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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Social Psychology

What To Do?

So many times we are controlled with different possibilities that require a decision. With limited resources and financial constraints we are restricted to act on our budget rather than our heat or gut feelings. The course of the outcome is inevitably decided on a combination of factors. Being what are the best options at any given point of time. These decisions compile and formulate to render the true outcome. One would like to make every second count for its maximum potential, yet we are governed and controlled by our restrictions and constraints.

With what resources we have we can manage and act appropriately to slowly piece together the puzzle that is continually unfolding before our eyes. What to do is then a matter of acting at the appropriate time based on the known facts and therefore making a decision at that time. I like the idea of just doing whatever it is I want, but there is a bigger picture that restrains me and leads me into waiting for a more appropriate answers. So we are passing through time trying to make it count as much possible and the final outcome is the inevitable result.

The Art Of Leadership

Are leaders born or made? Of course there are two sides to the coin. Leadership however is not about whether man leads what he knows but is about using wisdom to descend and to turn wrong from right and encourage differences and individuality in to the heart and soul and life of man. The argument about the originality of leadership is obviously both born and made. For one cannot be made leader unless he is born with the desire to succeed. Nor can a man succeed unless he was born to be a leader.

The art of being a leader is to be able to give directions and make decisions that will benefit other people and hence lead to positive construction of the community and society, the second question arises as to whether leaders need to try or it comes naturally to them. Of course the old saying goes that you don't get anything for nothing but the price must be paid in perseverance sweat and dedication. This means that leaders do have to try but the art or gift if you like is knowing when to do it and when not to.

Important Matters

How necessary it is for prioritizing and scheduling. Each day goes by and another one comes and most things seem to be menial and trivial. Sometimes though something important comes along and we have to cancel all our engagements and seek and make time for only that. When you get an opportunity to do something special or an occasion arises that is more important than usual you have to give that your full attention.

When you know something is important the right thing to do is to hand it over to your full consciousness and awareness and give it the time it deserves. Important matters are not plentiful and abounding, that is something that comes along every day of the week. But when one does arise it commands respect and urgency and should not be played second fiddle to. When something is important it is like a wise man who invented all his money in property. He didn’t fritter it away or waste it but made it into something even more important.

Instinct Conditioning

To be born naturally from the womb in an instructive proliferation of re-accruing normality, however social nurturing in an world of abnormality indices effects brought about through conditioning. Instinctive conditioning is therefore the natural formation of traits and characteristics brought about by hereditary and social interaction producing the human soul. This also develops through time by evolving the mind to understand right and wrong in dealing with norms and problems.

Acceptance of these biological and prefabricated ideas into organizational behaviour is important in life if you are to be accentuated and successful in developing into a whole person. So therefore a goal of an individual can be conceived and completed if originals can instinctive conditioning are followed through from basics to involved details saturating well being and emulating the perfection which is desired.

Psychological Conditioning

The mind is conditioned to respond psychological responses. The key to understanding and interpreting those reposes is related to cognitive thought. How we perceive things, what reality is like and how we respond to them in a social environment. Realising the fundamental patterns enables you to assess and contribute to the social setting, by psychologically analysing the information contribution to reality. In the process of thought analysis is the cognitive thinking which associates the mechanism of mind to the social world. This interaction and thought evolution helps and enables the cognitive conditioning into he psychological world.

It's like a psychic phenomena that is evolved and created rather than experimented with or guessed in that it positive contribution helps in the reproduction of social phenomena and provides stimulation to the continual thought process. It then becomes a matter of harnessing and linking the thought behaviour to establish and recognise a psychological pattern. This information is in turn re-evaluated to understand the rest of the psychological conditioning. Society tends to prove that it can reproduce active and integrated thought that moves in a positive direction, this is a cyclical process which actually determines and produces all psychological conditioning.

Personality, Personnel and Psychology

It takes a start start of with to form a personality that has zest, zeal, bubble and pizzazz, someone who oozes with enthusiasm and talks like a cup of fruit punch.These are people that make good personal and recruitment managers in large organisations and corporate leaders in the companies of good business. When interview staff for a position of employment the personnel officer looks for someone who has an acute mind and of sharp thought and thinks logically and clearly and can still show a sign of a smile and happy disposition that reflects in their contented heart and warm feel with deep love and desire to exceed.

This is the basis of a psychology degree to study and developed these attributes and put them into practice and be able to recognise them and harness and capitalise on them in other people. Understanding and knowing the heart, soul and mind of people is a gift which a person desires and has and employs with acknowledgement of experience and practical application of understanding in being able to recognise and display this ability and realistically us it in ever day business and personal life. The trick is being able to maintain and reflect a constant and continual knowledge of the creation of the art and use it to influence and teach other people to have a good personality themself not for the money but for their own mental happiness and well being.

Logic Versus Personality

Like all ideas and opinions there is always two sides to the coin, I think that logic and personality are indeed opposites. Logical ideas revolve around mathematics, science and computer functions where as personality is drawn along the side of heart soul and mind. It's like looking at people and things. People are self reproducing mammals that develop personality thought the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Things on the other hand are by-product of the human evolution being created by and designed for people to use. Things are tangible objects that are logically orientated by giving directions to their user to benefit from. To look at personality in depth you have to understand what makes a person tick. Theories on I'd and Ego are the psychological approach but surely the human personality goes further than that. Personality is a God given gift from the maker himself.

But this kind of gift is not handed our freely but is awarded to those who use and show merit in their words and actions. Therefore this show that logic shows no resemblance to personality in as far as they developed from different ends of the world primarily we should try and use logic and personality in the building of our character. So that we can have a stick in all the fires and one of my favourite ideas is to try and have your cake and eat it too. These are rough neck philosophies but trying to use principles like those help us have meaning to life which in turn helps us spend our day more productively and adds time to your life. Personality and logic tickles my fancy as both are sort of after prescriptions for making money.

But personal is not something to be used and abused and neither is logic they are creative resources that as I mentioned build character and character is requisite of the holy spirit that leads to salvation and eternal life. Concentrating on Godly ideas such as beauty, excellence and perfection is part of this course and logic and personality are still opposites but help to balance the soul in which character is formed. As a final note on this topic I recommend that you remember your name and seek to strive for identifying these thoughts and recognise them for what they are.

Identity Through Personality

Twenty to thirty year olds go through an identity crisis by using and abusing drugs and alcohol or being born as surrogate child and not knowing their real parents and birthright or they are adopted out from an unwanted pregnancy and expected to grow up normally in a world where they feel alienated and involved because of their inability to understand and face their natural roots and know their true birthright and identity. They struggle forming their own personally and write some kind of novel with an alias that they change their two and forge a birth certificate and make up a false birthdates because they think they can choose their own personality out of star signs into he newspaper as to how they think they might want to be and pick the star sign and birthday under that sign because that looks one seems like a good or nice personality that they think they want to be.

Personality through identity is not like that but it is based on a form foundation in God and gradually and slowly mature to develop character and ideas out what they read by other authors including reading their bible and this faith in being who we were born to be and being satisfied and making the more out of that is what makes a true foundation and strength in the lord that slowly and gradually builds up and builds into someone of great stature and identity. This where personality is formed in learning and understand the hardships, the good times, the bad times and holding on and enduring to the end. This perseverance and loyalty means maintaining honour and courtesy to becomes the person we were mean and born to be so no matter what we go through God is there to lead and guide us out of it as long as in him do we trust give our lives to the he might use us and mould us and make us what he wanted us to be.

We can't do it alone we need to learn upon the strength or the lord and really on his understanding and leadership because he knows what is best for us and would never leave us or forsake us as long as in him do we trust and when death is upon us and we can't see any way out he turns up to lead and guide us and hold the light to show us and lead us back along the way onto the path that leads to life and life everlasting life that is eternal and never dies, life that lives on in our hearts and souls eternally that rejuvenates us an restores us and brings us into a right relationship with him that protects us an strengthens us to follow and stay on and keep on the road that leads eternal life where we have life abundantly and death dies in the wind so that we can inherit all the treasures of the kingdom that were set out and planned before the world began and up until now have been revealed only onto those who are faithful and follow him who search the path of life and find the meaning of the sower and be-attitudes on the rest of the key to the kingdom that are found in the rest or the parables and which have eternal work and value.

That don’t perish when the wind blows up on the house with uniform foundations but hold steadfast to the rock of our salvation and find the meaning of eternal life in who they were originally meant to be which the lord then turns and rewards them with identity and gives them their own personality and name of own thought.


With the envolvment of social systems, we have a generation of evolutionary socialisation patterns. However without substantial contribution the social system will dissolve. This facilitates the understanding to recognise the importance of continual introduction of new material input into the socialisation of society and it's varying contributing sub classes, systems and structures that evolve and generate the social socialisation system. This sociological perspective of the necessary evolvement of an integrated system fulfils the process of the evolutionary socialisation. Once this is understood it is then important to go back and reassess, the structure sub classes and social systems.

Therefore in critical analysis and evaluation of contributing social sectors. For instance one might consider the influence of the working class on the effect evolutionary process. If one understands their structure they can relate to their social system's this somewhat humbling facilitation actually contributes to what would otherwise be a derogatory interjection but the socialisation factor is ascertainable by all. In that while the process may appear to be an indoctrination it is actually a self professing manifestation of a cyclical evolved system which reproduces the socialisation itself. The rationalisation of it all is a self evaluation process that reflects the credibility and success of the individual within social system. Perfecting the whole process is a sector of the socialisation by itself. In that the self is in need of being in a position whereby he can facilitate the necessary contribution.

Which in turn means that he is product of the evolving socialisation evolution. Let me illustrate by hypothetically saying I am at a the top of the socialisation sector. From this standpoint not only do I have to be aware of my social status and position, but I must conceive the reality of the relationship of everyone else to me., if I have achieved social actualisation, I am actually socially responsibly and accountably for that achievement. Therefore the logical argument to the man in the street is what justification do I have in being there, what ramifications of the circumstances are relevant and pertinent to the management of maintaining my position. This is only one aspect of socialisation in that the real integrated socialising is done a bottom rung level that through the interaction the process continues. If I maintain integration for reflection and recognisable abilities for ongoing socialisation.

Law As Truth

I believe we need to identify the need for law as truth. In order to consider this topic one needs to understand judgement. That the decision between right and wrong and the basis for swaying better or from one idea to the other. There is considerable documentation on this subject both biblically and the political constitution i.e. Government Law. The idea is to draw an analogy between the two. There is a couple of reasons for wanting to do this.

1. Harmony and Unity of The Law.
2. The Balance of Historical and Future plans for the benefit of mankind.

The political law is basically derived from the Ten Commandments there is still need for spiritual law which can be found in different contexts but that which must be extracted from consensus doctrine and accepted on its own merit. As the law is enforced by state and federal police debts. And governed by ministers and judges, so too is the mind subject to spiritual law. And the body is subject to the world. The mind is recognised by heavenly plans. Combining the law to facilitate unification of mind and body, the soul is formed that which is judged by the spirit of Christ if the holy ghost.

This is true judgement but must remain within the law is based on fact but the truth is governed by knowledge.Therefore to prove a fact is enforcement of law based on the knowledge of the truth/ the need for this arises in court and jury situations where judges preside in their hierarchal level contacting the wisdom and knowledge to impact equals and sentences based on the evidence presented and depicted as to make the decision of right or wrong and pass judgement is a calculation of documentation submitted as evidence. Knowing the truth is for the judge to see through his own eyes recreated in the form of r creation of evidence and other material.

Unfortunately the court system is fallible because it's humanly controlled. But however through the determination and persistence of brilliant scholars judging can be accurately and effectively carried out. Though the mind of Christ which is not readable and calculable in terms of rightly based principles such as honesty loyalty and common courtesy which all relate to conscience and should be dealt on in fairness and true meaning. God judges independently of this system and makes up for any grievances or inaccuracy in the world structure.Achieved so we all must concentrate on our plan and push through to new horizons and new ideas that lie before us.

Much has already happened and much already been achieved. So it is then that through our experience so far that we seize the opportunity to rise above our pitfalls and rejuvenate the lost to complete this ideals cause of Utopia we all desire and live for. I accept the challenge of success like a rocket which will reach out of space so then I encourage you to take hold of the goal and live each and every day like there is something worthwhile to achieve. To be philosophic I might suggest that God has a perfect plan for everyone and that through the conscience of dedicated people things will be right for the future and his plan will be fulfilled. So then those that will listen take up this goal and follow for their comes a day when time shall end and when life as we know it has changed.