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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

A Management Principle

A Management principle is honesty is the best policy, also treat others how you would treat them, to be loyal to them. Show courtesy to other people as you would then expect them to reciprocate back to. In fact doing the right things in business is not just good sense, but the only way to stay alive is a management principle is honesty is the best policy, also treat others as you would have them treat you and make friends and be lond on top of your situation and predicerment. As well showing discression in all business dealings is the best and only way to survive the ups and downs of life. Live by your own standards of your own expectations and don't try and live up to those of others, sure see what is right that other people are doing, learn by that and take note for your own beneifit.

Remember first you must be yourself and that by pacing yourself in life all the time, is the only best way to live and understand the real picture of your position in life. Then as we change and adapt to our new position through learning and making mistakes which we can only improve on if we take note and learn from those necessary errors, then we can take control of the bigger picture of advancemment and progessing in our life's different picture of reality. Try and see things as the actually are and don't exaggerate figures or cheat on your tax return. Remember our first priority is an honest representation of the truth of how things actually are and why we aim and seek to please, more than to make a profit.

All good things come in time to those who are patient and not demanding, who are prepared to wait and work hard for what they want and are not rash and unreasonable in their expectations. All good things come from God and even with clever accounting methods and principles we are still at a loss and wonder how everything seems to come about and happen. Therefore we should take things by faith and trust in what we can see as right and achknowledge that a superior power is in control of all we don't seem to want to know or be able to understand. Try and be reasonable and shrewd in all your business dealings, don't let people take you for a ride, but address each situation and position on its own merrits and relationship to your personal position in life.

Take for yourself what applies and is relevant to your own life and use any principles in moralistic ethics that are relevant to your given situation and position as well if you would like to enjoy.