King Of Paradise


Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

What Are You Looking For

Other People

Other people are important, do you look at your self in the mirror and say I look like someone else, we are all unique you know even if you have an identical twin, mannerisms and character play and important part in personality and therefore your outward appearance. However that is not my point for today in what we are looking at but there is some relationship between individuals. My point is that it is no good doing life on your own and we all need other people in some way shape or form, to relate to, to bounce ideas off and generally just communicate for entertainment and conversations sake. As well as business deals, family matters of finance and just what you are having for dinner tonight. Where did you go on your last holiday and where are you going on your next one. We are all looking for something in life and most of the time it can be found in other people and relationships.

We see other people and they see us, we tell them what we think and they inturn tell us their ideas to. We relate because we are a unique race called human beings and we have lots in common and we share lots of diiferent things in our community, church and work place. People need to be loved, treated fairly, shown kindness and cause and concern for their well being. Many different relational ideas have been tossed around the table, but we keep coming back to the highest form of love and that is self sacrifice, admitting that you can't do life on your own and recognising the worth and potential in other people to relate. Helping where you can without debtrament to your own health, but recognising that caring and sharing is of value to society and that love makes the world go around, not money. While we have this gift of time on earth we must use it wisely and offer our services and skills to put back into society what we have taken out.

Recontributing to the world instead of just greed, greed, greed all the time. We must work towards the common goal of universal understanding and expect results and fruition for our efforts for working towards the common good, which is much more satisfying that working for self indulgence. Other people are important and we should put them on top of our priority list, as one can't work without another persons understanding. Because remember that when you sit down to talk, or when you walk down the street you don't look at yourself you look at other people. It is good to remember that, because other people see you in the same way as you see them, clothes make a difference but it is the heart that matters. We must relate face to face to appreciate the difference which is really only in the mind of the perciever / receiver. I leave that one to you to question to yourself.

Simple Things

Simple things, like simple pleasures are often the best things in life. Life can get pretty complicated and we make things hard on ourselves by trying to get the complexities of our intellingence higher and higher all the time. If it is harder it is probably better for us in the long term, right or wrong? Keeping things simple makes our life easier and more pleasant all the time. I surpose it depends on where your priorities are, time or money. Working slower and more methodically is a more efficient and thorough way of getting things done. To put it simply the easier we make things for oursleves the longer it takes, but the better it is if we pace oursleves right and the more accurate the quality of the job if we do things right. Making life hard on ourselves is not so simple and even though life was not meant to be easy, doing things the tough way all the time, is debtramental to health and can have long term reoccurring repercussions.

Simple things give us pleasure, watching and listening to the breeze through the trees, birds flying from perch to perch. Sitting on the beach when we have worked hard all week, for relaxation is quite a simple luxury but very rewarding mentally and and stress wise. Sure we have to work hard some of the time, but not all of the time. Taking time out to just be happy and relaxed sometimes is very rejuvinating and refreshing or a walk along the beach to pass away your idle time. You can work your self into an early grave by trying to gain monetarial wealth by striving for more than the body can take. We have to learn to go a mile and sit down for a while. Walking more instead of driving everywhere is also more beneficial for your health, they say that for every hour spent driving behind the wheel we should be walking an hour as well. You can walk 3-5 kms per hour depending on the pace, but you can drive 40-110 kms depending on the speed limit.

Sure luxuries make life more comfortable for ouselves, but we need to address the physical aspect of living longer by being less stressful mentally than physically, mental illness is a major killer in America and Australia today, people indulge in more niceties than necessities and the cost is on personal happiness and well being is very high, instead of long term success and aiming for a lengthy age duration.

Basically we love our bank acocunts more than we love each other. Try drinking more water than alcohol and soft drink, try exercising more and travelling less, there is more happiness and stability in the family home than all the luxury motels around the world. There is more joy in domestic duties and reading a book than watching television, because you are accomplishing something worthwhile. Sure we need to get away for a while, weekends in the sun and annual holidays, but six months in the South of France and six months in The Carribean and travelling around the world for the rest of the time, is a bit indulgent. Family, friends and neighbours offer us more satisfaction as long as there is a right relationship with God first. All work and no play makes for a dull person, but all pleasure and no work makes for a poor household, we need the balance of simple things and niceties but we must weigh up the cost before we pay the price.

Peace and Joy

Peace and joy are high price commodities at an affordable rate of interest. So often we seek to better ourselves and our bank accounts by working harder and not taking time to enjoy the fruits of our labours.We have to realize that our bank accounts don't always give us a sense of worth and well being and that honesty and moral behaviour play a major part in the principled centered living of right mindesness. It is no good exploiting the system to cheat and gain you way in the world by foul means, you soon come unstuck, legally as the legal system soon catches up you or mentally playing on your conscience of wrong behaviour with guilt complexes and worries about doing injustices to other people.

The fact of life is that if we do the right thing and are governed by right behaviour, then we are satisfying our moral consciences and fullfilling our moral right in which that gives us a sense or peace and joy in being justified to God and holding a right standing in out community. Peace and joy are fruits of the spirit of Jesus Christ who came to save sinners from death and personal destruction. he offers eternal life to all thiose who believe and peace and joy of His spirit to give you personal happiness and love in your life by being spirit filled and working for good and not evil, for peace and not war, for love and not hate, for joy and a not a depressive state of mind.

The thing is that greedy dictators exploit the system and peoples minds with their selfish ambitions and desires, the create hateful existances and not loving circumstances, they fight for power, poseesions and land rights, they attack others and don't work for the common peace and well being of all. We should all be working for peace first for longetivity rather that attempting to make the best we can for ourselves at the expense of others in fighting and killing for self gain.

Be content with your wages and alleviate the need for unesscary extravigence and work for the common goal of a better world for all. Love not hate, peace not war, joy not depression and stress, life and not death. We are all in this together and we should all aim for peace and joy before money and things. You will have time on your side and there will be love to go around elsewhere and not hate in selfish greed for money. Remember the old Hymn, From pole to pole that wars may cease and all be prayer and praise, there is a lot more joy and peace in that, providing love and Godly worship instead of killing for selfish gain. Long Reign King Jesus.

Heaven Minds

Heaven minds what I am doing and what you are doing to. God stores away the treasures of His heavenly memories and waits until the time comes for their need. The memories sit there with Him in the place he has chosen and trod and wait by is side in His heavenly kingdom where angels tremble with fear of wrong. The heavenly rewards are there waiting for us to enjoy and be rewarded by when God is good and ready. Like the rain pouring down in summer or spring and the first bud of the wildflower or the birth of a fawn, God has and holds a place of cherish for you and me. Heaven minds what I do right and what I do wrong and I am judged accordingly to my deeds and words. I am a treasured posseesion by God within His own right and I am at the mercy of the Lord for my misguided pleasures. I am a chosen child of God and He has heavens memories stored up for me in eternity with all the blessings of love and creation.

I can only do what I am allowed to do and if I stray and wander too far he either lets me go or calls me back. It is up to me to do the right thing, to walk the narrow road and path of His righteous calling and not venture too far to the right or left, but keep straight the way to salvation. Heaven minds all the good things and treasures on earth and heavens is calling us to a home and place above. God is mindful of all these things and knows what is right for us if we will only follow and accept the path of righteousness and love. Glory and treasures are unending in the kingdom of God and heaven. Though we oft stray and venture forth on our own path, only to be reminded that God calls us home if we are sinner or saint and that heaven minds what we want and do on our own. We must trust and follow carefully and closely, as heaven minds and stores its riches of life there for us in eternity. Wait on the Lord and look and learn of His forgiveness and salvation.

Watch, be patient and be good if only you care and can, you must. Heaven minds our hearts and heads, only that we follow nearer and closer everyday, not straying to the right or left, but looking unto God always and watching and waiting for His lead. Be good and achknowledge God in all things and areas of your life, keep true to the faith and honest to your God, with one mind and certainty of your home in heaven and the sure foundation of your salvation as you continually trust and obey. God will honour you, if you honour Him, be as sure as the mountains of God's love and all the treaures of God's Kingdom above. Heaven minds what is right and wrong for you, God shines His light out of the dark and onto all of the creation he started with. He shows us His truth and the way to peace, joy and everlasting life and happiness in His allmighty design and heavenly purpose.

Heaven minds His love, joy, grace and peace forever, should you choose to accept it, please do you will never be the same again, if you share forever in God's kingdom of love.

Hell Is Easy To Find

What are you looking for in your simple life of trouble toil and strife, hell is easy to find you know, it is the easy way out through deciept, deception, greed, envy, jealousy and exploitation. It is thinking of yourself all the time instead of a caring thought for others. It is being on the road of death and destruction instead of the path to heaven and life. Avoid it at all times, even though you are being co-ersed and invited to participate in those self indulgent desires of slothful, lazy behaviour and contempt for your God, instead of taking up your cross and following Him. The easy and hard roads are quite different and we have to recognise what they are and hwich one we will follow. Hell is easy to find you know, you only have to look in the mirror too many times at yourself and you will know what kind of person you really are. Self opinionated, egotistic, reliant on your own skills and abilities.

Do you like that person you see in the mirror or do they remind you of someone you would rather not be? God cares for your every need and wants the best for your life, but too many times we take the road of self indulgence and personal pleasures instead of service and sacrifice. Hell is easy to find you know, you don't have to look into the pits of sin, to try and see into the core of the earth or even get burnt by a sun scorching down on you for not wearing protective clothing or sunscreen. It is everywhere around you and sometimes you can't see past yourself for looking. The trouble is you are looking in the wrong places, you see yourself as the perfect person, but you are a wanting adict or drunkard or exploitive type person who thinks of themself and nobody else, who smokes goes to wild parties, revels in sexual love at a free cost and no commitment to marriage, family and church. Yes, most of us can tick the box to some or all of these at some time.

The trouble is you have found hell once to many times and often, that you have gone down that path of self destruction and you are still kicking your self in the gutter because you won't achknowedge God, He loves you and wants to draw you out of the pit and bless you a thousand times and forever with His love. Yes, hell is easy to find and we must dig ourselves out of the rut of personal indulgences and doing all those things which lead us up the garden path allright, but there is no purpose and future in them. Look to God above who reigns in heaven who holds the keys to heaven and hell and can send you to either, depending on your attitude, mindset and behaviour.

God sees the heart and not the shameless being you have created yourself to be, but there is hope and joy in peace in confessing your sins and coming to Him to be in a place of righteousness and not in torment, Don't give up on God, he will not give up on you, there is so much more to life than death, there is grace, joy and peace and all the treasures of eternal life in the kingdom of God. Look a bit harder than what lies straight before you, look into the heart of God and see all the blessings of creation and what lies before you in heaven, you will be so glad you did, yes the road to hell is wide and many take the road of destruction, but the road to heaven is narrow and few will find it. Don't find yourself caught on the road to destruction, but find the narrow road to life, joy, peace and happiness. There is more blessings and rewards in heaven than there ever was torment and destruction in hell,

Don't choose the wrong path, take a right turn where it says heaven and walk straight through the door into peace, understanding and happiness, where there is meaning and certainty of salvation every time. The road to hell is easy to find, try looking in the other direction for a change, you will be so glad you did.

Life Abundantly

The treasures of eternal life are abumdant, the kingdom of God offers plentious and numerous ways to live a life filled with peace, joy and happiness. Your next picnic int he park at the beach would be so much sweeter and nicer if you did not take that bottle of alcohol with you. A nice juice or clean clear water is so much sweeter and nicer than the plonk that will lose you your licence when you drive home tipsey, give you headaches the next day and kill so many brain sells that you need for longetivity. That cigerette that takes a day off you life for everyone you have or that seductive relationship that a few alcoholic drinks causes you to do when you drive home and go to bed out of wedlock.

That ruins your chance of a successful marriage for the next 50 years or however long you will put up with yourselves in a hateful relationship. Yes, the road to life is hard and good, but there is a price and cost we must give up all those things that lead us to death and destruction and cause our minds to hate and not love. Peace and understanding give us far more meaning than any of those bad tempetuous things that are apparaently nice if you believe the lie of the Devil and succum to the tempatations of His horriffic evils which will not only ruin your life but will eventually kill you. Yes! choose life and choose God, He will give you life abundantly if you follow His ways means and desires, He creates in you a clean spirit and leads you to a life worth living and not the torment of a self destructive road going down to death and hell. There are so many more good things that you can do than evil, a concert by the city symthony orchestra or a walk along the beach, paddle up the river on a canoe, or just go for a bush walk with a few close and good freinds who will not lead you astray.

Family holidays and camping or just take a drive up or down the coast to visit freinds and family. God loves you and wants the best for your life, He wants to give you all the treasures of heaven and lead you into a loving life giving reationship with Him, he wants to give you joy and peace and love in ever present undertanding and clarity, don't fall for the Devils coniving tricks of stupidity, recognise his tricks of deciept and evil. Come into a loving relationship with God and all the belssings of abundant life and the glories of the kingdom of heaven.

There is more treasures in the kingdom of heaven that the Devil's offers of self indulence and destruction of mind, body and soul, there is peace everlasting with God and there is so much more to life than death in God's home in heaven, you can have it right now, just believe and stop doubting and to pray to God to fill you with His life giving waters of eternal life. It is never too late, turn and learn, listen and understand now, love and not hate you own life, because you follow God and not the ways of the world, you will be so glad you did.

Brilliant Tears

I cried the loudest tears of pain and wept unceasingly till I found God. I thought Iknew everything and I did everything my own way to the point of futility of not knowing who I was or what I was about or what I was meant to do in why I was put here on earth. Was there no reason and point to my life, was there any point in those years of tears and pain. The fact that God can use your hearts to teach you what is right no matter how far you have gione down the road to destruction as long as you recognise God and trun from your evil ways before it is too late and by that I mean dead in the grave. Don't let it get to that point, but see clearly the divine purpose and plan that God has for your life.

The sooner you recognise it, the better off you will be for the rest of your life, however long that takes, if you stay on the right path to life. The thing is that the sooner you come into a saving knowledge with God and a develope a right relationship with Him, the more time you will have to love, learn, listen, serve and enjoy, to experience all the peace and undertstanding of living the rest of your life, in a happy state of mind, with purpose, pleasure and love in knowing God. I thought I had love in my heart but I had pain and anquish, I thought what I was doing was right but was led up the garden path. Those briliant tears of love and hurts in expressing myself in joy and peace taught me to live a God filled life with meaning, purpose and understanding, instead of self gratification and personal desires to want more for myself all the time.

Those brilliant tears of happiness were not pain and suffering for no reason, but taught me the meaning and pupose, for a life of understanding. Knowing that I was a sinner was the hardest part to confess but the love of releasing all those years of hurt and pain into the loving arms of a saviour who died on the cross for me 2000 years ago, gave me peace and joy and understanding and made my life worth while by giving me peace and understanding beyond belief and joy and pleasure in loving and serving the Lord God who saved me from that downward spiral of a life of self destruction. It is never to late to release those tears of joy and peace, to turn your life around and live with purpose instead of meaningless self abuse

Don't give up and quit, give God a go and a chance, you will be surely rewarded with all the beautiful peace and understanding fo the kingdom of heaven. Brilliant tears are tears of joy and peace, not hurt and anquish even though the expression of that seems like it is at the time. God is above all your hurts and pains in God's tears of joy and happiness in welcoming a lost sinner back home into the kingdom of heaven.

I Think It Is In My Head

Listen to your heart instead of your head, you think you have got love in your heart instead of understanding what is in your head. You should seek the mind of God but you are miserable and disturbed because it is your own self created opinion. Lookout and up to Go in heaven he will fill you with peace and understanding beyond your farthest belief, He will create a conception of joy and peace in your mind and head instead of hate in your heart and the will to serve yourself instead of Him. Your heart is beatinga nd you still have life, use the love God put in your heart to serve and learn and teach instead of glorifying yourself with earthly treasures. If you are wise in your own eyes by what you think in your head for yourself you will miss the point of serving others for a batter understanding on what life is all about. The heart will lead you to where you want to go, but the trouble is that the love in your heart is self seeking and not a desire to serve others. God wants the best for your life and he will fill your head with the ideas of heaven if you love and serve Him.

Joy and peace and a the desire to know the truth and meaning of the daily search for the meaning of life. It can all be found in God if you just have a look, first you have to take the step of faith and believe and God will show where He is pointing to. There is hope in everlasting life and there is truth and meaning in God. Maybe there is a place of solitude where you can go to take that fiirst step and be close to God, where he will elad you and give you peace and instruction and the certainty of knowing what you are doing and where you are going. heaven is not only a place above the clouds in the vast unknown undiscovered universe but it is a peace loving relationship with God in a family that goes to church and lives and breathes a loving relationship with God.

The house, the school, the church all are a place of learning and interest, being with family, friends and other people in a place of learning. We need to interact and explore gladly the life of a God filled world and all the joy of the places that were created for us to see, experience and live. The trouble is that what is in your head is temperal now and what is really the truth is what is in your heart to know, love, learn and serve to get the best out of life and experience the difference if right living.

The trouble is I think it is in my head but it is not, it is in my heart the burning desire to know what life is al about and what God has called me to doa nd expereince in His kingdom not only on earth, but in the eternal realms of the heaven in what might be in a library unexplored or a place of natural atmosphere in an unexplained literary world that fills your mind with brilliant ideas of the newness of love and life that you can explore and write about. When you read you fill your head with vast undiscovered ideas of what life is all about, but really those ideas are no good until you put them into action of taking the spiritual and mental world of reading into the physical world or douing and writing.

Try putting a few ideas down in writing and then take on board the task of practical application where your theorizing becomes a created tool of fundamental use and benficial results. It was in your head all right but you used your heart to prove it and that beating idea of self improvement led you to a knowledge of God and what was in his head. The created being is never able to surpass God's wisdom and understanding, but the knowledge of the truth in love is what we should all be thinking and dwelling on from the fruit of our labour and the sweat of the tears of the anquish beating of our hearts to produce a crop of heavenly souls for the rewarding of our work in the kingdom of God.

I Have To Look Outside

I have to look outside because inwardly I am a hurting wretch and physically groaning. I have to look and see what is God's picture instead of what is my own. I can't live with myself in the shallow world of emptiness and pain, there has to be more than what I am, something greater than who I am and there must be a God or all esle is just a wasted time and crying shame. I refuse to deny my belief any longer, I have a hope that is bigger an dgreater than I, I have a hope that is out there somewhere waiting for me to go out and see what it is. I can't live in the wasted self centered and hopeless life any longer, in a world of heartache and pain.

God if you are out there, come into my life and speak to me to tell me what it is you know and show me what you want for my life. I really thirst and desire to know what you know. I try in vain with pain and anquish to find out what you have install for me, to know your love and kindness and mercy and blessings, but I am a hopeless wretch of missunderstanding and lost concern for the truth. Your knowledge surpasses all understanding and your truth is eternal, glorious and righteous. I must know what it is, I seem to want to tell God before I die.

This is the hope that we all have and must share with each other, the hope of human understanding and the treasures of the eternal kingdom of God. Come into my heart Lord Jesus I ask in God's name to heal me from my sickness and save me from my sin. I can't live on this earth on my own any longer and I must have you and what you know. I have to look outside the circle of my own self opinionated and self orientated life, God grant me your understanding in this issue I pray. There is more to life than just self pity and humiliation, there is a greater vison with a better horizon just sitting out there waiting for me to discover, a land of hope and opportunity, a place of peace and restoration and a place of rest, wonder and amazement. Give me this hope and vision I ask in The Lord Jesus name, show me this world of endless possibilities and blue horizons, where the rain comes in its seasons and the cows give their milk in abundance.

Where fear and trembling cease and love and mercy is unending. Show me this new world of understanding, take me to this place of peace and perfection, give me endless kindnesses of security and belonging. If there really is a better world than this, show me what and where it is. I have to look outside the narrow minded scope of where I am now. I have to see your heavenly created picture above God where you reign in grace and plenty with unending peace and harmony in rigfhteousness. I have looked inside God and all I see is me, a wanton wretch of self pity and hate. You have the bigger picture out there and I have to go out and see. I am leaving now to do just that, lead me and show me where it is and what you want me to see.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somehwere over the rainbow skies are blue all right but for those who are search for the rey raincluds between the lines of life and strife are in for a mixed bag of surprises. Sure the sunlit heavens of blue skies smiling down on me and the days of endless pleasures just seem to never come to an end, but for those of you who have indulged in the revelries of drunkeness and missbeahiour the grey clouds of life are about to come around you to haunt you. You have had it good for a long time, or so you thought you did, but in years of famine and drought upon a scorched and barren land of excessive indulgence and exploitation of the harvest, you are in for a miserable and wretched time for the next bit of time in your life. You have sapped the good land for all that it is worth and you have taken everything that you could for yourself, but your squandered existence of pity and self shame is being brought to the attention fo your God. No more lavish parties with beer and wine unending, no more sexual indulgence in orgies and pornography. You are not only spiritually poor but you are morally bankrupt.

Your corrupt and burning desires for all you can get, have gone unoticed until now and it is time to pay the price. They are the hard words of the prophets of The Old Testament, we have all been called to account for our spending and indulgences, a drought and burning land, a season of famine and fasting from the heat, that is the way it is and we are all going to suffer and pay for it. No not really you say, God's kingdom is not like that, is it? It is a land of plenty and indulgence, it is a land of grace and mercy you say, with conservation and replenishment and the traditonal foundations of a righteous church. Somewhere over the rainbow all my troubles will just dissappear and fly away, I will go to a place called heaven when I die and there will be no more tears and pain of anquish, sorry I am afraid that this is where the but stops now, the time has come to repent and help to heal this land, to achknowledge God as your Lord and saviour, to look past yourself to someone greater than you who can help. We are all lost in the land of never never where the well has run dry and the crops are fading. Soemwhere over the rainbow in the long not too distant future, God will forgive us and show His mercy and grace and kindness, if we will only turn and repent from our sins.

Heaven is that place over the rainbow where the grass grows green and the sheep and cattle have enough to eat, where the skies are blue, but only for as long as it takes in between for the grey clouds to rain down showers of blessings upon us of abundance once again. They are not grey clouds of misery really, but joy and happiness and the hope of plenty. The flooding rains will heal this land but only through the spirit of God and His mercy for our provisions. We need to be filled with the love of God and not the self indulgent luxuries of greed and desire which only creates envy, pride and jealousy. Somewhere over the rainbow all else is heaven in those places that have been loyal to God, that is where there is peace, blessings and happiness. Where the people hurt and cry out in pain for God, God is there and hears them, while for all us others who rely on our self dependence, there is no room for God. Give in, break and bend and hurt a little bit, give to God what is His, your very lives so that he can in turn give back and reward you with what you really need, the rain and showers of God's love and heavenly blessings.

That is where God is, somewhere over the rainbow in a dream come true, we must seek and search the heart of God and call on Him for all our needs and rely on His riches in heaven and not our own.