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Literature by Darel Robert McAllister

literature by darel robert mcallister

That's Always Left Up To God

That is always left up to God or at least I think it is. The ultimate question is usually, where did I go wrong? Like I did in writing this the first time, I deleted the whole thing. It does not take much to make a simple and stupid mistake, but the point of the thing is that we learn by our mistakes and don't do them again. It is always like that in learning and the best way to experience anything is to try and do it for yourself and if that means making a mistake, so be it, that is the way we learn by the error of our ways. It is not that God makes the mistake, but He allows us theat experience as long as we don't get into too much trouble to learn by what we are doing in first hand experience. So if everything is left up to God we don't learn anything for opurselves.

Whats left up to God, I eman whats that that is left up to God, that is all the things that we can't do for ourselves. Everything in the too hard box or folder, that we simply put on a side burner or shelve until we can get our mind around it again and have a go and attempt all those things that were simply too hard, that's what I mean by having a go, we can't always put off for tomorrow what we can do today. Now is the time for action and now is the time to try or attempt do do all those things that we failed at or could not come to grips with those things in the terms of our reality. That is left up to God when we say we can't, we we admit our liabilities and own up to the fact that we can't do everything alone and that what was left up to God through prayer or otherwise, then we are falling short of all the glory that he has waiting for us at the moment. Sure there is some things that we can't do for ourselves right at the moment but then we say, that is left upt o God.

God will take control and show us how to proceed at exactly the right time. It is usually a time thing rather than an ability requirement of monetarial restriction. God can do the impossible straight away and miracles take just a minute longer. You see it is a possibility problem and that we are only restricted by our own beliefs.That is left up to God, sure but we can try our best to see God gets all the facts and equipment he needs to work with for the best possible chance of things happening and falling into place ASAP. The key is that you don't leave things up to God if you can do them for yopurself, if there is no light at the end of the tunnel then look to God because he will be on the train that goes straight through and out the other side if we only have the faith and patience to see and ask him for whatever it is that we can't do for ourselves.