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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Relationships, Empathy and Feeling

Bachelor Days

Well I turned eighteen still living at home, but I guess I was old enough to drink, old enough to have a drivers licence, old enough to smoke and see "R " rates movies, therefore I was old enough to start looking around for a girlfriend. But was that what life was really all about, is that the way I was going to spend the rest of my life. I was brought up in Christian home with family values, good education, money spent on me for food, clothing, sports, music interests and other cultural ideas and entertainment but there was something not quite right I found out I was adopted when I was about seven and went out the front at a Billy Graham Crusade when I was eight but was that going to hold me in good stead for the rest of my life.

Of course it would but the television took more of my time than my time to be devoted to studying. All those old movies full of affairs, drink and cigarettes. Not to mention seeing all the serials repeat five times over. Gilligan's Island, Lost In Space, Brady Bunch and Batman + Robin and the rest along with all the cartoons with an occasional documentary just to make sure I did not lose track completely. Never really one to watch the news but enjoyed cinemas and pinball, arcades playing snooker and pool til all hours of the morning.


Emotions are a thing that we don’t want to play on. Emotions are feelings that help and enable us to be human. Emotions are experiences of highs and lows, goof and bad things happening and are expressed in forms such as pain and anguish, joy and happiness, tears and sorrow. Emotions are a good thing to have and they enable us to produce fruit and experience love. Emotions are a necessary part of everyday life and to support them or hide them is wrong.

Like when we try to squash our feelings or to change something that is right into something that is wrong to suit ourselves. Naturally we are going to make mistakes and they will cost us in pain and heart ache, but knowing and feeling that sorrow is changed and turned into joy when you repent from that wrong. When sin is atones and redeemed, you are back in a right relationship with God. The joy that comes and the peace that passes all understanding is within you and you are part of the kingdom again. But it is this sin or wrong doing if you like that leads to emotions and that is experiencing living and that is like life with God.

Passionate Experience

The world is full of things that take our interest and entice us to create a greater expectation of what we can be. To evolve to a higher position we deep to develop passion and desire to achieve and accomplish goals that we set ourselves to attain. The challenge is to go beyond the normal and reasonable expectations to experience something in life that you can really find depth and meaningfulness in like a burning fire in the heart that can't be quenched. The struggle an problem to achieve this desire is found in overcoming the burden of laziness and physical limitations. Whilst one retains and maintains his facilities and abilities he reaches ever upward and higher to a spiritual plane and metaphysical level.

This approach is a manifestation of disciplines study and research to override and sustain the maximum level of pain and diversity of thought in the realms of heaven and hell. These worlds are not the end in themselves but a journey and progression and passionate experience is a reproduction of the history of thought and guide and direction as to how one can know and achieve a new and meaningful understanding of a relationship with a new concept of belief and acquiring the ability to facilitate and hold onto the known and unknown reality of learning this path of choice is the place for passionate experience.

Falling in Love

Falling in love, I mean real oive, is not something to be taken lightly. Falling in love is in the eternal spiritual realms and it is something so special that nothing on earth can beat it. Falling in love is not something you plan for or something you can make happen. Though it is something that just happens by itself and is so beautiful that nothing on earth can match it. Falling in love is like a heart that can't be stopped or a mind that never gives in.

Falling in love is more than just two people getting together, it is a relationship that lasts for the rest of your life. Falling in love is when you find that right partner, get married and get intimately involved in sexual pleasure and you never want to turn away from it or forget you've experienced it. Falling in love is real love that never expires, it is a romance beauty and perfection all rolled up into one. Falling in love is the true fulfilment for a man and woman. It is Gods first design and it is the final and last word.
Falling in love is so magnificence that you can't live without it and you wouldn't want to try.

Love and Marriage

It seems there is a need to address this idea further. We have it spelt out for us specifically in the bible but there seems to be a need to cover it a bit further.

Problem 1 - Finding the right partner
Problem 2 - Establishing a good relationship
Problem 3 - Making a marriage that will last and endure

The idea here is not to look at it negatively but to realise there are hiccups in love and marriage relationships. It is so easy and obvious to think that everything is going to run smoothly and everything will fall into place. But in reality people are different and whilst God designed marriage partners to complement each other there is still breakdowns in communication and barriers put up that have to be destroyed. And open honest relationship where two people of a similar intellect and personality get together and form a binding and loving bond. Where gods perfect design is fulfilled and where everything works for good and falls into place.

Of course it is not easy and things don’t go the way there planned but identifying the problems leads to greater chances of success.

Problem 1- finding the right partner.

After many encounters with different women and many ideas on who would be the right one, I am still left single. As soon as I think I've found the right one some changes and I'm left back at square one.

Of course money helps but I believe that Marriage or in the initial meeting and forming a relationship for a partner ship there must be mutual love. It's I look around at the possible available I find that none agree with my thinking when needed in the critical times. I find myself giving out and not receiving . I find myself attempting to make some sort of commitment ad nothing happening or falling into place. I find myself out on a ledge when I should be digging into firm ground. In some ways it's a waiting game and in others one slip up and you lose the ball game. It seems it will never be perfect but I know it has to be and that what keeps me going.

Now I think ready to settle on 6, but none show the slightest bit of real interest in me.,. I know I can only have one and that one must be the right one. So a relationship will happen in Gods got to drop the cart at the right time and dice have got to come up on the right numbers. We will see.

Problem 2 - Establishing a good relationship.

Suppose now I have found the right one. What do I do? Take her out and make love on the first date? I know I'd like to but that's not right. Do I make ten dates with different women when I've found one I like! No after ten dates with different women I would have found the one. I watch and concentrate on her by buying flowers and gifts. By going on as many dates as possible and getting to know her as a person. She needs to know me to and we need to get to know each other well enough to trust each other and confide in each other problems. I know and she'll know it's not going to be that easy. If it is going to work positively and suitably for us both. And I'll know when the time is right to go that bit further and fondle her and caress her just right. Building a relationship must be built on a love of God. And it must be mutual effort or it is going to fail. But we know that love wins in the end and the steps we take are only those along the pathway that God leads us and that will that I mind success will be inevitable.

Problem 3. Making a marriage that will stay and endure.

It's seems to me that too many marriages fall apart without eve getting started, that too many problems come up in the first three years of marriage and there are too many divorces.
If a marriage is going to work ad last there must be enough commitment and perseverance to make it happen. It's not going to happy by itself it has to be worked at and it has to have sacrifices and adjustment to make it all happen.

It's must be based on a relationship with God and it must not deviate from biblical principles. It must be based on reality and it must be formed and directed to the eternal realm. Marriage and real love are not cheap commodities or possessions. But are a value centred philosophy that must meet with mutual goals and ideas. A marriage that endures is one that has God at the helm and is one that gives and takes and is not selfish but Christ directed and centred.

So what must I do to make this happen? Fall back on my prayers and wait and keep praying and praying that it will come about. For if I don’t make the effort how can I expect my partner to? 

The Behaviour of Relationships

When we think of this we think of family and people we know, but the behaviour of relationships goes much deeper than that. Relationships are universal understanding of belief being arranged into the format of satisfying acceptances. The behaviour of the relationship principle is noted and analysed not only in the people perspective but also into things of scientific and mathematical doctrine. Like a few examples of this is calculations arithmetic to mathematics physics, chemistry and biology to science and programming or data entry to computers. The analogy then becomes facilitating the requirements of different sorts of relationships into the behaviour of a self organising sole realtor. Just as family use mathematics in accounting for domestic budgets and taxation so too do friends use computers and scientific facts in their work. The idea then in centralising a kindness program that interacts and creates a behaviour that is social and commonly viable to using a connection of relationships. Another example of relationships is pen to paper or coffee to mug.

It is these simple analogies that make up the very nature of relationships, observing the behaviour of on preconception to the analysing of the behaviour of another concept forms the idea of the relationship between the two. That is one thing goes hand in hand with the other and there is a coming bond or mutual understanding forming the relationship. A lot of the capacity to a relationship is in the understanding and interpretation of the behaviour. Idea being that observation and correlation of two central forces interact and relate to form what can be considered as a centralised concentration which develops and evolves itself into a new and beneficial idea. The same as Jesus Christ links people to things to does the real world unite the earth into the rest of the universe. It is these fundamental relationships that are relevant to every day work and revolution to every d the world and are basic to the production and productivity we try to hold and savour in order to recycle our resources back to the meaning of life itself.

Interpersonalizing University

The individualism of an institution is not only important to the structure but to its people. The uniqueness of the characteristics that are built of within the core must be reflected and recognised as idiosyncratic. Interpersonalising Universities becomes a manifestation of the total universal humanism that evolved and generates form us all. Whether scholar, invalid, child or adult. The foundation of the central thought construction likes in the infiltration of physical analysis.

The real being becoming indisposed in a matter of cognitive reproductivity. This identity seeking or individual evolvement is a creation of what man was and intends to be. What he can become is only limited to the willingness of his heart and his ability to think and reason. So the conceptual identification is in the analysis of his present awareness. His logical connection with himself. His soul and being becoming one with God. Interpersonalising University is a challenge to preserve the refreshing clarity of its uniqueness. It's ability to change with life cycles and weather movements to reach a state of self actualisation at peace with self and God.

Social Conditioning of Family Centred

The social sector of the community is usually focussed and concentrate on business enterprise and capital gain. This breaks down and disunifies the family structure and it's important relationship to the sociological need. The capacity to love is of greater desire than the systematically turn all resources into monetarial equity. But there is still contradiction and complications that hinder any resolution or balance the activity of unifying and harmonizing outcomes. The general theory of it all is that family if good but the interjection of societal deviances hinders natural and what would-be considered as normal economic conditions. What we are faced with then is a complication of family values with social interjection., it appears seemingly impossible to combine the two but in fact it is happening unconsciously through the reality accepted parts of communal activity.

One degrading the other and the other capitalizing of the left over misfortune. What needs to be done is further creation connections and infiltrating common values into the wider command sector. Therefore by distinguishing disturbing patterns and isolating then to be rectified we can concentrate further on the enhancement of physical combination between family structure and societal integration. In order to cover my initial idea and express the optimum outcome or decision of the family centred social structure one much consider the possible conditioning in broad context which I have already covered to a certain degree.

But the ultimate potential of family integration tern acting. Which in turn enables and allows advancement to conceptualise and revolutionary adjustment with social evolvement and interrelationships. This commercial networking in one on tense technologicalizing the family but on the other hand it is greeting culture on which to draw gain of greater interest and further long term integration ongoing further creating value and worth for the average persons desires and expectations of an evolving social system whilst maintaining family tradition the actually have a great horizon.

Ethnicity and Social Class

In a multicultural world and carrying social environment economic responsibility plays a major factor in class structuring and racial concepts. This is facilitated by the significance of varying needs and wants. Determining the order of things so to speak is the reason for the concept of gender difference and equality of rights. Social responsibility means squashing racial discrimination. Class order is then formed by the cultural needs and responsibility. If all social classes were the same it would be a boring world like if all races discriminated against each other there would be no world. The situation arises then where do I as a citizen of a democratic country fit in to the social aspect of class discrimination and race.

Naturally I aim for the highest social class which I am able to attain due to discrimination according to my knowledge, my are heretical and tension arises out of completion among other races within my own race. I have to be happy to accept things the way they are unless I am in a position to change them I have to be socially responsible. The problem arises when there are so many people all vying for the same position, how I rise above them to secure my class ideal. My intelligence is a major factor as well as my knowledge or wisdom in discriminate of social issues. I can't step on people to get my own way yet I can't give them everything they want. Where does that leave me.

It comes back too management of economic conditions, issues and point of interest, pertinence and priority. Race then while becoming an integrated part of social class is left discriminated against because of economic tensions. Dealing and handling these is where the fun begins. Management is a useful and yet complicated and complex tool that invariable will discriminate for one reason or another. Do we put seniority on effort, age or efficiency. Can there be enough differentiation of status qualities to discriminate fairly. So as to enable democracy,. Latitude of thinking, fairness and quality. I guess even equality is to some degree vulnerable to attack to be discriminated against for one reason or another. For instance while I am trying hard to better myself readying books, rotating and thinking you are sitting back watching movies on TV.

Would it be fair for you to think you were equal with me in social ambition. Perhaps there is merit in both concepts but to is costing money hard work is making it. Naturally the two should intermingle and there be a balance. But equality, race and social class all thrive on competition, playing one against the other in order to derive superiority in issues. It's like a big company with a motor pool, all are trying to drive the best cars but it doesn’t really matter to the boss as long as you get to work on time. So I would say that racism is a means of social murder and equality is the best way to attain social class. Leaving the competition to sought out and decide the balance.