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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

It Is Nice To Say Thankyou

It is nice to say thankyou, it is nice to get something for free but without a show or sign of gratiude and welcome receptivity, we simply become ungrateful and greedy thinking that we can take everyone for granted with our own selfish expectations for ourselves where we think that we are too good for anybody else. Saying thankyou is the key to thoughtful behaviour and while it is never demanded by the giver, a thankyou is a welcome expectation and way of affirming the positive gifts that we are given out of love from somebody else. We could all sit down and make a list of all the good things that we have been given in life, food, time, a roof over our heads, clothes and even life itself is a gift that we all seem too often to take for granted, but while our parents made us, God is the giver of all life, trees, mountains, rivers, sea creatures, animals and plants. In fact God created everything and we are all just gouing along for the ride at His expenditure and free gift of love with His selfless gratiude of us as subjects in unconditional merit and favour for us to all enjoy His goodness and glory. You see we can't earn anything for ourselves but everything is at Gods disposal to distribute as he likes.

You have heard it said that the Lord gives and the Lord taketh away. In fact everything belongs to The Good Lord for him to dish out and give at His demand or desposal. Love is the highest price you will ever have to pay and that is completely free to all who believe in His unmrerited favour and the only way you can win with God is by loving Him, you can put yopur money in the bin for somebody else to take and have when at the end of the day the earth has turned right around and you are still alive, that is all you really ever needed. God is in control, don't worry about that. The Devil is just a subject to God's terms and conditions like everybody else and we have to say no to him, don't give the Devil a foothold and knock Him back everytime he opens the door, you simply must say no to him and don't allow him in the door.

When you hand everything over to God you give Him total control over your lives and that is a very rewarding experience indeed in which we have to show our gratitude and say thankyou very much for the offer, I accept it with everything I have got. It is nice to say thankyou and it is really just a very polite way of accepting what is best for our lives when we say thankyou to God for all he has done for us we are opening up the door to heaven with all the treasures there that God has to offer. Don't be selfish and say thankyou to God for everything and also say thankyou to anyone else who gives you anything else at all, it is simply the right thing and a very nice thing to do.