent mind is the product of many diligent hours of study., resourcing and learning. It's place is the part of the conscious that constantly seeks to understand and advance. It is the safeguard of everything we think.

The New and Old Self

The self in all its extremes is the most sophisticated of all the entities. Everything in this world is structured around the self. In the event of death does it really matter what happens to the self. We are told the soul lives on but what about the self does it just dematerialise. If the soul goes to heaven does the self go to hell. If self is a sin then there is no point in having a soul. Instead it is better to now look at the old and new self. The old self is that nature of the person who is set in there evil ways, while the new self is one who has a right relationship with God. But how can it be to be so simple as to have an inter-dependency on a spiritual being.

The self characteristically is governed by desire and ambition but this new righteous state is one that reflects perfection in all ways. Whilst we seek and thirst for knowledge and information this burning passion of ours is overshadowing by the attainment of physical wealth and material possessions. So I see within me as the Apostle Paul put it this struggle with sin within. I want to prosper and succeed but I die for that heavenly peace that only Christ can provide. So we get rid of the old self and are changed to a brand new person, someone who lives to glorify the creator.

The old self wants to creep back in from time to time but the new self is happier and more vibrant because of its re-established zeal for life. I die to the old self and the new self takes over to live in a desired state of mind, in the righteousness of God.

The Pyschology Of Self

Understanding the pyschology of self, is a cognitive recognition behavioural, where by in analysing your own behaviour, you associate familiar personality triats that reflect your desired or true characteristics. Self identity is very important with the pyschology of self as in order to understand your own anatomy you must comprehend the attitude of your behaviour and how to reflect and control your thoughts with other people. Perfection is a very hard goal or aim for the individuals self, in that they are constantly trying to sell themselves for positive gain and maintain a right minded outlook at the same time. This is very difficult in selling and usually we have to stop, reassess ourselves and adjust to advance further to continue in the sales fiield. The anatomy of self requires distinct beaviuoral traits of individual pyschological assessment and continual characteristic adjustment. This ongoing updating of our own resources is a constant battle for the mind to achieve and succeed in. The brain is a normal certainty for all of us, but it is how we use and apply this resource for establishing our own best personal gain. The pyschology of self is very important in society and it is this reflection of ourselves against other members of our community or work force that depict our actual representation of our business selves and that determines how we relate with other people and our own self identities picture in the world of society that we individually live in. Functioning normally is highly important and this involves conforming to societies normal patterns or behaviour. Understanding the right and truly established recognised norms of behaviour is the key to personality developement and charcteristic advancement. Society naturally recognises high achievers and the heart of the psychological self is to perform highly in this well established area of arts, literature and stage. To truly understand out own personality developement we must be able to self analyse ourselves correctly and this is best done by commiunication with others to establish our real life picture in reflective thoughts. Finally the picture starts to become clearer on how and in what way we need to adjust to suit our situation and the pyschological self must be able to recognise the signs of the desired qualities or the aquired traits that will depict our attained personality characteristics ability to relate and identify with our own real, true selves. So therefore the pyschological self is the identity of our own true and real selves in the socitetal broad and reflected picture of our own world. 

The Heart of Me

Central to everything else is the heart of me. My brain thinks but without my heart beating there would be no thought. Life which is accepted by everyone as the accepted idea. Is not the total meaning of everything. There is an eternal nature that goes beyond death the heart of me, is that means of direction. The heart of me beats as long as it can just an organ in a complex system of parts that leads add carries the burden of the rest of the parts. God which by nature is divine inspiration separate from the heart of me but al all consuming measure in my soul and a living memory of the heart of me. I fail to remember my heart but it never forgets me, quietly achieving all the necessary duties it performs to maintain and nurture my life.

The heart of me desires better things is content with what is have and accepts less than it can contain or hold. The heart of me cant contain the pain and anguish it seems to require but instead goes out to all it can and allows itself only the circulation of blood that it pumps. It must be guarded at all costs and vet is given freely to anyone who requires it. Still you can't have it at any price and it will only succumb to the love of a woman. While creation is so beautiful and the cross so burdensome yet the heart will still want that. The heart of me full of words and the pen I write with my means of expression.

The Right Frame of Mind

Naturally went want and desire a positive outlook. Something that is not mesmerised by negative and pessimistic thoughts. We like to think about the bright sunny days that lease us float on a cloud up high. We aim and desire peace of mind and go to nearly any matter of limit or level to acquire it. But really a right frame of mind in one that is focussed on contentment tranquillity with a slight ambition for satisfaction. We need a hope in life, we need to have faith and we know the greatest is love. Each concept should be sought and understood individually. Each idea should be sought and desired. Each problem addressed and each challenge preserved. A right frame of mind can be obtained by reading by reading a good book. Jotting down a few notes or compiling a book yourself. This continual mental stimulation as well as a positive physical action is enough to establish our thought and give us that always and constantly desired "right frame of mind". We want to be happy, we want materials things to a certain extent. We like to be in a heavenly state.

But really is that our mood changes constantly and we are continually reassessing our state of mind by looking at goals, plans aims and desires. Given we must react to certain circumstances and respond to different situations spontaneously making decisions and forming opinions constantly in order to re-perceive our idea or concept of reality. The right frame of mind is being able to produce the desired thought to achieve to correspond results in the majority of times. To expect a perfect frame of mind at all times is unrealistic. For instance I can think of 10 things I would like to do. If I physically put all ten things into action with a week I have achieved a successful operation of implementing that. If you decide that it was inopportune to go along with my plan. I have still accomplished it. But I am dejected because I would of like your company while doing it. Nevertheless life still goes on.

The sun will shine tomorrow whether I'm alive or not. It's not worth being dead simply because I can't have my head the way I would like it. O course mind you don’t and when you think you have the right frame of mind I think you have a problem too. Of course when we both find the truth we can both have the right frame of mind together if however I choose to be difficult or you choose to be obnoxious we have trouble getting on. The answer is simply to let the situation ride until normality repeats itself superseding error. And reorganising itself back into logical thinking and working patterns. At times this seems impossible, but with patience and perseverance, faith , hope and love all things will turn and work out in the end. You can't bet a million dollars on the horse and forget what horse you betted on. Whether it is a rainy day or a bright sunny day you still must aim to keep and maintain the right frame of mind.

Some would say sad and miserable is the wet. Happy and chirpy in the dry. Still and all the sun is shining somewhere and I'm only miserable because I'm keeping to myself and I don’t know where it is. Instead I should be thinking of all the bright ideas I've had and all those wonderful days of living, that I used to dwell on and fill my mind with. The right frame of mind is a constant challenge it is nice but impracticable to be content all the time. A right frame of mind is a contented one. But desire continually raises its head to lead us and draw us into a new and completely different picture. Lucky is he who is satisfied with every aspect of his life. He is fulfilled indeed. Fortunate is he who can content with it all, he has struck it rich. Grateful is he who accepts things the way they are and doesn’t change them too much, he has found the secret of living.

Lost is he who never wanted the right frame of mind in the first place, he is dead.