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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

Ask In The Right Way

When I say ask the right way I really mean verbally and not literarially, but it is polite to do both in both ways when you do or try. Asking the right way is simple, satisfying and self fullfilling when you get an answer of gratitudinal acceptance or comply. In fact it is the only way that you can really get what you want anytime, anyplace or anywhere. People can become rude and indignant when you simply assume you can have something without asking and to just take, grab and expect to recieve without asking the right way is kind of just expecting a major rejection. Sure go into a shop and pay cash for anything you like, don't feel threatened by the fact or intimidated that there was a lot of work gone on to get things right for you to buy and purchase.

That may be a facious or ambigous way of putting it but infatc far to often we all simple expect that we can have anything we like at any time if we just put the cash on the table. Life is about manners and dignity as well as being abrupt and rude in self expectations. We should always ask the right way before we simply just take, grab and walk away with our monetarial expectations of what we are entitled to purchase. So next time you want tio buy a new car, give God some time and credit for finding you the right one. Sure your choice is important but think of all the work that went on in making the car or the preloved owner gave to his prize posession.

Ask in the right way and don't be afraid to go through God for your cause. In fact it is never to rude and expectant to ask God for anything and as long as it has hHis merited favour you can equally expect to get it. Sure if we buy take away we pay cash first but a simple prayer for the hands that prepared it is not too much to ask, I mean really. say please and thankyou in all your transactions whether it is just for a ride on the bus or a lift down the street to do your shopping. Gratitude and favour for acceptance are equally important in having attatining or owning something that you would like to have and keep as a cherished possession or thning to keep untill your dying day and to look after it with the equal respect of buying it.

Remember nothing ever cost none nothing and everything has a price and so the least we can do is pay the difference for whatever it is that takes uour fancy through manners, gratitude and courtesy. Ask the right way, Say please can I have that and then when it is yours say thankyou very much for the gift, I gratefully accept your offer to buy.